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My Name is Mina

Author : David Almond
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There's an empty notebook lying on the table in the moonlight. It's been there for an age. I keep on saying that I'll write a journal. So I'll start right here, right now. I open the book and write the very first words: My name is Mina and I love the night. Then what shall I write? I can't just write that this happened then this happened then this happened to boring infinitum. I'll let my journal grow just like the mind does, just like a tree or a beast does, just like life does. Why should a book tell a tale in a dull straight line? And so Mina writes and writes in her notebook, and here is her journal, Mina's life in Mina's own words: her stories and dreams, experiences and thoughts, her scribblings and nonsense, poems and songs. Her vivid account of her vivid life. In this stunning book, David Almond revisits Mina before she has met Michael, before she has met Skellig. Shortlisted for the 2012 Carnegie Medal.

Mina s Journal

Author : Kimberley Zagoren
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Mina's Journal is a quirky, sexy vampire tale with a new spin on the legends of yore. Over one hundred years old and still going strong, Mina thinks she knows it all. But what this self-centered vampiress doesn't know could fill a book. Out on her own after years in captivity, Mina forgets her old world sensibilities and lets her needs and desires take control. It isn't too long before she is caught up in a web of sex, lies, and betrayal. Can the living dead learn the true meaning of existence? Join Mina as she struggles to figure out the meaning of it all, before it's too late.

Literary Conceptualizations of Growth

Author : Roberta Trites
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Literary Conceptualizations of Growth explores those processes through which maturation is represented in adolescent literature by examining how concepts of growth manifest themselves in adolescent literature and by interrogating how the concept of growth structures scholars’ ability to think about adolescence. Cognitive literary theory provides the theoretical framework, as do the related fields of cognitive linguistics and experiential philosophy; historical constructions of the concept of growth are also examined within the context of the history of ideas. Cross-cultural literature from the traditional Bildungsroman to the contemporary Young Adult novel serve as examples. Literary Conceptualizations of Growth ultimately asserts that human cognitive structures are responsible for the pervasiveness of growth as both a metaphor and a narrative pattern in adolescent literature.

The Courage to Imagine

Author : Roni Natov
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The act of imagining lies at the very heart of children's engagements with literature and with the plots and characters they encounter in their favorite stories. The Courage to Imagine is a landmark new study of that fundamental act of imagining. Roni Natov focuses on the ways in which children's imaginative engagement with the child hero figure can open them up to other people's experiences, developing empathy across lines of race, gender and sexuality, as well as helping them to confront and handle traumatic experience safely. Drawing on a wide range of theoretical approaches from the psychological to the cultural and reading a multicultural spectrum of authors, including works by Maya Angelou, Louise Erdrich, Neil Gaiman and Brian Selznick, this is a groundbreaking examination of the nature of imagining for children and re-imagining for the adult writer and illustrator.

Mina s Vampire Mate

Author : Jessica Samuels
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Mina is working at Nikki's Department store after leaving an abusive relationship. She wanted to take a break from everything until someone breaks into her house disturbing her peace. They are after her since she is half vampire and half witch. And the person to the rescue is Neo her vampire mate. They are both trying to hunt down the person responsible for ruining her peace.

David Almond

Author : Rosemary Johnston
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David Almond is one of the most exciting and innovative authors writing for children and young people today. Since the publication of his award-winning first book, Skellig (1998), his novels have pushed the boundaries of children's literature and magical realism. This vibrant collection of original essays by leading international children's literature scholars and researchers provides a theoretically-informed overview of Almond's novels and fresh analysis of individual texts. Exploring broad themes such as philosophy, theology and cognitive science, the volume also introduces new concepts such as mystical realism, literary Catholicism and radical landscape.

Book i the Korean Palace of Honolulu Mina

Author : Linda Mi-Suk Enos
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THE KOREAN PALACE OF HONOLULU BOOK I MINA Enter the world of Honolulu's hostess bars and lives of Mina, Cathy momma, Jana, Suki, Naiomi, Mimi, Tina and Mr. Paul. See the world through their eyes, and feeling their passions, desires, joys and pains of living a life of money, sex and dreams.In 1970, 19 year old Mina has come from afar to make good of her impoverished life. She leaves everyone and everything she ever knew to try make her dreams come true.Who is this mysterious Cathy momma? Follow the redemption of her best friend Miwun. Will Mina succeed to find happiness, love and the wherewithal to sustain it all? Who will win her heart? This highly engaging book begins in Korea and finishes in Hawaii.Understand how the girls face the challenges and circumstances they encounter in life. Did it make the person stronger or did it cause irreparable damage in their lives.This Book is revised from the original novel split in half made into 2 parts pocket sized.

Star Guardian 2

Author : Duncan Stickings
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Brian was human, but not from Earth. He continues his travels among the stars.

The princess of the heroes

Author : Evelyn Robyn
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In the near future, humans discover that they're not alone in the space: some aliens - look exactly as humans - visit them to build a good relationship with them. But a trick made by an Alien named Cyrone causes a huge problem between humans and the rest of aliens that makes the humans' lives everyday in danger. Only the Princess of Earth and the leader of a team of mercenaries, titled by "The Princess Of The Heroes" Mina Black tires hard to put Cyrone down, to rescue the whole humanity and to fix the relationship between the Earth and the other planets with the help of her team and friends. Will she?

Maid for Me

Author : Kathleen Lieu
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Chances are, a hobo would moon me on the train before a hot guy asks me out-- I'm plain, a little chubby and definitely not hot stuff like the socialites of Gossipy Girl or what-not. But hey, guess what, the Prince of Uptown, Jaiden Daniels, just singled me out among dozens of other girls and he's hired me to become his maid/bodyguard and pretend girlfriend. He wants me to pretend to be his love interest so his parents would stop matchmaking him with socialite airheads and a crazy Princess. Acting to be in love with Jaiden is hard, even though he's gorgeous, because I've been in love with my best friend Kiterin since forever. Too bad Kiterin has a gorgeous girlfriend. So here I am, ordinary-girl Mina Lin, star of a real teenage soap-opera involving love polygons (I love Kit, Kit doesn't love me, Jaiden's falling for me?), evil socialites, backstabbing, twists and turns-wait until you hear what happens when Jaiden's kidnapped. It's Mina Lin with her Mina-jitsu (a martial arts style I've perfected) to the rescue! Find out what happens in my story, Maid for Me by Kat Lieu.