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On Becoming a Counselor

Author : Eugene C. Kennedy
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An indispensable resource for those who have no psychological or psychiatric training but whose everyday work calls upon them to help stressed and troubled persons. This fourth edition revises the content to meet the current understanding of mental disorders and of the common problems counselors face on a daily basis.

Becoming a Therapist

Author : Malcolm C. Cross
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A unique practical manual, facilitating the movement and growth of the reader, whilst raising awareness of resistance to change.

Becoming a Counsellor

Author : Kirsten Amis
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This engaging and thoroughly comprehensive introduction to the content and process of counselling training will be an essential companion for new students throughout their study, whether on basic introductory or postgraduate diploma courses.

Inside Counselling

Author : Anthony Crouch
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`Anthony Crouch examines the internal and subjective reality of being a counsellor. Using a series of vignettes, rather than case studies, Crouch builds in all participant perspectives, counsellor, client and supervisor... [the book] proves to be eminently readable, like a good novel. And like a good novel, as opposed to merely a "good read", it takes the reader into the world of its characters so that we might understand them. From the outset, Crouch asserts that the effective counsellor is one who can enter the intimate subjectivity of the client and use that reality as a catalyst for change and growth. By the same token the counsellor should grow through that interaction. The book also contains a series of challenging personal developmen

Thinking of Becoming a Counsellor

Author : Jonathan Ingrams
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If you are thinking of becoming a counsellor, you may be wondering if you could put to good use your own life experience by offering support and understanding to those trying to cope with difficulties that you may have encountered and worked through yourself.The ancient Greek aphorism "know thyself" is immensely important in this regard. For unless counsellors are in harmony with themselves they cannot truly relate to the needs of those they seek to help. It is not enough for the counsellor to play the role of the therapist. He or she has to be the therapist - a very different concept.This book explores the journeys of self-discovery that prompted the pioneering practitioners to direct their skills in particular ways and the influence exerted by their backgrounds, ambitions, and personal histories. The overall objective is to help intending therapists to arrive at an understanding of the inner resources they will need to embark on a counselling career, and to help them determine which approach might best accord with their temperament and lifetime's experience. The strategies these practitioners devised are investigated, and case studies used to demonstrate how the different modalities are applied, and how clients may benefit from them.

Counselling Skills For Dummies

Author : Gail Evans
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On Becoming a Psychotherapist

Author : Windy Dryden
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Why do people want to become a psychotherapist? How do they translate this desire into reality? On Becoming a Psychotherapist explores these and related questions. Ten leading therapists write about their profession and their careers, examining how and why they became psychotherapists. The contributors, representing a wide cross-section of their profession, come from both Britain and America, from different theoretical backgrounds, and are at different stages in their careers. They write in a personal and revealing way about their childhoods, families, colleagues, and training. This absorbing and fascinating book offers a fresh perspective on psychotherapy and the people attracted to it. This Classic Edition of the book includes a new introduction written by the authors and will be invaluable for qualified psychotherapists and those in training.

Becoming a Helper

Author : Marianne Schneider Corey
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This best-seller is a "must read" for anyone embarking on or considering a career in human services, counseling psychology, social work, or any of the other helping professions. Drawing on their years of experience as writers, teachers, and practitioners, the Coreys focus on the struggles, anxieties, and uncertainties involved in becoming an effective helper, and challenge the reader to take a candid look at the demands and strains they'll face in the helping professions and their motives for choosing a helping career.

Experiences of Counsellor Training

Author : Val Harding-Davies
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This book is an anthology of narratives about the experience of counsellor education. Writing shortly after completing their training, the contributors describe the challenges and surprises of training, changes they underwent and their achievements. Collectively, the narratives illustrate the richness and diversity of training, and provide a picture of contemporary counsellor education, through the eyes, hearts and minds of trainees. Written with candour and insight, the narratives confirm that counsellor training often has significant personal and professional consequences in a person's life. The book will be a valuable resource for trainees, to help set their own experience within a wider context, and as a guide on how to survive as a trainee. It will also be of interest to would-be trainees, as preparatory reading, and to trainers as clear evidence of the potential for profound learning and personal change through the process of training. In the Preface, Professor John McLeod extols the value of narratives in order to understand counsellor education as an individual, social or cultural phenomenon, and as a basis for sound professional advice.

Personal Development in Counsellor Training

Author : Hazel Johns
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Personal development is a core element in counsellor training. This book is an essential guide to personal development and includes discussion about self-knowledge and its implications for different modes of counselling. It provides a clear analysis of techniques for promoting self-development and an examination of the specific gains to trainee counsellors of well-managed personal development work. The theoretical premises are supported with accounts of personal experience. The invaluable insights contained in this unique book are relevant to counsellors, trainers, supervisors, psychotherapy trainers and trainees, and students of counsellor training courses.


Author : Stephen Palmer
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`The Reader reflects some of the best work published in Counselling, the Journal of the British Association for Counselling, over the past 15 years. The choice of articles also gives a historical perspective on the development of counselling in Britain... provides many hours of interesting reading and a wealth of learned experience all in one volume. I can see this book becoming recommended reading for counsellor training programmes' - British Psychological Society Counselling Psychology Review This comprehensive and stimulating Reader draws together key material which has been published in Counselling, the Journal of the British Association for Counselling, in recent years.

Online Counselling

Author : Gill Jones
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Online counselling is becoming increasingly popular, but working with clients through the internet presents new challenges for practitioners. Is it really safe and confidential? How can clients build rapport with their therapist without face-to-face contact? Can feelings really be expressed through text? This book gives invaluable advice on the technical and therapeutic aspects of online work from two seasoned experts. Clear, supportive and very practice-friendly, Online Counselling explores the ways counsellors can use the internet to augment their practice. Readers are taken through a wide range of situations, from setting up contracts and creating a secure working environment to undestanding and using emoticons. Drawing on their considerable experience as online counsellors and supervisors, the authors explain how to create an online working alliance with clients through emails, instant messaging and live chat-room sessions. In particular, the book: Uses language that demystifies the jargon of the internet Tackles ethical and legal issues of working online Explores the use of image and sound online Shows how different theoretical approaches can be applied to online practice Includes step-by-step exercises, memorable examples and a handy glossary.

Reporting in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Author : Linda Papadopoulos
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Using clinical examples to guide the reader, and a detailed analysis of case study and process report writing, this unique hands-on guide will show how to present clear, concise and properly presented reports.

Boundaries Power and Ethical Responsibility in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Author : Kirsten Amis
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The boundaries of the therapeutic relationship are a crucial part of effective therapy. But understanding them, and the effects of power and responsibility, can be intimidating to trainee or newly-qualified therapists. This book will take step by step through everything they need to know to work ethically and safeguard the wellbeing of both themselves and their clients. It tackles: · Contracting and the importance of negotiating and clarifying boundaries with clients · The implications and limits of maintaining confidentiality · Keeping clear sexual boundaries, and how to work around issues safely and appropriately · What happens when circumstances change, and everyday or serious disruptions occur to therapy · The nature of the therapist’s power, and how to employ it responsibly to a client’s benefit Packed with case studies, ethical dilemmas and points for reflection and discussion, this is an essential read for trainee practitioners and qualified therapists looking to ensure safe and ethical practice.

How to Survive Counsellor Training

Author : Rowan Bayne
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Training to be a counsellor can be an intense and demanding experience, full of stresses and anxieties. It can also be positive and fulfilling. This easy-to-use guide can help you make the most of your training so that you survive - and, importantly, enjoy - your course. From choosing a course to writing a report, the book examines the biggest and passively most daunting issues you will face on the way to becoming qualified. The information is presented in easily digestible, bite-size chunks, so that you can dip in and out of the text as your training programme – and your understanding – progresses. Drawing on the authors' extensive teaching experience and the wider literature, How to Survive Counsellor Training: • Provides a realistic and reassuring advice at every stage, in order to reduce anxiety and allow you to grow in confidence • Informs your choices and suggests possible actions and strategies • Explains the rationale behind some aspects of training, offering hints about how to get the most out of the experience • Helps and encourages you to take care of yourself and pay attention to your own personal development • Warns you about some of the challenges you might face and suggests strategies for coping with them. Clearly structured and a pleasure to read and use, this text is aimed at prospective and beginning trainees and will prove a practical and stimulating reference for counsellors throughout their training and beyond.

Becoming and Being a Camp Counsellor

Author : Mandi Baker
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This book explores the complexities of the recreational summer camp experience and its reliance on the expertise and emotion work of young people. Drawing on post-structural theory, Baker illustrates the discourses, power relations and emotional demands that shape camp counsellor employment experiences and well-being. Through analysis of everyday experiences and interactions, Baker unpicks the power nexus between counsellors, campers, peers and camp management, offering a deeper understanding of camp counsellor employment and the challenges for camp employees and employers. As such, this book raises a call for camp researchers and industry leaders to engage in rethinking how camp counsellor roles are understood, shaped and embodied, and how they might be ethically supported through reflexive management practices. Becoming and Being a Camp Counsellor will be of interest to scholars and students across the fields of leisure, outdoor recreation, youth studies, and sociology.

Counselling Skills and Studies

Author : Fiona Ballantine Dykes
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This practical guide will provide readers with the ideal ‘way-in' to counselling, whether they are looking to use counselling skills to enhance their existing helping role or are taking their first steps towards becoming a professional counsellor.

Introduction to Counselling Skills

Author : Richard Nelson-Jones
File Size : 60.48 MB
Format : PDF
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From leading skills expert Richard Nelson-Jones, this bestselling book is the ideal companion for any trainer or trainee wanting to acquire and develop the counselling skills key to effective therapeutic relationships. Using an easy to follow, three-stage model, this fourth edition provides the answers to those all important questions: - what are counselling skills and why are they important? - how can I become more skilled and put the skills I have learnt into practice? - what skills will help me manage crises and work effectively with diversity, ethical issues and dilemmas? - how can I help my client to develop their own self-helping skills and maintain change after the counselling relationship has terminated? Accessible, practical and concise, this new edition is packed full of up-to-date case examples, more material on self-care and diversity, as well as a brand new chapter on "Using Technology in Counselling". This is the ideal text for introductory courses in counselling skills, counselling and other professional areas including health care, management, education and social work. Richard Nelson-Jones has many years' experience as a counsellor, trainer and psychotherapist. His books have helped train thousands of counsellors and helpers worldwide. He is a Fellow of the British and Australian Psychological Societies and of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Basic Personal Counselling A Training Manual for Counsellors

Author : David Geldard
File Size : 43.62 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Basic Personal Counselling is an easy to read introduction to counselling that reflects current best practice. It teaches core interviewing skills and provides a framework of practical examples and training group exercises to enable students to progressively build a skill repertoire. The book is designed to prepare students for field placement and therefore has a strong vocational focus. • Introduces counselling skills in a logical sequence and provides practical examples of the skills in action • Discusses the process of change involved in counselling • Provides approaches for counselling people with specific problems such as anger, depression, grief, suicidal ideation • Discusses professional issues including: confidentiality, ethics, record keeping

Counsellor s Workbook

Author : John Mcleod
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A guide to maximizing counsellor effectiveness through the personal approach This book provides a series of reflective learning tasks, linked to the highly acclaimed Open University Press textbook "An Introduction to Counselling," "Third Edition." "The Counsellor's Workbook "encourages participants to construct an account of your counselling competencies, values, and personal qualities. This workbook contributes to the process of becoming an effective counsellor by deepening and consolidating personal learning and development; facilitating the integration of theory, practice; and personal experience; and providing arenas for collaborative dialogue and exploration with fellow trainees. "The Counsellor's Workbook "provides learning resources to support counsellors through key stages in training, including: Building on life experience Engaging with theories and concepts Reflecting on cases Learning from critical issues in practice Developing a professional identity The workbook is a valuable resource for counselling tutors, trainers, and experienced practitioners engaging in continuing professional development.