Neither Here, Nor There

Travels in Europe


Author: Bill Bryson

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1409095878

Category: Humor

Page: 320

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Bill Bryson’s first travel book, The Lost Continent, was unanimously acclaimed as one of the funniest books in years. In Neither Here nor There he brings his unique brand of humour to bear on Europe as he shoulders his backpack, keeps a tight hold on his wallet, and journeys from Hammerfest, the northernmost town on the continent, to Istanbul on the cusp of Asia. Fluent in, oh, at least one language, he retraces his travels as a student twenty years before. Whether braving the homicidal motorists of Paris, being robbed by gypsies in Florence, attempting not to order tripe and eyeballs in a German restaurant or window-shopping in the sex shops of the Reeperbahn, Bryson takes in the sights, dissects the culture and illuminates each place and person with his hilariously caustic observations. He even goes to Liechtenstein.

The Lost Continent

Travels in Small Town America ; And, Neither Here Nor There : Travels in Europe


Author: Bill Bryson

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 0436201305

Category: Travel

Page: 498

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This volume contains humorous accounts of two journeys, one taken across America, the other a trek across Europe. The Lost Continent is an account of one man's rediscovery of America and his search for the perfect small town. Instead he finds a continent that is doubly lost: lost to itself because it is blighted by greed, pollution, mobile homes and television; and lost to him because he has become a foreigner in his own country. In Neither Here Nor There, the author journeys from Hammerfest, the northernmost town on the European continent, to Istanbul. In doing so he retraces his steps as a student 20 years before, visiting countries including Norway, France and Italy.

The Global Politics of Contemporary Travel Writing


Author: Debbie Lisle

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521867801

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 299

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This 2006 book brings the 'serious' world of politics to the 'superficial' world of contemporary travel writing.

Going Places: A Reader's Guide to Travel Narrative

A Reader's Guide to Travel Narrative


Author: Robert Burgin

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 161069385X

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 572

View: 6945

Successfully navigate the rich world of travel narratives and identify fiction and nonfiction read-alikes with this detailed and expertly constructed guide.

Quicklet on Bill Bryson's Shakespeare


Author: Britt Keller

Publisher: Hyperink Inc

ISBN: 161464070X

Category: Study Aids

Page: 38

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ABOUT THE BOOK Armed with colorful paintings, drawings, portraits, documents and photographs, Bryson creates a playful narration and careful examination of the elusive, ever-famous playwright in Shakespeare: The Illustrated And Updated Edition. Published in 2009, the book pays homage to William Shakespeares continued and remarkable relevance, especially as his history is rewritten once again. Bryson originally published in the Fall of 2007 as William Shakespeare: The World As Stage soon became obsolete as a result of a few exciting discoveries: revelation of a portrait, the unearthing of Londons earliest theater in Shoreditch, and rediscovery of missing copy of an original First Folio from the Durham University Library. As such, Bryson was prompted to create a new, updated edition. MEET THE AUTHOR With a wide variety of interests, Britt enjoys writing on any number of topics in order to share her understanding and perspective with others. She went to school for design, but has lately become more interested in reading, writing, and philosophy. EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK Richard Plantagenet Temple Nugent Brydges Chandos Grenvilles earlier life was rather uneventful. The second Duke of Buckingham and Chandos, he fathered an illegitimate child in Italy, spoke here and there in Houses of Parliament, and became interested in plumbing. After inheriting his money, titles, and estates in 1839, he managed to lose every last bit within nine years. Leaving his estate to the creditors, a grand auction was held, one item selling for 355 guineas that would come to be known as the Chandos Portraitsupposedly of Shakespeare. While the authenticity is dubious, according to curator Dr. Tanya Cooper, we know its from the correct period. The implications of his earring are bohemian, combined with a sign of prosperitythe black clothing. Being the only portrait that may have been done from life, well never know for sure after such passage of time with no documentation of provenance. However, we also have the copperplate engraving from his collected works from 1623, the First Folio. The artist, Martin Droeshout, created the portrait seven years after Shakespeares death. The third likeness is that of the statue where he is buried at Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon, executed by mason Gheerart Janssen, also in 1623. Between these three portraits we have an idea of how Shakespeare may have appeared, but that we dont really know what he looked like, which parallels our unclear understanding of his life as well. CHAPTER OUTLINE Quicklet on Bill Bryson's Shakespeare + About the Book: The Illustrated And Updated Edition + About Bill Bryson + Overall Summary + Chapter-by-Chapter Commentary & Summary + ...and much more

A Sense of Place

Great Travel Writers Talk About Their Craft, Lives, and Inspiration


Author: Michael Shapiro

Publisher: Travelers' Tales

ISBN: 1932361812

Category: Travel

Page: 312

View: 3179

In A Sense of Place, journalist/travel writer Michael Shapiro goes on a pilgrimage to visit the world's great travel writers on their home turf to get their views on their careers, the writer's craft, and most importantly, why they chose to live where they do and what that place means to them. The book chronicles a young writer’s conversations with his heroes, writers he's read for years who inspired him both to pack his bags to travel and to pick up a pen and write. Michael skillfully coaxes a collective portrait through his interviews, allowing the authors to speak intimately about the writer's life, and how place influences their work and perceptions. In each chapter Michael sets the scene by describing the writer's surroundings, placing the reader squarely in the locale, whether it be Simon Winchester's Massachusetts, Redmond O'Hanlon's London, or Frances Mayes's Tuscany. He then lets the writer speak about life and the world, and through quiet probing draws out fascinating commentary from these remarkable people. For Michael it’s a dream come true, to meet his mentors; for readers, it's an engaging window onto the twin landscapes of great travel writers and the world in which they live.

Notes from a Small Island


Author: Bill Bryson

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 0062417436

Category: Travel

Page: 368

View: 2751

Before New York Times bestselling author Bill Bryson wrote The Road to Little Dribbling, he took this delightfully irreverent jaunt around the unparalleled floating nation of Great Britain, which has produced zebra crossings, Shakespeare, Twiggie Winkie’s Farm, and places with names like Farleigh Wallop and Titsey.

English for Common Entrance 13+ Practice Book


Author: Kornel Kossuth

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1471804135

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 112

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This book of practice questions and mock exam papers gives students the practice they need as they prepare for the new ISEB Common Entrance in English 13+ exam. - Reinforces the skills and knowledge students need to tackle exam questions with confidence - Includes five complete mock exam papers that sharpen students' exam technique - Targets the essential skills students need to master in order to do well in the exam