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Negotiating Disability

Author : Stephanie L Kerschbaum
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Disability is not always central to claims about diversity and inclusion in higher education, but should be. This collection reveals the pervasiveness of disability issues and considerations within many higher education populations and settings, from classrooms to physical environments to policy impacts on students, faculty, administrators, and staff. While disclosing one’s disability and identifying shared experiences can engender moments of solidarity, the situation is always complicated by the intersecting factors of race and ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and class. With disability disclosure as a central point of departure, this collection of essays builds on scholarship that highlights the deeply rhetorical nature of disclosure and embodied movement, emphasizing disability disclosure as a complex calculus in which degrees of perceptibility are dependent on contexts, types of interactions that are unfolding, interlocutors’ long- and short-term goals, disabilities, and disability experiences, and many other contingencies.

Disability in the Global Sport Arena

Author : Jill M. Le Clair
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Sport is often at the centre of battles for rights to inclusion linked to class, race and gender, and this book explores struggles centred on disability in different cultural settings in Europe, North America, Africa, Asia and Oceania. It challenges oversights and assumptions about the ‘normal’ body, and describes how individual and organizational transformations can occur through sport. The abilities of a person are recognised and placed centre stage - instead of the individual being forgotten, excluded, or placed at the margins simply because they have a disability. National, regional and global change is part of the shift to the rights based approach reflected in the 2006 UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Making sport inclusive affects the accessibility of facilities, funding, the media, policies, programs, organisations, sponsors and spectators, and at the same time changes the cultural values of the wider society. It also raises issues about competition access and eligibility for ‘different’ and technologically enhanced ‘cyborg’ bodies, and for those most socially disadvantaged. Addressing these questions which ultimately touch on the real meaning of sport can lead to profound changes in people’s attitudes, and how sport is organized locally and globally. Growth in the influential global organisations of the Paralympic Games, Special Olympics and Deaflympics is examined, as is the approach to disability in sport in both advantaged and resource poor countries. The embodied lives of persons with disabilities are explored utilizing new theoretical models, perspectives and approaches. This book was previously published as a special issue of Sport in Society.

Disability and Mobile Citizenship in Postsocialist Ukraine

Author : Sarah D. Phillips
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Sarah Phillips examines how disabled persons in the Ukraine struggled to secure their rights during the tumult of the past two decades. She documents their creative strategies & argues that public storytelling is a powerful means to expand notions of relatedness, kinship & social responsibility.

Collective Bargaining Settlements and Negotiations in Ontario

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The Complete Learning Disabilities Directory 2008

Author : Grey House Publishing
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K and W Guide Colleges for Students with Learning Disabilities Or Attention Deficit Disorder

Author : Marybeth Kravets
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Hundreds of thousands of students with learning disabilities head to college every year, and many challenges lie ahead of them. Aside from coping with difficulties in learning, students and their families face the daunting process of searching out the right school for their specific needs. This indispensable resource includes: - Advice from specialists in the field of learning disabilities - Learning-disabled programs' admission requirements and graduation policies - Services available at each school: tutors, note-takers, oral exams, extended test time, and more - Information on the level of support services provided at each school - Policies and procedures regarding course waivers or substitutions - Names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of program administrators at each school - Strategies for finding the right program for each student's needs In addition to the 339 schools profiled, a Quick Contact Reference List provides essential program information for another 1,000 schools.

American Disability Act

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Negotiating the Disabled Body

Author : Anna Rebecca Solevåg
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An intersectional study of New Testament and noncanonical literature Anna Rebecca Solevåg explores how nonnormative bodies are presented in early Christian literature through the lens of disability studies. In a number of case studies, Solevåg shows how early Christians struggled to come to terms with issues relating to body, health, and dis/ability in the gospel stories, apocryphal narratives, Pauline letters, and patristic expositions. Solevåg uses the concepts of narrative prosthesis, gaze and stare, stigma, monster theory, and crip theory to examine early Christian material to reveal the multiple, polyphonous, contradictory ways in which nonnormative bodies appear. Features: Case studies that reveal a variety of understandings, attitudes, medical frameworks, and taxonomies for how disabled bodies were interpreted A methodology that uses disability as an analytical tool that contributes insights about cultural categories, ideas of otherness, and social groups’ access to or lack of power An intersectional perspective drawing on feminist, gender, queer, race, class, and postcolonial studies

Negotiating Disability in Everyday Life

Author : Donna Reeve
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Perspectives on Disability

Author : Mark Nagler
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Contains 55 articles by noted authorities, focusing on opportunities & challenges of the disabled in employment, education & society. Includes legal & ethical, medical & psychological, & sexual issues.