Mystic Shawls 2


Author: Anna Dalvi

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781937513832

Category: Knitted lace

Page: 104

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Anna Dalvi is back with more Mystic shawls! From the author of Shaping Shawls and Ancient Egypt in Lace and Color comes the sequel to Mystic Shawls, filled with even more beautiful lace. Each of these shawls began as one of Anna's popular online knitalong patterns. Catch up with a dozen more shawl patterns from the Mystic series!

Mystic Experiences with Himalayan Masters


Author: Dr. Sant Dharamananda

Publisher: Enlight-n-Scent LLC


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: N.A

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This exciting and fascinating book chronicles Dr. Sant Dharamananda's real life experiences with the great Himalayan Masters. Explore the spirituality and ancient wisdom from the perspective of a practicing monk. Santji's life has been filled with incredible mystic experiences that will open your mind to a wider world, and fill you with the optimisim, love, and hope. Few words can sum up such an interesting and exhilarating life, and you'll find yourself turning each page in fascination and wonder.

The Penguin Dictionary of Judaism


Author: Nicholas De Lange

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141917105

Category: Religion

Page: 400

View: 8244

The Penguin Dictionary of Judaism is a remarkable feat of Reference scholarship by renowned Cambridge professor and translator, Nicholas de Lange. With an approachable A-Z format the book covers everything from Jewish traditions and biographical entries on key historical figures to theology, religious law and practice, and the history of Jewish thought. Each entry is presented with clarity, precision and authority. With extensive cross-referencing and invaluable additional material such as a chronology of Judaism and the Jewish calendar, this is an essential companion for students of Jewish studies, Hebrew, Religion and Theology plus anyone with a general interest in this rich religion.

An Introduction to Judaism


Author: N R M de Lange,Nicholas de Lange

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521466240

Category: Religion

Page: 247

View: 6394

This book is intended for students of religion and others who seek an introduction to Judaism.

The Smart Set

A Magazine of Cleverness


Author: George Jean Nathan,Henry Louis Mencken

Publisher: N.A



Page: N.A

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God's Dog: Memories, Confessions, Dreams & Revelations of a Modern Mystic

Memories, Confessions, Dreams & Revelations of a Modern Mystic


Author: William Schindler


ISBN: 1329901134

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 560

View: 2958

This is the extraordinary true tale of a middle-class, gay American's path to encounters with the Great Mystery that is God/dess/Self. The way to the Great Unknown was intricately intertwined with his humanity with all its foibles, and with human relationships. Therefore this story has to include those relationships, revealing ultimately how a one's personal identity and relationships become vehicles for enlightenment. This inspiring account of struggle, travel to exotic lands, suffering, and transcendence holds out hope for anyone who has ever felt outcaste, broken, or unworthy, demonstrating for our modern times that enlightenment lies within reach of us all.

Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect Mystic


Author: Osho

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 9780312274061

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

View: 5671

Understand the life and teachings of Osho, one of the twentieth century’s most unusual gurus and philosophers, in Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect Mystic. In 1990, Osho prepared for his departure from the body that had served him for fifty-nine years—in the words of his attending physician—“as calmly as though he were packing for a weekend in the country.” Who was this man, known as the Sex Guru, the “self-appointed bhagwan” (Rajneesh), the Rolls-Royce Guru, the Rich Man’s Guru, and simply the Master? Drawn from nearly five thousand hours of Osho’s recorded talks, this is the story of his youth and education, his life as a professor of philosophy and years of travel teaching the importance of meditation, and the true legacy he sought to leave behind: a religion-less religion centered on individual awareness and responsibility and the teaching of “Zorba the Buddha,” a celebration of the whole human being. Osho challenges readers to examine and break free of the conditioned belief systems and prejudices that limit their capacity to enjoy life in all its richness. He has been described by the Sunday Times of London as one of the “1000 Makers of the 20th Century” and by Sunday Mid-Day (India) as one of the ten people—along with Gandhi, Nehru, and Buddha—who have changed the destiny of India. Since his death in 1990, the influence of his teachings continues to expand, reaching seekers of all ages in virtually every country of the world.

Mystic's Musings (eBook)


Author: Sadhguru

Publisher: Isha Foundation


Category: Religion

Page: 516

View: 6274

Mystic’s Musings is a compilation of extracts from Sadhguru’s discourses and talks. An intriguing look into the truth that lies at the core of existence, this book provokes readers to delve into spaces that are not for the faint-hearted, yet deftly guides us with answers about reality that transcend our fears, angers, hopes, and struggles. Sadhguru keeps us teetering on the edge of logic and captivates us with his answers to questions relating to life, death, rebirth, suffering, karma, and the journey of the Self.