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Number to Sound

Author : P. Gozza
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Number 10 Sound: The Musical Way 10 the Scientific Revolution is a collection of twelve essays by writers from the fields of musicology and the history of science. The essays show the idea of music held by Euro th pean intellectuals who lived from the second half of the 15 century to the th early 17 : physicians (e. g. Marsilio Ficino), scholars of musical theory (e. g. Gioseffo Zarlino, Vincenzo Galilei), natural philosophers (e. g. Fran cis Bacon, Isaac Beeckman, Marin Mersenne), astronomers and mathema ticians (e. g. Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei ). Together with other people of the time, whom the Reader will meet in the course of the book, these intellectuals share an idea of music that is far removed from the way it is commonly conceived nowadays: it is the idea of music as a science whose object-musical sound--can be quantified and demonstrated, or enquired into experimentally with the methods and instruments of modem scientific enquiry. In this conception, music to be heard is a complex, variable structure based on few simple elements--e. g. musical intervals-, com bined according to rules and criteria which vary along with the different ages. However, the varieties of music created by men would not exist if they were not based on certain musical models--e. g. the consonances-, which exist in the mind of God or are hidden in the womb of Nature, which man discovers and demonstrates, and finally translates into the lan guage of sounds.

The Mysteries of Sound and Number

Author : Sheikh H. Ahmad
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1925 Contents: Introduction; Numerical Value of Sounds; Numerical Value of Sounds Alphabetically Arranged; Planetary Periods; Planetary Hour Table; the Law Illustrated by the Records of Horse Racing; Practical Demonstrations Showing the Working of.

Sound and Number

Author : Mabel L. Ahmad
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Contents: Observations & Illustrations, Interesting Numerical Harmonies, Illustrations of the Numbers "Nine" and "Eight", Solar Architectural Design in Nature, Some Biblical Interpretations, Planetary Letters & Numbers, Kings and Dynasties of England, H.

The Wisdom of Sound and Number

Author : Leeya Thompson
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For thousands of years, the science of numerology has provided guidance, inspiration, and help with life's questions. Rooted in the ancient spiritual traditions of the Middle East, The Wisdom of Sound and Number accurately reveals your life patterns, giving you a window into your own soul. Armed with new knowledge about your life purpose, you will be able to make better choices about your future. A valuable spiritual tool, this book can open up your life in new ways. Whether seeking spiritual wisdom, breaking through creative blocks, resolving relationship questions, or braving life's many issues, The Wisdom of Sound and Number makes the challenge easier. "Leeya Thompson is a scholar and a visionary, bringing impeccable research and fierce intellectual discipline to her work. She follows the trail of the ancient art of gematria back to its earliest roots in Middle Eastern culture and creates a remarkable tool for understanding and change." William Moore, Educator and Reader of the Tree of Life and Tarot I recently had the privilege of experiencing a sound and numerology reading from Leeya Thompson. I was grateful, not only for her insight, but for her ability to express what was revealed in "my numbers and name sounds" in ways that were both accessible and deeply meaningful. Leeya uses a delightful economy of words, communicating the essences that combine to create my unique portrait. I found the progression of themes for each life phase especially helpful. It is rare to have a reading that takes in the sweep of a life while giving precise indications as well. I came away with a sense of focused hope fueling personal momentum- a rare commodity in today's circumstances. And a testament to Leeya's skill and wisdom. Anne Oliver, Counselor of Mediation

Vibration Or Sound Induced Voice

Author : Graham S. McArthur
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An Anthology of Articles on Spatial Sound Techniques Multichannel audio technologies

Author : Durand R. Begault
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The Journal of the Acoustical Society of Japan E

Author :
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Contains English abstracts of original papers and letters to the editor that appear in the Japanese edition.

Wells s Natural Philosophy

Author : David Ames Wells
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Elements of Human Physiology

Author : Henry Power
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Language Development and Language Impairment

Author : Paul Fletcher
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Language Development and Language Impairment offers a problem-based introduction to the assessment and treatment of a wide variety of childhood language developmental disorders. Focuses for the most part on the pre-school years, the period during which the foundations for language development are laid Uses a problem-based approach, designed to motivate students to find the information they need to identify and explore learning issues that a particular speech or language issue raises Examines the development of a child’s phonological system, the growth of vocabulary, the development of grammar, and issues related to conversational and narrative competence Integrates information on typical and atypical language development