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Ocean Yearbook 27

Author : Aldo Chircop
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Since 1978, the 'Ocean Yearbook' has published original, peer-reviewed articles and reference materials for students and practitioners of international law, ocean development, coastal zone managements, foreign policy and strategic studies.

The Law of the Sea

Author : Office of Legal Affairs
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Compiled by the United Nations Office of Legal Affairs, this bibliography covers 20 subject categories based on the major topics of the United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea. It is intended for the use of those interested in ocean affairs and the law of the sea matters in general and in the UN Convention on the Law in the Sea.

The Law of the Sea and Climate Change

Author : Elise Johansen
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Explores how the law of the sea can develop in support of the objectives of the United Nations climate regime.

The Geopolitics of Deep Oceans

Author : John Hannigan
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Long regarded as an empty and inhospitable environment, the deep ocean is rapidly emerging as an ecological hot spot with a remarkable diversity of biological life. Yet, the worlds oceans are currently on a dangerous trajectory of decline, threatened by acidification, oil and gas drilling, overfishing, and, in the long term, deep-sea mining, bioprospecting, and geo-engineering. In The Geopolitics of Deep Oceans, noted environmental sociologist John Hannigan examines the past, present and future of our planets final frontier. The author argues that our understanding of the deep - its definition, boundaries, value, ownership, health and future state - depends on whether we see it first and foremost as a resource cornucopia, a political chessboard, a shared commons, or a unique and threatened ecology. He concludes by locating a new storyline that imagines the oceans as a canary-in-the-mineshaft for gauging the impact of global climate change. The Geopolitics of Deep Oceans is a unique introduction to the geography, law, politics and sociology of the sub-surface ocean. It will appeal to anyone seriously concerned about the present state and future fate of the largest single habitat for life on our planet.

Chinese Taiwan Yearbook of International Law and Affairs Volume 27 2009

Author :
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The Chinese (Taiwan) Yearbook of International Law and Affairs includes articles and international law materials relating to Asia-Pacific and the Republic of China on Taiwan.

Goethe Yearbook 27

Author : Patricia Anne Simpson
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A new Forum section focuses on the impact of Digital Humanities on Goethe scholarship and on eighteenth-century German Studies, alongside articles on a diverse range of authors and topics.

Ocean Yearbook

Author : Moira McConnell
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Devoted to assessing the state of ocean and coastal governance and knowledge, the Ocean Yearbook is an initiative of the International Ocean Institute in Malta and the Marine & Environmental Law Institute at Dalhousie Law School.

Joint Development of Hydrocarbon Deposits in the Law of the Sea

Author : Vasco Becker-Weinberg
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This book examines the concept and purpose of joint development agreements of offshore hydrocarbon deposits from the perspective of public international law and the law of the sea, taking into consideration and extensively reviewing State practice concerning seabed activities in disputed maritime areas and when hydrocarbon deposits extend across maritime boundaries. It distinguishes between agreements signed before and after the delimitation of maritime boundaries and analyzes the relevance of natural resources or unitization clauses included in maritime delimitation agreements. It also takes into consideration the relation between these resources and maritime delimitation and analyzes all the relevant international jurisprudence. Another innovative aspect of this book is that it examines the possibility of joint development of resources that lay between the continental shelf and the Area, considering both theoretical and practical problems. As such, the book is a useful tool for scholars and experts on public international law and the law of the sea, but also for national authorities and practitioners of international disputes resolution, as well as public and private entities working in the oil and gas industry.

Offshore Energy and Marine Spatial Planning

Author : Katherine L. Yates
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The generation of offshore energy is a rapidly growing sector, competing for space in an already busy seascape. This book brings together the ecological, economic, and social implications of the spatial conflict this growth entails. Covering all energy-generation types (wind, wave, tidal, oil, and gas), it explores the direct and indirect impacts the growth of offshore energy generation has on both the marine environment and the existing uses of marine space. Chapters explore main issues associated with offshore energy, such as the displacement of existing activities and the negative impacts it can have on marine species and ecosystems. Chapters also discuss how the growth of offshore energy generation presents new opportunities for collaboration and co-location with other sectors, for example, the co-location of wild-capture fisheries and wind farms. The book integrates these issues and opportunities, and demonstrates the importance of holistic marine spatial planning for optimising the location of offshore energy-generation sites. It highlights the importance of stakeholder engagement in these planning processes and the role of integrated governance, with illustrative case studies from the United States, United Kingdom, northern Europe, and the Mediterranean. It also discusses trade-off analysis and decision theory and provides a range of tools and best practices to inform future planning processes.

Communication Yearbook 27

Author : Pamela J. Kalbfleisch
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Communication Yearbook 27 is devoted to publishing state-of-the-art literature reviews in which authors critique and synthesize a body of communication research. This volume continues the tradition of publishing critical, integrative reviews of specific lines of research. Chapters focus on an organizational communication challenge to the discourse of work and family research; recovering women's voice; empowerment and communication; participatory communication for social change; and the problematics of dialogue and power. In addition, chapters discuss the megaphone effect; the effects of television on group vitality; the empowerment of feminist scholarship in public relations and the building of a feminist paradigm; control, resistance, and empowerment in raced, gendered, and classed work contexts; credibility for the 21st century; and communicating disability.

The International and European Legal Regime Regulating Marine Litter in the EU

Author : Aleke Stöfen-O'Brien
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Jährlich gelangen mehr als 6 Millionen Tonnen Abfall in unsere Meere. Aus der Langlebigkeit der eingetragenen Stoffe sowie deren ökologischen und toxischen Auswirkungen ergeben sich besondere Herausforderungen an unsere Gesellschaft. Vor diesem Hintergrund untersucht und erarbeitet die Autorin Lösungsstrategien zur Vermeidung von Meeresmüll in den vier Europäischen Meeren. Dabei werden sowohl völkerrechtliche sowie Rechtsinstrumente der Europäischen Union auf ihre Regulierungsstrategien untersucht und Regulierungslücken identifiziert. In einer interdisziplinären Herangehensweise deckt die Autorin Meeresmüllquellen wie Schifffahrt oder Abfallmanagement ab und erarbeitet somit die erste Monographie, die die Gesamtheit von regulativen Meeresmüllvermeidungsstrategien in der Europäischen Union betrachtet. Dr. Aleke Stöfen-O'Brien wurde für ihre Arbeit der Förderpreis 2015 des Freundeskreises Trierer Universität e.V. verliehen.

Maritime Clusters and the Ocean Economy

Author : Peter B. Myles
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Over the last decade the concept of clustering has become a central idea for analyzing the competitiveness of nations, industries and firms. This book shows how the cluster concept can be usefully applied to the study of maritime activities. Such activities, including shipping, shipbuilding and port and maritime services, are clearly geographically concentrated in a number of maritime clusters. However, as the author shows, these are having to compete with other uses of the coasts and oceans including capture fisheries, marine aquaculture, offshore energy and tourism. Sound governance and planning is therefore required to manage the competing claims for ocean space. The book shows how competing industries and other stakeholders can cooperate and benefit from an integrated approach to the development of maritime clusters. The contribution of approaches such as integrated coastal zone management and innovations such as ocean business councils, as well as coordinated networks of maritime clusters are reviewed. Case studies are included from around the world, including detailed examples of the development of the Nelson Mandela Bay Maritime Cluster in South Africa and from Poland in the Baltic Sea.

The Ocean Economy in 2030

Author : OECD
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This report explores the growth prospects for the ocean economy, its capacity for future employment creation and innovation, and its role in addressing global challenges. Special attention is devoted to the emerging ocean-based industries.

Routledge Handbook of National and Regional Ocean Policies

Author : Biliana Cicin-Sain
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This comprehensive handbook, prepared by leading ocean policy academics and practitioners from around the world, presents in-depth analyses of the experiences of fifteen developed and developing nations and four key regions of the world that have taken concrete steps toward cross-cutting and integrated national and regional ocean policy. All chapters follow a common framework for policy analysis. While most coastal nations of the world already have a variety of sectoral policies in place to manage different uses of the ocean (such as shipping, fishing, oil and gas development), in the last two decades, the coastal nations covered in the book have undertaken concerted efforts to articulate and implement an integrated, ecosystem-based vision for the governance of ocean areas under their jurisdiction. This includes goals and procedures to harmonize existing uses and laws, to foster sustainable development of ocean areas, to protect biodiversity and vulnerable resources and ecosystems, and to coordinate the actions of the many government agencies that are typically involved in oceans affairs. The book highlights the serious conflicts of use in most national ocean zones and the varying attempts by nations to follow the prescriptions emanating from the 1982 UN Law of the Sea Convention and the outcomes of the 1992, 2002, and 2012 sustainable development summits. The interrelationship among uses and processes in the coast and ocean requires that ocean governance be integrated, precautionary, and anticipatory. Overall, the book provides a definitive state-of-the-art review and analysis of national and regional ocean policies around the world.

Monthly Catalog of United States Government Publications

Author :
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Saving the Oceans Through Law

Author : James Harrison
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The oceans cover more than seventy per cent of the surface of the planet and they provide many vital ecosystem services. However, the health of the world's oceans has been deteriorating over the past decades and the protection of the marine environment has emerged as one of the most pressing legal and political challenges for the international community. An effective solution depends upon the cooperation of all states towards achieving agreed objectives. This book provides a critical assessment of the role that international law plays in this process, by explaining and evaluating the various legal instruments that have been negotiated in this area, as well as key trends in global ocean governance. Starting with a detailed analysis of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, the book considers the main treaties and other legal texts that seeks to prevent, reduce, and control damage to the marine environment caused by navigation, seabed exploitation, fishing, dumping, and land-based activities, as well as emerging pressures such as ocean noise and climate change. The book demonstrates how international institutions have expanded their mandates to address a broader range of marine environmental issues, beyond basic problems of pollution control to include the conservation of marine biological diversity and an ecosystems approach to regulation. It also discusses the development of diverse regulatory tools to address anthropogenic impacts on the marine environment and the extent to which states have adopted a precautionary approach in different maritime sectors. Whilst many advances have been made in these matters, this book highlights the need for greater coordination between international institutions, as well as the desirability of developing stronger enforcement mechanisms for international environmental rules.

Deep Sea Mining

Author : Rahul Sharma
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This comprehensive book contains contributions from specialists who provide a complete status update along with outstanding issues encompassing different topics related to deep-sea mining. Interest in exploration and exploitation of deep-sea minerals is seeing a revival due to diminishing grades and increasing costs of processing of terrestrial minerals as well as availability of several strategic metals in seabed mineral resources; it therefore becomes imperative to take stock of various issues related to deep-sea mining. The authors are experienced scientists and engineers from around the globe developing advanced technologies for mining and metallurgical extraction as well as performing deep sea exploration for several decades. They invite readers to learn about the resource potential of different deep-sea minerals, design considerations and development of mining systems, and the potential environmental impacts of mining in international waters.

Navigating Straits

Author : David D. Caron
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In Navigating Straits: Challenges for International Law, internationally recognized international law scholars provide in-depth analysis of the legal challenges in straits concerning security, piracy, safety and environmental protection. All readers interested in international and law of the sea will find this seminal volume of interest.

Management of Marine Protected Areas

Author : Paul D. Goriup
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With the health of the world’s oceans threatened as never before, it is becoming increasingly apparent that Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) play a vitally important role in protecting marine and coastal habitats. Management of Marine Protected Areas: A Network Perspective draws on the results of a major EU-sponsored research project related to the establishment of networks of MPAs in the Mediterranean and Black Seas that transpired from February 2011 to January 2016. Featuring contributions by leading university- and national research institute-based scientists, chapters utilize the latest research data and developments in marine conservation policy to explore issues related to ways in which networks of MPAs may amplify the effectiveness and conservation benefits of individual areas within them. Topics addressed include the broader socio-economic impacts of MPAs in the Mediterranean and Black Seas; the use of Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) to resolve conflicts between marine resource use and protection; special protection measures under the EU’s Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD); ecological value assessments in the Black Sea; the Ecosystem Approach (EA) for managing marine ecosystems; MPAs along Turkey’s Black Sea coast; MPAs and offshore wind farms; and managing and monitoring MPA networks within and between the Black and Mediterranean Seas. Timely and important, Management of Marine Protected Areas: A Network Perspective offers invaluable insights into the role of MPAs in preserving the welfare and long-term viability of our world’s oceans.

Research Handbook on International Marine Environmental Law

Author : Rosemary Rayfuse
File Size : 34.82 MB
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This authoritative Handbook examines the current state of and the future challenges for international law in addressing the key activities that pose threats to the marine environment. It provides a critical analysis of, and constructive solutions for, the international legal regime for the protection of the marine environment and identifies areas of vital research need for the future. The in-depth chapters, written by emerging and established experts in their fields, explore the legal framework for protection of the marine environment and look at issues such as pollution, seabed activities, and climate change as well as discussing the protection of marine biodiversity and considering regional approaches to the protection of the marine environment. Each chapter goes beyond a survey of existing law to identify the shortcomings in the legal regime and areas of critical research needed to address these shortcomings. This timely book provides significant insights into contemporary issues surrounding the efficacy of the regime created by the 1982 Law of the Sea Convention and details the further work needed to ensure the design and implementation of effective regulation and management of human activities that affect the marine environment. Students and academics researching in the law of the sea and environmental law will find the Handbook central to their subject areas. The analyses and reform proposals are an invaluable resource for government and policy practitioners, as well as IGOs and NGOs involved in marine environmental issues.