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My Reading Journal

Author : Stephanie Owen Reeder
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Every time children open a book, they go on a journey of discovery. Now they cankeep a diary of their adventures. What books have they read? Where did they readthem? What did they think about them? What are the favourites? Now children canrecord the special story of their personal journey through books in their own Reading Journal.

The Book You Read to Teach Your Children

Author : Katie Tollitt
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"Really useful, positive and reassuring. Just what parents need right now!" Lizzie Loves Healthy Are you worried your child has fallen behind while schools have been closed? Do you want to support your child's learning at home but worry that everyone just ends up stressed and switches off? Could this be doing more harm than good? It's time to let primary school teacher and education influencer Katie Tollitt take the sting out of home learning. Covering eight key principles for how to approach learning in way that maximises fun, and minimises stress, this short accessible book emphasises the need for flexibility, conversation and openness. It will help you ask the right questions and understand how your attitude towards learning impacts your children. Full of practical tips, suggestions and judgment-free advise, it's the closest thing to having a teacher with you at home.

The Insightful Reader

Author : I. C. Robledo
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Read for Insights, Improve Your Life, & Make an Impact * INSIGHTS present you with a shift in the way you think about an idea or topic. They provide you with a realization that you should change the way you think about something and reconsider the actions that you take. * Insights from reading have the power to provide us with priceless nuggets of knowledge and wisdom. For example, you may discover a key piece of advice that helps you move away from a bad situation and to change your life around. Or you may discover words that aid you to help someone close to you in need of advice or support, perhaps helping you to save a life. Seeking out and reading insightful books will help catapult you to higher levels of success, happiness, physical and emotional health, understanding, wisdom, and peace. This is because when you read, you have access to some of the most brilliant and inspirational people of all time, and the lessons they learned. The problem is most of us learn how to read superficially in school, rather than in a deep and meaningful way. Thankfully, The Insightful Reader will help you to choose the right books to read, get more out of what you read, create a better life through reading, and ultimately to become an insightful reader, learner, and thinker. Whether you read hundreds of books or just a few per year, you will benefit from this book. With the insights you acquire through reading, you can change and empower yourself, aid those around you, and ultimately make an impact on the world. Why focus on reading? Reading is a unique vehicle for learning, where the cost in money and time for the insights gained is quite low. A workshop or course will cost magnitudes more, while you may not learn any more than you would from books. Also, you tend to learn much more from reading than you would in audio or video formats, when given the same time. Focus on becoming an Insightful Reader, and you will accomplish your goals much more effectively and efficiently. Internationally bestselling author I. C. Robledo has written The Insightful Reader based on a personal love for reading, learning, and applying what he learns. He has read over 400 books, thousands of general articles, hundreds of academic articles, and hundreds of short stories and poems. Robledo wishes to show you how to improve your reading abilities based on his experience. Inside, you will discover how to: - Find high quality, interesting books efficiently - Hunt for insights instead of meaningless facts - Make more time to read and stop making excuses - Take notes adaptively, depending on your goals - Stop getting distracted while reading - Read different books differently, depending on your purpose - Learn more effectively from very challenging books (e.g., college textbooks or highly technical texts) - Apply what you read - Bonus: 200+ high quality and insightful book recommendations Learn how to read better books and get the most out of them today with The Insightful Reader. Pick up your copy today by scrolling to the top of the page and clicking BUY NOW.

The Woman God Created You to Be

Author : Kimberla Lawson Roby
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ARE YOU THE REAL WOMAN GOD CREATED YOU TO BE? HAVE YOU WANTED TO BECOME HER— SPIRITUALLY, PERSONALLY, and PROFESSIONALLY? Kimberla Lawson Roby admits that for years, she wasn’t being the real woman God created her to be. Yes, she has always loved God and tried her best to honor Him, but what she eventually discovered was that building and maintaining her own personal relationship with God—and making Him her top priority—was the key to finding joy in all areas of her life. Now, in The Woman God Created You to Be, Kimberla has bravely—and transparently—written about her flaws, fears, and failures, as well as her faith, courage, and successes. From experiencing divorce to marrying her soulmate of twenty-nine years…from hopelessly searching for the perfect job to becoming a New York Times bestselling author…from suffering in silence with anxiety to concentrating on self-care…from struggling with the loss of her mom to finding strength, comfort, peace. and understanding—Kimberla takes you on a journey that will help you do the following: ● Become the Best Spiritual You (Seven Days Per Week) ● Become the Best Personal You (Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically) ● Become the Best Professional You (Without Jeopardizing Your Faith) Kimberla reminds us that when we trust and depend on God—heart, mind, and soul—He will empower us to do more than we ever thought imaginable. He will help us see that we are more than enough, and that He has already given us everything we need to become the women He created us to be—spiritually, personally, professionally…and beyond.

Storizen Magazine February 2020 Satyarth Nayak

Author : Pria Raiyani
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Love takes many forms and it is up to individuals which form we express - the true happiness. As the season of love blooms with the month of February, we decided why not dance to the same rhythm? Let's celebrate the season of love with your favorite magazine this month! This month is so special. Romance is in the air and so is everybody. Who could not love the first female superstar of Bollywood, Sridevi? We decided to dedicate this month to the Eternal screen Goddess. It's our please to feature the BLOCKBUSTER BIOGRAPHER, Satyarth Nayak who has recently written the biography of Sridevi. Presenting the February edition of Storizen filled with Love! See Less

From Little Houses to Little Women

Author : Nancy McCabe
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A typical travel book takes readers along on a trip with the author, but a great travel book does much more than that, inviting readers along on a mental and spiritual journey as well. This distinction is what separates Nancy McCabe’s From Little Houses to Little Women from the typical and allows it to take its place not only as a great travel book but also as a memoir about the children’s books that have shaped all of our imaginations. McCabe, who grew up in Kansas just a few hours from the Ingalls family’s home in Little House on the Prairie, always felt a deep connection with Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of the Little House series. McCabe read Little House on the Prairie during her childhood and visited Wilder sites around the Midwest with her aunt when she was thirteen. But then she didn’t read the series again until she decided to revisit in adulthood the books that had so influenced her childhood. It was this decision that ultimately sparked her desire to visit the places that inspired many of her childhood favorites, taking her on a journey that included stops in the Missouri of Laura Ingalls Wilder, the Minnesota of Maud Hart Lovelace, the Massachusetts of Louisa May Alcott, and even the Canada of Lucy Maud Montgomery. From Little Houses to Little Women reveals McCabe’s powerful connection to the characters and authors who inspired many generations of readers. Traveling with McCabe as she rediscovers the books that shaped her and ultimately helped her to forge her own path, readers will enjoy revisiting their own childhood favorites as well.

Charting an Asian Trajectory for Literacy Education

Author : Su Li Chong
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Weaving outwards from a centripetal force of biographical stances, this book presents the collective perspectives of literacy researchers from Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Taiwan. It represents the first all-Asian initiative to showcase the region’s post-colonial, multilingual and multicultural narratives of literacy education. This book provides a much-needed platform that initiates important conversations about literacy as a sociocultural practice in a region that is both challenged and shaped by sociocultural influence unique to Asia’s historical and geopolitical trajectory. Driven by the authors’ lived experiences of becoming literate as well as their empirical research work in later years, each chapter brings decades of biographical narratives and collective empirical research findings to bear. Within the book are negotiations about literacy across and within home and school contexts; transactions of literature, text and reader; and considerations of the literacy policy-practice nexus. These trajectories, while divergent in their issues, come together as shared lived experience located in local contexts considered through global perspectives. As Asia looks set to become the 21st century’s new economic and labour force, the need to understand the sociocultural milieu of this region cannot be understated. This book on literacy education in Asia contributes to the larger narrative.

Read for Your Life

Author : Pat Williams
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With anecdotes and interviews from some of today's greatest icons in business, sports, and academia, including Phoenix Suns' star Steve Nash, Yankees' star Alex Rodriguez, Grant Hill of the Orlando Magic, and former New York City mayor Rudy Guiliani, Read for Your Life will help readers discover how reading can enhance their lives personally and professionally.

Your Spiritual Lineage Researching the Genealogy of Your Soul

Author : William Bray
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Your Spiritual Lineage: Researching the Genealogy of Your Soul -Pioneering a New Understanding of the Origins of Personality Development- Traditional psychology proposes that personality development begins at birth. Instead this new study proposes that each of us has subconscious memories of past lives that form a much earlier origin. A child prodigy may be selectively "remembering" talents, skills, and accomplishments from a previous lifetime that he is building on early in this one. We are drawn to professions we are familiar with because we've done them before, and may choose places to live, visit or vacation because they are pleasant and familiar to us from a past life-walking on our own faded footprints without realizing it. When one of his students, in conversation, began quoting poetry of Arthur Rimbaud without knowing it, author William E. Bray, began exploring the possibility that his student might have been Rimbaud in a past lifetime. Subsequent research led him to develop a lineage chart showing that the spiritual lineage of Rimbaud stretched back through Andre Breton, Virgil and Alexander the Great. He shows how the adventures of Aeneas would have been based on Virgil's subconscious memories of his own exploits when he would have been Alcibiades in a past life. Each chapter leads the reader through an exciting search to discover the past lives of some of the world's most important figures. The book is also written as a guide to help the reader learn how to research his own past lives.

Life Full of Reading

Author : Syed Ahmad Fathi bin Syed Mohd Khair
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A quite afternoon, a cozy chair, a warm cup of coffee, and a good book—these are the perfect description of moments that should be cherished in this short life. Carl Sagan once said that reading is magical, that it enables humans from different epoch to talk to each other; it is more than that. Reading is a gateway to imagination, a world without limit, a safe space to escape from enduring reality. Sometimes it is a space where you socialize without having to meet people. This book is a compilation of book reviews written over the years. The book was broken into two parts, the first part is the long reviews, the second part is the short reviews, which covered a wide range of genre from economics, self-help, novels, comic book to political philosophy and parenting.