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My Life and Journey from Homelessness and beyond

Author : James E. Wise
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This book is inspired by the true story of my life and journey from homelessness and beyond. It’s an inspiring story of courage, tragedy, adventure, perseverance, determination, resilience, faith, and redemption. The story is about my life in the beginning, growing up, surviving the fire incident, and early demise of my three sisters. Life without my father, fear of my mother, and life in the navy. I suffered thirty years from low self-esteem, fear, anger, resentments, worthlessness, loneliness, hopelessness, homelessness, substance abuse, failed attempts to maintain employment, mental institutions, churches, shelters, jails, bad relationships, and marriages too! I walked in the kingdom of darkness (Hell) for thirty years determined to find myself; I finally made a final decision to get my life on track once and for all! One day, I evaluated my entire life as far as I could remember. I began to peel off the layers of my unresolved issues like a banana. I confronted the tragic death of my three sisters, which I honestly haven’t done before, for closure purposes. I confronted the anger and resentments I harbored toward my mother for her failures, including my father for abandoning me. I was angry with myself for my history of substance abuse and homelessness, also for not reaching out for help in the beginning when I should have done so. I completed an intense, detailed evaluation of my life one day. I began to cry until I was all cried out. I had enough faith to pray to God at the time. I asked God to renew in me a new heart and spirit to serve him. To be the man that he intended me to be. After I finished praying, I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. This was my defining moment and the turning point of my life. I began to see light at the end of the tunnel! I began to seek treatment for my depression and PTSD. I attended (NA) meetings. I began to read and apply the word of God in my life daily. The wounds of my past miraculously began to heal. Over a period of time, my wife noticed an internal transformation taking place in my life! I began to forgive everyone who done me wrong, including my worst enemy of all, myself! Today, I live a life of purpose, not defeat, drug free and living one day at a time. I was compelled to write my life and journey from homelessness and beyond in hopes that my story may convey to anyone who may be struggling with their personal giants, especially the homeless; there is hope!!! You can make it. I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to have gotten the help I needed. There are good people in the world. I’m a veteran who enlisted and was honorably discharged from both, the US Navy from 1986 to 1991, and the Army reserve from 1992 to 2000. Today, I currently serve as an enlisted soldier in the Army of the Lord!

The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe With a Life of the Author Illustrated by Phiz

Author : Daniel Defoe
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My Life and How I Got Over

Author : Jeanette Shaw
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This book contains information concerning my life and how I got through the rough times. From a young age to my current years, there were some abuse, love, lost of trust, and hard times of raising seven kids being a single parent with no help or any family members. Real names are not used in this book. Fictional names of the characters are used. Life is not a silly game and should not be preyed upon. Treat people with respect. If you can't help them, don't hurt them. Just move out of their way . . .

Foursquare and Me How Location based Social Networking Made My Life Complete

Author : James Penny
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The story of one man's first month using Foursquare on an iPhone while trying to work, lose weight, and occasionally publish a book review. At the end of the month, he was still employed, a very few pounds lighter, and still working on that book review. Well, if still receiving direct deposits, seeing somewhat smaller numbers on the scales, and saving an ever larger file count for some sort of progress.

Me and My Life

Author : Eugenia Whittaker
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In Loving Memory of (My Father) Eugene Darnell Burns I felt I needed to share all the things I went through and conquered in the process life is too short not to tell the testimonies I thank God everyday all he allowed me to have victory over, either it was bad or good this is my story and noone can tell your story like you can thank you Jesus for giving me the opportunity to share with friends family, and haters I give God all the glory 10% will go to my father you best to believe that for sure I dont mind saying, this book is a testimony of all the things from a child to now and all I have gone through the years of my life, some things might make you sad mad even to cry so I pray that this book be a blessing to you. Welcome To Me and My Life By Eugenia Whittaker August 2010

My Life and the Paths I Walked

Author : Glen L. Tramel
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The Great Depression and the Second World War were transformative and uncertain times in American History. In this stirring memoir we hear the accounts of Glen Tramel, who has experienced many challenging life events. We follow him through his times living in a large family in the Dust Bowl days of Oklahoma, his school days in the Second World War, service in the Korean War and through his years as a career teacher. Tramel's story tells of the will of humanity to persevere in times of uncertainty and hardship. His message is an inspiration to those in our modern world who may be facing similar challenges.

My Life and Battles

Author : Jack Johnson
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African American historian Gerald Early refers to Jack Johnson (1878-1946), the first African American heavyweight champion of the world, as "the first African American pop culture icon." Johnson is a seminal and iconic figure in the history of race and sport in America. This manuscript is the translation of a memoir by Johnson that was published in French, has never before been translated, and is virtually unknown. Originally published as a series of articles in 1911 and then in revised form as a book in 1914, it covers Johnson's colorful life and battles, both inside and outside the ring, up until and including his famous defeat of Jim Jeffries in Reno, on July 4, 1910. In addition to providing information about Johnson's life, it is a fascinating exercise in self-mythologizing that provides substantial insights into how Johnson perceived himself and wished to be perceived by others. Johnson's personal voice comes through clearly-brash, clever, theatrical, and invariably charming. The memoir makes it easy to see how and why Johnson served as an important role model for Muhammad Ali and why so many have compared the two.

I Gave Up My Life to Find It

Author : Jule Gaige
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For more information about this book please visit: SYNOPSIS OF "I GAVE UP MY LIFE TO FIND IT" I have devoted the last seven years to understanding, accepting and expressing Truth. This book encompasses my personal account of identifying and repairing breaks in mind, which cause experiences such as relationship discord, financial unrest, addictions, illness, failure, and discontentment to realize abundance, harmony, order, peace, love and joy. In one way or another, "I Gave Up My Life to Find IT could easily be a record of any of our life experiences. We each have potential to rise above the limitations accepted in mind that appear, as chaos and conflict. From the state of mind of Truth, you are clear to realize joy and abundance that is your true potential. The book consists of 14 chapters, complete with the process for repairing the breaks in mind that hold us from our unique expression. It also includes a Glossary containing key terms, and an Appendix with questions and answers that were presented to me along the course of my journey.

The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy Gentleman

Author : Laurence Sterne
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My Life and Ethiopia s Progress

Author : Haile Selassie I (Emperor of Ethiopia)
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Memoirs Of The Life Writings And Character Literary Professional And Religious Of The Late John Mason Good M D By Olinthus Gregory LL D Professor Of Mathematics In The Royal Military Academy Etc Etc

Author : Olinthus Gregory
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My Life and Thoughts

Author : James Ivey Davis
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Born during the Great Depression in rura Alabama, his family moved to the Southwest when he was six months old. He describes his life journey over the next 70 years, which was strongly influenced by the great societal and technological changes of that period. Most of his life choices were driven by a need to suceed. His strong independence and leadership qualities were identified early. From high-school dropout and military service to Ph.D. in physics validated his drive. Being a young paratroper, living in Africa in the 1960's, and long motorcycle trips added a bit of excitement. Long hours working and leading high-technology programs in California afforded many opportunities for scientific and technical contributions and led to extensive travel, much of it foreign, which he describes in some detail. Here is a man who is tough, fair, out-spoken, and a whole lot of fun. I saw him as a handsome, charming man, who found love and family. Children and grandchildren enriched his life. He had many trials and tribulations, and he faced them all squarely. You might say, like Zorba, he experienced the full catasrophe. Roberta Claire, a friend

The Life and Reign of that Excellent Princess Queen Elizabeth

Author :
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Frank Leslie s Popular Monthly

Author : Frank Leslie
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Did I We Do Enough My Life and Race Relations

Author : John Morris Trimmer
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DID I (WE) DO ENOUGH? MY LIFE AND RACE RELATIONS by John Trimmer John Morris Trimmer was no stranger of seeing a people of different color as he mingled with different races when lived in China with his family as a young boy before the Second World War. His family was a part of foreign missionaries serving the poor in China, his father being a doctor. He wasn't aware either of the racial discrimination happening in America, until his family went back home and he began attending schools. From then on, he became a witness to many accounts showing racial prejudice against the blacks in school and other institution of learning, in the military, at work, in the community, in the church, and in many other social and political grounds. In the 1960s, he is one the staunchest supporters of civil rights acts, and has been an active participant in many public demonstrations. His decades of meaningful friendship with blacks and his efforts to break the barrier between the whites and the blacks resulted in a collection of stories that is both inspiring and heartbreaking. As he gathers back the memories of racial inequities he has seen firsthand, he ponders over what is really wrong in American society today and tries to answer the riddle of not only the gap between two races but also the widening gap between the rich and the poor. About the Author John Morris Trimmer was born to American missionaries in Nanjing, China, where he lived for fifteen years. He received his bachelor's degree from Swarthmore College and his master's from the University of Florida; he also recieved his Doctor's from the Western Colorado University. He is now a college professor emeritus and currently lives in Florida with his wife, Guiying Ling.

The Works of Laurence Sterne The life and opinions of Tristram Shandy gentleman

Author : Laurence Sterne
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Life and Letters of Sir Charles Hall

Author : Charles E. Hallé
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The Difference it Makes Having Christ in My Life and Your Life

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This book is about the journey of Mrs. Deborah Woodley. In it, she shares the reality and firsthand experience of believing and trusting in God in every area of her life both in the past and in the present. As you read, you will find that her relationship, with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, makes a world of difference in where she ended up. Her journey in life is filled with opportunities to have made several choices that could have led to tragic, yet predictable circumstances. In the book, she opens her life and exposes her heart to reveal her most inner and personal biases, weaknesses, failures, low self-esteem, state of mind and mental disturbances from emotional hurt and pain. You will walk with her through situations and events and understand why the grace and favor of God have overshadowed her life. You will get to know the men and women of God, to whom she submitted herself to be groomed and spiritually nourished. Under their tutelage, she was able to grow and remain grounded in His word. Your reading this book is an indication that you have accepted her invitation to take a journey that will change your life. She will show you that right where you are, you can make the necessary adjustments, re-evaluate your true status of success, restore broken relationships and freely live to trust God’s word to be true. You will affirm along with her, that God’s Word cannot return void; once it is spoken in Faith over your circumstances, whether you understand it or not. The results of extended opportunities, from exposure to other communities, enhanced her drive to do her best even when she didn’t feel like it. Whether you understand what you are going through or not, this book will give you hope to strive for excellence in all you do regardless of the size of the contribution you make. From your heart, and dedication to serve God and test His word for your life through faith and perseverance, it will give you peace that surpasses all your understanding.

Washing My Life Away

Author : Ruth Deane
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OCD affects one in fifty people and one of them was Ruth Deane. In this frank and personal account she shares her own experience as an OCD sufferer, taking the reader on a moving, honest and at times light-hearted journey, from washing her hands until they cracked and bled, to hospital admission and eventual management and recovery from OCD.

My Life and Other Accidents

Author : Rebecca Sampson
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Harriet Smythe is a wealthy upper middle class businesswoman who has the lifestyle most of us can only dream of. Then a handsome scoundrel enters Harriet's life and her world falls apart. She loses everything: her home, her business, and her husband. With her marriage in tatters, Harriett is forced to claim benefits to live in rented accommodations in a rough area. She must travel on public transport and deal with petty officials, as well as learn to survive in a very different environment. Against the odds, Harriet tries to make a new life for herself and her family. Read about Harriet's ups and downs in this humorous portrayal of a single mother at her wit's end. My Life and Other Accidents will leave you wanting more! Rebecca Sampson is a single parent living near Portsmouth, England, where Charles Dickens was born. She offers writers' workshops and has now written seven books. "I wanted to show through the medium of comedy the type of experiences thousands of parents go through on a daily basis." Her favorite author is Agatha Christie. Publisher's website: http: //