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New Readings on Women in Old English Literature

Author : Helen Damico
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The publication of this volume of essays is a milestone in Old English studies. It is the first collection to examine this literature from a feminist perspective. Although the contributors represent a plurality of approaches and positions, they share a common objective: to reassess women as women, as they actually appear in the laws, in works written by women, and in canonical literature. The essays address, correct, and round out the nineteenth-century Anglo-Saxon critical tradition and begin fresh exploration of the women in Old English literature. The subjects discussed fall into the following broad categories: the historical record; sexuality and folklore; language and difference in characterization and the "deconstructed" stereotype. Contributors include Marijane Osborn; Christine E. Fell; F.T. Wainwright; Pauline Stafford; Frank M. Stenton; Mary P. Richard s and B. Jane Stanfield; Carol J. Clover; Edith Whitehurst Williams; Paul E. Szarmach; Audrey L. Meaney; Helen Damico; Patricia A. Belanoff; L. John Sklute; Paul Beekman Taylor; Alexandra Hennessey Olsen; Joyce Hill; Jane Chance; Alain Renoir; Dolores Warwick Frese; and Anita R. Riedinger.

Class and Gender in Early English Literature

Author : Overing Gillian R
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"[The essays] focus on class and gender not only sheds new light on old texts but also stretches the boundaries of the critical modus operandi which is often applied to such literature." —Women's Studies Network (UK) Association Newsletter These dramatic new readings of Old and Middle English texts explore the rich theoretical territory at the intersection of class and gender, and highlight the interplay of the critic, methodology, and the medieval text.

Old English Literature

Author : Daniel Donoghue
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This innovative and intriguing introduction to Old English literature is structured around what the author calls ‘figures’ from Anglo-Saxon culture: the Vow, the Hall, the Miracle, the Pulpit, and the Scholar. An innovative and intriguing introduction to Old English literature. Structured around ‘figures’ from Anglo-Saxon culture: the Vow, the Hall, the Miracle, the Pulpit, and the Scholar. Situates Old English literary texts within a cultural framework. Creates new connections between different genres, periods and authors. Combines close textual analysis with historical context. Based on the author’s many years experience of teaching Old English literature. The author is co-editor with Seamus Heaney of Beowulf: A Verse Translation (2001) and recently published with Blackwell Lady Godiva: A Literary History of the Legend (2003).

Old English Literature

Author : John D. Niles
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This review of the critical reception of Old English literature from 1900 to the present moves beyond a focus on individual literary texts so as to survey the different schools, methods, and assumptions that have shaped the discipline. Examines the notable works and authors from the period, including Beowulf, the Venerable Bede, heroic poems, and devotional literature Reinforces key perspectives with excerpts from ten critical studies Addresses questions of medieval literacy, textuality, and orality, as well as style, gender, genre, and theme Embraces the interdisciplinary nature of the field with reference to historical studies, religious studies, anthropology, art history, and more

Old English Literature

Author : R. M. Liuzza
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Recognizing the dramatic changes in Old English studies over the past generation, this up-to-date anthology gathers twenty-one outstanding contemporary critical writings on the prose and poetry of Anglo-Saxon England, from approximately the seventh through eleventh centuries. The contributors focus on texts most commonly read in introductory Old English courses while also engaging with larger issues of Anglo-Saxon history, culture, and scholarship. Their approaches vary widely, encompassing disciplines from linguistics to psychoanalysis. In an appealing introduction to the book, R. M. Liuzza presents an overview of Old English studies, the history of the scholarship, and major critical themes in the field. For both newcomers and more advanced scholars of Old English, these essays will provoke discussion, answer questions, provide background, and inspire an appreciation for the complexity and energy of Anglo-Saxon studies.

Reading Old English Texts

Author : Katherine O'Brien O'Keeffe
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Reading Old English Texts, first published in 1997, focuses on the critical methods being used and developed for reading and analysing writings in Old English. The collection is timely, given the explosion of interest in the theory, method, and practice of critical reading. Each chapter engages with work on Old English texts from a particular methodological stance. The authors are all experts in the field, but are also concerned to explain their method and its application to a broad undergraduate and graduate readership. The chapters include a brief historical background to the approach; a definition of the field or method under consideration; a discussion of some exemplary criticism (with a balance of prose and verse passages); an illustration of the ways in which texts are read through this approach, and some suggestions for future work.

A Life Both Public and Private

Author : Brent R. LaPadula
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The concept of the individual or the self, central in so many modern-day contexts, has not been investigated in depth in the Anglo-Saxon period. Focusing on Old English poetry, the author argues that a singular, Anglo-Saxon sense of self may be found by analyzing their surviving verse. The concept of the individual, with an identity outside of her community, is clearly evident during this period, and the widely accepted view that the individual as we understand it did not really exist until the Renaissance does not stand up to scrutiny.

Anglo Saxon Women and the Church

Author : Stephanie Hollis
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A fresh look at the position of women in the 8th and 9th centuries as defined by the literature of the early church.

The Anglo Saxon Literature Handbook

Author : Mark C. Amodio
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The Anglo-Saxon Literature Handbook presents an accessible introduction to the surviving works of prose and poetry produced in Anglo-Saxon England, from AD 410-1066. Makes Anglo-Saxon literature accessible to modern readers Helps readers to overcome the linguistic, aesthetic and cultural barriers to understanding and appreciating Anglo-Saxon verse and prose Introduces readers to the language, politics, and religion of the Anglo-Saxon literary world Presents original readings of such works as Beowulf, The Battle of Maldon, The Wanderer, The Seafarer, and The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

Heroinnen und Heldinnen in Geschichte Kunst und Literatur

Author : Uwe Baumann
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Die 15 Beiträge des Bandes fokussieren Heroinnen / Heldinnen, deren exemplarisches Handeln und / oder künstlerische Repräsentation die Möglichkeit aufzeigen, die ubiquitäre moderne Skepsis gegenüber Heroen- und Heldentum - die in vormodernen Epochen komplexer war - zu überwinden. Sie verdeutlichen, dass die virtus heroica keineswegs nur männlich konzeptualisiert wird. Die Beiträge loten jeweils en détail aus, wie wirkmächtig männliche Norm- und Referenzmuster in der historischen, literarischen, künstlerischen und kulturellen Repräsentation von Heroinnen / Heldinnen sind. Zugleich zeigen die einzelnen Modellstudien aus je unterschiedlichen (Fach-)Perspektiven und auf der Analysebasis unterschiedlichster medialer Repräsentationen die Wirkmächtigkeit der Classical Tradition, die für die interdisziplinäre Konzeptualisierung von weiblichem Heroen- / Heldentum vergangener, »heroischer« Epochen, eine geradezu paradigmatische Rolle spielt.The 15 contributions of this volume focus on heroines, whose exemplary actions and / or artistic representations emphasise the possibility to overcome the ubiquitous modern scepticism towards heroism and heroes / heroines - which was definitely more complex in pre-modern »heroic« times - and highlight that conceptualisations of the virtus heroica are by no means only male(-coded). The contributions analyse the influence, prevalence and potency of male norms and references on the historical, literary, artistic and cultural representation of the discourse-inaugurating heroine en détail. At the same time, the respective contributions also serve as exemplary analyses of different forms of media representations from a variety of perspectives and research fields and traditions which illustrate the efficacy of the Classical Tradition, a tradition which plays an almost paradigmatic role in the interdisciplinary conceptualisation of female heroism / heroines of former, »heroic« epochs.