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My Weird Writing Tips

Author : Dan Gutman
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With over 10 million books sold, the My Weird School series really gets kids reading! The ability to put thoughts into writing is an essential skill vital to success in school—from elementary school through college. Bestselling author Dan Gutman helps kids master this important skill with his fun, informative writing guide, My Weird Writing Tips. Dan offers tricks for spelling hard words, understanding the difference between similar words like “its” and “it’s,” and conquering grammar stumbling blocks like commas and apostrophes. He also teaches readers how to write an engaging story, in line with the grades 2–5 Common Core goals for writing a narrative. With illustrated appearances from A.J. and Andrea, stars of his bestselling My Weird School series, and with his trademark wacky sense of humor, Dan makes learning the writing and storytelling basics so fun kids will forget they’re learning.

My Weird Reading Tips

Author : Dan Gutman
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With more than 23 million books sold, the My Weird School series really gets kids reading! The ability to read critically is an essential skill vital to success in school. For example, do you know what point of view means? Or how to “read” a picture? Can you tell fact from opinion? Well, whether you’re a kid who's just starting to read by yourself or a future librarian—or both!—this book of tips and activities to improve your reading comprehension skills is so much fun you’ll forget you’re learning! Filled with exercises to help young readers practice skills like identifying context clues and a story’s main idea, plus practical tips and tricks from bestselling author Dan Gutman, this book will help you become the best reader in the history of the world!

Sharon Creech

Author : Wendy Mead
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Sharon Creech is a writer of children’s novels and was the first American winner of the Carnegie Medal for British children’s books. When she was young, she wanted to be many things: a painter, ice skater, singer, teacher, and reporter. As a storyteller, she could be all of them. This intriguing biography about this widely notable author and illustrator, will discuss her childhood and early influences through interviews with the author, family, and professional community.

Tips To Take Your Writing To The Next Level

Author : Connor Whiteley
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Writing requires craft, learning and awareness. You learn a lot to become a better writer. You learn about dialogue, characters and so much for. All critical to taking your writing to the next level. This conversational and engaging book contains tons of fascinating information about different craft topics to become more aware and improve your writing. If you want to become a better writer. You need this book! BUY NOW!

Writing Workouts to Develop Common Core Writing Skills Step by Step Exercises Activities and Tips for Student Success Grades 7 12

Author : Kendall Haven
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This book is a "best of" collection of tips and exercises to help nurture young writers and strengthen core skills. Since each activity has been tried and tested in thousands of classrooms, you'll find successful methods for turning even the most reluctant students into effective, powerful writers. • Features eight essential elements of effective narratives • Links tips and activities to the Common Core State Standards • Includes the five steps of effective writing • Contains tools, proven activities, and research-based concepts to strengthen writing proficiencies in the classroom

Chasing My Dream

Author : Wei Liem Ng
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Wei Liem Ngs hobby used to be daydreaming. He dreamed about owning his own bookstore and including a library in his mansion one day. Most of all, Ng dreamed about writing a book. Sadly, daydreaming had a bad reputation and Ng was left following a career path he did not desire. After Ng passed the extremely challenging exams to become an accountant, he details how he embarked on an arduous journey to look for work that included writing a rsum, interviewing, and finally accepting a boring job at a construction company. As Ng reluctantly immersed himself in the mind-numbing world of numbers crunching, financial statements, and audits, he began to reflect on whether he was destined for something better. With help from his close confidants, Yap and Ping, Ng reveals how he finally learned to see the humorous side of life and eventually summoned the courage to chase his dreams. Chasing My Dream recounts the true story of a Malaysian accountants quest for happiness as he broke free from his insecurities and the corporate world and began a new journey to pursue his passion.

Weird and Wonderful

Author : C.F. Crew
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Teaching Palahniuk The Treasures of Transgression in the Age of Trump and Beyond

Author : Christopher Burlingame
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While much has been written about Chuck Palahniuk and his body of work, next to nothing has been written about when, where and how it is necessary to teach Palahniuk. This collection will reveal that teaching Palahniuk’s work and the discursive dynamic of the classroom interactions create new opportunities for scholarship by both the faculty member and his or her students. Despite early critical success with ‘Fight Club’, ‘Invisible Monsters’, and ‘Choke’, Palahniuk’s novels are increasingly dismissed for the very transgressive content that makes them essential pedagogical tools in the Age of Trump where “truth isn’t truth,” and tribalism is stoked with claims of “fake news”. This collection aims to broaden the scholarship by examining under-represented and unrepresented works from his oeuvre and situating them in the context of their pedagogical implications. In both form and content, the transgressive nature of Palahniuk’s work demands critical thought and reflection, capacities that are necessary for the preservation of a democratic society. Contributors take various approaches to address what students can learn about writing, literature, and society by reading and analyzing Palahniuk’s texts. The collection will discuss the value of teaching Palahniuk, innovations and various disciplinary contexts for teaching his works, and reflections on some of those pedagogical opportunities. Through its multi-faceted discussion of Palahniuk and pedagogy, this collection will legitimize efforts to bring his work onto syllabi and into the classroom, where it can enhance student engagement, create new avenues for inter-disciplinary scholarship, and re-invigorate an expansion of the canon. It will also provide diverse frameworks for incorporating and interpreting Palahniuk’s writing across disciplines. Finally, the collection will offer post-mortems from faculty members who have found the “guts” to teach Palahniuk and will offer insight into what students have gained and stand to gain from a more intensive Palahniuk pedagogy.

Writing 30

Author : Carljoe Javier
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"e;In his first essay, Carl states the intent of the book, 'to capture what I believe in at the moment, and reflect the concerns and ideas that I am trying to deal with, work through, and reconcile at this point in my life.' With an overabundance of creative surplus, he poured himself into the work. As with some of his other work, Carl gave himself a constraint. Since the book would be called Writing 30 and would be reflections of one who was turning thirty, why not write it all in thirty days? And so he did."e;The essays, however, are not just about him. In indulging nostalgia and working through his demons, Carl mirrors and exemplifies issues of people going through 'emerging adulthood' ... and sets a roadmap for those navigating the search for identity and sense of possibility."e; - from the Introduction by Honey de Peralta

From Cubicle Slave to the Next Internet Millionaire

Author : Jaime Luchuck
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Jaime Luchuck was a cubicle slave for years before finally drumming up the courage to get out and live her dream. And her dream wasn't working like a dog to make money for somebody else. It wasn't being someplace she had to beg for days off. It wasn't working in an environment that made her dread Mondays. Yes she was a finalist on The Next Internet Millionaire reality show, but that didn't make her an instant millionaire. Being on the show gave her the tools to put together her own winning business that she used to lift her out of 9 to 5 hell. From Cubicle Slave To The Next Internet Millionaire shares those tools with you. Inside you will learn 20 life lessons that are crucial in your ultimate success. Insider secrets and gossip from the Next Internet Millionaire reality show. In depth ways to discover exactly what you want to do with your life. How to wean yourself out of the 9 to 5 job. Key tips from 12 unbelievably successful internet gurus like Mark Joyner & Armand Morin.