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Oak Furniture

Author : Victor Chinnery
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Victor Chinnery's scholarly work covers the history and development of furniture in oak and kindred timbers in the British Isles and New England, from the Middle Ages through to 1800. The subject is broken down into a logical sequence of aspects and each

Oak Furniture the British Tradition

Author : Victor Chinnery
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Reader s Guide to British History

Author : David Loades
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The Reader's Guide to British History is the essential source to secondary material on British history. This resource contains over 1,000 A-Z entries on the history of Britain, from ancient and Roman Britain to the present day. Each entry lists 6-12 of the best-known books on the subject, then discusses those works in an essay of 800 to 1,000 words prepared by an expert in the field. The essays provide advice on the range and depth of coverage as well as the emphasis and point of view espoused in each publication.

Oak The Frame of Civilization

Author : William Bryant Logan
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The ultimate distance race is within your reach—a completely updated edition of the now-classic work. Professional arborist and award-winning nature writer William Bryant Logan deftly relates the delightful history of the reciprocal relationship between humans and oak trees since time immemorial—a profound link that has almost been forgotten. From the ink of Bach’s cantatas, to the first boat to reach the New World, to the wagon, the barrel, and the sword, oak trees have been a constant presence throughout our history. In fact, civilization prospered where oaks grew, and for centuries these supremely adaptable, generous trees have supported humankind in nearly every facet of life. “With an unabashed enthusiasm for his subject” (Carol Haggas, Booklist) Logan combines science, philosophy, spirituality, and history with a contagious curiosity about why the natural world works the way it does. At once humorous and reverent, “this splendid acknowledgment of a natural marvel” (Publishing News) reintroduces the oak tree so that we might see its vibrant presence throughout our history and our modern world.

American Furniture the British Tradition to 1830

Author : John T. Kirk
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Traditional Buildings in the Oxford Region

Author : John Steane
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The pivotal position of the Oxford region in the geological and therefore building history of England is of fundamental importance to the study of traditional construction. Oxford occupies a central position on the ancient route between Northampton and Southampton and on the east - west road between London, The West Country, Wales and Ireland. For this reason, unusually for vernacular architecture, the buildings of the region were subject to a wide range of influences. This book, the fruit of twenty years research, provides an account of vernacular architecture in the Oxford region from Anglo-Saxon times to the 19th century. It begins with a discussion of methods and procedures followed by a description of building materials, stone, brick, slate and thatch. This serves as an introduction to the heart of the book, eleven chapters dealing with surveys of cruck buildings, manorial and moated sites, town houses with particular emphasis on Abingdon, and houses in the countryside from farmhouses to cottages. There are then chapters on fire hazards, public houses and public buildings. Several appendices are devoted to wall paintings, ferramenta, apotropaic marks, carpentry details, secrets under the floorboards, fireplaces, staircases and windows. The book is richly and profusely illustrated with over 500 illustrations, photographs, maps, and a particular strength, a large number of drawings of architectural details and sketch perspectives.

Early American Decorative Arts 1620 1860

Author : Rosemary Troy Krill
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Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library is renowned for its decorative arts collection. An indispensable guide for curators, educators, interpreters, and students of decorative arts, this revised and enhanced edition includes a color CD of the impressive black and white photographs of the Winterthur collections that illustrate the book.

19th Century European Furniture excluding British

Author : Christopher Payne
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The sheer complexity of the subject of European furniture, ranging through an enormous variety of

Early British Chairs and Seats

Author : Tobias Jellinek
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With a wealth of colour photographs taken specially for this volume, this book clarifies the nature and variety of chairs and seating in Britain from 1500 to 1700. Unusually, all the illustrations are accompanied by the dimensions of the pieces, and attention is drawn to restorations or missing parts or replacements, as well as to rare, fine or particularly interesting features. The author, Tobias Jellinek, handled and examined every piece illustrated. Early British Chairs and Seats will help the new or wary enthusiast get to grips with some of the difficulties in authenticating old furniture, and by example and explanation will demonstrate what serious buyers should be looking for. It also displays the superb quality and fascinating range of the finest furniture of this period. AUTHOR: Tobias Jellinek opened his first shop in 1966, specialising in early oak furniture. He has been a private consultant and dealer for several serious collectors and enthusiasts, and was the oak consultant for Sotheby's Auction House. 500 colour illustrations

English Country Furniture

Author : David Knell
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An English period furniture reference, focusing on humbler pieces from more ordinary homes over the centuries. It examines such areas as regional variations, dating assessment, construction techniques, stylistic influence and context. 108 colour & 625 b/w illustrations

American Furniture

Author : Luke Beckerdite
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Furniture History

Author :
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The Magazine Antiques

Author :
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Decorative Arts and Household Furnishings in America 1650 1920

Author : Kenneth L. Ames
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This bibliography of the study of household furnishings used in the United States from the seventeenth century to the early twentieth century contains twenty-one sections. Each section begins with an essay that outlines the development of scholarship in the files and points toward new directions for research with annotated entries on the most significant works. Three chapters present the basic reference tools and surveys of art and architecture. These are followed by chapters devoted to such topics as furniture; metals, including silver and gold, pewter, and Britannia metal; ceramics and glass; textiles; timepieces; household activities and systems; and craftsmen and the Arts and Crafts Movement in America. Includes an author/title index.

The Bay and the River

Author : Peter Benes
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Ceremonial and commemorative chairs in Great Britain

Author : Clare Graham
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Warman s Antiques and Collectibles Price Guide

Author : Ellen T. Schroy
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From native-American artifacts, Depression glass, and toys to lamps and lighting and paper ephemera, this authoritative "bible" is an essential field guide to more than 500 categories of collectibles. The 2001 edition features a new category of American paintings along with special emphasis on English and Continental furniture. 600 photos. (Antiques/Collectibles)

The International Collection of Interior Design

Author :
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The Rous Lench Collection

Author : Sotheby's (Firm)
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National Art Collections Fund Review

Author : National Art-Collections Fund (Great Britain)
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