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Old Guy

Author : William Trowbridge
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“When has geezerhood been handled so appealingly? . . . A true American hero is born.” —Albert Goldbarth, National Book Critics Circle Award–winning author of Saving Lives Meet Oldguy: your regular aging superhero whose powers have dwindled over the years, and whose very mechanics are seriously fizzling. In seriocomic misadventures, Oldguy valiantly attempts to continue his former heroism in a somewhat wry version of Faulknerian endurance, defeating his enemies time and again—if not through superhuman abilities, then at least by “outliving the sons-a-bitches.” With its comic book-style illustrations, Oldguy inhabits a space all to itself—not strictly a poetry collection, not quite a graphic novel, but a hybrid sure to delight. “An exhilarating read that I didn’t want to put down except to laugh and to shake my seventy-eight-year-old head in admiration.” —Ron Koertge, author of Shakespeare Makes the Playoffs

Old Guy Superhero

Author : William Trowbridge
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From former Missouri Poet Laureate William Trowbridge comes the full and final seriocomic saga of over-the-hill superhero Oldguy and his Quixotic misadventures, with comic book art by Tim Mayer.

Speed and Superheroes Activity Book 6 Year Old Boy

Author : Educando Kids
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Here's an adrenaline-pumping activity book with creative visuals fit for boys. Encourage your child to complete the exercises in this activity book on his/her own time and pace. This way, your child will learn to focus and refocus on his/her own. That's very important because a lot of students lack focus these days. Go ahead and grab a copy today.

The Big Book of Superheroes

Author : Bart King
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As a child, Bart King discovered he could punch people into outer space. Sadly, he lost a lot of friends that way. Today, Bart is one of the world’s most in-demand superhero experts. So if you’re wondering if you have what it takes to be a superhero—of course you do! All you need is a burning desire to fight evildoers. Oh, and also a secret identity, the perfect name, a cool costume, some terrific superpowers, and an archenemy. Actually, you know what? You better get this book! Bart King writes funny books for kids and immature adults. His titles—including The Big Book of Boy Stuff and The Big Book of Girl Stuff—have sold more than a half million copies. A longtime middle-school teacher, Bart is currently wearing his underwear over his pants. (Don’t ask.)

The Superhero s Cure action adventure superheroes

Author : Lucas Flint
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With his girlfriend's life on the line, Kevin Jason (Bolt) accepts a mission from the government to save her life. He must retrieve a stolen government superweapon that, if it falls into the wrong hands, could spell disaster not just for America, but the whole world. To retrieve this weapon, Bolt must team up with a spy to infiltrate the pirate crew of an infamous and dangerous supervillain, who plans to sell the weapon off to the highest bidder. Yet not all is what it seems, especially in regard to the true nature of the weapon. And once Bolt discovers the truth, his whole world will be turned upside down. KEYWORDS: superhero action fiction, superhero fantasy, superhero fiction novel, superhero science fiction, superhero scifi, superhero young adult, superhero city, superhero books, superhero action, superhero books for kids, superheroes, cool superheroes, action adventure books, superhero action adventure books, action adventure fiction, superhero action adventure fiction, young adult action adventure, action adventure young adult

On the Origin of Superheroes

Author : Chris Gavaler
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Most readers think that superheroes began with Superman’s appearance in Action Comics No. 1, but that Kryptonian rocket didn’t just drop out of the sky. By the time Superman’s creators were born, the superhero’s most defining elements—secret identities, aliases, disguises, signature symbols, traumatic origin stories, extraordinary powers, self-sacrificing altruism—were already well-rehearsed standards. Superheroes have a sprawling, action-packed history that predates the Man of Steel by decades and even centuries. On the Origin of Superheroes is a quirky, personal tour of the mythology, literature, philosophy, history, and grand swirl of ideas that have permeated western culture in the centuries leading up to the first appearance of superheroes (as we know them today) in 1938. From the creation of the universe, through mythological heroes and gods, to folklore, ancient philosophy, revolutionary manifestos, discarded scientific theories, and gothic monsters, the sweep and scale of the superhero’s origin story is truly epic. We will travel from Jane Austen’s Bath to Edgar Rice Burroughs’s Mars to Owen Wister’s Wyoming, with some surprising stops along the way. We’ll meet mad scientists, Napoleonic dictators, costumed murderers, diabolical madmen, blackmailers, pirates, Wild West outlaws, eugenicists, the KKK, Victorian do-gooders, detectives, aliens, vampires, and pulp vigilantes (to name just a few). Chris Gavaler is your tour guide through this fascinating, sometimes dark, often funny, but always surprising prehistory of the most popular figure in pop culture today. In a way, superheroes have always been with us: they are a fossil record of our greatest aspirations and our worst fears and failings.

Third Class Superhero

Author : Charles Yu
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“A compulsively readable collection” of short fiction from the author of How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe (Publishers Weekly). With deadpan humor and originality, Charles Yu spins Kafkaesque tales of modern identity and insecurity in this whip-smart debut. In 401(k), a couple living in the Luxury Car Commercial subdivision are disappointed when their exotic vacation turns into a Life Insurance/Asset Management pitch. The author struggles to write the definitive biography of his mother in Autobiographical Raw Material Unsuitable for the Mining of Fiction. And would-be superhero Moisture Man must come to terms with the darkness in his heart. Throughout the collection, Yu’s characters run up against the limitations of their artificial story lines while tackling the terrifying aspects of existence: mothers, jobs, spouses, and perhaps most terrifying of all, the need to express feelings. Heartbreaking and hilarious, Third Class Superhero marked the debut of an author who has been a PEN award finalist, and whose novel How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe was named one of Time’s best books of the year. “The post-collegiate braininess of many of Yu’s stories is like the music of the Talking Heads, making the familiar seem off-kilter. . . . Takes a Kafkaesque turn in its comic examination of the essence of identity.” —Kirkus Reviews

The Superhero s World action adventure young adult superheroes

Author : Lucas Flint
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A sudden attack from an alien race takes out hundreds of humanity's greatest superheroes, leaving the Earth defenseless in the face of an overwhelming foe. The only survivors are Kevin Jason (Bolt) and his friends, who are forced to ally with the government in order to protect the planet from the invading enemies. Their mission becomes more urgent, however, when the aliens give humanity an ultimatum: Either surrender in forty-eight hours or be destroyed by the aliens' immense forces. With only two days left to save the superhero community and the world in general, Kevin and his friends must defeat the aliens before the world is destroyed. Saving the world, however, will force Kevin and his friends to go to places no human has seen and force them to come to terms with an enemy unlike any they've faced before, one they may not be able to defeat. KEYWORDS: superhero action fiction, superhero fantasy, superhero fiction novel, superhero science fiction, superhero scifi, superhero young adult, superhero city, superhero books, superhero action, superhero books for kids, superheroes, cool superheroes, action adventure books, superhero action adventure books, action adventure fiction, superhero action adventure fiction, young adult action adventure, action adventure young adult

The Supervillainy Saga Volume One

Author : C. T. Phipps
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THE BEST-SELLING SUPERHERO SERIES IS NOW AVAILABLE AS A COLLECTION. Gary Karkofsky has always wanted to be a supervillain. Ever since his infamous brother was killed an antihero, he's secretly yearned to gain powers and take over the world. Gary gets his chance when the magical cloak of recently deceased superhero, the Nightwalker, is delivered right to his doorstep. But is he evil enough to be a supervillain? What will his wife think? Follow Gary as he becomes Merciless: The Supervillain without MercyTM. Gary will finds himself bouncing from one insane situation to another. Whether its recruiting his ex-girlfriend and a washed up mastermind as henchmen, fighting against villains like the Ice Scream Man, escaping from moon prisons, dealing with zombie apocalypses, or working against the insane President of the United States—Gary is always just barely keeping his head above water. But maybe the world's worst supervillain can be its best hero. Or at least a passable one.

Superheroes and Philosophy

Author : Thomas V.. Morris
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A thought-provoking collection of essays explores the philosophical side of the comic book world, collecting the contributions of sixteen philosophers on a variety of subjects, including evil, justice, metaphysics, and the limits of violence. Original.