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The Mystery of the Light Within Us

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Casting Light on the Mystery of God in You

Author : Doris E. Thorn
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- Ties in gems of Truth in the Bible with modern New Age ideas. - Gives practical exercises for developing Spirituality, using RHYMES to ease the process of memorizing. - Gives helpful, specific ideas for feeding the subconscious mind with basic and new information. - Tells how to discover and increase the Spirit of God in you. Doris Says: "I have written this work in a folksy, practical, down-to-earth style, hoping it will trigger a spark in the mind of the average person who has not given much thought to the Mysterious World of Higher Vibrations. It is my hope and desire that this book will appeal to all people, but especially to the younger generation, who today seem to be bewildered, looking for answers to life in "highs" they get from excessive activity and drugs. I also hope to reach ANYONE of ANY AGE who is SKEPTICAL and BURDENED by NEGATIVITY. Here's to your revival "

From the Mysteries

Author : Hermann Beckh
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In the early part of the last century, Professor Hermann Beckh began a search to discover the truth about the Mystery wisdom of antiquity. As a recognized authority on Buddhist texts, he knew that complete knowledge of such Mysteries was not to be found within the limitations of waking consciousness, sense perception and logic. Beckh was already aware that Gautama Buddha had indicated the stages of higher knowledge. Furthermore, his studies of Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophical teachings revealed that such knowledge could be experienced directly, given disciplined meditation. Clairvoyant cognition included the conscious penetration of sleep consciousness, the dream state and an experience of pre-natal consciousness. Both the Mysteries and Rudolf Steiner’s major books, he concluded, were founded on the same perceptions. Beckh – a worldwide expert on Tibetan, Sanskrit, Pali and Avestan texts – quickly became disenchanted with Madame Blavatsky’s Theosophy, as it displayed little precise academic knowledge of primary records. At the same time, university departments showed scant trace of understanding the texts they analysed through philology and sociology. Thus, based on comprehensive studies and personal experience, he resolved to present his own perceptions and vision to the public. The results are to be found in this invaluable book, bringing together for the first time in English three groundbreaking publications: Our Origin in the Light (Genesis 1-9) (1924); Zarathustra (1927) and From the World of the Mysteries (1927), as well as five of Beckh’s articles from contemporary periodicals.

The Light Within Us

Author : Albert Schweitzer
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The classic collection of timeless quotations from the Nobel Peace Prize–winning missionary, theologian, and international bestselling author. Famous for founding the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Lambaréné, in what is now the West African country of Gabon, Albert Schweitzer was an accomplished theologian, physician, philosopher, music scholar, international bestselling author, and even a virtuoso organist. His many pursuits and achievements were inspired by his ethical philosophy of “Reverence for Life,” which he wrote about extensively in his many books and articles. In The Light Within Us, Schweitzer’s longtime friend Richard Kik has compiled many of his most insightful and inspiring quotations. Drawn from his many writings, these quotations share Schweitzer’s thoughts on service, gratitude, God, missionary work, and much more. A wonderful introduction to the breadth of Schweitzer’s thought, this slim volume contains an abundance of wisdom.

Light Within

Author : Laurence Freeman
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The Benedictine monk and writer, Laurence Freeman, took over the mantle of John Main after his death in 1982 and continues the work that he began, teaching Christians from all traditions the simplest way of prayer - meditation. It is simple in that it requires no words, yet encountering God without the safety barrier of our own thoughts and ideas is to open ourselves to total transformation. This collection of talks on Christian meditation is full of practical advice and great spiritual insights in equal measure. It shows how discovering the presence of Christ within through meditative prayer can give shape and purpose to everything we do and are: our actions, emotions, fears, longings, failings and dreams. As John Main taught, the point of this kind of prayer is to allow God's presence to become not just a reality, but the reality of our lives.

The great mystery of the great whore unfolded and Antichrist s kingdom revealed unto destruction

Author : George Fox
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Purifying Mysteries

Author : Samuel Jacobus Steyn
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I am invisible within the Thought of the Invisible One. I am revealed in the immeasurable, ineffable. I move in every creature. Powered One Thrice named, thrice male, and thrice powerful of the First Thought of the Invisible, Ineffable Spirit.I am the head of the All. I exist before the All, I am the All, since I exist in everyone...I am the Voice.I am the one who gradually put forth the All by my Thought.I am the first one who descended on Account of my portion which remains, that is, the Spirit that dwells in the soul, which originated from the Water of Life.I am the Light that illumines the All...I was seeking the ineffable and Unknowable God- whom if one should know him, he would be absolutely ignorant of him - the Mediator of the Triple-Powered One who subsist in stillness and silence and is unknowable Holy Spirit.“Your past does not determine your future”

Divine Mysteries

Author : John Todd Ferrier
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This is a selection of 38 of the writings of John Todd Ferrier. They have been selected to show the profundity and scope contained in his writings, nearly all of which were spoken to groups of friends between 1918 and 1943. Though given many years ago, they are timeless and connect to all truly mystic teachings through the ages and the universal laws that underlie them.In the Foreword we read:Divine Mysteries is a book for those who acknowledge their spirituality and who are seeking a deeper understanding of the mystery of life. It is for those who feel deeply inspired and committed to discovering the Divine - God - the Father-Mother - the Source - the indefinable essence of all life within themselves, the finding of which brings a sense of coming home, of peace and one-ness with all that is beautiful in creation.Topics covered include:Meditation, Angels, our connection to the Universe and all of Life; the nature of the Soul, of truth, of consciousness, reincarnation and life in the beyond, a deeper understanding of colour and music and their relationship.All of these teaching show aspect of the message of Love, which Todd Ferrier brought through from higher realms.

The Amazing Grace of the Hidden Word

Author : Linda Lee
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The book THE AMAZING GRACE OF THE HIDDEN WORD by LINDA LEE is a truly enlightening and thus life changing book. ~ DISCOVER THE SACRED TRUTHS THAT WERE HIDDEN FROM US by the admitted revisions made to the English Bible. ~ LEARN OF THE TRUE NATURE OF GOD, Hell, the fall of man and the angels, and the purpose for life. ~ EXPERIENCE THE REALIZATION OF A DEEPER UNDERSTANDING of biblical symbolisms. ~ YESHUWA THE MESSIAH URGED US TO REMEMBER OUR HIDDEN ORIGINS. He said, "Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent" (Rev. 2: 5). ~ God incarnate as Yeshuwa the Saviour (aka Yeshua, Jesus Christ) promised us, "seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you" (Matt. 7: 7). ~ THE AMAZING GRACE OF THE HIDDEN WORD offers the reader a rare opportunity to be enlightened to the amazing truths contained in the Holy Bible. ~ Cover illustrations by Moze Edward Howard ~ ~ (On, click on book name, then on Linda Lee to access E-Book) ~ 8.5 X 11 Paperback Edition:

The Next Step A Sufi Primer

Author : Sharon Marcus
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This is the voyage of the soul which moves in its own direction, away from the world to planes of inner light where truth is its own resonance and grace a flood of bliss. We have our own mystery locked in the secrets of the soul, secrets which can be told, although the mystery will unfold only in revelation, the experience which comes as its own verification. Here we are not talking about anything miraculous, just the extraordinary, sometimes even the ordinary, the confirmation of what we know, what we accept as truth.

The Magdalene Version Secret Wisdom from a Gnostic Mystery School

Author : Stuart Wilson
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Here is the real voice of Mary Magdalene, giving secret teachings from her Mystery School! During the years that followed the crucifixion, a Gnostic group met in Midsummer Gatherings on the island of Cyprus. Channeling by the angelic source Alariel has revealed eight Keynote Speeches by Mary Magdalene during these Gatherings. These speeches show a profound understanding of the Way that Jeshua taught. This is forbidden knowledge—forbidden by the Church because it could lead to the enlightenment and empowerment of those who heard it and applied it in their lives. The Pure Transmission which forms the teachings of Mary Magdalene has been restored to us through angelic intervention at the end of the planetary cycle. These teachings will change your perception of Mary Magdalene forever!

The Mystery of Christ

Author : Thomas Keating
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Following upon Open Mind, Open Heart, which presents a profound formation in Christian prayer, this book demonstrates the contemplative dimension of Christian worship. Here Father Keating recovers the deeper sense of the liturgical year and shares a theological and mystical perspective on the major feasts of the annual cycle. The reader is immersed in the wonder of faith in the mystery of Christ and of the unique nature of God's action and presence in and through the liturgy of our lives.

The Anthroposophical Soul Calendar and the Incarnation Cycle of Man

Author : Roland Schrapp
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This book takes a completely new look at the Anthroposophical Soul Calendar. It is abaout the deeper meaning of the fifty-two weekly verses, which has remained essentially unexplored in the last hundred years since the first edition by Rudolf Steiner. A dense veil of Isis was spread over them, of which is well known that no mortal person can lift it. Only the immortal, psycho-spiritual human being, who knows himself at home in the extrasensory, higher worlds, is capable of doing this. Only to him the weekly verses reveal themselves as a travel guide through these worlds and lift him up to ever higher spiritual-cosmic realms until he reaches the experience of God, from where he gradually descends again into a new life on Earth, enriched in spirit and fertilized in his soul. If the reader embarks on this journey, the spiritual archetype of the Soul Calendar is ultimately unveiled to him and he achieves an extended understanding of Man and Christ. By many quotations from Rudolf Steiner's lectures and books, the author virtually lets Steiners himself elucidate the breathtaking depths of his mysterious weekly verses.

Allow Your Light to Fill the Darkness

Author : Daniel Frank
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How do we recognize error in our thinking? How can we enjoy the spiritual benefits of practicing our religion while not condemning the religion of others? These questions are addressed in the eighty-one commentaries included in this book. These commentaries refer to, but are independent of, the illuminating and compelling essay collection about Lao-tzus Tao Te Ching, as voiced in Change Your ThoughtsChange Your Life by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. Living right, according to the Tao, anticipates that we have both the understanding needed to make right choices and the knowledge to recognize the types of behavior that are important for us to change. However, of equal or greater significance to these skills are the feelings that drive our internal motivation at our center. Many of us need to learn the life lessons that keep popping up as issues in our lives. They keep resurfacing until we finally recognize the lessons and actually learn them. We know we have really been learning our lessons when we notice that our intentions are genuinely beginning to change. We have absolutely no concept of how the connections we feel and know to be real actually come about, between ourselves and others, between us and the happenings of life, or between us and God. We often describe these feelings or experiences as resulting from some type of energy, but what might that really mean? Reflecting this unexplainable, invisible, but vital connection on the written page through symbolism provides our minds with a crutch to assist understanding and recall. Although the illustrations as drawn may have little or no basis in the facts, the understanding of the concepts that develop through their use helps us apply the gems that Lao-tzu speaks of in the Tao, to our lives.

Alchemy of Light

Author : Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
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Alchemy of Light is a groundbreaking and unique approach to spiritual life and awakening, which reveals the real power of spiritual consciousness as an agent of global change. It explores how our spiritual light—the light of our true Self—is part of the spiritual light of the world, and as such is an essential catalyst to help the world heal and transform. Delving into the inner world of archetype and drawing on the ancient tradition of alchemy, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee shows how to recognize and use one's light to work with the images that define our life, to change the collective dream from the present materialistic nightmare to one of sustainability and global unity. He takes the reader into the archetypal primal powers underlying life, and explores how to work with these energies for global rather than just individual healing and transformation. Alchemy of Light is spiritual activism at its deepest and most potent: how through our spiritual practice we can directly help the world to evolve.

Radical Amazement

Author : Judy Cannato
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Twentieth century science completely revolutionized human understanding of the world, rewriting the story of the universe with exciting discoveries and theories—the big bang, the relativity of space and time, the accelerating expansion of the universe, along with increasingly refined ideas of evolution and the origin of life. Radical Amazement unifies the worlds of science and religion, weaving profound spiritual lessons from our new knowledge. Through thoughtful and practical reflections, enhanced by prayers and meditations, Judy Cannato reveals the connectedness of all creation and invites us to explore the harmony of science and spirituality.

Nectar 3

Author : Babaji Bob Kindler
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This installment of “Nectar” is dedicated to the auspicious boon and blessing of sacred scripture. In Vedic tradition, scripture is seen as something revealed rather than written; wisdom inherent in Consciousness instead of something created by the mind. It is nitya, anadi and apaurasheya — eternally present and accessible, without beginning or end, and “not ascribable to human authorship.” Other viewpoints consider that these sacred teachings come from Ishvara, God’s presence in the universe, or that the actual knowledge comes from God while the language is supplied by luminaries. Finally, one school believes that scripture is only a product of the finest human intellect. Whatever the case may be, these teachings are very valuable to all who would cross the ocean of birth and death (samsara) and establish themselves in their undying and immortal essence.

A Defence of the Christian Doctrines of the Society of Friends

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Author : David Frawley
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Lord Shiva is the personification of all the main practices of Yoga, as the origin and ruling power over asana, prana, mantra, inner seeing and meditation. The current book unfolds the presence, light, energy and consciousness of the Supreme Shiva to take us beyond all death and duality.

The Mysteries of Mithras

Author : Payam Nabarz
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The Mysteries of Mithras presents a revival of this ancient Roman mystery religion, popular from the late second century B.C. Payam Nabarz reveals the history and tenets of Mithraism, its connections to Christianity, Islam, and Freemasonry, and the modern neo-pagan practice of Mithraism today. Included are seven of its initiatory rituals.