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Native North American Shamanism

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Gives the reader access to a wealth of information on an essential part of Native North American spiritual life.

Encyclopedia of Native American Shamanism

Author : William S. Lyon (Ph. D.)
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Entries identify leaders, shamans, and specific beliefs and practices of various tribes

Shamanism in North America

Author : Norman Bancroft-Hunt
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Native Americans believed that it was their responsibility to maintain harmony in the natural world on which they depended by performing a variety of rituals. Shamans were credited with exceptional powers to act on behalf of the community. They claimed to be capable of separating their spirits from their bodies and interceding with those spirits that controlled the many forces of nature. Having studied the subject at first hand during his many visits to American tribes, Dr. Norman Bancroft Hunt sets out the richly rewarding results of his research in this survey of shamanic traditions and practices in various Native American groups. Shamanism in North America is profusely illustrated with the most remarkable masks, effigies, and implements used by shamans and includes evocative images of the often harsh wilderness inhabited by the tribes under discussion, as well as some revealing historical photographs of shamans.

North American Indian Medicine Powers

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This book is the first-ever publication to provide an in-depth overview of American Indian medicine powers. More importantly, it challenges the current notion that a belief in medicine powers is merely the result of primitive superstition. Utilizing a recent discovery in quantum mechanics, hailed by some physicists as â oethe greatest discovery in the history of science, â it explains how quantum mechanics principles can be used to better explain why shamans do what they do during ceremony. This results in the book taking the point of view that there is now more evidence to assume Indian medicine powers are real than to assume they are not.


Author : Mariko Namba Walter
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A guide to worldwide shamanism and shamanistic practices, emphasizing historical and current cultural adaptations. * Nearly 200 entries on shamanic belief systems, practices, rituals, and related phenomena * 152 contributors including international experts and pioneering researchers in the field * 100 photos, charts, and tables * Multicultural bibliography of significant materials from the fields of history, ethnography, and anthropology

Shamanic Healing and Ritual Drama

Author : Åke Hultkrantz
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"In this pioneering work one of the world's leading experts on Native American traditions offers a detailed survey of Native American practices and beliefs regarding health, medicine, and religion. In contrast to the sharp Euro-American division between medicine and religion, Native American medical beliefs and practices can only be assessed, says the author, in their relation to their religious ideas." "Spanning the full length and breadth of Native North American cultural areas, from the Northeast to the Southwest, the Southeast to the Northwest, the book offers "thick" descriptions of traditional Native American medical and religious beliefs and practices, demonstrating that for Native Americans medicine and religion are two sides of the same coin: a coherent and holistic system in which supernaturalism acts as a motor in healing."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Religion in Native North America

Author : Christopher Vecsey
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Native North American Spirituality of the Eastern Woodlands

Author : Elisabeth Tooker
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This work makes available for the first time in a single volume a representative collection of the major spiritual texts from the Native American Indian peoples of the East Coast. Elisabeth Tooker, professor of anthropology at Temple University and and editor of The Handbook of North American Indians, presents the sacred traditions of the Iroquois, Winnibego, Fox, Menominee, Delaware, Cherokee and others. Included here are cosmological myths, thanksgiving addresses, dreams and visions, speeches of the shamans, teachings of parents, puberty fasts, blessings, healing rites, stories, songs, ceremonials for fires, hunting wars, feasts and the rituals of various spiritual societies.

Native North American Art History

Author : Zena Pearlstone Mathews
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Distinguished Native American Spiritual Practitioners and Healers

Author : Troy R. Johnson
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An A-to-Z resource providing short biographical essays on 100 Native American spiritual figures, from well known figures such as Sitting Bull and Black Elk, to lesser known spiritual leaders such as Wovoka and Quanah Parker; along with suggestions of print and electronic sources for further reading.

Encyclopedia of Native American Healing

Author : William S. Lyon
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Covers traditional medicine

Reincarnation Beliefs of North American Indians

Author : Warren Jefferson
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Here is an in-depth look at spiritual experiences about which very little has been written. Belief in reincarnation exists not only in India but in most small tribal societies throughout the world, including many Indian groups in North America. The reader is offered a rich tapestry of stories from a number of North American tribes about death, dying, and returning to this life. Included are stories from the Inuit of the polar regions; the Northwest Coast people, such as the Kwakiutl, the Gitxsan, the Tlingit, and the Suquamish; the Hopi and the Cochiti of the Southwest; the Winnebago of the Great Lakes region; the Cherokee of the Southeast,; and the Sioux people of the Plains area. Readers will learn about a Winnebago shaman's initiation, the Cherokee's Orpheus myth, the Hopi story of A Journey to the Skeleton House, the Inuit man who lived the lives of all animals, the Ghost Dance, and other extraordinary accounts. The ethnological record indicates reincarnation beliefs are found among the indigenous peoples on all continents of this earth as well as in most of the world's major religions. This book makes a valuable contribution towards having a deeper understanding of North American Indian spiritual beliefs.

Native American Religions

Author : Lawrence Eugene Sullivan
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Part of a series covering the history, practices and beliefs of religions this book provides an account of the natural religions of North America, from Blackfeet and Navajo religion to Shamanism. It also gives an insight into religious drama, dance, myth and music.


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Native North American Art

Author : John Wallace Nunley
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Wolf Medicine

Author : Wolf Moondance
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"Take a trip to the North section of the Rainbow Medicine Wheel, where the brain, mind, and soul reside and the wolf is the totem, and learn to understand the lessons of trust, limits, expectations, failure, listening, forgiveness, and inner peace."--New Times.

Native North American Biography A I

Author : Sharon Malinowski
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Profiles 112 Native North Americans from the United States and Canada, living and deceased, prominent in fields ranging from civil rights to sports, politics and tribal leadership to literature, entertainment to religion, science to military.

Chronology of Native North American History

Author : Duane Champagne
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Outlines important people, places, and events in Native American history, covering such topics as art, activism, education, literature, religion, and sports

American Reference Books Annual 2000

Author : Bohdan S. Wynar
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Thorough and in-depth coverage of reference materials is at your fingertips with American Reference Books Annual. With nearly 1600 descriptive and evaluative entries, it continues its tradition as a comprehensive review source for reference works published or distributed in the United States. It encompasses the entire subject spectrum, covering such areas as general reference, history, education, literature, urban studies, economics and business, and science and technology. Some CD-ROMs and Canadian reference publications are covered.

Native Arts of North America

Author : David W. Penney
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A look at the various expressions of Indian art over the centuries, including archaeology, dress, materials, pottery, basket-making, painting and sculpture.