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Office Collectibles

Author : Thomas A. Russo
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Here is an incredible array of antique typewriters, adding machines, check protectors, copiers, coin changers, dictating machines, and more. Items like ribbon tins, medals and awards, novelties, and office-related toys bring offices of the past to life, along with ephemera like catalogs, legal documents, magazines, and original patents. Detailed captions, historical data, and a price guide make this book a must for anyone interested in office-related antiques and evolution of technology!

Milestones in Analog and Digital Computing

Author : Herbert Bruderer
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This Third Edition is the first English-language edition of the award-winning Meilensteine der Rechentechnik; illustrated in full color throughout in two volumes. The Third Edition is devoted to both analog and digital computing devices, as well as the world's most magnificient historical automatons and select scientific instruments (employed in astronomy, surveying, time measurement, etc.). It also features detailed instructions for analog and digital mechanical calculating machines and instruments, and is the only such historical book with comprehensive technical glossaries of terms not found in print or in online dictionaries. The book also includes a very extensive bibliography based on the literature of numerous countries around the world. Meticulously researched, the author conducted a worldwide survey of science, technology and art museums with their main holdings of analog and digital calculating and computing machines and devices, historical automatons and selected scientific instruments in order to describe a broad range of masterful technical achievements. Also covering the history of mathematics and computer science, this work documents the cultural heritage of technology as well.

Antique Office Machines

Author : Thomas A. Russo
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Explore 600 years of caculating devices, from the abacus to the desk top computer, with valuable information for historians and collectors alike. With 500 color photographs, accurate captions, and a guide to current values, this will be an essential guide to collecting office machines.

American Book Publishing Record

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Exotic Commodities

Author : Frank Dikotter
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Exotic Commodities is the first book to chart the consumption and spread of foreign goods in China from the mid-nineteenth century to the advent of communism in 1949. Richly illustrated and revealing, this volume recounts how exotic commodities were acquired and adapted in a country commonly believed to have remained "hostile toward alien things" during the industrial era. China was not immune to global trends that prized the modern goods of "civilized" nations. Foreign imports were enthusiastically embraced by both the upper and lower classes and rapidly woven into the fabric of everyday life, often in inventive ways. Scarves, skirts, blouses, and corsets were combined with traditional garments to create strikingly original fashions. Industrially produced rice, sugar, wheat, and canned food revolutionized local cuisine, and mass produced mirrors were hung on doorframes to ward off malignant spirits. Frank Dikötter argues that ordinary people were the least inhibited in acquiring these products and therefore the most instrumental in changing the material culture of China. Landscape paintings, door leaves, and calligraphy scrolls were happily mixed with kitschy oil paintings and modern advertisements. Old and new interacted in ways that might have seemed incongruous to outsiders but were perfectly harmonious to local people. This pragmatic attitude would eventually lead to China's own mass production and export of cheap, modern goods, which today can be found all over the world. The nature of this history raises the question, which Dikötter pursues in his conclusion: If the key to surviving in a fast-changing world is the ability to innovate, could China be more in tune with modernity than Europe?

Writers Directory M Z

Author : Miranda Herbert Ferrara
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This comprehensive resource features up-to-date bibliographical, biographical and contact information for approximately 20,000 living authors worldwide who have at least one English publication. Entries typically include name, pseudonyms, addresses, citizenship, birth date, specialization, career information and a bibliography. Contact information includes e-mail addresses where available.

Warman s Americana Collectibles

Author : Ellen T. Schroy
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Provides descriptions and price listings for such American antiques as pottery, games, comic books, cookie cutters, children's toys, and beer bottles.

Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office

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The Writers Directory

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The Writers Directory 2008

Author : Michelle Kazensky
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Features bibliographical, biographical and contact information for living authors worldwide who have at least one English publication. Entries include name, pseudonyms, addresses, citizenship, birth date, specialization, career information and a bibliography.