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Undercover Nanny

Author : Wendy Warren
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MARY POPPINS—P.I.? Private investigator D.J. Holden lived by the one rule she learned from her boss and foster father: Never go undercover. But when she discovered that his agency was in trouble, she accepted a job to investigate Maxwell Lotorto, the wayward grandchild of a demanding woman and heir to a grocery fortune…. And became Daisy June, nanny extraordinaire. What D.J. didn't expect was for her first undercover job to turn into something more—a passion for Max and for his family unlike anything she'd ever known. But when Max learned the truth about his supernanny's true identity, would her duplicity ruin a chance at true love?

Wild Jams and Jellies

Author : Joe Freitus
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Contains countless recipes for jams, jellies, pickles, preserves, sauces, and butters, including: Blueberry Jam Strawberry Jelly Cocoplum-Amaretto Sauce Sapphireberry Preserves Prickly Pear Jam Spicy Black Gum Jelly and many more! Jam lovers looking for an alternative to preservatives, synthetic sweeteners, and artificial flavors have long turned to wild edibles as a source for their own spreads and condiments. Wild Jams and Jellies is an excellent primer on the art and science of creating these delectables, covering all the equipment you'll need as well as essential techniques for selecting plants, adding sugar and pectin, cooking on a stove or microwave, choosing containers, and creating a firm seal. It also includes hundreds of time-tested recipes, from familiar favorites such as cranberry sauce and grape jelly to more exotic selections like passion flower rum sauce and manzanita chow chow. Each one is a delicious treat, more flavorful, nutritious, and satisfying than anything you'll find in a supermarket.

The Nanny Clause

Author : Karen Rose Smith
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Three kids. One pregnant cat. And one perfect nanny… When Daniel Sutton’s daughters rescue an abandoned calico, the hardworking attorney doesn’t expect to be sharing his home with a litter of newborns! And the adorable kittens aren’t his only houseguests. Animal shelter volunteer Emma Alvarez is transforming the lives of Daniel and his three girls. The first-time nanny is a natural with kids and pets. Will that extend to a single father ready to trust in love again?

Winning the Nanny s Heart

Author : Shirley Jump
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ADDING UP TO FAMILY Figures, not families, were her forte. Yet somehow CPA Katie WIlliams found herself accepting single dad Sam Millwright's desperate job offer to help care for his two young children. She took the job…temporarily. Because losing her heart to this love-starved family was definitely off the books. Sam knew Katie was different from her first day on the job. In just a short while, the new nanny had coaxed a smile from his sullen daughter and got his silent son to speak. And she awakened a part of the widower's heart he'd long since locked away. Still, Katie planned to leave—and Sam knew if he stood any chance of convincing her to stay, he had to show the temporary nanny that they could have a permanent future…together!

Baby s Daily Log Book

Author : Tina R Kelly
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This Baby's Daily Log Book is an amazing tool to keep track for summarizing a baby's day and staying organized with their schedule. Baby's logbook tracking form keeps your baby is eating food, sleeping, playing, baby's diaper changes and more. Makes the perfect baby shower gift for the mom to be, babysitters, daycare, caregivers, a nanny and more. Baby Eat Sleep Poop Journal Details: Date Weight Meals/Feed time food and amount Diapers Sleep li>Medication/Vitamins Shopping List Activities Notes Size 6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm) can squeeze it into a purse with ease. Premium Matte finish Paperback cover

The Nanny s Homecoming

Author : Linda Goodnight
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After her fiancé calls off their wedding, Brooke Clayton has nowhere to go but home. If she can survive in the tiny Colorado town for a year, she'll fulfill the odd terms of her estranged grandfather's will. Turns out the wealthy businessman next door, handsome single father Gabe Wesson, needs a nanny for his sweet toddler—and Brooke needs a job. But Gabe sees Brooke as a reminder of the young wife he lost. Given their pasts, do they dare hope to fit together as a family…forever?

The Advance

Author :
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The American Practice Condensed Or The Family Physician

Author : Wooster Beach
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Once a Week

Author : S. Lucas
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The New Century for Woman

Author :
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Hit List

Author : Sarah Cortez
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In Lucha Corpis story, "Hollow Point at the Synapses," her unique narrator, a bullet, describes the instant before killing a young Peruvian woman: "I feel the pull of the hammer. The pressure mounts. I am now in place. The moment is upon me. Swiftly and efficiently, I will do what I must, what I was created for. In an instant, I am off, traveling at a speed reserved only for death." This groundbreaking anthology of short fiction by Latino mystery writers, Hit List: The Best of Latino Mystery, features an intriguing and unpredictable cast of sleuths, murderers and crime victims. Reflecting the authors and societys preoccupation with identity, self, and territory, the stories run the gamut of the mystery genre, from traditional to noir, from the private investigator to the police procedural, and even a "chick lit" mystery. "The Right Profile" features a Miami private investigator who goes undercover to prove a deadbeat father can pay child support, and she delights in testifying against him in court. In "The Skull of Pancho Villa," someone has stolen the family heirloom and its up to Gus Corral to get it back. And in "A New York Chicano," a successful bachelor from El Paso a graduate of NYU working for Merrill Lynch in Manhattan gets his revenge against a xenophobic newscaster. Hit List collects for the first time short fiction by many of the Latino authors who have been pioneers in the mystery genre, using it to showcase their unique cultures, neighborhoods and realities. Contributors include award-winning writers such as Carolina García-Aguilera, Alicia Gaspar de Alba, Rolando Hinojosa, Manuel Ramos and Sergio Troncoso, as well as emerging writers who deserve more recognition.

Youth s Companion

Author :
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The Hedge of Thorns

Author : Helen Ashton
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Garden Journal

Author :
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The Garden Journal

Author :
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View of Fashion

Author : Alison Adburgham
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Once a Week

Author : Eneas Sweetland Dallas
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Graham s American Monthly Magazine of Literature Art and Fashion

Author : George R. Graham
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Flowers a Guide for Your Garden

Author : Ippolito Pizzetti
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