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Old Land New Tales

Author : Jia Pingwa
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In this captivating collection from the Shaanxi region, considered the cradle of Chinese civilization, twenty disparate and unique voices come together to show a China caught between new-world advancements and old-world traditions. From the homeland of China's first dynasty and the world-famous terra-cotta warriors, these tales show rugged rural life colliding with fast-paced city life; hollow arranged marriages juxtaposed with torrid forbidden love affairs; and the vanity of newly minted millionaires clashing with the desperation of the poor. Through the eyes of award-winning authors, we see a changing China—from the Cultural Revolution to the country's infamous one-child policy—giving us a profound look at the evolution of a land that is at once ancient and modern.

Old Tales in a New Land

Author : Clement Hosking
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New Tales

Author : Amelia Alderson Opie
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New Stories and Old Legends

Author : Eleanora Louisa Hervey
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New Tales of Old Rome

Author : Rodolfo Amedeo Lanciani
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Land and Sea Tales By the Old Sailor M H Barker Illustrated by G Cruikshank

Author :
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Tales Then and Now

Author : Anna E. Altmann
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A comprehensive compilation of reworkings of classic folk and fairy tales. The nature of folktales and their surrounding cultural contexts are examined; each story is accompanied by tale type numbers, motifs, lists of reworkings by genre, and author interpretation. An excellent resource for the study of tales.

Hex Life Wicked New Tales of Witchery

Author : Kelley Armstrong
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Brand-new stories of witches and witchcraft written by popular female fantasy authors, including Kelley Armstrong, Rachel Caine and Sherrilyn Kenyon writing in their own bestselling universes! These are tales of witches, wickedness, evil and cunning. Stories of disruption and subversion by today’s women you should fear. Including Kelley Armstrong, Rachel Caine and Sherrilyn Kenyon writing in their own bestselling universes. These witches might be monstrous, or they might be heroes, depending on their own definitions. Even the kind hostess with the candy cottage thought of herself as the hero of her own story. After all, a woman’s gotta eat... Eighteen tales of witchcraft from the mistresses of magic: Ania Ahlborn Kelley Armstrong Amber Benson Chesya Burke Rachel Caine Kristin Dearborn Rachel Autumn Deering Tananarive Due Theodora Goss Kat Howard Alma Katsu Sherrilyn Kenyon Sarah Langan Helen Marshall Jennifer McMahon Hillary Monahan Mary SanGiovanni Angela Slatter Bring out your dread...

Legend Land Being a Collection of Some of the Old Tales Told in Those Western Parts of Britain Served by the Great Western Railway Complete

Author : George Basil Barham
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Tales Old and New with Other Lesser Poems

Author : Edward N. Shannon
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Stagecoach and Tavern Tales of the Old Northwest

Author : Harry Ellsworth Cole
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One journalist curious about life in the taverns along the stagecoach lines in Wisconsin and northern Illinois from the early 1800s until the 1880s was Harry Ellsworth Cole. While he could not sample strong ales at all of the taverns he wrote about, Cole did study newspaper accounts, wrote hundreds of letters to families of tavern owners, read widely in regional history, and traveled extensively throughout the territory. The result, according to Brunet, is a "nostalgic, sometimes romantic, well-written, and easily digested social history." At Cole’s death, historian Louise Phelps Kellogg edited his manuscript, which in this case involved turning his notes and illustrations into a book and publishing it with the Arthur H. Clark Company in 1930.

As It Should Be

Author : Lance Edwards
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Comprised of vignettes from his own experiences of growing up in Central Florida, this native Floridian reveals "Old Florida" through its land, its people and their relationship to the times. This is not the Florida of the travel brochures or the concrete and glass glitz of the developers but rather the real Florida as known only by those who are proud to call themselves (or declare themselves) native Floridians. Laugh and cry with the exploits of these tough and proud people. Black & white ink version.

Tales of Old Blount County Alabama

Author : Robin Sterling
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Many of the people and events in Blount County history are well documented. Others, not so much. This book of essays is an attempt to revisit some of the well known events of our county's past, add a little more background, and present our history from a Blount County point of view. In addition to illuminating some familiar topics, this book attempts to bring to light people and events who played significant roles in the development of Blount, but were somehow overlooked or skimmed over by the primary reference books-people and events which were the topic of conversation among our ancestors but over time, have been forgotten. These fun to read tales will promote a greater understanding of the history of Blount County.

New Tales of Mystery and Crime from Latin America

Author : Amelia S. Simpson
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With this volume, readers can enjoy some of the best mystery and crime fiction from Latin America, as Latin Americans have long been devotees of British whodunits as well as North American hard-boiled tales. Here, translated from the Spanish and Portuguese, are eight stories from those countries where the most significant work in mystery and crime fiction in Latin America originates--Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, and Cuba. A boom in the genre can be observed in the 1970s and 1980s, the period to which these stories belong. In an introductory essay, Amelia S. Simpson explains the background to that boom, and the context that makes Latin American mystery and crime fiction an intriguing and exceptional body of writing within what is often thought of as a formulaic genre with little substance and few literary pretensions. The stories in the present volume cover a range of styles and express a variety of views of what mystery and crime fiction can mean. The elegant and supple voice of Argentine author Ricardo Piglia looks at systems of violence in "The Crazy Woman and the Story of the Crime." With a nod to Raymond Chandler and the hard-boiled school of detective fiction, and a bow to Poe's ratiocinations, Piglia creates one of the most imaginative, intricate in its implications, and original crime stories Latin America has produced. The real horror of Piglia's tale of violence is that it never ends. "Hierarchy," by Piglia's fellow Argentine Eduardo Goligorsky, on the other hand, reaches an explosive conclusion that punctuates another vision of systematic violence. In "Doctor and Doctoring," the Mexican author Luis Arturo Ramos draws on history and memory--a story of haves and have-nots--to bring together two men in a murderous embrace. The next four stories are from Brazil. The first two deal specifically, like Ramos's tale, with the fact of social privilege and authority. Ignacio de Loyola Brandao's "Monday's Heads" shows a deeply rooted social psychosis blossom in the narrow confines of an elevator car. The documentary style of Paulo Celso Rangel's "Deposition" underlines the lack of artifice needed to play this predictable and brutal game of cat and mouse. In "Mandrake," Rubem Fonseca's private eye shows us a deeply disturbed and disturbing side of Rio de Janeiro. Glauco Rodrigues Correa's "The South Bay Crime" provides an amusing look at provincial Brazilians and maintains as well a suspenseful narrative concerning a young boy's mysterious disappearance. Finally, Cuban author Arnaldo Correa's "The Man under the Ceiba Tree" subtly undermines the transparent approach of much socialist detective fiction of the postrevolutionary period. Like all good mystery and crime stories, these can be read simply for pleasure, as well as for the insights they offer into Latin American culture and fiction.

Northamptonshire Folk Tales

Author : Kevan Manwaring
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Take a walk through this county in the heart of England in the entertaining company of a local storyteller. Kevan Manwaring, born and raised in Northampton, regales you with tales ancient and modern. Learn how the farmer outwitted the bogle; how a Queen who lost her head; the Great Fire of Northampton; and the last execution of witches in England. Along the way you will meet incredible characters from history and myth: Boudicca, St Patrick, Robin Hood and Hereward the Wake, Captain Slash, Dionysia the female knight, beasts and angels, cobblers and kings. From fairies to wolves, these illustrated tales are ideal to be read out loud or used as a source book for your own performances. Northamptonshire Folk Talesis a great companion for any visit to the area, for fascinating days out and for discovering exciting treasures on your doorstep. The 'Rose of the Shires' will open before you!

Worlding America

Author : Oliver Scheiding
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Worlding America explores the circulation of short narratives in the early Americas through a combination of neglected primary materials and scholarly commentary. Building on recent reconsiderations of American literature in light of transnational and hemispheric approaches, it follows the migration of stories from various backgrounds and demonstrates how forms and themes developed in a new literary market that spanned the Atlantic world. While short narratives prior to 1800 have been largely excluded from critical discussions as well as anthologies, they give insight into the conditions of publishing and writing as well as the demand for brief, entertaining pieces that was met by a wide variety of sources, including sermons, letters, diaries, travelogues, and, eventually, magazines and newspapers. Breaking with traditional concepts of period, authorship, and genre, Worlding America groups the different types of narratives it anthologizes according to key subject areas such as "Life Writing," "Female Agency," or the "Cultures of Print." Each section is introduced by a headnote that explains relevant historical and literary developments, situating each narrative in its cultural context and providing its publication history. Suggestions for further reading will also be appreciated by scholars and students wishing to pursue research in these underrepresented forms.

Tales of Old Japan

Author : A. B. Mitford
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Compiled by one of the first foreign diplomats in Japan, this famous collection of classic tales covers an engrossing array of subjects: ghost stories, fairy tales, folklore, a fascinating eyewitness account of a hara-kiri ceremony, and gripping narratives of vampires and samurai. A treasury of information on Japanese locales, customs, and characters, this volume delights as it entertains, chronicling acts of heroism, devotion, ruthlessness, and chivalry that illuminate the island nation's culture.

Tales of Old Japan

Author : Algernon Bertram Freeman-Mitford
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Tales and Tidbits from the land of President Putin

Author : Colin Daller
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A clever compilation of playful Russian folk tales and renowned Russian recipes.

Ten Tales Of Beast Land

Author :
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