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Old Man on a Green Bike

Author : Mark Cramer
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A bicyclist for decades, along the way Marc Cramer fell in love with the journey. Old Man on a Green Bike is Mark's invitation to you. From the politics to the practicalities of conscious bicycling, Mark inspires us to take to two wheels for our own sake, and for the good of the planet.

Old Man on a Bike

Author : Simon Gandolfi
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A Septuagenarian Odyssey

Never Underestimate an Old Man on a Bicycle

Author : monohab assod
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Riding a bike is fun when you can do it. No matter if it's cycling on a mountain bike, electric bike, bmx, trekking bike or road bike. This saying is ideal as a gift for a cyclist.

Old Man on a Bicycle

Author : Don Petterson
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When Don Petterson, a former American ambassador, told family and friends he intended to ride a bicycle from New Hampshire to San Francisco, most of them questioned his judgment, if not his sanity. He was in his seventies, hadn't been on a bike for years, and had never ridden more than a few miles at a time. But, in May 2002, putting doubters-and self-doubt-behind him, Petterson headed west. Laboring against strong headwinds, struggling up steep hills, or coping with extreme weather, he sometimes wondered what in the world he was doing. But he kept going-the lure of riding his bike across the Golden Gate a compelling incentive. Ahead of him lay many challenges-among them, riding his loaded bike over the Rocky Mountains and Sierra Nevada, crossing the Great Plains in brutal summer heat, dealing with the aftermath of a collision with a car, and traversing Nevada's basin and range country and the Great Salt Lake's desert. His rewards included passing through spectacular mountain forests, experiencing the aching beauty of the lonely plains, and viewing the grandeur of the West's sculpted canyons and mesas. In Old Man on a Bicycle, the author relates how he prepared for the 3,600-mile journey and what he saw and did during the two months he was on the road. In addition he rebuts the misconception that aging means debilitating decline and, drawing on certain events of his ride, offers research-based advice on how to ease the physical aspects of aging. It's an inspirational account, emphasizing the importance of exercise to physical and mental well-being.

Old Man Country

Author : Thomas R. Cole
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"We live in a time of change, an era where old men can maintain health but find dignity in frailty. Old Man Country helps readers see and imagine this change for themselves. The book follows the journey of a writer in search of wisdom, as he narrates encounters with twelve distinguished American men over 80 -- including Paul Volcker, the former head of the Federal Reserve, and Denton Cooley, the world's most famous heart surgeon. In these and other intimate conversations, the book explores and honors the particular way that each man faces the challenges of living a good old age"--

American Motorcyclist

Author :
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American Motorcyclist magazine, the official journal of the American Motorcyclist Associaton, tells the stories of the people who make motorcycling the sport that it is. It's available monthly to AMA members. Become a part of the largest, most diverse and most enthusiastic group of riders in the country by visiting our website or calling 800-AMA-JOIN.

Cycling and Cinema

Author : Bruce Bennett
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A unique exploration of the history of the bicycle in cinema, from Hollywood blockbusters and slapstick comedies to documentaries, realist dramas, and experimental films. Cycling and Cinema explores the history of the bicycle in cinema from the late nineteenth century through to the present day. In this new book from Goldsmiths Press, Bruce Bennett examines a wide variety of films from around the world, ranging from Hollywood blockbusters and slapstick comedies to documentaries, realist dramas, and experimental films, to consider the complex, shifting cultural significance of the bicycle. The bicycle is an everyday technology, but in examining the ways in which bicycles are used in films, Bennett reveals the rich social and cultural importance of this apparently unremarkable machine. The cinematic bicycles discussed in this book have various functions. They are the source of absurd comedy in silent films, and the vehicles that allow their owners to work in sports films and social realist cinema. They are a means of independence and escape for children in melodramas and kids' films, and the tools that offer political agency and freedom to women, as depicted in films from around the world. In recounting the cinematic history of the bicycle, Bennett reminds us that this machine is not just a practical means of transport or a child's toy, but the vehicle for a wide range of meanings concerning individual identity, social class, nationhood and belonging, family, gender, and sexuality and pleasure. As this book shows, two hundred years on from its invention, the bicycle is a revolutionary technology that retains the power to transform the world.

A Luxembourg Experience

Author : Carol Ludlow
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Book Delisted


Author :
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Author : Be Kreative Journals Co
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This lined journal is an awesome low-tech companion to draw doodles, sketch out or write notes at home or while you travel. Use it as a daily planner notebook to write down your everyday thoughts, plans and to do lists. Whatever is on your agenda. It's a great gift idea for artists, writers and thinkers who want to free their minds and jot down art ideas. Consider it as a gift for any occasion like a birthday present or even as a holiday card or thank you card alternative for people who prefer journals instead of traditional thank you gift cards.


Author : Mark Lemon
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Diary of an Old Man

Author : Chaim Bermant
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The Wheel and Cycling Trade Review

Author :
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I May Be an Old Man But on My Bicycle

Author : Bicycle Journals
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Bicycle Notebook Blank Line Bike Journal Lined with Lines 6x9 120 Pages Checklist Record Book Mountainbike Lovers Take Notes bike riding Planner Paper Women Christmas Gift for Bicycle And Mountain Bike Lover

Never Underestimate an Old Man with a Mountain Bike

Author : Sk Journal House
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Valentine Day Line Journal Note Book for Grandpa Book Details: Book Size 6'x9' 100 Pages 50 Sheets Grandpa Valentine day gift journal This extra special Grandpa Appreciation Notebook or Journal is the perfect way to express your gratitude to the best Grandpa ever! Filled with 50 double sided sheets (100 writing pages!) of lined paper, this Motivational and Inspirational Notebook with quote makes a Memorable and useful gift for Grandpa. With the Heartwarming quote on the full-color matte SOFT Cover, This Notebook will help remind a MOM that their work is truly appreciated. With custom sized pages(6'x9') this notebook with chalk style lettering is the perfect size to tuck into a purse, keep on a desk or as a cherished bedside companion. Give a Grandpa a gift they'll remember you! Cute NoteBooks for Grandpa are also Perfect for Grandpa Appreciation Gifts Journal Grandpa christmas Gifts Journal Grandpa Thank You Gifts Journal Grandpa Gift Journal

The Old Man of the Mist and Other Stories

Author : Lynn Hughes
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Teaching Writing Creatively

Author : David Starkey
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Teaching Writing Creatively represents a challenge to conventional notions of genre. It seeks to break down the artificial, antiquated barriers between "creative" and "academic" writing, making the writing classroom experience a more imaginative one. Teaching Writing Creatively features many of the most respected names in composition-instructors with long, successful histories of providing teachers with functional yet inventive methods of teaching writing. The collection begins with articles that assert that all good writing must be, in some important sense, "creative." These contributors offer accounts of the transformation of their composition classrooms; essays that demonstrate that good student writing is only marginally about genre; and a critique of the creative writing workshop as a model for the composition class. Part II offers a variety of ways to approach the teaching of writing as a creative endeavor. It includes articles on helping students better understand their own writing processes and suggestions on alternative composing strategies and their classroom applications. The contributors to the final section offer a variety of new approaches to creative writing that can be successfully applied to expository writing courses as well. Student-centered and process-oriented, Teaching Writing Creatively is a book writing instructors will find immediately useful-particularly composition instructors who feel hemmed in by the conventional expectations of writing courses and creative writing instructors looking to take advantage of the latest innovations in composition studies.

Texas Quarterly

Author :
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Thursday s Child

Author : Ed Robbin
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Mad Old Man Under the Morning Star

Author : Tatamkulu Afrika
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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