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Author : Munro Price
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On April 20, 1814, after a dizzying series of battles, campaigns, and diplomatic intrigues, a defeated Napoleon Bonaparte made his farewell speech to the Old Guard in the courtyard of the Chateau de Fontainebleau and set off for exile on the island of Elba. Napoleonic legend asserts that the Emperor was brought down by foreign powers determined to destroy him and discredit his achievements, with the aid of highly placed domestic traitors. Others argue that once Napoleon's military defeats began in 1812, his fall became inevitable. But in fact, as Munro Price shows in this brilliant new book, Napoleon's fall could have been avoided altogether. Exploring a critical and often neglected period of Napoleonic history between 1812 and 1814, Napoleon: The End of Glory offers a more complete picture of the Emperor's decline and fall than any previous work. Price analyzes the political, military, and diplomatic events of the period, from Napoleon's disastrous invasion of Russia in 1812 to the multiple failed attempts by Austria to broker peace. He illuminates the dynamic relationships between Napoleon and the wily Austrian foreign minister Metternich-whose desire for equilibrium within the European states system clashed with Napoleon's unshakeable belief in hegemony and subjection-and the charming and enigmatic Alexander I of Russia. And he explores the lasting impact of the bloody Terror of the French Revolution on Napoleon's decisions once he came to power. Rejecting the assumption that defeat was unavoidable, Price considers instead why Napoleon failed to explore a compromise peace that could have allowed him to keep his crown, arguing that the answer to this question has powerful implications for our understanding of the Napoleonic wars. Ultimately, Price provides a convincing portrait of the Emperor's decline, exposing his blindness, intransigence and miscalculations; his preference for war and his declining ability to wage it; and his nearly pathological fear of a dishonorable peace. A deeply researched study of the moment of a great man's fall, Napoleon: The End of Glory forces us to reconsider Napoleon's character, motives, and the reasons for his spectacular failure.

Napoleon and Berlin

Author : Michael V. Leggiere
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At a time when Napoleon needed all his forces to reassert French dominance in Central Europe, why did he fixate on the Prussian capital of Berlin? Instead of concentrating his forces for a decisive showdown with the enemy, he repeatedly detached large numbers of troops, under ineffective commanders, toward the capture of Berlin. In Napoleon and Berlin, Michael V. Leggiere explores Napoleon’s almost obsessive desire to capture Berlin and how this strategy ultimately lost him all of Germany. Napoleon’s motives have remained a subject of controversy from his own day until ours. He may have hoped to deliver a tremendous blow to Prussia’s war-making capacity and morale. Ironically, the heavy losses and strategic reverses sustained by the French left Napoleon’s Grande Armee vulnerable to an Allied coalition that eventually drove Napoleon from Central Europe forever.

The Confidential Correspondence of Napoleon Bonaparte with His Brother Joseph

Author : Napoleon I (Emperor of the French)
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The Code Napoleon and the Common Law World

Author : Bernard Schwartz
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Schwartz, Bernard, Editor. The Code Napoleon and the Common-Law World: The Sesquicentennial Lectures Delivered at The Law Center of New York University December 13-15, 1954. New York: New York University Press, 1956. x, 438 pp. Reprinted 1998 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. LCCN 98-34100. ISBN 1-886363-59-5. Cloth. $80. * Reprint of the first edition, the work consists of the papers delivered by participants in the conference sponsored by the New York University Institute of Comparative Law to honor the 150th anniversary of the French Civil Code, which was the largest public celebration of the event in the legal world. The papers deal with the influence of the Code upon common-law countries in their efforts to manage statute and case law and gives examples of modern attempts at restatement of the law and uniform state laws as examples of the effect of the Code's coherence and logic. At the time of these lectures Schwartz was Director of the Institute.


Author : Steven Englund
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A political biography of Napoleon Bonaparte charts his rise and fall, detailing his devotion to the French Revolution and his seminal influence on the face of nineteenth-century European history.

Women Against Napoleon

Author : Waltraud Maierhofer
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Although Prussia’s beloved Queen Luise and the Swiss-born aristocrat and writer Germaine de Staël were Napoleon Bonaparte’s best-known female opponents, women’s discontent with Napoleon and the Napoleonic wars was more widespread—and vocal—than once assumed. Women against Napoleon expands our awareness of the range of women’s responses to the despot by presenting an international spectrum of female opposition, including contemporary letters, diaries, and published writings, as well as historical fiction of the twentieth century. By setting these materials together, this volume forges new links between literary, historical, and gender scholarship.

Napoleon and Europe

Author : Philip Ingram
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Part of a series designed to meet the demand for materials which develop important A- and AS-Level skills, this is an assessment of the rise and fall of French fortunes within the wider context of 18th- and 19th-century Europe, and the man who was behind them.


Author : Barry Edward O'Meara
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Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte

Author : Louis Antoine Fauvelet de Bourrienne
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Napoleon s Italy

Author : Desmond Gregory
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Third, what was the impact on Italy of fifteen years of Napoleonic rule?".

Napoleon s Invasion of Russia

Author : Hereford B. George
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Drawn from innumerable sources, this book provides a concise history of the reasons for, the campaigns, and the conclusion of Napoleon's ill-fated attempt to conquer Russia. Unlike other accounts, this book offers a more accessible version of events and separates fact from fiction to provide an insight into Napoleon's motives and reasons for his eventual failure.

Napoleon and History Painting

Author : Christopher Prendergast
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"Christopher Prendergast's study is an inquiry into the fortunes, in both theory and practice, of the idea of history painting during the Napoleonic period. His main argument is that under Napoleon, French history painting, especially battle painting, encountered a series of questions as to its nature and function. These questions arose in part from the (often contradictory) demands of a propaanda - machine operating within a post-revolutionary crisis of political legitimation, but also from changes in artistic taste which both retained and re-directed an earlier notion of the civic responsibilities of the history painter. This is a resolutely interdisciplinary book: drawing on perspectives from political thought and history, military theory and practice, and art history, it centres on the work of the painter, Antoine-Jean Gros, and his controversial painting, La Bataille d'Eylau." --Book Jacket.


Author : Lord Rosebery
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British statesman and author ARCHIBALD PHILIP PRIMROSE, 5TH EARL OF ROSEBERY (1847-1929) served two terms as Foreign Secretary and one controversial tenure as Prime Minister in 1894-5. His political experience combined with his abiding interest in all things imperial surely makes him one of the most intriguing historians to write about the life of Napoleon. In this monograph, first published in 1900, Lord Rosebery looks at Napoleon's final years and the legacy he left behind, expounding upon the previous writings about the French emperor, especially with regards to his doubts about their veracity and completeness, and offering his thoughts on Napoleon's life in exile, the question of what title he should be afforded, Napoleon's impact upon democracy, and much more. This curious volume of 19th-century history will intrigue students of Napoleon and of historical commentary alike.

Napoleon and the Woman Question

Author : June K. Burton
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"Examination of predominantly primary sources focuses on discourses of women and women's issues in light of the prevailing view of the relationship between the physical and the moral in feminine bodies and minds. Burton discusses France's first national system of midwifery education, women's medicine and surgery, and medical law"--Provided by publisher.

Histoire G n rale de Napol on Bonaparte

Author : comte Antoine-Claire Thibaudeau
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Resisting Napoleon

Author : Mark Philp
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"By bringing together historians of Britain and France to examine the dynamics of the conflict between the two nations in this period, this book measures its impact on their domestic political cultures, and its effect on their perceptions of each other. In so doing it will encourage scholars to examine in more detail aspects of popular mobilization which have hitherto been largely ignored, such as the resurgence of loyalism in 1803, and to see contributions in the light of the dual contexts of domestic political conflict and their war with each other. The book contributes both new detail to our understanding of the period and a better overall understanding of the complex place that each nation came to occupy in the consciousness of the other."--BOOK JACKET.

The Wars of Napoleon

Author : Albert Sidney Britt
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This covers the early years of Napoleon Bonaparte's military career to the Emperor's defeat at Waterloo. Here is a brilliant analysis of Napoleon's military strenths and weaknesses, as well as his many opponents' failures in the face of battle.

Napoleon and Wellington

Author : Andrew Roberts
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A dual biography of the greatest opposing generals of their age who ultimately became fixated on one another, by a bestselling historian. 'Thoroughly enjoyable, beautifully written and meticulously researched' Observer On the morning of the battle of Waterloo, the Emperor Napoleon declared that the Duke of Wellington was a bad general, the British were bad soldiers and that France could not fail to win an easy victory. Forever afterwards historians have accused him of gross overconfidence, and massively underestimating the calibre of the British commander opposed to him. Andrew Roberts presents an original, highly revisionist view of the relationship between the two greatest captains of their age. Napoleon, who was born in the same year as Wellington - 1769 - fought Wellington by proxy years earlier in the Peninsula War, praising his ruthlessness in private while publicly deriding him as a mere 'sepoy general'. In contrast, Wellington publicly lauded Napoleon, saying that his presence on a battlefield was worth forty thousand men, but privately wrote long memoranda lambasting Napoleon's campaigning techniques. Although Wellington saved Napoleon from execution after Waterloo, Napoleon left money in his will to the man who had tried to assassinate Wellington. Wellington in turn amassed a series of Napoleonic trophies of his great victory, even sleeping with two of the Emperor's mistresses.

Napoleon s Conquest of Europe

Author : Frederick C. Schneid
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Exploring the diplomatic, economic, and military aspects of the 1805 campaign, this vivid account details how Napoleon played upon historic relationships, competition, and animosities to lay the foundation for victory over his European rivals.

The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte

Author : Louis Antoine Fauvelet de Bourrienne
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