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My Life So Far

Author : Sir Denis Forman
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MY LIFE SO FAR (originally published as SON OF ADAM) is the story of the life of a small boy from his earliest childhood to the age of fourteen, at his family home in Dumfriesshire. The boy was Sir Denis Forman, the former chairman of Granada Television and of the Royal Opera Board; the house was Craigielands, a beautiful Palladian mansion set in wooded parkland beside a lake and teeming with a rich variety of characters whom Denis Forman brings vividly to life. These memoirs also describe the germination of his two main interests: entertaining an audience, and music. The first was to lead him - after service in World War Two - into films and television, culminating in CORONATION STREET and THE JEWEL IN THE CROWN. The second gave rise to his involvement with the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.

My Life So Far

Author : Jane Fonda
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'There are always regrets in life, among them things we've done that we wish we could take back and erase. I have significant ones that will haunt me forever and which I hope I have been brave enough to confront in this book' Jane Fonda in the preface to My Life So Far. Now in her 60s, Fonda looks back over her life but also forward to the future. With unflinching honesty she addresses, amongst other things, her tragic and tortured relationships with her mother and father; her lovers and husbands, from Roger Vadim to Ted Turner; her passions and political views. The result is rare in its readability and sheer page-turning force. This is a powerful account of an extraordinary woman.

The Worst Day of My Life So Far

Author : M. A. Harper
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A humorous novel about Alzheimer's disease

Life So Far

Author : Betty Friedan
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At last Betty Friedan herself speaks about her life and career. With the same unsparing frankness that made The Feminine Mystique one of the most influential books of our era, Friedan looks back and tells us what it took -- and what it cost -- to change the world. Betty Friedan's The Feminine Mystique, published in 1963, started the women's movement it sold more than four million copies and was recently named one of the one hundred most important books of the century. In Life So Far, Friedan takes us on an intimate journey through her life -- a lonely childhood in Peoria, Illinois salvation at Smith College her days as a labor reporter for a union newspaper in New York (from which she was dismissed when she became pregnant) unfulfilling and painful years as a suburban housewife finding great joy as a mother and writing The Feminine Mystique, which grew out of a survey of her Smith classmates and started it all. Friedan chronicles the secret underground of women in Washington, D.C., who drafted her in the early 1960s to spearhead an "NAACP" for women, and recounts the courage of many, including some Catholic nuns who played a brave part in those early days of NOW, the National Organization for Women. Friedan's feminist thinking, a philosophy of evolution, is reflected throughout her book. She recognized early that the women's movement would falter if institutions did not change to reflect the new realities of women's lives, and she fought to keep the movement practical and free of extremism, including "man-hating." She describes candidly the movement's political infighting that brought her to the point of legal action and resulted in a long breach with fellow leaders Gloria Steinem and Bella Abzug. Friedan is frank about her twenty-two-year marriage to Carl Friedan, an advertising entrepreneur. She writes about the explosive cycle of drinking, arguing, and physical battering she endured and explores her prolonged inability to leave the marriage. (They are now friends and the grandparents of nine.) Friedan was not only pivotal in the founding of NOW, she was also the driving force behind the creation of the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL), the National Women's Political Caucus (NWPC), and the First Women's Bank and Trust Company. She made history by introducing the issue of sex discrimination as an argument against the ratification of a Supreme Court nominee. She convinced the Secretary General of the United Nations to declare 1975 the International Year of the Woman. In this volume, Friedan brings to extraordinary life her bold and contentious leadership in the movement. She lectures, writes, leads think tanks, and organizes women and men to work together in political, legal, and social battles on behalf of women's rights.--From publisher description.

The Story of My Life so Far

Author : Isquith
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Author : Maria Sharapova
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From Maria Sharapova, one of our fiercest female athletes, the captivating—and candid—story of her rise from nowhere to tennis stardom, and the unending fight to stay on top. In 2004, in a stunning upset against the two-time defending champion Serena Williams, seventeen-year-old Maria Sharapova won Wimbledon, becoming an overnight sensation. Out of virtual anonymity, she launched herself onto the international stage. “Maria Mania” was born. Sharapova became a name and face recognizable worldwide. Her success would last: she went on to hold the number-one WTA ranking multiple times, to win four more Grand Slam tournaments, and to become one of the highest-grossing female athletes in the world. And then—at perhaps the peak of her career—Sharapova came up against the toughest challenge yet: during the 2016 Australian Open, she was charged by the ITF with taking the banned substance meldonium, only recently added to the ITF’s list. The resulting suspension would keep her off the professional courts for fifteen months—a frighteningly long time for any athlete. The media suggested it might be fateful. But Sharapova’s career has always been driven by her determination and by her dedication to hard work. Her story doesn’t begin with the 2004 Wimbledon championship, but years before, in a small Russian town, where as a five-year-old she played on drab neighborhood courts with precocious concentration. It begins when her father, convinced his daughter could be a star, risked everything to get them to Florida, that sacred land of tennis academies. It begins when the two arrived with only seven hundred dollars and knowing only a few words of English. From that, Sharapova scraped together one of the most influential sports careers in history. Here, for the first time, is the whole story, and in her own words. Sharapova’s is an unforgettable saga of dedication and fortune. She brings us inside her pivotal matches and illuminates the relationships that have shaped her—with coaches, best friends, boyfriends, and Yuri, her coach, manager, father, and most dedicated fan, describing with honesty and affection their oft-scrutinized relationship. She writes frankly about the suspension. As Sharapova returns to the professional circuit, one thing is clear: the ambition to win that drove her from the public courts of Russia to the manicured lawns of Wimbledon has not diminished. Sharapova’s Unstoppable is a powerful memoir, resonant in its depiction of the will to win—whatever the odds.

My Life So Far RNIB Audio Described Version

Author : David Puttnam
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Things I have learned in my life so far

Author : Stefan Sagmeister
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This book began as a list designer Sagmeister made in his diary under the title Things I have learned in my life so far and transformed these sentences into typographic works. This series is revealed as a complex blend of personal revelation, art, and design.

The Story of My Life So Far

Author : Peter Van Pelt
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Born 1932 in Illinois, U.S.A., Peter Van Pelt has lived a most interesting life, including a globetrotting career in international business, multiple ocean voyages on a variety of passenger liners and freighters, and a rich home and family life. This definitive memoir of his life (so far), in his own words, is sure to delight family and close friends. From college hijinks to Central American volcanoes, from Saudi princes to a magnificent architect-designed home on the rocky shore of Lake Superior, Peter proves over and over that nice guys do not finish last. Illustrated.

The Worst Year of My Life So Far

Author : Sarah Britten
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Ossie s Story

Author : Ossie Muller
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One Question a Day My Life So Far

Author : A. Dream Cafe Publishing
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The perfect gift for a girls, teen and woemen Or men, Q&A a Day for Me is a one-sentence diary that prompts any teen to record best friends.worst haircuts, favorite outfits, and embarrassing moments. one on each page for every day of the year, a teen has the space to write down a short response every year for three years. It's easy to get started-just turn to today's date and take a minute to answer the question at the top of the page.The beauty of this daily journal is that it enables readers to track their emotional growth as well as keep track of memories, and provides an interesting walk down memory lane a few years later. The simple one-question prompts make this book to journaling as adult coloring books are to art - a gateway product with built-in creative inspiration.The specially-sized package features a printed flexi-boundcover, four-color endpapers, quality paper, and bookmark ribbon.

My Life Story So Far a Motivational Journal Diary

Author : Creative Journals
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"My life story so far..." Every day is an opportunity to live your dreams, and create new ones. Record your dreams, and your path towards them, in this journal. With 148 pages, half lined, half blank, there is plenty of space for you two write and draw to your heart's desire. Plus, every time you look at the journal and read the quote you'll be motivated to bigger and better things.

Jojo Siwa

Author :
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"JoJo Siwa is one of the world's most exciting young performers. A triple threat with millions of followers online, JoJo is a voice for positivity, a published author and a style icon-and she did it all before her 16th birthday. Learn all about JoJo's incredible story in this new biography." -- back cover.

All The Days Of My Life So Far

Author : Alison Sweeney
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A memoir by the actress describes her life and career, including her start as a child actress, her successful weight loss, and her portrayal of Sami on the soap opera "Days of Our Lives."

My Life So Far

Author : John Bernardoni
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It's really not an amazing life - not at all. But somehow or other I've had more than ninety years to enjoy it. I've seen the world change and change again - sometimes so much I barely recognize it at all. Even when I'm talking to grandchildren and great-grandchildren that grew up in the same country that I did - in the same state, the same county that I came from ... sometimes I feel like I'm reporting from some distant planet, from a lost world. Maybe I am. But the things I've seen along the way are worth remembering, and the lessons I've learned are worth teaching to the young ones. That's why I wanted to write this book: to remember and to teach. So let's get started ...

In My Life So Far

Author : Georgiana Steele-Waller
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Throughout my life, so far, when talking to people, I would be told "You should write a book." So I did. This is not just my life, but the lives of many of us from the Baby Boomer generation, only with a twist.

My Story My Life So Far

Author : Michael Wall
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It tells the story of my upbringing and future life. I hope that any young person in similar situation reads the book and realises that no matter how difficult life seems to be, there is no need to turn to drugs or crime to make a living. Just take a deep breath, have faith in yourself, and jump into life. Choose your friends wisely and don’t be afraid to take a chance. Keep in mind that good friends, trusted friends, are your best assets and that not everyone is out to rob you or cheat you. Life is for living. Go and live it and enjoy.

Slices of My Life So Far

Author :
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Hollywood Bliss My Life So Far

Author : Chloe Rayban
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Having fought attempts to turn her into a mini-me pop starlett in book one, Holly finds herself subjected to her mother's egomaniac schemes once again. Plucked from life and friends in London, Holly is transplanted to a 'designer' but far-from-homely penthouse in New York (the convenient epicentre for her mother's music tour). Holly is not impressed. But then when she starts to take stock of her situation, Holly realises it may not be as entirely awful as she first thought: she'll be able to see more of her dad who also lives in Manhattan, it should (officially) be the start of the summer holidays, and there's always a chance that teenage boys in New York will be more enlightened to her charms than boys in England . . . If she can find a way to get rid of her personal tutor, give her bodyguard the slip, and keep her mother from coming up with any new crazy schemes in the immediate future (no easy job), then maybe things could even start to be fun . . .