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Never Taken Seriously

Author : Anneli Poutiainen
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"As I leave the casino thinking never again, a film runs on a loop through my head: there ́s a stack of unpaid bills and lost money I can never get back. I feel a tightening in my temples. Also playing over and over in my head is the television commercial in which a high-ranking military officer proclaims that money spent gambling with the Slot Machine Association is for a worthy cause. The first time I saw that commercial, I felt like kicking the screen into million pieces." "I ́m full of optimism after my first hypnotic treatment. Immediately the next day, I rush to the casino to request a self-exclusion from gambling. I have made serious vow to get out of this roulette hell, and one way to do that is to be forbidden from entering the casino."

Why I Take the Bible Seriously but Not Literally

Author : Dr. Eugene C. Rollins
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As a pastor I have a dual role: that of a prophet and a priest. The prophet confronts the people, and the priest comforts the people. I am to comfort the troubled and trouble the comfortable. In relationship to the Bible, the dual struggle is clear. As the priest, I take the Bible seriously because it changes lives (first sermon). I have never heard anyone give testimony that reading Plato’s The Republic, Virgil’s Aeneid, Homer’s Odyssey, Cicero’s Moral Ethics, or John Stewart Mill’s Liberty changed their lives. But thousands of people have given testimony of how reading the Bible has changed their lives forever. As the prophet, I propose to you that no book has been more abused than the Bible or more misunderstood. The Bible has been a playground for lunatics, profit for the charlatans, a profession for the clergy, a problem for theologians, a puzzle for the general public, and placid for the masses. I believe if a person will read the Bible interpretatively and intelligently it will be read seriously, respectfully and reverently thereby becoming the living word of God. Gene Rollins, Author

Taking God Seriously

Author : Stuart Briscoe
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Seasoned pastor Stuart Briscoe examines each of the Minor Prophets, providing both helpful historical context, and demonstrating the relevance of each prophet's message to believers today. If you want to take God's words from the Minor Prophets seriously, this book will help enrich your Bible study.

Taking Comedy Seriously

Author : Jennalee Donian
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This book contextualizes contemporary stand-up comedy within the wider socio-political terrain of neoliberal capitalism, contributing to a more complex and developed understanding of the relation of jokes and humor to the unconscious mind in its relation to ideology and discourse.

Taking God Seriously

Author : Brian Davies
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Is debate on issues related to faith and reason still possible when dialogue between believers and non-believers has collapsed? Taking God Seriously not only proves that it is possible, but also demonstrates that such dialogue produces fruitful results. Here, Brian Davies, a Dominican priest and leading scholar of Thomas Aquinas, and Michael Ruse, a philosopher of science and well-known non-believer, offer an extended discussion on the nature and plausibility of belief in God and Christianity. They explore key topics in the study of religion, notably the nature of faith, the place of reason in discussions about religion, proofs for the existence of God, the problem of evil, and the problem of multiple competing religious systems, as well as the core concepts of Christian belief including the Trinity and the justification of morality. Written in a jargon-free manner, avoiding the extremes of evangelical literalism and New Atheism prejudice, Taking God Seriously does not compromise integrity or shy from discussing important or difficult issues.

Taking Rights Seriously

Author : Ronald Dworkin
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A forceful and landmark defence of individual rights, Taking Rights Seriously is one of the most important political philosophical works of the last 50 years.

Taking Life Seriously

Author : Francis Edward Sparshott
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This is a wonderful book, intended as a companion and guide to a reading of the Ethics . Sparshott's intention is to display the continuity of thought in the text, rather than the traditional approach of examining and criticizing individual sections. The chapters are entitled What is Best for People (I i-xii; 1094a1-1102a4), Reason in Action (I xiii-VI; 1102a5-1145a11); The Pathology of Practical Reason (VII; 1145a15-1154b34); Love, Consciousness, and Society (VIII-IX; 1155a1-1172a15); The Worth of Pleasure (X i-v; 1172a19-1176a29); and The Good Life and the Best Life: Outline of a Discourse (X vi-viii; 1176a30-1179a32), and there is an interesting appendix on the world of Aristotle's theoretical construction. All Greek is transliterated and a glossary provided for these terms. The author's love of his topic is obvious throughout this book, which is written with clarity and cogency. It deserves to be read by everyone seeking to understand Aristotle's Ethics .

Taking Religion Seriously Across the Curriculum

Author : Warren A. Nord
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The authors chart a middle course in our war over religion and public education, one that builds on a developing national consensus among educational and religious leaders. While it is not proper for schools to practice religion or proselytize, neither is it permissible to make them religion-free zones. Schools do not take religion seriously, as the authors' review of textbooks and the new national content standards makes clear. In Part One, they outline the civic, constitutional, and educational frameworks that should shape the treatment of religion in the curriculum and classroom. In Part Two, they explore major issues relating to religion in different domains of the curriculum in elementary education and in middle and high school courses in history, civics, economics, literature, and the sciences. They also discuss Bible courses and world religions courses and explore the relationship of religion to moral education and sex education.

Taking Religious Claims Seriously

Author : Warren E. Steinkraus
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Taking Religious Claims Seriously is a systematic, critical, and comprehensive study of the fundamental questions of the philosophy of religion: religious experience, the existence and nature of God, religious knowledge and truth, good and evil, immortality of the soul, religious diversity, religious claims about the person, faith, and the religious way of life. In this study the author seeks to capture the reality and meaning of the religious as such: What is the foundation of religion? Under what conditions is an authentic religious way of life possible? His method of inquiry is phenomenological. The author begins his discussion with a general characterization of the basic features of all the literate and illiterate religions of the world. He then identifies the ideas, beliefs, and concerns which are common to these religions: What are the central claims of these religions? How did the various religions understand these claims? The author makes a serious attempt to clarify these claims and explore the possibility for a reconcilation between them. For him, the foundation of religion is the religious experience, and the essence of this experience consists in a serious, cognitive, and meaningful encounter with the Ultimate Being. This being is the ground of the world and human life. This book is a comparative, pluralistic study of the philosophy of religion.

Children Taken Seriously

Author : Jan Mason
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In Children Taken Seriously, leading researchers and policy makers consider how children can be recognized as social actors rather than passive consumers or victims. Using children's own views and experiences as a starting point, they explore how children can be involved as partners in the decision-making processes that affect them, in social work, education, health care and broader social policies. Chapters on the theoretical background draw parallels between developments in children's and women's rights, and discuss communication issues and social and sexual constructions of children. Other chapters explore issues of policy and practice in a variety of areas, from Family Group Conferencing and child protection to child labour and notions of active citizenship. Highlighting the important role of schools in empowering children, the authors discuss children's engagement in and participation in their own education and how children's rights theory influences debates over discipline. This accessible and thought-provoking book is a rich source of insight and ideas for social workers, teachers, mental health professionals and anyone working with children.


Author : Cynthia Enloe
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In Seriously!, Cynthia Enloe, author of the groundbreaking analysis of globalization, Bananas, Beaches, and Bases, addresses two deeply gendered and contested questions: Who is taken seriously? And who gets to bestow the label “serious” on others? With a strategy of taking both women and gender dynamics seriously, Cynthia Enloe investigates the Dominique Strauss-Kahn affair and the banking crash of 2008, the subsequent recession, as well as UN peacekeeping and the ongoing Egyptian revolution. Each case study highlights the gritty experiences of women in diverse circumstances—in banks, on the job market, in war zones, and in revolutions. The results of taking women seriously are fresh insights into what fuels the cultures of hyper–risk taking, of sexual harassment, and the denial of women’s post-war security.

Taking Advance Directives Seriously

Author : Robert S. Olick
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In the quarter century since the landmark Karen Ann Quinlan case, an ethical, legal, and societal consensus supporting patients' rights to refuse life-sustaining treatment has become a cornerstone of bioethics. Patients now legally can write advance directives to govern their treatment decisions at a time of future incapacity, yet in clinical practice their wishes often are ignored. Examining the tension between incompetent patients' prior wishes and their current best interests as well as other challenges to advance directives, Robert S. Olick offers a comprehensive argument for favoring advance instructions during the dying process. He clarifies widespread confusion about the moral and legal weight of advance directives, and he prescribes changes in law, policy, and practice that would not only ensure that directives count in the care of the dying but also would define narrow instances when directives should not be followed. Olick also presents and develops an original theory of prospective autonomy that recasts and strengthens patient and family control. While focusing largely on philosophical issues the book devotes substantial attention to legal and policy questions and includes case studies throughout. An important resource for medical ethicists, lawyers, physicians, nurses, health care professionals, and patients' rights advocates, it champions the practical, ethical, and humane duty of taking advance directives seriously where it matters most-at the bedside of dying patients.

Never Again Seriously

Author : Forrest Steele
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Jake Foster is a divorced Afghanistan veteran with PTSD working a crap job for a crap boss in Miami. Malcolm Weaver, owner at Global source Enterprises, has no redeeming qualities. He's pompous and treats his coworkers like trash, so when Jake has the alcohol-fueled notion to defraud the company for a couple million dollars, it seems like a good idea. Although Jake is usually an honest, regular guy, he's been through enough bad experiences to deserve a lucky break. Maybe committing fraud is just the ticket. After all, "Fraud can be simple if conditions are right and you know what you’re doing." Of course, then, there's the bank auditor, Sharon Scott--attractive, smart, and onto Jake's dirty dealings. Together, they take the money and run, seeking anonymity and a life of luxury in central Florida. Turns out, though, Jake really isn't cut out to be a criminal, especially when some deadly characters pursue him and even abuse Sharon's younger sister. Bad guys like Jake aren't the worst guys. In the end, Jake might even end up a hero.

taking god seriously

Author : J. I Packer
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As the years go by, I am increasingly burdened by the sense that the more conservative church people in the West, Protestant and Roman Catholic alike, are, if not starving, at least grievously undernourished for lack of a particular pastoral ministry that was a staple item in the church life of the first Christian centuries and also of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation era in Western Europe, but has largely fallen out of use in recent days. That ministry is called 'catechesis'. It consists of intentional, orderly instruction in the truths that Christians are called to live by, linked with equally intentional and orderly instruction on how they are to do this.' 'Catechesis' consists of intentional, orderly instruction in the truths by which Christians are called to live a sort of discipleship in 'mere Christianity'. The fact that catechesis has fallen out of the life and practice of many churches today is a major loss, leaving Christians undernourished and spiritually sluggish. Professor J. I. Packer responds that 'it is catechesis' vital ongoing teaching and discipling that hits the bull s eye': it is of the utmost importance in developing a church that maintains orthodox beliefs. Packer urges Christians to know their faith so they can explain it to inquirers, sustain it against scepti, and put it to work in evangelism, church fellowship, and the many forms of service this is the Christian's business of taking God seriously.

Seriously Not All Right

Author : Ron Capps
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For more than a decade, Ron Capps, serving as both a senior military intelligence officer and as a Foreign Service officer for the U.S. Department of State, was witness to war crimes, ethnic cleansing, and genocide. From government atrocities in Kosovo, to the brutal cruelties perpetrated in several conflicts in central Africa, the wars in both Aghanistan and Iraq, and culminating in genocide in Darfur, Ron acted as an intelligence collector and reporter but was diplomatically restrained from taking preventative action in these conflicts. The cumulative effect of these experiences, combined with the helplessness of his role as an observer, propelled him into a deep depression and a long bout with PTSD, which nearly caused him to take his own life. Seriously Not All Right is a memoir that provides a unique perspective of a professional military officer and diplomat who suffered (and continues to suffer) from PTSD. His story, and that of his recovery and his newfound role as founder and teacher of the Veterans Writing Project, is an inspiration and a sobering reminder of the cost of all wars, particularly those that appeared in the media and to the general public as merely sidelines in the unfolding drama of world events.

Taking Japan Seriously

Author : Ronald Dore
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An account of motives and motivations behind Japan's accomplishments, this work emphasizes the role of a Confucian impetus. First published in 1987, this title is part of the Bloomsbury Academic Collections series.

Taking the Environment Seriously

Author : Roger E. Meiners
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The authors provide a well-equipped team to address the complex legal and economic issues involved in environmental issues. The editors have selected an outstanding panel of like-minded specialists to provide both perspective and depth to their search for 'what works' rather than what merely sounds concerned.

Taking Ethics Seriously

Author : John Hooker
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This book develops an intellectual framework for analyzing ethical dilemmas that is both grounded in theory and versatile enough to deal rigorously with real-world issues. It sees ethics as a necessary foundation for the social infrastructure that makes modern life possible, much as engineering is a foundation for physical infrastructure. It is not wedded to any particular ethical philosophy but draws from several traditions to construct a unified and principled approach to ethical reasoning. Rather than follow the common academic practice of seeking a reflective equilibrium of moral intuitions and principles, it builds on a few bedrock principles of rational thought that serve as criteria for valid argumentation. It develops the ideas from the ground up, without presupposing any background in ethics or philosophy. Epistemologically, the book views ethics as parallel to mathematics, in that it relies on generally accepted proof techniques to establish results. Whereas mathematics rests on such proof paradigms as mathematical induction and proof by contradiction, ethics can be seen as relying on proof by applying consistency tests, such as generalizability and respect for autonomy. Utilitarianism also plays a key role, but it is reconceived as a deontological criterion. This approach obviously requires that these criteria be formulated more rigorously than is normally the case. To accomplish this, the book begins with the classical idea that an action is distinguishable from mere behavior by virtue of its having a coherent rationale, where coherence requires passing certain consistency tests such as generalizability. An action is therefore inseparable from its rationale, and generalizability is defined in terms of consistency with the rationale. A utilitarian criterion receives a similar treatment with respect to a means-end rationale. Respect for autonomy is grounded in a carefully developed action theory that takes into account such concepts as joint autonomy, implied consent, and the permissibility of interference with unethical behavior. It provides an account of responsibility that is both practical and theoretically satisfying, and it yields a novel solution of the much-discussed trolley car dilemmas. The book is written for a general audience and strives to be as readable and engaging as possible, while maintaining rigor. It begins by dispelling a raft of misconceptions that trivialize ethics and block its development as an essential tool of modern life, such as the notion that ethics is just a matter of opinion without rational foundation. After presenting the ethical principles just described, along with many examples, it provides several chapters that analyze real-life dilemmas, many obtained from the author’s students and professional workshop participants. One cannot understand physics or chemistry without seeing how their principles are applied to real problems, and the same is true of ethics. These chapters demonstrate that a unified normative theory can deal with a wide range of real cases while achieving a reasonable level of objectivity and rigor.

Taking Animals Seriously

Author : David DeGrazia
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This book distinguishes itself from much of the polemical literature on these issues by offering the most judicious and well-balanced account yet available of animals' moral standing, and related questions concerning their minds and welfare. Transcending jejune debates focused on utilitarianism versus rights, the book offers a fresh methodological approach with specific and constructive conclusions about our treatment of animals. David DeGrazia provides the most thorough discussion yet of whether equal consideration should be extended to animals' interests, and examines the issues of animal minds and animal well-being with an unparalleled combination of philosophical rigor and empirical documentation. His book is an important contribution to the field of animal ethics and will be read with special interest by all philosophers teaching such courses, as well as biologists, those professionally involved with animals, and general readers concerned about animal welfare.

Taking Children Seriously

Author : Steve Decker
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In times of great change and development in the education system, those children who experience difficulties in school because they are emotionally troubled are particularly vulnerable. Increasingly, schools are under pressure to produce results which appear good in the public domain, and so can feel forced to spend money on activities designed to enhance public reputation, consequently neglecting those pupils who are difficult to teach because they are emotionally disturbed. Taking Children Seriously has been written by those trained and working in this field to provide insights into how to apply ideas and theories taken from psychotherapy and counselling to the context of education. The authors demonstrate to practising teachers approaches for working with feelings in the classroom and provide ideas which schools may wish to consider to supplement their present work with special needs pupils. Steve Decker is a Chartered Psychologist and Head of Counselling Division at Anglia Polytechnic University. Sandy Kirby is a counsellor and Professional Tutor at a London comprehensive. Angela Greenwood is an educational therapist and special needs co-ordinator who has worked in Britain and Zambia in the primary and pre-school sectors. Dudley moore is a counsellor and former headteacher of a special school. All four editors are founders of the Counselling and Therapy Service for Schools.