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Discovering the Naturalist Intelligence

Author : Jenna Glock
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An approach to teaching the scientific process that focuses on the natural world.

Nurturing the Naturalist Intelligence

Author : Wan Inn Loh
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Over 150 engaging, cooperative lessons to help students (Grades 3-8) develop knowledge and appreciation of nature.

Naturalist Intelligence

Author : Karen Patricia Roth
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To keep educators on the cutting edge, SkyLight has compiled a booklet that explains everything you need to know about this newest intelligence.

Rainbows of Intelligence

Author : Sue Teele
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Foreword by Thomas Armstrong Rainbows of Intelligence explores the range of students' intelligence and learning potential through the metaphor of rainbows and colors. The book includes a variety of lesson plans.

The Naturalist Intelligence

Author : Jeffrey John Boetto
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Multiple Intelligences in the Elementary Classroom

Author : Susan Baum
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This book will help teachers design effective curriculum for their students with diverse learning abilities. The authors have created a guided process to apply MI theory to the elementary school classroom. The five, pathways, or approaches examined: Exploration, Bridging, Understanding, Authentic Problems, and Talent Development, represent the ways in which MI can be implemented and nurtured across the elementary grades. The Pathways Model promotes and supports the development of a well-grounded understanding of MI theory to inform goal-setting and planning for using multiple intelligences theory in the classroom. Each pathway addresses a different set of goals and provides appropriate guidelines and examples.

Multiple Intelligences

Author : Virginia Loh-Hagan
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Find out who you are in the Who Are You Series? This series takes a closer look at the most popular personality theories from star charts to numerology to psychology assessments. The Multiple Intelligences book takes a closer look at Dr. Howard Gardner's theory that there are more than one type of intelligence: from music to kinesthetic. This hi-low title uses considerate text written at a higher maturity level with a lower reading level to engage struggling readers. A table of contents, glossary with simplified pronunciations, and index all enhance comprehension. Informative sidebars include fast facts, science connections, and spotlight biographies. Backmatter includes four quizzes inspired by Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences.

Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom

Author : Thomas Armstrong
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"To respect the many differences between people"--this is what Howard Gardner says is the purpose of learning about multiple intelligences (MI) theory, which holds that the human mind is composed of eight intelligences--linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic--plus a possible ninth (existential). This updated 3rd edition of Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom, Thomas Armstrong's bestselling practical guide for educators, includes two new chapters that address the worldwide reach of MI and rebut some common criticisms of the theory. This new edition includes updated information and resources throughout the text to help educators at all levels apply MI theory to curriculum development, lesson planning, assessment, special education, cognitive skills, educational technology, career development, educational policy, and more. The book includes dozens of practical tips, strategies, and examples from real schools and districts. Armstrong provides tools, resources, and ideas that educators can immediately use to help students of all ages achieve their fullest potential in life.

Examining Multiple Intelligences and Digital Technologies for Enhanced Learning Opportunities

Author : Zheng, Robert Z.
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Multiple intelligences (MI) as a cognitive psychology theory has significantly influenced learning and teaching. Research has demonstrated a strong association between individual intelligences and their cognitive processes and behaviors. However, it remains unknown how each of or a combination of these intelligences can be effectively optimized through instructional intervention, particularly through the use of emerging learning technology. On the other hand, while efforts have been made to unveil the relationship between information and communication technology (ICT) and individual learner performance, there is a lack of knowledge in how MI theory may guide the use of ICTs to enhance learning opportunities for students. Examining Multiple Intelligences and Digital Technologies for Enhanced Learning Opportunities is an essential reference book that generates new knowledge about how ICTs can be utilized to promote MI in various formal and informal learning settings. Featuring a range of topics such as augmented reality, learning analytics, and mobile learning, this book is ideal for teachers, instructional designers, curriculum developers, ICT specialists, educational professionals, administrators, instructors, academicians, and researchers.

How to Study Better and Faster

Author : Aileen M. Carroll
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Uses Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences to accommodate and develop a wide range of learning styles 11 units designed for verbal, logical, visual, kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalist learners Easy-to-use lessons that will enhance students' study skills and habits in any subject area Material that emphasizes self-understanding and growth, across the range of learning styles Additional activities that include role-playing, memorizing, letter writing, team games, and more Materials that is designed to help any student make the most productive use of both classroom and home-study time

Becoming a Multiple Intelligences School

Author : Thomas R. Hoerr
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The Portfolio Organizer stands out as a superb contribution to the vital field of accountability for learning. This book is distinguished by the presence and integration of a conceptual framework and a superb array of practical examples. Nearly every key issue is anticipated and addressed in this accessible and clear treatment of a complex topic. The reason that this book is so good is that the authors have been immersed in pioneering work on portfolios for a decade. They have developed their ideas through work with their own students, and through a wide range of research and evaluation projects including new initiatives involving elementary and secondary school students, initial preparation of teachers, and continuous professional development of teachers and administrators. They have learned by grappling with the complex issues of introducing evaluation that simultaneously serves improvement and accountability goals. The result is a great practical book that can help educators develop their understanding and use of portfolios as a route to reform. This book provides educators with a flexible framework to guide decision making for effective and efficient use of portfolios in classrooms and schools. It is designed to assist classroom teachers, administrators, staff developers, and university professors in identifying, organizing, and acting upon the many challenges and possibilities inherent in portfolio implementation. Specifically, The Portfolio Organizer targets the major categories of decision making and assists teachers in making decisions about effective portfolio implementation in classrooms. In addition, the book addresses professional portfolios and can be used by educators to develop and maintain their own portfolios.-(From the Foreword by Michael Fullan).

Teaching English using the internet and multiple intelligences approach

Author : 丁廣韻
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This book can be regarded as a resource book for teachers who would like to apply multiple entry point approaches,a framework of multiple intelligences proposed by Gardner,in their language classes.On-line sources are particularly valuable in learning situations where teachers usually expect authentic materials.Moreover,this book builds a bridge from theory to practical approach aiming to assist teachers who believe intrinsically in the use of technology,but have not been trained in its use. 本書以行動研究探討應用多元智慧理論結合網路資源於英文教學。主要探討下列四個領域:(1)教師如何更有效地使用網站資源作為英語學習教材;(2)網頁設計影響學習者參與學習的程度﹔(3)教師如何融入多元智慧理論在網路輔助英語教學的情境裡;(4)結合網站資源和多元智能策略塑造語言學習的成果探討。【秀威資訊科技股份有限公司製作】

Kid s Eye View of Science

Author : Susan J. Kovalik
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Rediscover science from a child's perspective and enhance your inquiry-based science toolbox with brain-based strategies that integrate science across content areas and improve student outcomes.

Human Intelligence

Author : Robert J. Sternberg
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The most comprehensive, up-to-date, and readable textbook on human intelligence, written by leading experts in the field.

Encyclopedia of School Psychology

Author : T. Stuart Watson
File Size : 30.1 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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- One volume-reference work with approximately 250 entries, organized alphabetically for ease of use and of locating subject matter. Each entry will contain 5-8 references as well as a bibliography of references and suggested readings - An authoritative reference text on school psychology that would appeal to, and be understood by, a broad audience. - Will assist individuals in acquiring a general understanding of some of the theories, practices, and language associated with the field of school psychology

Environmental Leadership

Author : Deborah Rigling Gallagher
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This reference handbook tackles issues relevant to leadership in the realm of the environment and sustainability.

Celebrating Every Learner

Author : Thomas R. Hoerr
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Howard Gardner's groundbreaking theory applied for classroom use This important book offers a practical guide to understanding how Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI) can be used in the classroom. Gardner identified eight different types of intelligence: linguistic, logical, spatial, musical, bodily-kinesthetic, naturalist, interpersonal, and intrapersonal. Celebrating Every Learner describes the characteristics of each type of intelligence and follows up with ready-to-use lesson plans and activities that teachers can use to incorporate MI in their pre-K through 6 classrooms. Offers a treasury of easily implemented activities for engaging all students' multiple intelligences, from the New City School, a leading elementary school at the forefront of MI education Provides ready-to-use lesson plans that teachers can use to incorporate MI in any elementary classroom Includes valuable essays on how and why to integrate MI in the classroom Hoerr is the author of a bi-monthly column for Educational Leadership as well as the editor of the "Intelligence Connections" e-newsletter

International Perspectives on Education

Author : Chau Meng Huat
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International Perspectives on Education is intended for those with an interest in education as an academic area, including students of Education Studies and MA Education. It is also suitable for those who have an interest in applied theory, including those involved in or training for the teaching profession; and to those who are concerned with the management and governance of education: those who formulate policy, those charged with inspecting or advising the profession, and those (such as head teachers or school governors) whose task is to guide others.

Multiple Intelligences Around the World

Author : Jie-Qi Chen
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"Cultures are like chemical elements. You can mix two of them, and you might get something useful like water or table salt. But you might also blow up the kitchen." —Thomas Armstrong from Multiple Intelligences Around the World Multiple intelligences (MI) theory has been introduced and implemented successfully in numerous countries around the world. This is the first collection to review, synthesize, and reflect on this unique cross-cultural and educational phenomenon. Through this synthesis and reflection, the book's authors provide a fresh and fuller understanding of MI theory. In addition, they develop more specific knowledge about why MI theory has been welcomed in so many countries, how its use can be appropriate in diverse cultures, and what has supported and fueled travel of the MI meme.

Effect of Ecological Intelligence on Developing Ecological Sensitivity Among Prospective Teachers

Author : Dr.M. Caroline Maria
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This book is about an experimental study carried out by the author to find out the effect of ecological intelligence on developing ecological sensitivity among prospective teachers. The experiment is conducted to enhance the prospective teachers’ ecological intelligence in order to develop their ecological sensitivity which is expected to be imbibed in student community for ensuring a safe environment to all living beings. The author has adopted Daniel Goleman’s idea of ecological intelligence and developed the concept of ecological sensitivity from the perspective of the mental disposition of an individual to deal effectively the dynamic environment with empathy by taking initiatives to mitigate the environmental problems for sustainable development since the prevailing environmental condition demands the human beings to quickly respond to the environmental problems in order to protect the environment not only for the continued survival of the present generation, but also to ensure safe environment for the future generations.