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Old Sebec Lake

Author : Dorothy A. Blanchard
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With rare local accounts and historic images, the thrilling early days of Old Sebec jump off the page. Old Sebec Lake is an intriguing look at one of Maine's most beautiful and historically interesting areas, containing a series of photographs as well as accompanying text that document the most colorful era in the lake's history. The photographs, which date from 1860 to 1950 and come mainly from private collections, illustrate a time of steamboats and tenting parties, log drives and spool mills, market hunters and 30-mile traplines. This was also a time of uncertain employment, boom-and-bust economies, and remarkable changes in transportation, all of which profoundly affected the lake and the communities surrounding it. Although the images tell the story, woven through the text are interesting stories about B.M. Packard, Fred Gates, Walter Arnold, and others whose lives contributed to the lake's interesting past. Accounts of the 1936 flood, the scuttling of the Marion, and the construction of The Castle are also included in the text.

Logging and Lumbering in Maine

Author : Donald A. Wilson
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Known as the Pine Tree State, Maine once led the world in lumber production. It was the first great lumber-producing region, with Bangor at its center. Today, the state has nearly eighteen million acres of timberland, and forest products still make up a major industry. Logging and Lumbering in Maine examines the history from its earliest roots in 1630 to the present, providing a pictorial record of land use and activity in Maine. The state's lumber industry went through several historical periods, beginning with the vast pine and spruce harvests, the organization of major corporate interests, the change from sawlogs to pulpwood, and then to sustained yields, intensive management, and mechanized harvesting. At the beginning, much of the region was inaccessible except by water, so harvesting activities were concentrated on the coast and along the principal rivers. Gradually, as the railroads expanded and roads were constructed into the woods, operations expanded with them and the river systems became vitally important for the transportation of timber out of the woods to the markets downstate. Logging and Lumbering in Maine traces these developments in the industry, taking a close look at the people, places, forests, and machines that made them possible.


Author : Best of Images of America
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Maine Lodges and Sporting Camps

Author : Donald A. Wilson
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Beginning in the mid-1800s and lasting for more than a century, Maine boasted a large number of lodges and sporting camps that catered to the pursuit of outdoor activities. While the primary interests of guests were fishing and hunting, many of the larger, more expensive resorts offered a variety of opportunities, including golf, horseback riding, tennis, boating, archery, and hiking, and some boasted gourmet dining and elegant parties. While some of these establishments survive, many have been demolished, existing only in memory and in photographs. Maine Lodges and Sporting Camps tells the story of the most prominent destinations, featuring nearly two hundred historic images that depict the life that existed when Maine was a sportsman's paradise, abounding in trophy game and fish.

A B C Pathfinder Shipping and Mailing Guide

Author : New England Railway Publishing Company
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Author : Margaret Dornfeld
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Celebrate the richness and diversity of the United States of America in this exciting series. Readers can explore the unique character of each state -- its land and waterways, its history, its government and economy, its festivals, cultural diversity, landmarks and exciting stories of success. Readers will also hear the voices of men and women alive today. They will see the beauties and hidden treasures of each state and hear the social issues and concerns faced by the residents.Each book opens with a series of quotes by both contemporary residents and people from the past -- giving voice to the state's concerns, admiration for the people, love of the land, nostalgia for the past and excitement for the future.


Author : Laurie Gullion
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Includes instruction in basic skills, choosing the right equipment, safety guidelines, and conditioning exercises.

Around Dover Foxcroft

Author : Stephen Rainsford
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Picturesque Sebec Lake is surrounded by the towns of Dover-Foxcroft, Bowerbank, Sebec, and Willimantic. The area's history goes back hundreds of years to the time when Eli Towne walked through the woods and became the first settler in Southern Piscataquis. For generations, Dover-Foxcroft has drawn residents and tourists alike, eager to enjoy the lake's scenic beauty, take in horse racing at the park, or catch a show at the opera house or the Star Theater. Four railroad stations served the five towns, making the region easily accessible. In the early years, residents found work in many industries, from the Mayo and Brown woolen mills to the Hughes organ factory.

A Forest Environment

Author : Stephen Law
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Stephen Law's dream job had him working in the nation's best environmenta " its forests. Raised on a farm in rural Maine, Stephen became a civil engineer for the U.S. Forest Service, and A Forest Environment was written from his experiences. He loved the woods and the animals that lived there, hunted, fished and loved to camp and explore. In a chronicle spanning two generations, Stephen shares his adventures in the wild, as well as the insights of his father, a veteran of the Maine woods, in the early 1900s, working for the paper industry. Join Stephen as he comes face-to-face with a bear for the first time, catches 22 trout on 22 casts and hunts mountain goats. Traveling all the way from the woods of Maine to the forests of Alaska, Stephen learns how engineers for the U.S. Forest Service built roads and bridges so the forest resources could be managed to meet the needs of the greatest number of people in the long run. He shares these lessons of the twentieth century with readers of the twenty-first century in an intimate and humorous story-telling style. Advocates of maintaining our nation's forests, casual outdoor enthusiasts, and those completely new to the idea of 'the great outdoors' will discover the charm and wonder to be found in A Forest Environment. Pack your camping gear and get your fishing rod and hunting rifle because A Forest Environment is going to take you on an adventure of a lifetime. 'Whether your interest is forestry, fishing, or geography, you will find much to enjoy in A Forest Environment. Steve Law, retired USFS engineer, shares his many years of work experience in the forests of the United States, and he does so with humor and telling insights. A bonus in this volume is his father's diary recounting his own years of work in the woods of Maine. This is a captivating book.' Vaughn & Phoebe Hardesty, New Gloucester, Maine"

Maps for America

Author : Morris Mordecai Thompson
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