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Natural by Design

Author : Judith Phillips
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Landscape gardening involves a partnership between gardener and environment and an understanding of why and how plants grow where they do. This title takes the reader on an illustrated garden tour through the rich ecosystems of the Southwest and into gardens the author has designed in the upland forests, riparian oases, and arid city plots.

A Guide to Natural Ventilation Design

Author : C. Don Manuel, P.E.
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This book is an attempt to combine all the books, literatures, researches and universities master’s theses available for a shortcut fundamental knowledge to design basic passive or natural ventilation in residential homes. As in-depth studies in passive design will take years of immense work due to so many variables involved, we tried to gather just enough information to provide you the basic working knowledge to start designing your simple naturally ventilated project. We also included our NV study of a high-rise building that was successfully built.

Design and Experimental Results for a Natural Laminar Flow Airfoil for General Aviation Application

Author : Dan M. Somers
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A natural-laminar-flow airfoil for general aviation applications, the NLF(1)-0416, was designed and analyzed theoretically and verified experimentally in the Langley Low-Turbulence Pressure Tunnel. The basic objective of combining the high maximum lift of the NASA low-speed airfoils with the low cruise drag of the NACA 6-series airfoils was achieved. The safety requirement that the maximum lift coefficient not be significantly affected with transition fixed near the leading edge was also met. Comparisons of the theoretical and experimental results show excellent agreement. Comparisons with other airfoils, both laminar flow and turbulent flow, confirm the achievement of the basic objective.

Natural Systems Design

Author : David West
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Nature by Design

Author : Eric Higgs
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An examination of the cultural aspects and philosophical underpinnings of ecological restoration and what constitutes successful restoration.

Modelling in Natural Sciences

Author : Tibor Müller
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This book defines the wide application of the art of modelling. The main emphasis is on the imaging of dynamic processes which are analysed and subdivided into their atomic constituents by means of systems analysis. The cyclic structure and the stages of models’ set-up are explained. The evaluation of a model’s quality is regarded as a stochastic process. The aspects of grade used in different fields of sciences are brought into perspective. Thus, a quantitative concept of validity on the basis of conditional degrees of rational belief can be developed.

Natural Channel Systems

Author : Ontario. Ministry of Natural Resources
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The management and design of natural channel systems may be defined as the process by which new or reconstructed stream channels and their associated flood plain riparian systems are designed to be naturally functional, stable, healthy, productive, and sustainable. This document is intended to provide an approach to natural channel management and design by identifying important functional ecological relationships between stream channels, their associated riparian and flood plain systems, and their watersheds. It provides a conceptual basis for natural channel systems, describes design principles, and also introduces a stream classification system that can be used in identifying often overlooked geomorphological principles and attributes of stream and valley systems. A case study design application and a glossary are included.

Nature and Ideology

Author : Dumbarton Oaks Colloquium on the History of Landscape Architecture (18th : 1995)
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This volume explores the broad range of ideas about nature reflected in twentieth-century concepts of natural gardens and their ideological implications. A possible definition--nature is ideology--suggests that nature can be seen as a systematic scheme of ideas held by particular social, political, and cultural groups, and that our definition of nature is a human intellectual construct. Historical and contemporary concepts of natural garden design provide evidence of these different concepts of nature. The desire to produce a natural garden design has fascinated many professional and amateur garden designers, and the essays in this volume investigate their use of earlier ideas of natural gardens and their relationship to the rich model that nature offers. The work of early twentieth-century natural garden advocates helped shape much of twentieth-century landscape architecture in both the United States and Europe, and the ideologies underlying the concepts of natural gardens show how political, economic, and social developments influenced design programs and decisions.

Design Nature IV

Author : C. A. Brebbia
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Design in engineering and science has often been inspired by nature. This has been more evident in recent years, after a period during which our civilization thought in terms of taming rather than working in harmony with nature. The consequences of that approach are still with us and have resulted in a world increasingly homogenized, lacking in biodiversity and with increased pollution. Mankind has been slow to learn and even slower to apply the lessons that nature offers, in spite of the urgency of our predicament. This book contains papers presented at the fourth International Conference on Comparing Design in Nature with Science and Engineering . The emphasis of this Volume is on engineering and architectural applications and on biomimetics, reflecting in some measure current interest in finding environmentally friendly solutions which also optimize the use of natural resources. The contributions have been arranged into the following topics: Biomimetics; Shape and Form in Engineering Nature; Nature and Architectural Design; Natural Materials and Surfaces; Complexity; and Education.

Natural Energy Design Handbook

Author : Jim Campe
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The Natural Flow Wing design Concept

Author : Richard M. Wood
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Natural Ventilation in Buildings

Author : Servando Alvarez
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AIOLOS is a computational tool for the calculation of the airflow rates in naturally ventilated buildings.

Discovering Natural Design

Author : Kenneth Neville
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Design Manual of Natural Methods of Cooling Electronic Equipment

Author : Welsh, James P.
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Natural Pattern Forms

Author : Richard L. Dubé
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Natural Pattern Forms A Practical Sourcebook for Landscape Design Richard L. Dubé Here for the first time is a practical guide to naturalistic landscape design. With the aid of easy-to-use templates, author Richard L. Dubé introduces you to 48 natural pattern forms, and shows you how to apply these natural solutions to everyday outdoor design problems. Imagine drawing from a palette as varied as an arcing river, receding hills—even clouds and frost. This book provides the inspiration you need to break away from staid design solutions and discover design solutions that are creative and natural. All 48 original templates include a sketch, a photo, and a discussion of the structure, aesthetic attributes, and underlying emotional tone of the pattern form. In addition, Mr. Dubé shows how each form can be reconfigured to meet the needs of specific spaces. Further, each template is cross-referenced to specific design applications, demonstrating practical ways to incorporate natural pattern forms in real designs. This book is a unique and invaluable visual resource for professionals and a creative guide for students who are learning to see the natural landscape in a new way. In addition to expanding any existing repertoire of design solutions, this important new resource: Looks at specific design problems. Offers a range of possible solutions for each problem. Explains how and where to look for natural patterns. Presents information in a clear and concise manner. Provides beautiful visual examples. Author Richard L. Dubé is uniquely qualified to create the first practical guide to naturalistic landscape design. A practicing landscape designer for 17 years, Mr. Dubé is a professional interpretive naturalist with extensive knowledge of Japanese landscape design and construction. In this book he draws upon his knowledge of the conscious use of natural pattern forms in the world-renowned gardens of Japan.

Nature Design and Science

Author : Del Ratzsch
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Explores the question of whether or not concepts and principles involving supernatural intelligent design can occupy any legitimate place within science.

Design by Nature

Author : Erica Tanov
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The first design book that translates elements of nature--including flora, water, and wood--into elements of decor for beautiful, lived-in, bohemian interiors, from acclaimed designer and tastemaker Erica Tanov. Inspired by nature's colors, textures, and patterns, design icon Erica Tanov uses her passion for textiles to create beautiful, timeless interiors that connect us to the natural world. Now, in her first book, Design by Nature, Tanov teaches you how to train your eye to the beauty of the natural world, and then bring the outdoors in—incorporating patterns and motifs from nature, as well as actual organic elements, into simple ideas for everyday decorating and design. Design by Nature contains new and imaginative decorating ideas for an organic and bohemian style that mixes and layers rugs, pillows, throws, and drapery, and incorporates unique patterns and fabrics such as shibori, ikat, and jamdani, all stunningly photographed by renowned photographer Ngoc Minh Ngo. With topics ranging from embracing imperfection in your home, to seeking out flea markets, to displaying your collections, Design by Nature takes an enduring and intuitive approach to design that transcends fleeting trends and encourages you to find your own personal style, source of creativity, and connection to the natural world. You don't need to travel to distant locales to find beauty; it's all around us, from the crackle of fallen leaves to the jagged bark of a tree.

Natural Design

Author : Stephen Bayley
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The Art of Natural Building

Author : Joseph F. Kennedy
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The search for housing that is healthy, affordable, and environmentally responsible is leading a growing number of people to take a fresh look at building techniques long shunned by the modern construction industry. Recently, books on specific techniques such as straw-bale construction, cob or rammed earth have become available, but there has been little to introduce the reader to the entire field. The Art of Natural Building fills that void wholly by being a complete and user-friendly introduction to natural building for non-professionals as well as architects and designers. From straw bale and cob to recycled concrete and salvaged materials, this anthology of articles from leaders in the field focuses on both the practical and the esthetic concerns of ecological building designs and techniques. Above all, this empowering guide demonstrates that anyone can design and build a home from natural materials that is beautiful, low-cost, and environmentally-sensible. Profusely illustrated, The Art of Natural Building is divided into five sections. The first provides an overview of the natural building movement from the various perspectives of sustainability, lifestyle, and health. The second section looks at planning and design, followed by a section that focuses on specific techniques and the vast variety of materials used in natural building. Next, examples of diverse natural dwellings are shared-from a Hybrid Hobbit House to a thatched studio and a cob office. Finally, complementary systems, such as solar appliances, composting toilets, and alternative power systems are covered. Packed with additional resources and a bibliography, this is the encyclopedia of natural building!

Your Natural Home

Author : Janet Marinelli
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Suggests safe building, remodeling, and decorating products