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The Art of Living Sideways

Author : Sophie Friedel
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Sophie Friedel explores the action of skateboarding in her book as a way to escape cycles of despair, not only in war torn environments and regions affected by poverty. The author critically reflects on her involvements of teaching skateboarding in Afghanistan within the context of youth empowerment and peace work. By way of personal experiences, Friedel illustrates how skateboarding can be understood as an elicitive approach to peace work and conflict transformation that unfolds the extraordinary human potential inherent to all of us.

Dropping in with Andy Mac

Author : Andy Macdonald
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As a baby he flipped himself upside down in his jolly jumper. As a kid he rode his Big Wheel into traffic. When he discovered skateboarding, his life was changed forever. So how did Andy Macdonald go from death-defying stunts in his jolly jumper to world champion skateboarder? In his own words, Andy shares all the ups and downs and the spills and thrills, from driving to California in a broken-down car and dressing up as Shamu at Sea World to setting world records and giving a speech at the White House. He's traveled the world over with his skateboard under his arm. Andy's made the road to sweet, sweet success look easy. But this behind-the-scenes look takes you onto the platform of the vert ramp -- to the competitions, the long hours of practice, and more. It reveals a bumpy road to the top that, as Andy will tell you, could be reached only with the guts that skateboarding gave him.

How to get a Billion Views on YouTube

Author : Aaron Kyro
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Turn your passion into a thriving and lucrative career. You can create a wildly successful YouTube channel doing whatever you love doing most, no matter what it is. In this book, we break down exactly how you can do this. Learn the tricks of the trade from Aaron Kyro, who created a YouTube channel that has over 4 million subscribers and over 1 billion views. This book is a quick read that will give you the vital information you need to grow your YouTube Channel. Walk through exactly what we did to hit 1 billion views. Learn from our mistakes and our successes. Aaron lays out in detail all of the secrets, tips and tricks to growing your channel and pulls back the curtain on what makes some YouTube channels succeed and others fail. This book contains practical exercises that will put you ahead of the game and well on your way to YouTube success. It also has inspirational quotes to help push you through the tough times. This is your inside look into how Aaron Kyro made Braille Skateboarding happen.

The Skateboarder s Journal Lives on Board

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"A piece of wood, two trucks, four wheels...a skateboard. You start by rolling down a sidewalk, and end up rolling through life. For some the ride stops at the end of the street; for others the ride never ends. This book was written by those for whom the ride is never-ending: by the 15-year-old grom who falls asleep dreaming of skateboarding; by the 40-something "pad dad" you see at the local skatepark; by the women whose stories have never been told; and by the 73-year-old architect who didn't begin skateboarding until the age of 65. Over 170 stories and 200+ photographs. The 'everyman/everywoman' are accompanied by contributions from some 'notable' skateboarders, and other personalities from the skateboard world... Some of the great skateboarding photographers have graciously contributed to the book."--Description from

For the Love of an Angel

Author : Frank Anjakos
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For the Love of an Angel A love story. A tale of death, heaven and a fallen angel. A tale of treachery and demons and how two immortals from opposite sides work together to solve the murder of a young girl. Hey, Phinn here. I'm an Angel. A 16 year old immortal. You don't know me. You've never seen me. Unless you're a dead teenager and you've been good and live in Southern California (narrows it down, huh?). If that's the case, we've probably met. See, I take the souls of good kids to Heaven, but I'm not allowed to interact with the living...which makes high school, being on the soccer team and writing for the school newspaper a little difficult. As an angel, I play by the rules. My "arch-frenemy" Iszn, the demon who takes the bad kids to Hell, breaks all the rules...which is why he's one of the most popular kids in school. Iszn's hobbies are football, human girls, football, torturing me, football and evil....did I mention football? Anyway, as an Angel I try not to have any direct contact with humans...well, that is until I met this girl. Actually, until she met's kind of complicated. That's one of the reasons I write my let you guys in on a world you probably didn't even know existed...until it's too late, anyway. But this world does exist, and it's about to get complicated. There are some deaths we can't explain and only Iszn and I seem to want to get to the bottom of them. It's going to cost us...a lot, but we can't let it go. So ya, enjoy the blog...comment if you want. I read all the comments and try to respond. And don't let Iszn freak you my knowledge, he's never actually eaten anyone's face. Cya inside :)

The Directory of American 45 R p m Records

Author : Ken Clee
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A Family This Christmas Mills Boon Medical

Author : Sue MacKay
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Sleepy Havelock is the last place Dr Jenny Bostock wants to get stuck over Christmas. But when adorable twin boys crash into her on their skateboard – closely followed by their sexy single dad Dr Cameron Roberts – she’s forced to put her plans on hold. And the longer she stays with this little family, the harder it is to leave...

My Skateboard

Author : Victor Blaine
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Skateboarding has been around for many years, and for good reason! Kids love it for the easy ride, and of course, the cool tricks made popular by athletes who compete in the X Games. Young skateboarders now have a chance to read about their favorite activity through this age-appropriate text. The text covers all aspects of skateboarding, with special attention paid to safety tips. Readers are treated to additional learning opportunities through a picture glossary, index, and educational websites.

Contact Quarterly

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A vehicle for moving ideas.

Something Must Be Done About Prince Edward County

Author : Kristen Green
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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Combining hard-hitting investigative journalism and a sweeping family narrative, this provocative true story reveals a little-known chapter of American history: the period after the Brown v. Board of Education decision when one Virginia school system refused to integrate. In the wake of the Supreme Court’s unanimous Brown v. Board of Education decision, Virginia’s Prince Edward County refused to obey the law. Rather than desegregate, the county closed its public schools, locking and chaining the doors. The community’s white leaders quickly established a private academy, commandeering supplies from the shuttered public schools to use in their all-white classrooms. Meanwhile, black parents had few options: keep their kids at home, move across county lines, or send them to live with relatives in other states. For five years, the schools remained closed. Kristen Green, a longtime newspaper reporter, grew up in Farmville and attended Prince Edward Academy, which did not admit black students until 1986. In her journey to uncover what happened in her hometown before she was born, Green tells the stories of families divided by the school closures and of 1,700 black children denied an education. As she peels back the layers of this haunting period in our nation’s past, her own family’s role—no less complex and painful—comes to light. At once gripping, enlightening, and deeply moving, Something Must Be Done About Prince Edward County is a dramatic chronicle that explores our troubled racial past and its reverberations today, and a timeless story about compassion, forgiveness, and the meaning of home.

Both Sides Now the Story of Rock and Roll Presents Oldies on CD

Author : Mike Callahan
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The R B Indies

Author : Bob McGrath
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Author : Tony Hawk
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For Tony Hawk, it wasn't enough to skate for two decades, to invent more than eighty tricks, and to win more than twice as many professional contests as any other skater.It wasn't enough to knock himself unconscious more than ten times, fracture several ribs, break his elbow, knock out his teeth twice, compress the vertebrae in his back, pop his bursa sack, get more than fifty stitches laced into his shins, rip apart the cartilage in his knee, bruise his tailbone, sprain his ankles, and tear his ligaments too many times to count.No.He had to land the 900. And after thirteen years of failed attempts, he nailed it. It had never been done before. Growing up in Sierra Mesa, California, Tony was a hyperactive demon child with an I44 IQ. He threw tantrums, terrorized the nanny until she quit, exploded with rage whenever he lost a game; this was a kid who was expelled from preschool. When his brother, Steve, gave him a blue plastic hand-me-down skateboard and his father built a skate ramp in the driveway, Tony finally found his outlet--while skating, he could be as hard on himself as he was on everyone around him. But it wasn't an easy ride to the top of the skating game. Fellow skaters mocked his skating style and dubbed him a circus skater. He was so skinny he had to wear elbow pads on his knees, and so light he had to ollie just to catch air off a ramp. He was so desperate to be accepted by young skating legends like Steve Caballero, Mike McGill, and Christian Hosoi that he ate gum from between Steve's toes. But a few years of determination and hard work paid off in multiple professional wins, and the skaters who once had mocked him were now trying to learn his tricks. Tony had created a new style of skating. In Hawk Tony goes behind the scenes of competitions, demos, and movies and shares the less glamorous demands of being a skateboarder--from skating on Italian TV wearing see-through plastic shorts to doing a demo in Brazil after throwing up for five days straight from food poisoning. He's dealt with teammates who lit themselves and other subjects on fire, driving down a freeway as the dashboard of their van burned. He's gone through the unpredictable ride of the skateboard industry during which, in the span of a few years, his annual income shrank to what he had made in a single month and then rebounded into seven figures. But Tony's greatest difficulty was dealing with the loss of his number one fan and supporter--his dad, Frank Hawk. With brutal honesty, Tony recalls the stories of love, loss, bad hairdos, embarrassing '80s clothes, and his determination that had shaped his life. As he takes a look back at his experiences with the skateboarding legends of the '70s, '80s, and '90s, including Stacy Peralta, Eddie Elguera, Lance Mountain, Mark Gonzalez, Bob Burnquist, and Colin Mckay, he tells the real history of skateboarding--and also what the future has in store for the sport and for him.


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For the Love of Laura

Author : Karen Morrell
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When a teacher dates the parent of one of her students, there's always trouble.

The Cut of Love

Author : Helena Close
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The voices of Jane's mum and dad ring in her ears. These days, they never stop fighting. She squeezes her eyes shut and wishes she could do the same with her ears. She resorts to the only thing she knows to help her cope. When her best friend Leah questions her about the criss-cross marks on her arms, Jane blames the cat. And when Leah tells her that true best friends shouldn't keep secrets from each other, Jane knows that's only talk. Everyone has secrets, even Leah. She never mentions her brother Jack, sometimes it's as if he never even existed. And yet, his absence is so palpable you can almost touch it. Alison, Jack's mum, escapes into her dreams, where she becomes reunited with her dead son. It is less than a year since he was killed in a tragic road accident, for which she blames herself, and the pain still feels like an open wound in her chest. She struggles to hold herself together for the sake of her family, but the strain is telling, and when she and Jane's dad Dermot meet, it feels briefly that they are kindred spirits. But darker conclusions lie in wait. The Cut of Love explores two journeys of the heart, one of an adolescent girl, the other of a middle-aged woman. As their paths interweave, a remarkable story unfolds - at once modern and timeless -that is bitingly real, deeply tender and utterly unforgettable.

The Sports Bible

Author : Klaus N. Hang
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The Sports Bible is an unprecedented and extensive A-to-Z reference on nearly 400 pages presenting brands, personalities and approximately 600 terms from the international sports-fashion and streetwear scenes. The book illustrates product innovations, looks and gear, highlights sports and style icons such as David Beckham and Serena Williams, explains how and why fashion and sports have become inseparable, and tells fascinating anecdotes from the world of sports-fashion. It also concentrates on current key issues in the marketplace such as new technologies, sustainability and ethical manufacturing and takes a look at the most memorable and effective ad campaigns from the likes of Nike, Puma and Adidas and the brashest athletic outfits.

Attitude 3

Author : Ted Rall
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This is a caustic collection of the top political and social e-cartoonists of today. It offers the best among the web's flurry of unfettered opinions. The top political and social e-cartoonists found on the web today provide yet another incisive and irreverent alternative view of today's society and politics. Like in the previous volumes of "Attitude", Ted Rall's interviews of the artists are featured along numerous cartoons.


Author : Sarah Banet-Weiser
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Brands are everywhere. Branding is central to political campaigns and political protest movements; the alchemy of social media and self-branding creates overnight celebrities; the self-proclaimed “greening” of institutions and merchant goods is nearly universal. But while the practice of branding is typically understood as a tool of marketing, a method of attaching social meaning to a commodity as a way to make it more personally resonant with consumers, Sarah Banet-Weiser argues that in the contemporary era, brands are about culture as much as they are about economics. That, in fact, we live in a brand culture. Authentic™ maintains that branding has extended beyond a business model to become both reliant on, and reflective of, our most basic social and cultural relations. Further, these types of brand relationships have become cultural contexts for everyday living, individual identity, and personal relationships—what Banet-Weiser refers to as “brand cultures.” Distinct brand cultures, that at times overlap and compete with each other, are taken up in each chapter: the normalization of a feminized “self-brand” in social media, the brand culture of street art in urban spaces, religious brand cultures such as “New Age Spirituality” and “Prosperity Christianity,”and the culture of green branding and “shopping for change.” In a culture where graffiti artists loan their visions to both subway walls and department stores, buying a cup of “fair-trade” coffee is a political statement, and religion is mass-marketed on t-shirts, Banet-Weiser questions the distinction between what we understand as the “authentic” and branding practices. But brand cultures are also contradictory and potentially rife with unexpected possibilities, leading Authentic™ to articulate a politics of ambivalence, creating a lens through which we can see potential political possibilities within the new consumerism.

Catalog of Copyright Entries Third Series

Author : Library of Congress. Copyright Office
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The record of each copyright registration listed in the Catalog includes a description of the work copyrighted and data relating to the copyright claim (the name of the copyright claimant as given in the application for registration, the copyright date, the copyright registration number, etc.).