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Obata s Yosemite

Author : Chiura Obata
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This volume includes 80 full-color reproductions of Obata's pencil sketches, watercolor paintings, and day-by-day narratives woven through his correspondences.

California Dreaming

Author : Christine Bacareza Balance
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California Dreaming is a multi-genre collection featuring works by Asian American artists based in California. Exploring the places of “Asian America” through the migration and circulation of the arts, this volume highlights creative processes and the flow of objects to understand the rendering of California’s imaginary. Here, “California” is interpreted as both a specific locale and an identity marker that moves, linking the state’s cultural imaginary, labor, and economy with Asia Pacific, the Americas, and the world. Together, the works in this collection shift previous models and studies of the “Golden State” as the embodiment of “frontier mentality” and the discourse of exceptionality to a translocal, regional, and archipelagic understanding of place and cultural production. The poems, visual essays, short stories, critical essays, interviews, artist statements, and performance text excerpts featured in this collection expand notions of where knowledge is produced, directing our attention to the particularity of California’s landscape and labor in the production of arts and culture. An interdisciplinary collection, California Dreaming foregrounds “sensing” and “imagining” place, vividly, as it hopes to inspire further creative responses to the notion of emplacement. In doing so, California Dreaming explores the possibilities imagined by and through Asian American arts and culture today, paving the way for what is yet to be.

Nature Art with Chiura Obata

Author : Michael Elsohn Ross
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Describes the life and work of nature artist and Japanese American Chiura Obata. Includes tips on how readers can make their own nature art.

Day Hiking Yosemite National Park

Author : Scott Turner
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With soaring alpine summits, sparkling lakes, and glaciated wonderlands, Yosemite National Park has so much to offer, and this newest addition to our bestselling Day Hiking series is your guide to the best of the park’s wonders. It includes 90 detailed route descriptions plus an appendix with bonus capsule descriptions for 11 additional day hikes and 4 backpacking trips. Areas covered include Wawona, Glacier Point Road, Yosemite Valley, Crane Flat, Hetch Hetchy, Tenaya Lake, Tuolumne Meadows, Tioga Pass, Mono Basin, and more. One percent of sales benefit Yosemite Conservancy. Day Hiking: Yosemite National Park also features: At-a-glance chart to help readers choose the day’s adventure Quick-reference icons for kid- and dog-friendly routes, wildflowers, historical significance, and more Sidebars on conservation, park history, and more Clear and detailed topographic maps Subjective star ratings on overall trail experiences Gorgeous, full-color photographs throughout **Mountaineers Books designates 1 percent of the sales of select guidebooks in our Day Hiking series toward trail maintenance and conservation. For this book, our 1 percent of sales is going to Yosemite Conservancy.

A Sense of Place

Author :
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A Sense of Place

Author : Yosemite National Park (Agency : U.S.)
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[This book passes] on at least the basics of the special and unique considerations that undergird excellence of design in Yosemite -- from foreword.

A Sense of the Whole

Author : Mark Gonnerman
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In 1997, Mark Gonnerman organized a yearlong research workshop on Gary Snyder's Mountains and Rivers Without End at the Stanford Humanities Center. Members of what came to be known among faculty, students, and diverse community members as the Mountains & Rivers Workshop met regularly to read and discuss Snyder's epic poem. Here the poem served as a commons that turned the multiversity into a university once again, if only for a moment. The Workshop invited writers, teachers and scholars from Northern California and Japan to speak on various aspects of Snyder's great accomplishment. This book captures the excitement of these gatherings and invites readers to enter the poem through essays and talks by David Abram, Wendell Berry, Carl Bielefeldt, Tim Dean, Jim Dodge, Robert Hass, Stephanie Kaza, Julia Martin, Michael McClure, Nanao Sakaki, and Katsunori Yamazato. It includes an interview with Gary Snyder, appendices, and other resources for further study. Snyder once introduced a reading of this work with reference to whitewater rapids, saying most of his writing is like a Class III run where you will do just fine on your own, but that Mountains and Rivers is more like Class V: if you're going to make it to take–out, you need a guide. As a collection of commentaries and background readings, this companion volume enhances each reader's ability to find their way into and through an adventurous and engaging work of art.

Genesis Structure and Meaning in Gary Snyder s Mountains and Rivers Without End

Author : Anthony Hunt
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When Gary Snyder’s long poem Mountains and Rivers Without End was published in 1996, it was hailed as a masterpiece of American poetry. Anthony Hunt offers a detailed historical and explicative analysis of this complex work using, among his many sources, Snyder’s personal papers, letters, and interviews. Hunt traces the work’s origins, as well as some of the sources of its themes and structure, including Nō drama; East Asian landscape painting; the rhythms of storytelling, chant, and song; Jungian archetypal psychology; world mythology; Buddhist philosophy and ritual; Native American traditions; and planetary geology, hydrology, and ecology. His analysis addresses the poem not merely by its content, but through the structure of individual lines and the arrangement of the parts, examining the personal and cultural influences on Snyder’s work. Hunt’s benchmark study will be rewarding reading for anyone who enjoys the contemplation of Snyder’s artistry and ideas and, more generally, for those who are intrigued by the cultural and intellectual workings of artistic composition.

Watercolor Sketching for Travelers

Author :
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Nikkei Baseball

Author : Samuel Octavio Regalado
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Nikkei Baseball examines baseball's evolving importance to the Japanese American community and the construction of Japanese American identity. Originally introduced in Japan in the late 1800s, baseball was played in the United States by Japanese immigrants first in Hawaii, then San Francisco and northern California, then in amateur leagues up and down the Pacific Coast. For Japanese American players, baseball was seen as a sport that encouraged healthy competition by imposing rules and standards of ethical behaviour for both players and fans. The value of baseball as exercise and amusement quickly expanded into something even more important, a means for strengthening social ties within Japanese American communities and for linking their aspirations to America's pastimes and America's promise. Drawing from archival research, prior scholarship, and personal interviews, Samuel O. Regalado explores key historical factors such as Meji-era modernization policies in Japan, American anti- Asian sentiments, internment during World War II, the post-war transition, economic and educational opportunities in the 1960s, the developing concept of a distinct "Asian American" identity, and Japanese Americans' rise to the major leagues with star players including Lenn Sakata and Kurt Suzuki and even managers such as the Seattle Mariners' Don Wakamatsu. Samuel O. Regalado is a professor of history at California State University, Stanislaus, and the author of Viva Baseball! Latin Major Leaguers and Their Special Hunger.