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Niche Diplomacy

Author : Andrew F. Cooper
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An examination of the nature of middle power diplomacy in the post-Cold War era. As the rigid hierarchy of the bipolar era wanes, the potential ability of middle powers to open segmented niches opens up. This volume indicates the form and scope of this niche-building diplomatic activity from a bottom up perspective to provide an alternative to the dominant apex-dominated image in international relations.

The Niche Diplomacy of Asian Middle Powers

Author : Brendan M. Howe
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This volume highlights unique contributions of Asian middle powers to promoting of peace, development, human security, and democracy in Southeast Asia. Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan have pursued variations on the normative theme of "new Southern policies," while Thailand is a major subregional actor.

Constructivist Niche Diplomacy

Author : Nicolas Fromm
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Nicolas Fromm explores norm-based strategies small states can use to distinguish themselves internationally in order to compensate for their lesser geopolitical weight. Using the example of Qatar, the author shows that such strategies might include a sort of norm entrepreneurship which goes beyond the advocacy of universal norms and implies the development of genuinely new norms (‘norm crafting’) in pursuit of regional political influence. To shed light on the stunning rise of Qatar from a background actor to a protagonist in international diplomacy, the case study analyses the distinctive use of norm crafting in the country’s Middle East diplomacy under the reign of Emir Hamad (1995-2013). To unfold the potential of strategic normative innovation, Qatar seems to have imitated the attitudes and attributes of established norm entrepreneurs such as international organizations.

Ethics and Security in Canadian Foreign Policy

Author : Rosalind Irwin
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This collection brings together a wide range of authoritative,informed perspectives on issues of ethics and security facing Canadiansin the turbulent global environment of the twenty-first century. Thesereflections, by some of the leading scholars in the field, link theabstract analytical and philosophical questions of "ethics"to the critical and challenging questions of decision-making practicein Canadian foreign policy. Contributors to this volume deal with both the abstract notions ofvalue, culture, norms, and ethics, and the concrete questions ofpolicy, law, and enforcement. They assess the challenges and theopportunities presented by new concepts, such as human security, mutualvulnerability, soft power, global cultural scripts, "goodgovernance," and niche diplomacy, for foreign policy decisionmaking. The addition of suggested seminar questions, a list of furtherreadings, and a sample course outline add to the usefulness of thistext in a practical classroom setting.

Rwanda Since 1994

Author : Hannah Grayson
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Over the past 25 years, Rwanda has undergone remarkable shifts and transitions: culturally, economically, and educationally the country has gone from strength to strength. While much scholarship has understandably been retrospective, seeking to understand, document and commemorate the Genocide against the Tutsi, this volume gathers diverse perspectives on the changing social and cultural fabric of Rwanda since 1994. Rwanda Since 1994 considers the context of these changes, particularly in relation to the ongoing importance of remembering and in wider developments in the Great Lakes and East Africa regions. Equally it explores what stories of change are emerging from Rwanda: creative writing and testimonies, as well as national, regional, and international political narratives. The contributors interrogate which frameworks and narratives might be most useful for understanding different kinds of change, what new directions are emerging, and how Rwanda's trajectory is shaped by other global factors. The international set of contributors includes creative writers, practitioners, activists, and scholars from African studies, history, anthropology, education, international relations, modern languages, law and politics. As well as delving into the shifting dynamics of religion and gender in Rwanda today, the book brings to light the experiences of lesser-discussed groups of people such as the Twa and the children of perpetrators.

Diplomacy and Developing Nations

Author : Maurice A. East
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This volume explores the foreign policy environment facing developing nations and their particular foreign policy-making structures and processes. By defining foreign policy broadly to incorporate the activities of a range of state actors and non-state actors, the book broadens the range of analytical frameworks for studying foreign policy-making in developing nations. Thus, the actions of small groups of elites, international institutions and transnational networks are seen to be part of foreign policy-making, as well as the traditional operations of foreign ministries. The volume is comprised of an extensive introduction, four thematic chapters, six country studies and a conclusion that ties together common themes. These serve as a useful contribution to the analysis of foreign policy-making in developing nations, a neglected area in the comparative study of foreign policy.

South Africa s Multilateral Diplomacy and Global Change

Author : Philip Nel
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Post-apartheid South Africa's foreign policy has accepted a range of leadership responsibilities within multilateral institutions. This text assesses how, in these various leadership capacities, South Africa has been able to punch above its weight diplomatically. Pretoria's intervention or support for a particular position has sometimes been crucial in breaking a deadlock or securing the co-operation of others. South Africa has also used its profile to act as a voice for the vunerable, smaller states in world affairs. Based on their assessment of globalization as a process that holds some benefits, but also many dangers, for developing countries, both the Mandela and Mbeki persidencies have used multilateral forums to push for a greater say by developing countries in global governance. This position seems to indicate a reformist tendency in South African foreign policy. This book examines whether Pretoria's multilateral diplomacy contributes to global transformation, or whether South Africa's policies help maintain a fundamentally flawed global order.


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Canada s Global Engagements and Relations with India

Author : Abdul Nafey
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Papers presented at the International Conference on Canada's Global Engagements, held at New Delhi in May 2002.

Handbook of Canadian Foreign Policy

Author : Patrick James
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Handbook of Canadian Foreign Policy is the most comprehensive book of its kind, offering an updated examination of Canada's international role some 15 years after the dismantling of the Berlin Wall ushered in a new era in world politics. Highlighting both well-known and understudied topics, this handbook presents a marriage of the familiar and the underappreciated that enables readers to grasp much of the complexity of current Canadian foreign policy and appreciate the challenges policymakers must meet in the early 21st century.

The Impact of Regional Integration on the Foreign Policy Options of Small and Middle Power States

Author : Aimee T. Kanner
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Asia s Emerging Regional Order

Author : William T. Tow
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The concept of 'human security' has captured the attention of both national policy-makers and independent analysts throughout Asia. Its most compelling feature is an emphasis on the social, economic and political well being of individuals, linking international security to the community and to the individual rather than restricting it to the purview of the state. The concept is especially relevant to an Asia-Pacific region which is experiencing immense structural changes. Immense human security problems threaten to overwhelm Asian states' capacities to resolve them: falling real incomes and rising poverty levels; destabilizing migration flows; food shortages and malnutrition; declining public health and education and intensifying crime rates. These problems cannot be solved by deploying military forces or relying on international diplomats to fashion traditional power balances along state-centric lines. They must instead be resolved through cooperative interaction among intellectual communities, government leaders, grass roots organizations and the general public. Most fundamentally, governments must initiate and sustain more direct ties with those over whom they presume to serve. This volume offers several proposals for integrating traditional and human security approaches, including supplementing the ASEAN Regional Forum with a more 'Asia-centric' security dialogue structure, developing groups of experts or 'epistemic communities' that could more readily influence policy-making elites in the region, and linking grass-root environmental groups, anti-nuclear groups and others to first and second track fora invested with identifying new regional security approaches.

Paths to Power

Author : Andrew Hurrell
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sterreich Schweden Finnland

Author : Paul Luif
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Seit 1. Mai 2004 umfasst die Europäische Union (EU) 25 Mitglieder. Sie dehnt sich nun geographisch auch nach Mittel- und Osteuropa aus. Dieser größten Erweiterung ist vor einem Jahrzehnt der Beitritt von drei Staaten vorangegangen. Damals wurden Österreich, Schweden und Finnland Mitglieder der EU und damit waren, von wenigen Ausnahmen abgesehen, alle Länder des westlichen Europas in der EU. Das vorliegende Buch will nun die Erfahrungen der EU-Erweiterung vom 1. Januar 1995 in wichtigen Bereichen darstellen und konzentriert sich in seinen Analysen der Effekte und Wirkungen des Beitritts auf die neuen Mitgliedstaaten, vernachlässigt aber nicht, auch auf die Effekte der Mitgliedschaft von Österreich, Schweden und Finnland auf die EU hinzuweisen.

Diplomatic Missions

Author : Queen's University (Kingston, Ont.). School of Policy Studies
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Heads of mission represent Canada to the world. They are also exemplars of the latest trends in public management. Diplomatic Missions places the role of Canada's ambassadors in the context of a changing foreign ministry, a changing state, a new world order, and rapidly evolving technologies of transportation and communications.

International Journal

Author :
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Journal of Borderlands Studies

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New NATO New Century

Author : Queen's University (Kingston, Ont.). Centre for International Relations
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In Full Flight

Author : Walter Carlsnaes
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Foreign policy is widely regarded as one of the post-apartheid government's major areas of achievement, yet remains one of the most challenging. In this volume, leading scholars provide critical assessments of the conduct of South African foreign policy since 1994 against the background of six principles articulated by Nelson Mandela in a celebrated article published in the journal Foreign Affairs in 1993. While South African foreign policy has become wide-ranging and complex, these reflective contributions demonstrate a remarkable adherence to these principles. Aimed at stimulating thinking among policy-makers, analysts, and students, this volume will rank as one of the most authoritative analyses, and one of the most complete intellectual records, of South Africa's foreign policy during the crucial first decade following its transition to democracy.

The Regionalization of the World Economy and Consequenzes sic for Southern Africa

Author : Heribert Dieter
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