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Natural Beekeeping

Author : Ross Conrad
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Offers an alternative to conventional chemical beekeeping practices with a natural hive management program, and includes information on bee anatomy, urban beekeeping, working with queens, mite control, and hive diseases.

Common Sense Natural Beekeeping

Author : Kim Flottum
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Common Sense Natural Beekeeping teaches aspiring as well as experienced beekeepers how to keep their bees healthy and productive without depending on unnatural chemical or human intervention.

Learning From Bees A Philosophy Of Natural Beekeeping

Author : Philip Chandler
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Beekeeping For Dummies

Author : Howland Blackiston
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Your guide to becoming a successful back yard beekeeper Want to find out what all the buzz is about beekeeping? The latest edition of Beekeeping For Dummies gives you the most trusted and up-to-date information on safely keeping your own bees, including complete instructions for assembling and maintaining beehives, handling all phases of honey production, using the latest tools and equipment, and much more. Keeping your own bees has many benefits: they not only pollinate your garden, but you can harvest the honey, honeycomb, propolis, bee pollen, and wax. With the expert guidance in Beekeeping For Dummies, you'll get the know-how to acquire your own bees and transfer them safely to their new home, securely open and close the hive, inspect your bees at the right time, handle common problems, and extract honey like a pro. Includes expert tips for maintaining a healthy bee colonyContains options for using natural (non-chemical) methods for keeping bees healthy Has information for keeping bees in both suburban and urban environments Covers harvesting and marketing your honey Explores the impact the sudden disappearance of the honey bee has on our environment and economy Provides information on how to raise your own queen bees and improve the genetics of your colonies If you're brand-new to the scene or a seasoned beekeeper looking for the latest tools, techniques and information on back yard beekeeping, this hands-on, friendly guide has you covered.

Modern Beekeeping

Author : Ramón Eduardo Rebolledo Ranz
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Beekeeping worldwide has seen remarkable development in the face of the growing demand for products from bees by consumers who demand increasingly innocuous products that do not harm the environment. However, it should be noted that, recently, problems have arisen in beekeeping production that could become restrictive factors for the worldwide development of beekeeping. This book includes, in simple and accessible terms, very relevant topics such as the effect of pesticides, the impact of diseases and their management, production and analysis of pollen present in honey, DNA analysis, and sustainable management, among others. This book is answering an expected need for accurate and international information for the productive sector.

Handbook of Beekeeping by the Natural Method

Author : A. M. Hogwood
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The Thinking Beekeeper

Author : Christy Hemenway
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A guide to an alternative method of keeping bees, shows how to cultivate top bar hives, in a book aimed an those interested in ensuring the viability of the bee population for years to come. Original.

Keeping Bees with a Smile

Author : Fedor Lazutin
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The updated bestselling guide to laid-back beekeeping for all, naturally! Are you a beginner beekeeper curious about bees or a practicing beekeeper looking for natural alternatives that work? Then this book is for you! In the second edition of the bestselling beekeeping guide Keeping Bees with a Smile, Fedor Lazutin, one of Europe's most successful natural beekeepers, shares the bee-friendly approach to apiculture that is fun, healthful, rewarding, and accessible to all. This new edition includes dozens of color photographs, new hive management techniques, and an updated version of "Lazutin hive" plans. Additional coverage includes: Keeping bees naturally without interfering in their lives Starting an apiary for free by attracting local bee swarms Building low-maintenance hives that mimic how bees live in nature Keeping colonies healthy and strong without any drugs, sugar, or gimmickry Helping bees to overwinter successfully even in harsh climates Enhancing local nectar plant resources Producing truly natural honey without robbing the bees Reversing the global bee decline... right in your backyard! Keeping Bees with a Smile is an invaluable resource for apiculture beginners and professionals alike, complete with plans for making bee-friendly, well-insulated horizontal hives with extra-deep frames, plus other fascinating beekeeping advice you won't find anywhere else.


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The Wilderness Cure

Author : Mo Wilde
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'Inspiration and delight sparkle from every page … This book [is] a revelation of joy to the general reader for whom wild food is another country.' John Wright, author of the River Cottage handbooks A captivating and lyrical journey into our ancestral past, through what and how we eat. Mo Wilde made a quiet but radical pledge: to live only off free, foraged food for an entire year. In a world disconnected from its roots, eating wild food is both culinary and healing, social and political. Ultimately, it is an act of love and community. Using her expert knowledge of botany and mycology, Mo follows the seasons to find nutritious food from hundreds of species of plants, fungi and seaweeds, and in the process learns not just how to survive, but how to thrive. Nourishing her body and mind deepens her connection with the earth – a connection that we have become estranged from but which we all, deep down, hunger for. This hunger is about much more than food. It is about accepting and understanding our place in a natural network that is both staggeringly complex and beautifully simple. THE WILDERNESS CURE is a diary of a wild experiment; a timely and inspiring memoir which explores a deeper relationship between humans and nature, and reminds us of the important lost lessons from our past.