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On Becoming Filipino

Author : E. San Juan, Jr.
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A companion volume to The Cry and the Dedication, this is the first extensive collection of Carlos Bulosan's short stories, essays, poetry, and correspondence. Bulosan's writings expound his mission to redefine the Filipino American experience and mark his growth as a writer. The pieces included here reveal how his sensibility, largely shaped by the political circumstances of the 1930s up to the 1950s, articulates the struggles and hopes for equality and justice for Filipinos. He projects a "new world order" liberated from materialist greed, bigoted nativism, racist oppression, and capitalist exploitation. As E. San Juan explains in his Introduction, Bulosan's writings "help us to understand the powerlessness and invisibility of being labeled a Filipino in post Cold War America." Author note: Born in 1911 in the Philippines to a peasant family, Carlos Bulosan was one of the first wave of Filipino immigrants to come to the United States in the 1930s. After several arduous years as a farmworker in California, Bulosan became involved with radical intellectuals and started editing the workers' magazine The New Tide.While hospitalized for three years for tuberculosis and kidney problems, Bulosan began writing poetry and short stories. Despite having little formal education, he saw his talent for writing as a means to give a voice to Filipino struggles, both in the Philippines and in the United States. He went on to publish three volumes of poetry, a best-selling collection of stories, The Laughter of My Father, and America Is in the Heart, the much acclaimed chronicle based on his family's battle to overcome poverty, violence, and racism in the United States. The Cry and the Dedication carries on Bulosan's passionate, satirical style. >P>E. San Juan, Jr. is Fellow of the Center for the Humanities and Visiting Professor of English, Wesleyan University, and Director of the Philippines Cultural Studies Center. He was recently chair of the Department of Comparative American Cultures, Washington University, and Professor of Ethnic Studies at Bowling Green State University, Ohio. He received the 1999 Centennial Award for Literature from the Philippines Cultural Center. His most recent books are Beyond Postcolonial Theory, From Exile to Diaspora, After Postcolonialism, and Racism and Cultural Studies.

If You Want to Know What We Are

Author : Jeffrey Arellano Cabusao
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The Verso Book of Dissent

Author : Andrew Hsiao
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Throughout the ages and across every continent, people have struggled against those in power and raised their voices in protest-rallying others around them or, sometimes, inspiring uprisings many years later. This anthology, global in scope, presents voices of dissent from every era of human history- speeches and pamphlets, poems and songs, plays and manifestos. Every age has its iconoclasts, and yet the greatest among them build on the words and actions of their forerunners. The Verso Book of Dissent should be in the arsenal of every rebel who understands that words and ideas are the ultimate weapons.

A Portrait of America

Author : John Iceland
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Portrait of America describes our nation’s changing population and examines through a demographic lens some of our most pressing contemporary challenges, ranging from poverty and economic inequality to racial tensions and health disparities. Celebrated authorJohn Iceland covers various topics, including America's historical demographic growth; the American family today; gender inequality; economic well-being; immigration and diversity; racial and ethnic inequality; internal migration and residential segregation; and health and mortality. The discussion of these topics is informed by several sources, including an examination of household survey data, and by syntheses of existing published material, both quantitative and qualitative. Iceland discusses the current issues and controversies around these themes, highlighting their role in everyday debates taking place in Congress, the media, and in American living rooms. Each chapter includes historical background, as well as a discussion of how patterns and trends in the United States compare to those in peer countries.

Encyclopedia of American Immigration Abolitionist movement

Author : Carl Leon Bankston
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Contains articles that address the diverse demographic, economic, legal, political, and social aspects of immigration in the United States, from the ancestors of Native Americans to the early twenty-first century, with entries arranged alphabetically from "Abolitionist Movement" to "French Immigrants."

Republic of the Philippines Congressional Record

Author : Philippines. Congress (1940-1973). Senate
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The Journey from Gold Mountain

Author :
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The journal of Asian studies

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Between Civilizing Mission and Ethnic Assimilation

Author : Kimberly A. Alidio
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Filipinas Magazine

Author :
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Journal of Asian American Studies

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Bilingual Brokers

Author : Jeehyun Lim
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Reading Asian American and Latino literature, Bilingual Brokers traces the shift in attitudes toward bilingualism in postwar America from the focus on cultural assimilation to that of resource management. Interweaving the social significance of language as human capital and the literary significance of English as the language of cultural capital, Jeehyun Lim examines the dual meaning of bilingualism as liability and asset in relation to anxieties surrounding “new” immigration and globalization. Using the work of Younghill Kang, Carlos Bulosan, Américo Paredes, Maxine Hong Kingston, Richard Rodriguez, Chang-rae Lee, Julia Alvarez, and Ha Jin as examples, Lim reveals how bilingual personhood illustrates a regime of flexible inclusion where an economic calculus of one’s value crystallizes at the intersections of language and racial difference. By pointing to the nexus of race, capital, and language as the focal point of postwar negotiations of difference and inclusion, Bilingual Brokers probes the faultlines of postwar liberalism in conceptualizing and articulating who is and is not considered to be an American.

MultiCultural Review

Author :
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Asian American Writers

Author : Gale Cengage
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Presents career biographies and criticism of Asian American writers from the late 19th century up to the current time. Many works focus on the experience of Asians living in the United States.

Daly City is My Nation

Author : Elizabeth H. Pisares
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Becoming a Filipino Christian

Author : Ed Lapiz
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Past and present

Author : Elmer A. Ordoñez
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Includes short fiction, poetry, essays, and one play.

How to Profit from the 27 Billion Filipino American Market

Author : Edgar T. Pascual
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The $27 billion Filipino American market -- Philippine property supply -- Two decades of creative selling to Filipino Americans -- Financing the Filipino American investors -- Tax benefits for investors, developers, and private owners -- Accelerating growth in investments and business opportunities.

Philippine Democracy Agenda Democracy citizenship in Filipino political culture

Author :
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American Ethnic Writers

Author : Salem Press
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Covers numerous ethnic writers and their works. All major American ethnicities are covered: African American, Asian American, Jewish American, Hispanic/Latino, and Native American.