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Newspaper Confessions

Author : Julie Golia
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What can century-old advice columns tell us about the Internet today? This book reveals the little-known history of advice columns in American newspapers and the virtual communities they created among their readers. Imagine a community of people who had never met writing into a media outlet, day after day, to reveal intimate details about their lives, anxieties, and hopes. The original "virtual communities" were born not on the Internet in chat rooms but a century earlier in one of America's most ubiquitous news features: the advice column. Newspaper Confessions is the first history of the newspaper advice column, a genre that has shaped Americans' relationships with media, their experiences with popular therapy, and their virtual interactions across generations. Emerging in the 1890s, advice columns became unprecedented virtual forums where readers could debate the most resonant cultural crises of the day with strangers in an anonymous, yet strikingly public, forum. Early advice columns are essential--and overlooked--precursors to today's digital culture: forums, social media groups, chat rooms, and other online communities that define how present-day American communicate with each other. By charting the economic and cultural motivations behind the rise of this influential genre, Julie Golia offers a nuanced analysis of the advice given by a diverse sample of columns across several decades, emphasizing the ways that advice columnists framed their counsel as modern, yet upheld the racial and gendered status quo of the day. She offers lively, surprising, and poignant case studies, demonstrating how columnists and everyday newspaper readers transformed advice columns into active and participatory virtual communities of confession, advice, debate, and empathy.

Confessional Subjects

Author : Susan David Bernstein
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Susan Bernstein examines the gendered power relationships embedded in confessional literature of the Victorian period. Exploring this dynamic in Charlotte Bronta's Villette, Mary Elizabeth Braddon's Lady Audley's Secret, George Eliot's Daniel Deronda, and Thomas Hardy's Tess of the d'Urbervilles, she argues that although women's disclosures to male confessors repeatedly depict wrongdoing committed against them, they themselves are viewed as the transgressors. Bernstein emphasizes the secularization of confession, but she also places these narratives within the context of the anti-Catholic tract literature of the time. Based on cultural criticism, poststructuralism, and feminist theory, Bernstein's analysis constitutes a reassessment of Freud's and Foucault's theories of confession. In addition, her study of the anti-Catholic propaganda of the mid-nineteenth century and its portrayal of confession provides historical background to the meaning of domestic confessions in the literature of the second half of the century. Originally published in 1997. A UNC Press Enduring Edition -- UNC Press Enduring Editions use the latest in digital technology to make available again books from our distinguished backlist that were previously out of print. These editions are published unaltered from the original, and are presented in affordable paperback formats, bringing readers both historical and cultural value.

Tortured Confessions

Author : Ervand Abrahamian
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3 The Islamic Republic

Confessions of a Change Maverick

Author : Scott N. Davis
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ABA Journal

Author :
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The ABA Journal serves the legal profession. Qualified recipients are lawyers and judges, law students, law librarians and associate members of the American Bar Association.

Confessions on a Teenage Newspaper Salesman a Memoir

Author : Donna Talarico
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Author : M.G. Heise
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Confessions explores a woman’s pursuit of the truth about her broken and dysfunctional family. Very early in her childhood, Debbie had discovered that her life was being controlled by some old and very dark secrets. Then one day her father calls and summons her to come back to Missouri to discuss “some family business.” She arrives to find he is in a hospice, dying, and he wants to make a deathbed confession. Upon hearing her father’s story, Debbie believes her father’s actions were justifiable. Then she learns he confessed it once before—to her mother forty years ago. What was in that confession that destroyed her mother? Every time her father visited Debbie, her mother would go into hysterics, sometimes for weeks. Her mother and father had kept secret the story of their romance and his confession from Debbie for decades. Now she had her father’s story. Would her mother be able to tell her side of the story? Confessions as a novel addresses the relationship between a sin, a confession, and forgiveness. Which is worse, the original sin if kept a secret or the confession of the sin to the recipient? We are taught to confess, to seek forgiveness from the person we have sinned against. But is that always the right choice? What if the confession does not generate the forgiveness we desire? What if the confession destroys that person, ruins their life and the lives of others? What if the confession was given for that purpose, not seeking forgiveness but seeking revenge? Confessions have consequences that can’t always be controlled.

Oscar Wilde His Life and Confessions Volume I

Author : Frank Harris
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First published in 1916, this volume contains the first volume of Frank Harris's biography “Oscar Wilde - His Life and Confessions”. An acquaintance of Wilde's, Harris attempts in this biography to do justice to his old friend whom he had helped throughout the controversy and his trial, twenty years previous. Contents include: “Oscar's Father And Mother On Trial”, “Oscar Wilde As A Schoolboy”, “Trinity, Dublin: Magdalen, Oxford”, “Formative Influences: Oscar's Poems”, “Oscar's Quarrel With Whistler”, “And Marriage”, “Oscar Wilde's Faith And Practice”, “Oscar's Reputation And Supporters”, “Oscar's Growth To Originality About 1890”, etc. Frank Harris (1855–1931) was an Irish-American novelist, editor, journalist, publisher, and short story writer who had acquaintances with many famous people of his day. Other notable works by this author include: “The Man Shakespeare and his Tragic Life Story” (1909), “The Yellow Ticket And Other Stories” (1914), and “Contemporary Portraits” (1915–1923).

Newspaper Reporting of Public Affairs

Author : Chilton Rowlette Bush
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Southern Reporter

Author :
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Includes the decisions of the Supreme Courts of Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi, the Appellate Courts of Alabama and, Sept. 1928/Jan. 1929-Jan./Mar. 1941, the Courts of Appeal of Louisiana.

The Southern Reporter

Author :
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Police Interrogation and Confessions

Author : Yale Kamisar
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True Stories of False Confessions

Author : Rob Warden
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Collects thirty-eight articles describing how innocent men and women have been coerced into confessing to crimes they did not commit, revealing the questionable methods police officers use to get confessions from suspects.

Front Page Girls

Author : Jean Marie Lutes
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The first study of the role of the newspaperwoman in American literary culture at the turn of the twentieth century, this book recaptures the imaginative exchange between real-life reporters like Nellie Bly and Ida B. Wells and fictional characters like Henrietta Stackpole, the lady-correspondent in Henry James's Portrait of a Lady. It chronicles the exploits of a neglected group of American women writers and uncovers an alternative reporter-novelist tradition that runs counter to the more familiar story of gritty realism generated in male-dominated newsrooms. Taking up actual newspaper accounts written by women, fictional portrayals of female journalists, and the work of reporters-turned-novelists such as Willa Cather and Djuna Barnes, Jean Marie Lutes finds in women's journalism a rich and complex source for modern American fiction. Female journalists, cast as both standard-bearers and scapegoats of an emergent mass culture, created fictions of themselves that far outlasted the fleeting news value of the stories they covered. Front-Page Girls revives the spectacular stories of now-forgotten newspaperwomen who were not afraid of becoming the news themselves—the defiant few who wrote for the city desks of mainstream newspapers and resisted the growing demand to fill women's columns with fashion news and household hints. It also examines, for the first time, how women's journalism shaped the path from news to novels for women writers.

A Victory Turned Sour

Author : Aziz A. Hamad
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Doing the Business The Final Confession of the Senior Kray Brother

Author : Charles Kray
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The final confessions of the senior Kray brother. Only one man knew everything about Ronnie and Reggie Kray and that was their brother Charlie. Until now nobody has ever revealed the truth about the Firm.• Gossip and rumor have been rife, fact has blended into fiction and the unwritten law of the street meant that the real story was buried. But before his death, the eldest Kray brother, Charlie, decided to set the record straight once and for all. Revealing everything to Colin Fry, his co-author, he finally told his incredible story. By the man who knew them best, this is the ultimate history of the twins who ruled the East End with their peculiar blend of seductive glamour and terrifying violence.

United States Congressional Serial Set

Author :
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Libel Construed for Texas Newspapermen

Author : Texas Associated Press. Managing Editors Association
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Hemispheric Regionalism

Author : Gretchen J. Woertendyke
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In this broad ranging study, Gretchen Woertendyke reconfigures US literary history as a product of hemispheric relations. Hemispheric Regionalism: Romance and the Geography of Genre, brings together a rich archive of popular culture, fugitive slave narratives, advertisements, political treatises, and literature to construct a new literary history from a hemispheric and regional perspective. At the center of this history is romance, a popular and versatile literary genre uniquely capable of translating the threat posed by the Haitian Revolution--or the expansionist possibilities of Cuban annexation--for a rapidly increasing readership. Through romance, she traces imaginary and real circuits of exchange and remaps romance's position in nineteenth century life and letters as irreducible to, nor fully mediated by, a concept of nation. The energies associated with Cuba and Haiti, manifest destiny and apocalypse, bring historical depth to an otherwise short national history. As a result, romance becomes remarkably influential in inculcating a sense of new world citizenry. The study shifts our critical focus from novel and nation, to romance and region, inevitable, she argues, when we attend to the tangled, messy relations across geographic and historical boundaries. Woertendyke reads the archives of Gabriel Prosser, Nat Turner, and Denmark Vesey along with less frequently treated writers such as John Howison, William Gilmore Simms, and J.H. Ingraham. The study provides a new context for understanding works by Washington Irving, Edgar Allan Poe, Herman Melville, and James Fenimore Cooper and brings together the theories of Charles Brockden Brown, the editorial work of Maturin M. Ballou, and the historical romances of Walter Scott. In Hemispheric Regionalism, Woertendyke demonstrates that US literature has always been the product of hemispheric and regional relations and that all forms of romance are central to this history.

Understanding Police Interrogation

Author : William Douglas Woody
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Uses techniques from psychological science and legal theory to explore police interrogation in the United States Understanding Interrogation provides a single comprehensive source for understanding issues relating to police interrogation and confession. It sheds light on the range of factors that may influence the outcome of the interrogation of a suspect, which ones make it more likely that a person will confess, and which may also inadvertently lead to false confessions. There is a significant psychological component to police interrogations, as interrogators may try to build rapport with the suspect, or trick them into thinking there is evidence against them that does not exist. Also important is the extent to which the interrogator is convinced of the suspect’s guilt, a factor that has clear ramifications for today’s debates over treatment of black suspects and other people of color in the criminal justice system. The volume employs a totality of the circumstances approach, arguing that a number of integrated factors, such as the characteristics of the suspect, the characteristics of the interrogators, interrogation techniques and location, community perceptions of law enforcement, and expectations for jurors and judges, all contribute to the nature of interrogations and the outcomes and perceptions of the criminal justice system. The authors argue that by drawing on this approach we can better explain the likelihood of interrogation outcomes, including true and false confessions, and provide both scholars and practitioners with a greater understanding of best practices going forward.