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My Life with the Great Pianists

Author : Franz Mohr
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Mohr's humor and personal perspective on the lives of Rubinstein, Horowitz, and other artists mix music lore with quiet faith.

My Life with the Great Pianists

Author : Franz Mohr
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Memoirs of the piano technician who tuned pianos for many great performers, including Vladimir Horowitz, Van Cliburn, Artur Rubenstein, Glen Gould, and others.

My Life with the Great Pianists Russian

Author : Franz Mohr
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My Life and Music

Author : Artur Schnabel
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"A clear picture of a musician of rare integrity." — The Musical Times. Highly readable reminiscences, musical philosophy of great pianist: his experiences as a child prodigy in turn-of-the-century Vienna, concert career, thoughts on great conductors and composers of the day, preferences in the repertoire, much more. Also includes "Reflections on Music," address delivered at University of Manchester, 1933. Introduction by Edward Crankshaw. 20 illustrations. Index.

Chopin and Beyond

Author : Byron Janis
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One of the world's greatest classical pianists reveals how the "other world" transformed his life and career By any measure, Byron Janis has had an extraordinary musical career. His discovery of two long-lost Chopin scores made headlines around the world, and he has been honored many times for his breathtaking performances of some of the most exciting and challenging works in the standard classical piano repertoire. As he retraces this remarkable journey in Chopin and Beyond, he shares something even more extraordinary: the other-worldly experiences that have shaped his life and music in surprising and profound ways. Shares milestones and memories from the life and musical career of one of the world's greatest pianists Includes lively anecdotes of famous classical musicians and other notable figures, including Vladimir Horowitz and Pablo Picasso Describes his long-secret but ultimately triumphant battle with arthritis Recounts the paranormal experiences that deepened his personal association with Chopin, effected near miraculous recoveries from serious accidents, and more Like the best music, Chopin and Beyond will open your mind to explore the wonder and possibility of a different world.

Great Contemporary Pianists Speak for Themselves

Author : Elyse Mach
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Revealing interviews with Arrau, Brendel, de Larrocha, Gilels, Horowitz, Tureck, Watts, 18 other artists. Intimate look at the concert scene and the life of a concert pianist. Introduction by Sir George Solti. Includes 51 photographs.

Piano Stylings of the Great Standards

Author : Edward Shanaphy
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Piano Stylings of the Great Standards is a series of books created for the pianist who longs to play the best-loved and most important songs of the popular genre in very special and elegant musical settings. The arrangements are represented in varying styles, written and influenced by the many great pianists who, over the years, have helped to shape popular piano performance. The series is designed to supply a broad scope of popular piano repertoire for solo performance, both for the working pianist and the amateur. As with all books in this series, it includes a unique lay-flat binding to help keep the music open on the music stand. Titles: Angel Eyes * Autumn Nocturne * Body and Soul * But Not for Me * I See Your Face Before Me * It Never Entered My Mind * I've Got the World on a String * Mean to Me * My Melancholy Baby * What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life

Shura Cherkassky

Author : Elizabeth Carr
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This biography documents the unique artistry and highly unusual life of the internationally acclaimed pianist Shura Cherkassky, who, at the time of his death in 1995, was universally recognized to be among the greatest pianists in music history, and the last link to the romantic piano tradition of Chopin, Liszt and Anton Rubinstein.

Great Pianists

Author : Harold C. Schonberg
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Surveys the careers and personalities of the great pianists from Clementi and Mozart to the present day

Great Pianists on Piano Playing

Author : James Francis Cooke
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Great pianists discuss technique, musical development, virtuoso artistry, much more. Rachmaninoff's "Essentials of Artistic Playing," Busoni's "Important Details in Piano Study," etc. Includes 2 introductory essays, artist biographies, more.

My Life In Music

Author : Fanny Waterman
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In 2015, its 50th anniversary year, Faber Music celebrated Dame Fanny Waterman's fundamental and vast contribution to music education with the release of her autobiography, Dame Fanny Waterman: My Life in Music. It tells the extraordinary story of one of the twentieth century's most inspirational British women. Born into an artistic family in impoverished circumstances, her prodigious musical talent and sheer determination was her passport out of hardship, leading to recognition as one of the most talented young pianists of her generation. Her emergence as a visionary teacher leads to the founding of the Leeds International Piano Competition and relationships with many internationally renowned pianists whose lives she has touched through her work. Interwoven throughout the story, Dame Fanny shares her inspirational philosophies on life, learning and music, and her compelling and utter passion for the piano.

The Great Gould

Author : Peter Goddard
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In The Great Gould, the first book to be published in co-operation with the Glenn Gould Estate, Peter Goddard draws on Gould’s unpublished writings, interviews, and never-before-seen photographs, to present a startling new portrait of Gould, the man and the musician.

My Life Recollections of a Nobel Laureate

Author : Max Born
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In this collection of informal reminiscences, first published in 1975, Max Born has written an extraordinarily vivid account of his life and work, originally intended for his family. Ranging from his time at the University of Göttingen, where Born had his first real motivation for a professional career in science, to the period in Berlin as professor extraordinary, when he and his wife became close friends of Einstein, these anecdotes and memories chart the "heroic age of physics" from the perspective of one of its leading characters. In 1954 Born was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics for his fundamental contributions to the great discovery of that cadre of superlative scientific minds – quantum theory. But his scientific research provides only one strand of this story. Born’s varied interests outside science led to many interesting experiences – some of historical importance insofar as they offer a glimpse into German society before and between the wars.


Author : Harvey Sachs
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Illustrated with rare photographs, a biography by the author of Toscanini reveals Arthur Rubenstein's private life, including his love affairs, his rivalry with Vladimir Horowitz, and his relationships with the rich and powerful. 20,000 first printing.

The Positive Pianist

Author : Thomas J. Parente
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In The Positive Pianist: How Flow Can Bring Passion to Practice and Performance, author Thomas J. Parente applies the concept of flow to the practice of piano playing, demonstrating how student musicians can experience enjoyment and confidence from succeeding at something that challenges them to an engaging level. By using Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's theory of flow to musical performance, Parente shows that linking productivity and enjoyment in piano playing has a positive impact on students, motivating them to practice more in order to experience flow again; this creates optimal learning conditions for piano practicing. As the chapters progress, Parente shows students how to evaluate their own progress and offers teachers the tools to impart on their students an optimal practice method: one informed by flow. Parente argues for an objective, goal-oriented backdrop that will lead piano students to achieve greater confidence, accuracy, and musicality. The Positive Pianist draws on the author's forty years of teaching experience and research to show piano students and their teachers how to develop a productive, focused mental state when practicing the piano.

Great Pianists Speak for Themselves

Author : Elyse Mach
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Thirteen classical pianists discuss their early years, teachers, concert experiences, recordings, and views toward their music

Piano Player Notebook

Author : Julians Pianist Notebooks
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Pianists Notebook My neighbors hear great music whether they like it or not is a humorous piano notebook for the piano player. The technical term is pianist and expresses that this woman or man loves to play the piano.A gift for women and men who make great piano music.More details: This amazing Piano Notebook contains 120 lined pagesThe size of the book corresponds to 6x9 inches.Application examples: Diary notebook Homework book / school assignment booklet sketchbook creative logbook scheduler agenda school planner vocabulary book holiday diary

Journey of a Thousand Miles

Author : Lang Lang
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“Number One” was a phrase my father—and, for that matter, my mother—repeated time and time again. It was a phrase spoken by my parents’ friends and by their friends’ children. Whenever adults discussed the great Chinese painters and sculptors from the ancient dynasties, there was always a single artist named as Number One. There was the Number One leader of a manufacturing plant, the Number One worker, the Number One scientist, the Number One car mechanic. In the culture of my childhood, being best was everything. It was the goal that drove us, the motivation that gave life meaning. And if, by chance or fate or the blessings of the generous universe, you were a child in whom talent was evident, Number One became your mantra. It became mine. I never begged my parents to take off the pressure. I accepted it; I even enjoyed it. It was a game, this contest among aspiring pianists, and although I may have been shy, I was bold, even at age five, when faced with a field of rivals. Born in China to parents whose musical careers were interrupted by the Cultural Revolution, Lang Lang has emerged as one of the greatest pianists of our time. Yet despite his fame, few in the West know of the heart-wrenching journey from his early childhood as a prodigy in an industrial city in northern China to his difficult years in Beijing to his success today. Journey of a Thousand Miles documents the remarkable, dramatic story of a family who sacrificed almost everything—his parents’ marriage, financial security, Lang Lang’s childhood, and their reputation in China’s insular classical music world—for the belief in a young boy’s talent. And it reveals the devastating and intense relationship between a boy and his father, who was willing to go to any length to make his son a star. An engaging, informative cultural commentator who bridges East and West, Lang Lang has written more than an autobiography: his book opens a door to China, where Lang Lang is a cultural icon, at a time when the world’s attention will be on Beijing. Written with David Ritz, the coauthor of many bestselling autobiographies, Journey of a Thousand Miles is an inspiring story that will give readers an appreciation for the courage and sacrifice it takes to achieve greatness.

Discovering the Christian Mind

Author : Douglas Vickers
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The relation between Christianity and the claims of reason has been at times sharp and conflicting and at times symbiotic. Noted scholars in the church and in the secular academy have asked what Christianity has to do with culture and what the Christian mind has to say, or should be saying, by way of critique in the marketplace of ideas. In Discovering the Christian Mind, Douglas Vickers argues insightfully that prior to the question of what the Christian mind should be doing or saying is that of what the Christian mind is. Vickers shows that the true identity of the Christian mind derives from the Holy Spirit's conveyance to the soul of the grace of regeneration. The conclusion that regeneration is prior to knowing, and that those know truly who know God truly, challenges thought and opinion.

Anton Rubinstein

Author : Larry Sitsky
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An annotated thematic catalogue of Anton Rubinstein's piano works, including a biography and repertoire lists.