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New Methods and Paradigms for Modeling Dynamic Processes Based on Cellular Automata

Author : Bilan, Stepan Mykolayovych
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The accelerating development of computer technology and communications can replace many of the functions of human intellectual activity, as well as help them in making decisions in various situations of their lives. To implement intelligent functions for various purposes, numerous models, paradigms, architectures, and hardware and software are being developed. Because the world is constantly evolving, there is a need to constantly study various dynamic processes to determine possible negative situations that can lead to undesirable catastrophic phenomena and changes. Recently, more attention has been paid to the study of natural processes in nature. Scientific works are appearing that describe the behavior and development of living organisms and the processes of their interaction. Cellular automata are increasingly used to describe and model them. New Methods and Paradigms for Modeling Dynamic Processes Based on Cellular Automata is a collection of innovative research that describes the models and paradigms of building cellular automata that allows for the simulation of the dynamics of the interaction of living organisms from a different scientific point of view. For this, asynchronous cellular automata with a dynamically changing number of “living” cells are used. The chapters describe the theoretical concepts of constructing asynchronous cellular automata with active cells. Much attention is paid to the use of the proposed theoretical principles for solving modeling problems and solving specific applied problems of forming pseudorandom sequences and image processing based on modeling of the human visual channel. Featuring research on topics such as colony interaction, image processing and recognition, and influence mode, this book is ideally designed for engineers, programmers, software developers, researchers, academicians, and students.

Biometric Data in Smart Cities

Author : Stepan Bilan
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In modern conditions of the development of intelligent systems to solve the problems of smart cities, more and more attention is paid to the construction of distributed intelligent systems, which, based on a network of sensors and specialized calculators, help residents and visitors of the city in real time to solve a whole range of complex problems that arise in an urban environment. In a smart city, much attention is paid to the processing of biometric information that comes from biometric sensors distributed throughout the city. Such biometric systems are multimodal and allow you to control the general condition of a person, and also help a person to move around the city and predict events within the city. This book describes methods for processing biometric information in a smart city environment. The theoretical foundations of building a biometric multisensor network, which allows you to create a unified urban biometric community, are considered. The theoretical foundations of the parallel shift technology and the Radon transformation on cellular automata with a hexagonal covering are presented. On the basis of these technologies, methods of biometric identification by gait parameters and the geometric shape of the auricle are described, which are effectively used in a smart city. A method for tracking dynamic changes in the state of a smart city in real time is considered. Models of behavior of colonies of living organisms, their formation, movement and interaction are described on the basis of the technology of cellular automata with active cells. Models of behavior of active cells in meeting with unwanted cells and models of combining and destruction of active cell colonies are also described. This book is intended for undergraduate, graduate students and specialists working and conducting research in the field of biometric information processing, as well as in the development and construction of distributed intelligent systems.

Computational Methodologies for Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Author : Singh, Rajiv
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Artificial intelligence has been applied to many areas of science and technology, including the power and energy sector. Renewable energy in particular has experienced the tremendous positive impact of these developments. With the recent evolution of smart energy technologies, engineers and scientists working in this sector need an exhaustive source of current knowledge to effectively cater to the energy needs of citizens of developing countries. Computational Methodologies for Electrical and Electronics Engineers is a collection of innovative research that provides a complete insight and overview of the application of intelligent computational techniques in power and energy. Featuring research on a wide range of topics such as artificial neural networks, smart grids, and soft computing, this book is ideally designed for programmers, engineers, technicians, ecologists, entrepreneurs, researchers, academicians, and students.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology for Stationary Applications

Author : Badea, Gheorghe
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Unconventional energy sources have gained and will continue to gain an increasing share of energy systems around the world. Today, hydrogen is recognized as a non-polluting energy carrier because it does not contribute to global warming if it is produced from renewable sources. Hydrogen is already part of today's chemical industry, but as an energy source, its rare advantages can only be obtained with the help of technologies. Currently, the fuel cell is considered the cleanest sustainable energy. With the development of fuel cells, hydrogen-based energy generation becomes a reality. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology for Stationary Applications is an essential publication that focuses on the advantages of hydrogen as a primary energy center and addresses its use in the sustainable future of stationary applications. While highlighting a broad range of topics including cost expectations, production methods, and social impact, this publication explores all aspects of the implementation and dissemination of fuel cell technology in the hope of establishing a sustainable marketplace for it. This book is ideally designed for fuel cell manufacturers, architects, electrical engineers, civil engineers, environmental engineers, advocates, manufacturers, mechanics, researchers, academicians, and students.

Handbook of Research on 5G Networks and Advancements in Computing Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Author : Nwajana, Augustine O.
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The advent of the emerging fifth generation (5G) networks has changed the paradigm of how computing, electronics, and electrical (CEE) systems are interconnected. CEE devices and systems, with the help of the 5G technology, can now be seamlessly linked in a way that is rapidly turning the globe into a digital world. Smart cities and internet of things have come to stay but not without some challenges, which must be discussed. The Handbook of Research on 5G Networks and Advancements in Computing, Electronics, and Electrical Engineering focuses on current technological innovations as the world rapidly heads towards becoming a global smart city. It covers important topics such as power systems, electrical engineering, mobile communications, network, security, and more. This book examines vast types of technologies and their roles in society with a focus on how each works, the impacts it has, and the future for developing a global smart city. This book is ideal for both industrial and academic researchers, scientists, engineers, educators, practitioners, developers, policymakers, scholars, and students interested in 5G technology and the future of engineering, computing, and technology in human society.

Innovations in the Industrial Internet of Things IIoT and Smart Factory

Author : Goundar, Sam
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Industrial internet of things (IIoT) is changing the face of industry by completely redefining the way stakeholders, enterprises, and machines connect and interact with each other in the industrial digital ecosystem. Smart and connected factories, in which all the machinery transmits real-time data, enable industrial data analytics for improving operational efficiency, productivity, and industrial processes, thus creating new business opportunities, asset utilization, and connected services. IIoT leads factories to step out of legacy environments and arcane processes towards open digital industrial ecosystems. Innovations in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Smart Factory is a pivotal reference source that discusses the development of models and algorithms for predictive control of industrial operations and focuses on optimization of industrial operational efficiency, rationalization, automation, and maintenance. While highlighting topics such as artificial intelligence, cyber security, and data collection, this book is ideally designed for engineers, manufacturers, industrialists, managers, IT consultants, practitioners, students, researchers, and industrial industry professionals.

Optimizing and Measuring Smart Grid Operation and Control

Author : Recioui, Abdelmadjid
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Smart grid (SG), also called intelligent grid, is a modern improvement of the traditional power grid that will revolutionize the way electricity is produced, delivered, and consumed. Studying key concepts such as advanced metering infrastructure, distribution management systems, and energy management systems will support the design of a cost-effective, reliable, and efficient supply system, and will create a real-time bidirectional communication means and information exchange between the consumer and the grid operator of electric power. Optimizing and Measuring Smart Grid Operation and Control is a critical reference source that presents recent research on the operation, control, and optimization of smart grids. Covering topics that include phase measurement units, smart metering, and synchrophasor technologies, this book examines all aspects of modern smart grid measurement and control. It is designed for engineers, researchers, academicians, and students.

AGILE 2003

Author : Michael Gould
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The mission of the Association of Geographic Information Laboratories for Europe (AGILE) is to promote academic teaching and research at the European level, and to facilitate networking activities bet ween geographic information laboratories, including focused meetings based on state-of-the-art presentations on key research issues and European geographic information research conferences. The AGILE Conferences on Geographic Information Science (GIS) have become an essential meeting place for European researchers and practitioners, where they meet and exchange ideas and experiences at the European level. These proceedings regroup the papers given in the Lyon conference held in April 2003 and presenting the more advanced results in GIS.

Cellular Automata and Artificial Intelligence in Ecohydraulics Modelling

Author : Qiuwen Chen
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International events, such as the UN Summit in Johannesburg (2002) and the Third World Water Forum in Kyoto (2003), re-emphasized the importance of meeting the difficult challenges related to the sustainable development of water and environment. There is a demand for direct action on improving water resources management and conserving natural resources, stressing the essential role of information and communication technologies in knowledge sharing and technology transfer. Artificial intelligence techniques are explored in this PhD research, deriving knowledge and rules from in-situ and remote sensing measurements. The Cellular Automata modelling paradigm is investigated with respect to characteristics of ecosystem simulation. Case studies included the Taihu Lake, China and Dutch coastal waters.

Software Intensive Systems and New Computing Paradigms

Author : Martin Wirsing
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This volume presents results of three workshops of the InterLink working group, setup by the EU to look at software-intensive systems and novel computing paradigms. It covers ensemble engineering, theory and formal methods, and novel computing paradigms.