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My Life as A Follower Of The Lord Jesus Christ

Author : John C. Burt
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A book that gives some of my own testimony as regards the Lord Jesus Christ and my following Him. How real and lasting peace in your heart and your spirit can only come through walking and abiding in fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ.


Author : Haven Mankin
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This is a book about MY growth story, my “changing” story, from selfish sinner to a child of God. It is a spiritual growth journey, roots seeking nourishment from the surrounding “ground of life”...will you grow straight or grow crooked? To what are you connected to gain nourishment? Will you produce good fruit? Everyone is on this journey. Find your way to the good life, a life of “Living Water” (John 4:10). This book is your pathway through life’s obstacles, the deadness of dry soil and the burdens of life as we all search for meaning. Follow too can come to know Christ, who has already given you a precious gift you cannot buy nor work for nor deserve, if you will receive Jesus in your heart. Only the peace of God that passes all understanding can remove your obstacles; this is done by changing your heart and your mind in Christ (Philippians 4:7). The more you fight against Jesus, reject God and worship at the altar of the “stuff god”, the more you desire and strive for what the world is selling. It is a dead ended killer. You will not have peace! You will have more obstacles in your path, your roots will be in rocky ground. Learn a different way to grow; turn to your only Savior - Jesus Christ and become... “A Different Kind of Tree” Architect - Adult Bible Teacher - Christian Lay Leader – Author – Wood Craftsman Haven D. Mankin

My Life Story Waiting on Christ

Author : Penny Taylor
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My Life Story: Waiting on Christ! By: Penny Taylor My Life Story is an independent view of today's society, and how the coming of the end times is mixed with the controlling Luciferian elites that have been running our government from the White House and Senate to the sacrifices of our missing children. Outrageous acts of treason are done by the last several presidents and many agencies involved in child trafficking. Follow Taylor on her accounts of life happening in and around the globe.

Jesus Author of My Life

Author : Stellah Mupanduki
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It is a book about hope for terminal illness that comes from the power that is higher than everything.It brings people closer to God,to be able to communicate in trust with him in everything. It takes away humiliation of death that comes from terminal illness; it brings hope to those who have lost it because of troubles. It will bring healing, mend brokenness, and bring wholeness in families and it helps people to be able to give glory to God because of his mighty deeds. It teaches that praising God as our protector pleases him and he continues to pour out his favour and revelation upon us. It teaches the importance of righteousness, faith and love in humanity. "God touched me, healed me, and made me whole again." God extends his mercy in our lives and call us for his Kingdom, to be his vessels of his glory and honour. When we are weak, he becomes stronger. Readers will take heart and be comforted and assured about God's love. It helps us to combat Spiritual Warfares and teaches how to put on the full armour of God. Our truthful God cares and never tires in our lives. It is all about God's divine purpose in our lives. God is real, he moves and is aware of the struggles of this world. There is hope for terminal illness and that hope is anchored on the Cross, on the power of the blood of Jesus that purchased us. Isaiah 53:4-5 "Surely he took up our infirmities and carried our sorrows, yet we considered him stricken by God, smitten by him and afflicted. But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed."

In His Grip of Grace

Author : Kay Lynne Ege
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Did God create us so that we could be His children to love and care for? Is He really in control of what happens in our lives? With all the pain, suffering, and unfulfilled dreams in our lives how do we find answers? Travel with the author on a journey of one woman’s life who was lured into rebellion at a young age, experienced grief, sorrow and hatred toward God, was provided glimpses of grace and mercy along the way, was rescued by salvation, and irrevocably gripped by redemption as she grappled for her answers. Kay Lynne Ege invites you to be encouraged and strengthened in your quest for your own life solutions as you read her intimate account of how God crafted her life-mosaic.

The Story of My Life As Told by Jesus Christ

Author : 109327 Seedsowers
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Listen to Jesus, the Christ, tell His own story . . . in His own words. You will find all four Gospel accounts combined in one single, flowing narrative. The Story of My Life as Told by Jesus Christ is a complete and thorough picture of the events of Christ's life. Now you can read about the Lord's life in chronological order, without repetition of a single detail; and every sentence in the four Gospels is included. Each of the four Gospels is unique. Yet, taken together, these accounts combine to form a complete story. Allow yourself to be immersed into the setting of the life and ministry of Christ. Follow His footsteps as He walked the earth with those He knew and loved. The impact is so arresting, you will feel that you are hearing the Gospel story as you have never heard it. Based on Tyndale's New Living Translation Bible, The Story of My Life as Told by Jesus Christ is in readable, contemporary English. A wonderful study aid for all ages.

Understanding My Life Backwards

Author : Robert Voelker
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My own spiritual autobiography

Touching Stories of My Life in Journey to Christian Holiness and Hands on Patient Care in a Weeping Healthcare

Author : Ramsis F. Ghaly FACS, MD
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This is the twelfth book of the series “Christianity and the Human Brain.” It integrates the neuroscience and the Bible, the Holy Book of our Lord Jesus. My love for our Lord, Jesus Christ, abides with my lifetime passion for neurosurgery and medicine, my continual obsession of spiritual connectivity of the Holy Spirit to the human brain that indeed separates mankind from all other living creation. It has been my belief that the human brain does not limit itself to the physical skull but rather extends in a nonphysical form to the outside spiritual world, even while living on earth. In other words, a big part of the human brain is actually outside the skull and the body. As I perform brain surgeries for three decades, I realize my theory is so true. The majestic human brain can’t be just the 1,500 grams of jelled matter inside the skull. The human journey, therefore, is transforming the human brain to become a brain of a man of God and the hand of man to a hand of a man of God. The spiritual human brain never dies, only the flesh. It is the center of my calling and unrelenting meditations while roaming in the heartfelt spirit lacking the physical proof that science demand of me. My life is dedicated to my Lord Jesus, patients, and residents. As a physician, I have reached the top in America, I am a professor of both neurological surgery and anesthesiology, and I am well-published in famous medical journals. As an academic teacher, I trained for more than thirty-four years, graduating thousands of trainee. But all is nothing as I strive for the Christian holiness and fullness. In a weeping healthcare with many patients’ falling victims, I included actual patients’ miracles, testimonials, and sincere quotes as a testament to the Almighty and the dire need for faith and integral goodhearted medicine. This book is full of many vibrant stories that I love to share. It is timely since I consider my generation soon will be viewed obsolete to the future generations, and what will remain are the books I authored. The book is a text of wealth covering broad and diverse topics of my life’s journey in 134 chapters and organized over 14 sections. So many chapters are written about my special love for Lord Jesus Christ and His children. In poems, deep reflections, and spiritual release of mind, I wrote extensively. In fact, I shut my senses and impersonated the human brains of the men of God and the children of the Most High in their prominent biblical stories. A special section is dedicated to the mothers, newborns, and little children. While my soul is grieving, a section is designated on the ongoing Christian persecution, especially the genocide of Christians in my country Egypt, the ancient region of the Middle East, and the oldest historic continent of Africa. Furthermore, I wrote some of my dreams and thoughts that I couldn’t otherwise convey for one reason and another, such as neuroscience in aerospace and some of the timely, touching subjects like drug overdose, human trafficking, and healthcare crises. Few chapters included are about my personal views and introducing spirituality into the recent turmoil in politics. Friends, human life starts with love and ends with eternal love for our Savior. It is never enough to share our love, write about love, and talk about actual love stories of heavenly roses, joy, Christmas, healing touch, miracles, and our calling for his purpose. This is what my twelfth book is all about.

The Walking Journey of My Life

Author : Beatrice Ivory
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My Life In The Bible My Personal Bible KJV NT Handwritten Edition Hardcover

Author : Pastor Isaac Williams
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The Strings of My Heart

Author : Beatrice Garcia
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The life and times of Beatrice Garcia is a truly fascinating and enthralling tale of the triumphs over adversities and hardships by this woman of faith. You can see how her trust in God made all the difference in the world to her and to her family. As the wife of a Pastor, her dedication to God, family, and the Church, is an inspiration to me and those who love her. I believe that those who do well only for themselves are remembered while they live, but those that do well for others achieve immortality. Ruben R. Garcia While books of the rich and famous, the creators and innovators, the movers and the shakers are numerous, there can never be a sweeter book to me, than the one that tells the story of my mother. This book captures the memories and resilience of a woman who kept the faith and that even to this day at age 96, continues to find strength and a reason to rejoice in the Lord Jesus Christ every day. Elizabeth Martin The story of Beatrice Garcia is an interesting and inspiring book. As you read her story you see the name of Jesus written in every event of her life. Her hardships and joys helped me realize that happiness does not come from material possessions but from the love and joy that God freely gives. My mothers life has truly been an inspiration to me, her friends and family. She is a true model of a virtuous Christian woman, strong in faith and full of wisdom and love. Alice Landeros

My Life

Author : Софья Андреевна Толстая
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"One hundred years after his death in 1910. Lev Nikolaevich Leo Tolstoy continues to be regarded as one of the world's greatest writers. Historically, little attention has been paid to his wife, Sofia Andreevna Tolstaya. Acting in the capacity of literary assistant, translator, transcriber and editor, she played an important role in the development of her husband's career. Her memoirs which she entitled My Life - lay dormant for almost a century. Now the book's first-time-ever appearance in Russia is complemented by an unabridged and annotated English translation." "Tolstaya paints an intimate and honest portrait of her husband's character, setting forth new details about his life to which she alone was privy. She describes her extensive correspondence with many prominent figures in Russian and Western society, making My Life a unique account of late-19th- and early-20th-century Russia, with its cast of characters ranging from peasants to the Tsar himself. Her engaging narrative reveals not only her significant contributions to her husband's work but also her considerable talent as an author in her own right."--BOOK JACKET.

My Life Is Real Vs Ideal

Author : Marvin Robert Wohlhueter Th.D.
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We all grow up with the mental picture of what our life should turn out like. We added brush strokes to this majestic tapestry as we moved through childhood, adolescence, and young adult life. Yet, as we arrive at our full-blown adult life, our expectations of life and our reality of life looks very different. In fact, there is a gap as wide as the Grand Canyon. What happened to the life I envisioned? If you are honest, you live with the tension of the ideal life you want and the real life you have. You are not alone if your expectations and reality do not match. Many wake up each day wondering what is going on with their daily agenda. Life is not working as they thought. Discover how to grow and even thrive in this “tension gap” life you are living. God meets you in the middle of your frustration. He comforts. He guides. He restores. You win! Your life is about to take a drastic turn upward as you learn how to go from your real to your ideal life.

Essential Questions and Answers on the Gospel of the Kingdom Selections II

Author : The Church of Almighty God
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Answering and Understanding the Call of God for Your Life

Author : Chinyere Nwakwue
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“Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen” (Matthew 28:19–20). “Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me” (Isaiah 6:8). How do you know God has called you into the ministry? How can you really tell in which area of the ministry he wants you to serve? For many, these can be frustrating and confusing questions. In Answering and Understanding the CALL of God for Your Life, author Chinyere Nwakwue provides guidance in responding to God’s call for your life and your life’s ministry. Blending her personal experiences with a plethora of scriptural examples, Nwakwue walks you through the process and shows how this calling is a privilege God has given you. In her study, she considers the factors involved in God’s calling; the reasons that some people struggle with the call of God; the Bible characters who struggled with answering God’s call; the reasons that God called you; the enemies of Christian life who will try to interrupt God’s call; and ways to overcome the enemies. Nwakwue communicates that your response to the call of God has significant effects in your life as you run your Christian race. Christ Jesus has called and commanded every individual to preach the gospel to all creatures. Are you ready?

The Word of God Inspired by Men and Women

Author : Lennoah Pickett-Thomas
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The Word of God Inspired by Men and Women is a book that uses biblical principles outlining God's attributes with sound doctrine. Evangelist Lennoah Pickett-Thomas wants to share her findings with others to help them in their journey and purpose of life.The Word of God Inspired by Men and Women is a book that you can easily read, get general understanding of, meditate on, and study the Bible scriptures. It is a book designed to read again and again to have your spirits lifted, or to pass on to others for them to be encouraged by.The Word of God Inspired by Men and Women has useful tools and strategies to overcome obstacles by using God's Word and important topic teachings on how to pray and fast, how to be in God's presence, how to share the love of God with everyone, how to be a servant and giver; how to develop a close relationship with God; how to forgive and be forgiving; how to change your mind-set and heart for good and to do good. The Word of God Inspired by Men and Women was written for lives to be fulfilled with the fullness of God for true prosperity, true inner peace, true inner joy, true inner happiness, true inner health, true inner love. And to share the Good News, that God's will be done by Christ Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, right here on earth as in heaven.Learn how to be and live Christlike; how to be led by the Spirit of God using the fruits of the Spirit; how to hear the voice of God, receive instructions and directions; learn about God's love, God's peace, God's joy, and God's promises that are given freely. If you truly have a heart's desire to know truth, then this book is for you!

My Life with the Unbelievably Awesome God

Author : Theodore M. Adam
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My Life with the Unbelievably Awesome God By: Theodore M. Adam My Life with the Unbelievably Awesome God is the account of how God took a sinner who was lost and gave him the will and the strength to create a life that had value and purpose. Life does come with an instruction book, the Bible and an instructor Jesus Christ, if we choose to follow their guidance. I have not made a big splash in my life, but I am convinced that God has been my guide and I strive to follow His instructions. At seventy-four I am just beginning to understand how special each person is to our Creator. If readers do not get anything else from my story, I hope they will see that God does have a plan for every life, and that He is working His plan and you are included in that plan, voluntarily or by default, (default is not a good choice). I look forward to seeing all His followers with our Creator when His plan is completed.

How to Get Victory in My Life

Author : Minister Regina Hebert
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Learn how to put God’s Word at work through his promises. While God’s love, grace, and mercy are at work for his will and your heart’s desires, learn how to stand up, pray up, and slay the devil and how to get victory in your life for him.

My Life Journey Through with God

Author : Pauline Magauta Molokwane
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This is my true story: what reflected in my life and how I am still fighting for success with courage. This is also outlines the reason of my survival through my faith and relationship with my creator, God. Every family has a story to tell, and mine will bring hope to the broken families and individuals that God is always there. That there is reason to face some seasons and overcome them because we are still alive. This book is to encourage families to have hope, love, and peace; to unite families; to instill the spirit of forgiveness in the journey of our lives; and to find ways to have peace and heal for a better life. Life is too short to entertain the past.