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Occupational Industrial and Environmental Toxicology

Author : Michael I. Greenberg
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This unique text's format makes it easy to diagnose and treat occupational toxicology patients, whether they know the substance of their exposure or not. Organized by occupation, industry, and environment, it covers what agents are plausible for exposure, systemic effects, and suggested treatments. Covers everything needed to understand, diagnose, treat and refer patients of toxic exposure.Provides a chemical agent cross-referencing system.Contains photographs from the Bettmann archives of historical photographs.Addition of new Associate Editor: Gayla McCluskey, CIH - President of the American Industrial Hygiene Association. Revises and updates all chapters with the latest information.Features 25 new chapters.Includes new contributors and new illustrations.

Principles of Toxicology

Author : Phillip L. Williams
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Principles of Environmental Toxicology

Author : Sigmund F. Zakrzewski
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Environmental: past and present, review of pharmacologic concepts, metabolism of xenobiotics, factors that influence toxicity, chemical carcinogenesis and mutagenesis, risk assessment, occupational toxicology, air pollution, pollution of the atmosphere, water and land pollution, pollution control, radioactive pollution, population, environment,and women's isues, regualtory policies and internation treaties.

Occupational Emergency Medicine

Author : Michael Greenberg
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With a large proportion of emergency admissions due to occupational health problems, the effect this can have on your practice cannot be ignored. Owing to the shortage of occupational physicians and limited worker access to health care, the diagnosis and treatment of occupational diseases rely increasingly on the emergency physician. Apart from extra paperwork, owing to the extra legal and administrative regulations, a lack of knowledge of occupational medicine can risk a missed diagnosis. This burden of work means occupational disorders impact the whole of the emergency department. Michael Greenberg addresses your questions and concerns about the management of these patients: from triage to discharge, and beyond for all work-place injuries or disorders, whether office-based, agricultural or industrial and their employment regulations Occupational Emergency Medicine is an essential reference for emergency physicians and trainees, featuring comprehensive information on legal issues involving the physician, and advice on managing occupational health admissions.

Basic Environmental Toxicology

Author : Lorris G. Cockerham
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Basic Environmental Toxicology provides a thorough, systematic introduction to environmental toxicology and addresses many of the effects of pollutants on humans, animals, and the environment. Readers are introduced to the fundamentals of toxicology and ecotoxicology, the effects of different types of toxicants, and how toxicants affect different compartments of the environment. Fundamental aspects of environmental health, occupational health, detection of pollutants, and risk assessment are discussed. The book is excellent for anyone involved in risk assessment or risk management, toxicologists, state and local public health officials, environmental engineers, industrial managers, consultants, and students taking environmental toxicology courses.

Principles of Toxicology

Author : Stephen M. Roberts
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A fully updated and expanded edition of the bestselling guide on toxicology and its practical application • Covers the diverse chemical hazards encountered in the modern work and natural environment, and provides a practical understanding of these hazards • New chapters cover the emerging areas of toxicology such as omics, computational toxicology, and nanotoxicology • Provides clear explanations and practical understanding of the fundamentals necessary for an understanding of the effects of chemical hazards on human health and ecosystems • Includes case histories and examples from industry demonstrate the application of toxicological principles • Supplemented with numerous illustrations to clarify and summarize key points, annotated bibliographies, and a comprehensive glossary of toxicological terms

Environmental Toxicology And Human Health Volume I

Author : Tetsuo Satoh
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Environmental Toxicology and Human Health is a component of Encyclopedia of Environmental and Ecological Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources in the global Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS), which is an integrated compendium of twenty one Encyclopedias. Toxicology is the study of harmful effects of chemicals on biological systems. Humans, animals, and plants are increasingly being exposed to chemicals in the environment. The ever-increasing use of chemicals in industries has also resulted in further pollution of the environment. As toxic chemicals are widespread in the environment, there is a potential for these chemicals to cause significant damage and harmful effects on human health. The volume on Environmental Toxicology and Human Health discusses matters of great relevance to our world such as: Environmental Toxicology and Human Health; Health Effects from Exposure to Acute Levels of Industrial Chemicals; Health Effects from Exposure to Chronic Levels of Industrial Chemicals; Control Strategies; Pediatric Lead Poisoning of Residential Origin; Insecticides; Herbicides; Rodenticides; Virus-Induced Diseases; Fungus and Actinomycete-Induced Diseases; Sportfish Consumption: Socio-Cultural and Economic Aspects, Ethnicity and Effectiveness of Health Advisories; Impact of Socioeconomic Factors on Residential Indoor Air Quality and Human Health; Social Concerns for Environmental Exposures to Toxic Substances; Environmental Justice as a Component of Environmental Decision-Making; Minamata Disease in Japan; Mercury-Contaminated Grain in Iraq; Case Study of Air Pollution Episodes in Meuse Valley of Belgium, Donora of Pennsylvania, and London, U.K.; Case Study of the Bhopal Incident; Case Study of Lyme Disease; Case History: Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever in Zaire, 1995; Case Studies of Anthrax Outbreaks; Case Study of Health Effects of Cryptosporidium in Drinking Water. These two volumes are aimed at the following five major target audiences: University and College Students Educators, Professional Practitioners, Research Personnel and Policy Analysts, Managers, and Decision Makers, NGOs and GOs.

An Introduction to Environmental Toxicology Second Edition

Author : Michael H. Dong
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An Introduction to Environmental Toxicology Second Edition, like the first (student) edition, provides a general introductory text on the basic concepts of and general principles for environmental toxicology. To this end, the book is organized into 23 chapters in four parts:I. Toxicologic Concepts and Environmental Concerns (Chapters 1 – 5);II. Bioaccumulation and Biodisposition of Toxicants (Chapters 6 – 10);III. Nature and Effects of Environmental Toxicants (Chapters 11 – 17); andIV. General Considerations and Special Foci (Chapters 18 – 23).The book is an introduction to the basic principles, concepts, and issues for and of environmental toxicology intended for undergraduates majoring in environmental toxicology, environmental sciences, or a related field, as well as for graduate students taking a course in environmental toxicology as an elective. The book is also intended as a supplementary reading material for students whose instructor prefers to use her/his own lecture notes as text materials for their course. Students using this book are expected to have already completed a course in general biology and a course in general chemistry.The book is written as a primer covering lecture materials for a course of 3 to 6 semester units. The 23 chapters, totaling more than 450 pages, are arranged in a way that the reader is provided with the best flow and mode of comprehension, with each chapter including a set of review questions. Listed below are the chapter titles: 1. Scope and Principles for Environmental Toxicology 2. Environmental Changes and Environmental Health 3. Environmental Pollution and Regulatory Agencies 4. Occurrence and Types of Environmental Toxicants 5. Fate and Transport of Toxicants in the Environment 6. Bioaccumulation of Persistent Environmental Toxicants 7. Uptake and Distribution of Toxicants 8. Metabolism/Biotransformation of Xenobiotics 9. Adverse Action/Toxic Response10. Factors and Conditions Affecting Toxicity11. Air Pollutants – I. Inorganic Gases12. Air Pollutants – II. Particulate Matter13. Volatile Organic Compounds14. Toxic and Radioactive Metals15. Pesticides and Pesticide Residues16. Persistent Toxic Substances17. Biological and Physical Toxic Agents18. Environmental Mutagenesis/Carcinogenesis19. Reproductive Toxicity and Endocrine Disruption20. Industrial Chemicals/Occupational Toxicology21. Food Toxicants/Toxic Household Substances22. Human Health Aspects of Ecotoxicology23. Environmental Health Risk Assessment

Ullmann s Industrial Toxicology

Author : Wiley-VCH
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The one-stop resource for health protection professionals, environmental scientists and safety engineers. Since the entire 40-volume Ullmann's Encyclopedia is inaccessible to many readers - particularly individuals, smaller companies or institutes - all the information on industrial toxicology, ecotoxicology, process safety as well as occupational health and safety has been condensed into this convenient 2-volume set. Based on the latest online edition of Ullmann's containing articles never been before in print, this ready reference provides practical information on applying the science of toxicology in both the occupational and environmental setting, and explains the fundamentals necessary for an understanding of the effects of chemical hazards on humans and ecosystems. The detailed and meticulously edited articles have been written by renowned experts from industry and academia, and much of the information has been thoroughly revised. Alongside explanations of safety regulations and legal aspects, this set covers food additives, toxic agents as well as medical and therapeutical issues. Top-quality illustrations, clear diagrams and charts combined with an extensive use of tables enhance the presentation and provide a unique level of detail. Deeper insights into any given area of interest is offered by referenced contributions, while rapid access to a particular subject is enhanced by both a keyword and author index.

Toxicology in Occupational and Environmental Setting

Author :
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Hamilton and Hardy s Industrial Toxicology

Author : Raymond D. Harbison
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Providing a concise, yet comprehensive, reference on all aspectsof industrial exposures and toxicants; this book aidstoxicologists, industrial hygienists, and occupational physiciansto investigate workplace health problems. • Updates and expands coverage with new chapterscovering regulatory toxicology, toxicity testing, physical hazards,high production volume (HPV) chemicals, and workplace druguse • Includes information on occupational and environmentalsources of exposure, mammalian toxicology, industrial hygiene,medical management and ecotoxicology • Retains a succinct chapter format that has become thehallmark for the previous editions • Distils a vast amount of information into one resourcefor both academics and professionals

Occupational and Environmental Health

Author : Barry S. Levy
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Praise for Previous Editions: "This splendid book [...]is authoritative, well written, and ably edited." - Occupational & Environmental Medicine "The book provides a logical, structured exposition of a diverse multidisciplinary speciality, employing a language and format designed to educate the novice student and seasoned practitioner alike - a vital contribution to the field." - New England Journal of Medicine Occupational and environmental contributions to the occurrence of disease and injury represent a core component of public health and health care. Factors in the workplace and the ambient environment have significant impacts on individual and community health. Occupational and Environmental Health is a comprehensive, practical textbook for understanding how work and environment influence individual and population health. Comprising 40 chapters written by national and international experts, this book combines theory and practical insights to help readers effectively recognize and prevent occupational and environmental disease and injury.

Translational Research in Environmental and Occupational Stress

Author : Shashi Bala Singh
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Cutting edge technologies can propel a simple finding in basic science to a concept that can be of immense value to the society. While applying novel techniques to unravel the mysteries of biological processes, an offshoot of applied branch emerged. This field, which is now widely referred to as Translational Research utilizes basic science findings and translates these findings into innovative concepts for the benefit of mankind. This branch of science has evolved into a multidisciplinary juggernaut encompassing all known fields of science as varied as biomedicine, environment, law, economics, sociology, etc. With the ever increasing interest in this branch and the dreams and aspirations that this field can bring, basic science researchers are now taking a bold step into this new realm, merging different fields of knowledge to come up with novel inventions. This book "Translational research in environmental and occupational stress" provides and insight into the research that led to discoveries, inventions and development of novel technologies which will have a tremendous impact on the future of mankind.

Information Resources in Toxicology

Author : P.J. Bert Hakkinen
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Information Resources in Toxicology, Third Edition is a sourcebook for anyone who needs to know where to find toxicology information. It provides an up-to-date selective guide to a large variety of sources--books, journals, organizations, audiovisuals, internet and electronic sources, and more. For the Third Edition, the editors have selected, organized, and updated the most relevant information available. New information on grants and other funding opportunities, physical hazards, patent literature, and technical reports have also been added. This comprehensive, time-saving tool is ideal for toxicologists, pharmacologists, drug companies, testing labs, libraries, poison control centers, physicians, legal and regulatory professionals, and chemists. Serves as an all-in-one resource for toxicology information New edition includes information on publishers, grants and other funding opportunities, physical hazards, patent literature, and technical reports Updated to include the latest internet and electronic sources, e-mail addresses, etc. Provides valuable data about the new fields that have emerged within toxicological research; namely, the biochemical, cellular, molecular, and genetic aspects

Occupational and Industrial Hygiene

Author : Nurtan A. Esmen
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Hayes Principles and Methods of Toxicology

Author : A. Wallace Hayes
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Hayes' Principles and Methods of Toxicology has long been established as a reliable reference to the concepts, methodologies, and assessments integral to toxicology. The new sixth edition has been revised and updated while maintaining the same high standards that have made this volume a benchmark resource in the field. With new authors and new chap

Information Resources in Toxicology

Author : Steve Gilbert
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This new fifth edition of Information Resources in Toxicology offers a consolidated entry portal for the study, research, and practice of toxicology. Both volumes represents a unique, wide-ranging, curated, international, annotated bibliography, and directory of major resources in toxicology and allied fields such as environmental and occupational health, chemical safety, and risk assessment. The editors and authors are among the leaders of the profession sharing their cumulative wisdom in toxicology’s subdisciplines. This edition keeps pace with the digital world in directing and linking readers to relevant websites and other online tools. Due to the increasing size of the hardcopy publication, the current edition has been divided into two volumes to make it easier to handle and consult. Volume 1: Background, Resources, and Tools, arranged in 5 parts, begins with chapters on the science of toxicology, its history, and informatics framework in Part 1. Part 2 continues with chapters organized by more specific subject such as cancer, clinical toxicology, genetic toxicology, etc. The categorization of chapters by resource format, for example, journals and newsletters, technical reports, organizations constitutes Part 3. Part 4 further considers toxicology’s presence via the Internet, databases, and software tools. Among the miscellaneous topics in the concluding Part 5 are laws and regulations, professional education, grants and funding, and patents. Volume 2: The Global Arena offers contributed chapters focusing on the toxicology contributions of over 40 countries, followed by a glossary of toxicological terms and an appendix of popular quotations related to the field. The book, offered in both print and electronic formats, is carefully structured, indexed, and cross-referenced to enable users to easily find answers to their questions or serendipitously locate useful knowledge they were not originally aware they needed. Among the many timely topics receiving increased emphasis are disaster preparedness, nanotechnology, -omics, risk assessment, societal implications such as ethics and the precautionary principle, climate change, and children’s environmental health. Introductory chapters provide a backdrop to the science of toxicology, its history, the origin and status of toxicoinformatics, and starting points for identifying resources. Offers an extensive array of chapters organized by subject, each highlighting resources such as journals, databases,organizations, and review articles. Includes chapters with an emphasis on format such as government reports, general interest publications, blogs, and audiovisuals. Explores recent internet trends, web-based databases, and software tools in a section on the online environment. Concludes with a miscellany of special topics such as laws and regulations, chemical hazard communication resources, careers and professional education, K-12 resources, funding, poison control centers, and patents. Paired with Volume Two, which focuses on global resources, this set offers the most comprehensive compendium of print, digital, and organizational resources in the toxicological sciences with over 120 chapters contributions by experts and leaders in the field.

Principles and Methods of Toxicology Fifth Edition

Author : A. Wallace Hayes
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Founded on the paradox that all things are poisons and the difference between poison and remedy is quantity, the determination of safe dosage forms the base and focus of modern toxicology. In order to make a sound determination there must be a working knowledge of the biologic mechanisms involved and of the methods employed to define these mechanisms. While the vastness of the field and the rapid accumulation of data may preclude the possibility of absorbing and retaining more than a fraction of the available information, a solid understanding of the underlying principles is essential. Extensively revised and updated with four new chapters and an expanded glossary, this fifth edition of the classic text, Principles and Methods of Toxicology provides comprehensive coverage in a manageable and accessible format. New topics include 'toxicopanomics', plant and animal poisons, information resources, and non-animal testing alternatives. Emphasizing the cornerstones of toxicology-people differ, dose matters, and things change, the book begins with a review of the history of toxicology and followed by an explanation of basic toxicological principles, agents that cause toxicity, target organ toxicity, and toxicological testing methods including many of the test protocols required to meet regulatory needs worldwide. The book examines each method or procedure from the standpoint of technique and interpretation of data and discusses problems and pitfalls that may be associated with each. The addition of several new authors allow for a broader and more diverse treatment of the ever-changing and expanding field of toxicology. Maintaining the high-quality information and organizational framework that made the previous editions so successful, Principles and Methods of Toxicology, Fifth Edition continues to be a valuable resource for the advanced practitioner as well as the new disciple of toxicology.

Industrial Toxicology

Author : Phillip L. Williams
File Size : 44.18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Handbook of Occupational and Environmental Medicine Principles Practice Populations and Problem Solving 2nd Edition 2 volumes

Author : Tee L. Guidotti M.D., M.P.H., DABT
File Size : 56.67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Provides health professionals with a single, accessible, and interesting source to prepare for the field of occupational and environmental medicine. The new edition is extensively updated and includes questions for review in preparation for taking examinations. This set is designed to be a thorough introduction for physicians entering the occupational and environmental medicine field, whether preparing for specialty examinations or moving into the field from other medical specialties or from primary care. It also serves as a convenient guide and reference for nurses, health professionals, and those outside of health care who need a quick orientation. The set is written with a strong and coherent point of view about the value of occupational and environmental medicine and commitment to ethical, worker-centered practice. It is unusual in the depth of its coverage; its inclusion of important topics that are usually overlooked in textbooks of the field, such as risk science; its emphasis on good management of occupational health services; and its thorough integration of material that fits topics together rather than presenting them as if they were separate and unrelated. Covers all topics in the OEM board Specialty Examination Includes an appendix with sample questions from the Specialty Examination Is written by an internationally-recognized expert Lists essential resources for OEM physicians in an appendix