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California Warbird Survivors 2002

Author : Harold A. Skaarup
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During the twentieth century, civil and military aviation has played a prominent role in the history and development of California. Commercial operators have exploited the advantages offered by aircraft to overcome its unique challenges of geography and climate. By virtue of California’s comparative size and strategic importance on the West Coast of the continental USA, a wide variety of military aircraft have been based there through the years.The list of military aircraft types that made up the tapestry of California aviation is as extensive as the list of legendary figures who have contributed to its amazing history. While most of the military aircraft types no longer grace the airspace over California, many can be viewed in their former splendor as they stand as gate guards or museum exhibits. This booklet provides a comprehensive guide to where these restored aircraft can be found. Complementing the details concerning aircraft specifications and roles, the author has included many facts. Finally, the descriptions of the recovery, restoration and preservation efforts stand as a tribute to the many volunteers who have devoted time, energy and financial support to ensure this rich heritage is preserved.

Aircraft Recognition Manual

Author : United States. Navy Department. Bureau of Aeronautics
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Aircraft Recognition Manual

Author : United States Naval Weapons Bureau
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Aircraft Recognition Manual

Author : United States. Bureau of Naval Weapons
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Florida Warbird Survivors 2002

Author : Harold Skaarup
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The purpose of this handbook is to provide aviation enthusiasts with a simple checklist on where to find the surviving retired military aircraft that are preserved in the state of Florida. The museum staffs and volunteer organizations in Florida have done a particularly good job of preserving the great variety of American combat veteran aircraft, illustrated here. Hopefully, as more aircraft are recovered from their crash sites in the bush and restored, traded or brought back from private owners, that they too will be added to the record. The book lists the aircraft alphabetically by manufacturer, number and type. This list is also appended with a brief summary of the aircraft presently on display within the state and a bit of its history in the US military.

North American FJ 3 Fury Pilot s Flight Operating Instructions

Author : United States Navy
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On March 10, 1948, an FJ-1 Fury fighter landed aboard the carrier Boxer. The U.S. Navy had officially entered the jet age. Built by North American, the Fury shared a prototype with the Air Force¿s F-86 Sabre. When the FJ-1¿s straight wing design proved less than satisfactory, North American provided the Navy with enhanced F-86Es. Designated the FJ-2, the plane flew primarily with the U.S. Marine Corps. An enhanced version, the FJ-3, debuted in 1953 and was deployed in late 1954. The plane served in a variety of duties, including as control aircraft for the Navy¿s Regulus nuclear cruise missile. The Fury remained with the fleet into the early 1960¿s. Over 1,100 were produced. This pilot¿s flight operating handbook was originally produced by the U.S. Navy. It has been slightly reformatted but is reproduced here in its entirety.

Oregon Warbird Survivors 2003

Author : Harold A. Skaarup
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Some of the finest military warbirds in American aviation history are still flying in the West Coast State of Oregon. Many of them are on display in a number of excellent air museums, or they have been mounted on pylons to stand as memorials to the many military aviators who called Oregon home. This handbook is designed to provide aviation enthusiasts with a simple locating guide on where to find a good number of these incredible flying machines within the state. Many of the aircraft can be found in the Tillamook Naval Air Station Museum; the Evergreen Aviation Museum at McMinnville; in the Oregon Air & Space Museum at Eugene; with the Oregon Military Museum at Clackmas; or in the hands of private owners and collectors. The handbook provides photographs of many of the aircraft preserved in Oregon, along with a brief description and history of its service within the US armed forces. The aircraft are listed alphabetically by manufacturer, number and aircraft type. Famous aircraft found on display in Oregon include the gigantic Hughes HK-1 Flying Boat (also known as the Spruce Goose), and a number of very rare warbirds not found in many other museums.

North American Fj 3 3m Fury

Author : Steve Ginter
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The North American FJ-2/-3 Fury were a series of swept-wing carrier-capable fighters for the United States Navy and Marine Corps. Based on the United States Air Force's F-86 Sabre, these aircraft featured folding wings, and a longer nose landing strut designed to both increase angle of attack upon launch and to absorb the shock of hard landings on an aircraft carrier deck. Although sharing a U.S. Navy designation with its distant predecessor, the straight-winged FJ-1 Fury, the FJ-2/-3 were wholly different aircraft. The FJ-4 Fury was a complete structural redesign of the FJ-3.

The North American Sabre

Author : Ray Wagner
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Beskriver det amerikanske jagerfly F-86 Sabre i dets forskellige versioner

Jane s All the World s Aircraft

Author : Frederick Thomas Jane
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North American FJ 1 Fury

Author : Steve Ginter
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First published in 1983, the FJ-1 Fury book covers North America's first jet fighter and forerunner to the Air Force F-86 and Navy FJ-2/FJ-3 Furys. It was a pudgy straight-winged aircraft that would prove the feasibility of jet fighters aboard aircraft carriers when VF-5A/VF-51 operated the aircraft aboard the USS Boxer and USS Princeton. It was also operated by the reserves from Dallas, Los Alamitos, Oakland and Olathe. The book has 62 b&w photos with 4 illustrations and a first-hand account of flying with VF-51.

Testing for Combat

Author : Eric Brown
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Forfatteren skildrer sin tid som testpilot og de mange flytyper, han fløj i perioden 1938 til 1950.

United States Navy and Marine Corps Fighters 1918 1962

Author : Paul R. Matt
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Warbirds of the Sea

Author : Walter A. Musciano
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Covers the history and combat career of aircraft carriers and shipboard aircraft from their conception into the future.

United States Navy Aircraft Since 1911

Author : Gordon Swanborough
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'United States Navy Aircraft since 1911' has been completely revised and updated and, like the earlier editions, will become the standard reference work covering all the aircraft of the US Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard.

Jet Aircraft Simplified

Author : Charles Edward Chapel
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Aircraft Engines of the World

Author : Paul Howard Wilkinson
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U S and Canadian Military Aircraft Recognition

Author : John William Ransom Taylor
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North American F 86 Sabre

Author : Duncan Curtis
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Discusses airframe design, history and development, structure, operational requirements, and service life of the American military jets that ruled the skies in the years after the Second World War.

Aeroplane and Commercial Aviation News

Author :
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