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My Favorite Books 1901

Author : Robert Blatchford
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This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original. Due to its age, it may contain imperfections such as marks, notations, marginalia and flawed pages. Because we believe this work is culturally important, we have made it available as part of our commitment for protecting, preserving, and promoting the world's literature in affordable, high quality, modern editions that are true to the original work.

Saratoga in 1901

Author : Melville De Lancey Landon
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"200 drawings by Arthur Lumley, the entire book, text and illustrations, is photolithographically produced. The title page [verso] refers to them as photo-etchings, all by William Augustus Leggo, Leggo & Co., Photo-Steam-Lith., Montreal, Canada. Leggo's primary business in Canada was the production of the newspaper the Illustrated Canadian News which he printed from late 1869 ... [until he] moved to New York in 1873 to start the New York Daily Graphic."--Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute. Library. Hanson Collection Catalog, p. 44.


Author : Poet Laureate Jean Elizabeth Ward
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A collection of poems, ballads, quotes, and prose about Galveston, Texas.

Diary 1901 1969

Author : Kornei Chukovsky
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A perceptive literary critic, a world-famous writer of witty and playful verses for children, a leading authority on children’s linguistic creativity, and a highly skilled translator, Kornei Chukovsky was a complete man of letters. As benefactor to many writers including Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Joseph Brodsky, he stood for several decades at the center of the Russian literary milieu. It is no exaggeration to claim that Chukovsky knew everyone involved in shaping the course of twentieth-century Russian literature. His voluminous diary, here translated into English for the first time, begins in prerevolutionary Russia and spans nearly the entire Soviet era. It is the candid commentary of a brilliant observer who documents fifty years of Soviet literary activity and the personal predicament of the writer under a totalitarian regime. From descriptions of friendship with such major literary figures as Anna Akhmatova and Isaac Babel to accounts of the struggle with obtuse and hostile censorship, from the heartbreaking story of the death of the daughter who had inspired so many stories to candid political statements, the extraordinary diary of Kornei Chukovsky is a unique account of the twentieth-century Russian experience.

Black Nonfiction Books Their Authors and Their Publishers

Author : Harry B. Dunbar
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The Work of the Dead

Author : Thomas W. Laqueur
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The meaning of our concern for mortal remains—from antiquity through the twentieth century The Greek philosopher Diogenes said that when he died his body should be tossed over the city walls for beasts to scavenge. Why should he or anyone else care what became of his corpse? In The Work of the Dead, acclaimed cultural historian Thomas Laqueur examines why humanity has universally rejected Diogenes's argument. No culture has been indifferent to mortal remains. Even in our supposedly disenchanted scientific age, the dead body still matters—for individuals, communities, and nations. A remarkably ambitious history, The Work of the Dead offers a compelling and richly detailed account of how and why the living have cared for the dead, from antiquity to the twentieth century. The book draws on a vast range of sources—from mortuary archaeology, medical tracts, letters, songs, poems, and novels to painting and landscapes in order to recover the work that the dead do for the living: making human communities that connect the past and the future. Laqueur shows how the churchyard became the dominant resting place of the dead during the Middle Ages and why the cemetery largely supplanted it during the modern period. He traces how and why since the nineteenth century we have come to gather the names of the dead on great lists and memorials and why being buried without a name has become so disturbing. And finally, he tells how modern cremation, begun as a fantasy of stripping death of its history, ultimately failed—and how even the ashes of the victims of the Holocaust have been preserved in culture. A fascinating chronicle of how we shape the dead and are in turn shaped by them, this is a landmark work of cultural history.

The Afterlife of Little Women

Author : Beverly Lyon Clark
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“Superb, scrupulously researched . . . a comprehensive narrative for understanding the changing reception of Little Women.” —Gregory Eiselein, coeditor of The Louisa May Alcott Encyclopedia The hit Broadway show of 1912. The lost film of 1919. Katharine Hepburn, as Jo, sliding down a banister in George Cukor’s 1933 movie. Mark English’s shimmering 1967 illustrations. Jo—this time played by Sutton Foster—belting “I'll be / astonishing” in the 2004 Broadway musical flop. These are only some of the markers of the afterlife of Little Women. There’s also the nineteenth-century child who wrote, “If you do not ...make Laurie marry Beth, I will never read another of your books as long as I live.” Not to mention Miss Manners, a Little Women devotee, who announced that the book taught her an important life lesson: “Although it’s very nice to have two clean gloves, it’s even more important to have a little ink on your fingers.” In The Afterlife of Little Women, Beverly Lyon Clark, a leading authority on children’s literature, maps the reception of Louisa May Alcott’s timeless novel, first published in 1868. Clark divides her discussion into four historical periods. The first covers the novel’s publication and massive popularity in the late nineteenth century. In the second era—the first three decades of the twentieth century—the novel becomes a nostalgic icon of the domesticity of a previous century, while losing status among the literary and scholarly elite. In its mid-century afterlife, from 1930-1960, Little Women reaches a low in terms of its critical reputation but remains a well-known piece of Americana within popular culture. The book concludes with a long chapter on Little Women’s afterlife from the 1960s to the present, a period in which the reading of the book seems to decline, while scholarly attention expands dramatically and popular echoes continue to proliferate. Drawing on letters and library records as well as reviews, plays, operas, film and television adaptations, spinoff novels, translations, Alcott biographies, and illustrations, Clark demonstrates how the novel resonates with both conservative family values and progressive feminist ones. She grounds her story in criticism of children’s literature, book history, cultural studies, feminist criticism, and adaptation studies—in a book that is “fascinating, cover-to-cover, for the many readers of Little Women still out there, whether scholar or generally interested fan” (Studies in the Novel).

Heart of a Wife

Author : Helen Jacobus Apte
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In 1995, NPR editor and producer Marcus D. Rosenbaum met his grandmother-fifty years after her death.p Rosenbaum and his family were attending to the bittersweet business of cleaning out the family home after his father died when, in an old closet, in a ziplock bag, his niece discovered a gateway to the early part of the century and into the life of Helen Jacobus Apte, a Southern Jewish woman living in post-Victorian era Florida and Georgia. The covers of his grandmother's diary were cracked and the pages were beginning to yellow, but there it was: almost forty years of passion, doubt, love, and life, penned in unflinching candor.p Heart of a Wife: The Diary of a Southern Jewish Woman is the collection of Helen Apte's own diary and essays by her grandson, Marcus D. Rosenbaum, who edited the volume. This book reflects Apte's unorthodox, complex, and independent spirit during a very conservative time. Her shockingly frank opinions are offered on sex, marriage, children, religion, and her native South.p Crafted in the heartwarming yet heart-wrenching style of Angela's Ashes and A Midwife's Tale, Heart of a Wife allows the reader a unique glimpse at significant events that gripped the world during the first half of the twentieth century: the Great Depression, the World Wars, and the sinking of the Titanic are but a few.

Loathsome Jews and Engulfing Women

Author : Andrea Freud Loewenstein
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"A remarkable study, one that I recommend to any reader fascinated by the shaping of culture and the power of the psyche." - The Forward How typical of his generation was T.S. Eliot when he complained that Hitler made an intelligent anti-semitism impossible for a generation? In her new book, Loathsome Jews and Engulfing Women, novelist and critic, Andrea Freud Loewenstein examines the persistent anti-semitic tendencies in modernist, British intellectual culture. Pursuing her subject with literary, historical, and psychological analyses, Loewenstein argues that this anti-semitism must be understood in terms of its metaphorical link with misogyny. Situated in the context of the history of Jews in Britain, Loathsome Jews and Engulfing Women begins by questioning the widespread belief that the British government was a friend to the Jews in the 30s and 40s. Loewenstein shows that, as evident in the hypocrisy of many British governmental policies prior to and during WWII, Britain actively collaborated in the Jews' destruction. Against the backdrop of this tragic complicity in the Holocaust, Loewenstein evaluates Jewish stereotypes in the works of three representative twentieth-century British thinkers and writers. Her analysis provides a revealing critique of British modernism. In a larger sense, Loathsome Jews and Engulfing Womenexplores the riddle of prejudice. Loewenstein argues that anti-semitism is nurtured in an environment populated by other hatreds --misogyny, homophobia, and racism. To explain the interaction of these prejudices, she develops an investigative model grounded in object relations theory and informed by the works of such theoretically diverse authors as Virginia Woolf, Kate Millett, and Alice Miller. Loewenstein lucidly argues within an autobiographical framework, insisting on the need for critics to . . . look within ourselves for 'that terrible other' rather than to complacently assume that we ourselves exist outside the ideology of power. This well-written and readable book will be of interest to many people, ranging students of British history to psychoanalysts, from historians of Jewish culture to anyone interested in feminist and literary theory.

The Southern Pacific 1901 1985

Author : Donovan L. Hofsommer
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Don Hofsommer chronicles the twentieth-century history of a transportation giant. Here is a story of divestiture and merger, Sunset Route, and Prosperity Special. " . . . a treasure house of information about the Southern Pacific Company . . . . This book is a joy to read."--Richard C. Overton, from the Foreword

The New York Times Book Review

Author :
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The New York Times Book Review Index 1896 1970 Subject index

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History of the American League 1901 2020

Author : Brian Aldridge
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In 1901, the AL (the former Western League) asserted itself as a major league - and it couldn't have been at a more opportune time - after witnessing foul-mouthed players and corrupt owners, fans had fallen out of favor with the NL. The AL eventually gained equal footing with the NL (defeating NL teams in the World Series didn't hurt) and several stars were on display: Ty Cobb, Shoeless Joe Jackson, and a south-paw pitcher from Baltimore who could hit the ball a mile (Babe Ruth). Two noteworthy dynasties paced the AL - the Philadelphia A's and Boston Red Sox. By 1920, a war, a huge scandal, and a controversial trade changed the landscape. Now a team from the Bronx took over - so take note of their dominance. Herein are rule changes, franchise shifts (where did the current Baltimore club move from?) and additions, plus the advent of blacks returning to the major leagues after 60 years of banishment. Baseball scandals of the 1980s (drugs and Pete Rose's betting), owner collusion I, 2, and 3, to 1990s-current (PEDs) is added. What else do you get? In addition to yearly Standings are League news, significant games, winning and losing records, list of rookies, year-end award winners, and the outcome of each World Series.

The Revealers

Author : Doug Wilhelm
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Throwing light on a dark problem Parkland Middle School is a place the students call Darkland, because no one in it does much to stop the daily harassment of kids by other kids. Three bullied seventh graders use their smarts to get the better of their tormentors by starting an unofficial e-mail forum at school in which they publicize their experiences. Unexpectedly, lots of other kids come forward to confess their similar troubles, and it becomes clear that the problem at their school is bigger than anyone knew. The school principal wants to clamp down on the operation, which she does when the trio, in their zealousness for revenge, libel a fellow student in what turns out to have been a setup. Now a new plan of attack is needed . . . This suspenseful story of computer-era underground rebellion offers fresh perspectives on some of the most enduring themes in fiction for young readers. The Revealers is a 2004 Bank Street - Best Children's Book of the Year.

History of the National League 1901 2020

Author : Brian Aldridge
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By 1901, the NL was 26 years old and hurting. The 1890s version became quite unpopular (rowdy fans, players, and corrupt owners) and now had to contend with a brand new league seeking the customer's attention - the newfound American League. This is a year-by-year journey of how the league in particular and baseball in general changed and grew. If the AL had the NY Yankees, what team dominated the NL? The answer is not the Dodgers! Note the rule changes, the franchise shifts (which team re-named themselves the Blue Jays?), and what was Jackie Robinson's first position in the infield? Info on baseball scandals are included - from drugs, to PEDs, to the recent signal stealing that cost 2 managers their jobs. Along with the Standings are League news, significant games, winning and losing records, list of rookies, year-end award winners, and the outcome of each World Series.

My Favorite Book shelf

Author : Charles Josselyn
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Dream It List It Do It

Author : Editors of 43 Things
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Dream It. List It. Do It! is the ultimate do-it-yourself guide to self-improvement. Drawing from the true stories and experiences of the 1.5 million registered users of, a Webby Award–winning social networking site, Dream It. List It. Do It! works on the proven principle that creating a life list, sharing your progress, and checking things off as done gives a person momentum toward a bigger and bolder life. Dream It. List It. Do It! offers over 5,000 life-changing ideas drawn from real people and organized in 43 categories—like Travel More, Create, Do Something Daring, Ignite Change, Expand My Education, Save the Earth, Love My Job, Finish What I Start, Be Healthier, Fix My Finances, Live in the Moment. Fundamental to the whole enterprise are the book's Ten Rules for Creating and Conquering a Life List, including #4 Maintain Between 20 and 43 Goals, #7 Make Your List Public, and #9 Document Progress. whether it's playing the piano, learning how to do a handstand, cooking a perfect paella—or something much more central to one's life, like "Be more spontaneous"—just putting a desired goal on your list is like shouting "Yes, I can!”"

Nursery Rhymes and Nursery Songs

Author : James William Elliott
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Classic collection of nursery rhymes set to music. Elliott's melodies perfectly capture the charms of these verses; many, including "Sing a Song of Sixpence," have become inseparable from the original rhymes. Lavishly illustrated with 66 beautiful engravings by the Dalziel brothers — renowned Victorian-era illustrators of children's books.

My Favorite Yankee Miracles

Author : Yankee Books
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Contains over a thousand long-standing household tips, covering such aspects as cleaning, decorating, repair and maintenance, holiday celebrations, health, beauty and body care, pet care, houseplants, and kitchen and flower gardening.

The Life and Letters of William Sharp and Fiona Macleod Volume 3 1900 1905

Author : William F. Halloran
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What an achievement! It is a major work. The letters taken together with the excellent introductory sections - so balanced and judicious and informative - what emerges is an amazing picture of William Sharp the man and the writer which explores just how fascinating a figure he is. Clearly a major reassessment is due and this book could make it happen. —Andrew Hook, Emeritus Bradley Professor of English and American Literature, Glasgow University William Sharp (1855-1905) conducted one of the most audacious literary deceptions of his or any time. Sharp was a Scottish poet, novelist, biographer and editor who in 1893 began to write critically and commercially successful books under the name Fiona Macleod. This was far more than just a pseudonym: he corresponded as Macleod, enlisting his sister to provide the handwriting and address, and for more than a decade "Fiona Macleod" duped not only the general public but such literary luminaries as William Butler Yeats and, in America, E. C. Stedman. Sharp wrote "I feel another self within me now more than ever; it is as if I were possessed by a spirit who must speak out". This three-volume collection brings together Sharp’s own correspondence – a fascinating trove in its own right, by a Victorian man of letters who was on intimate terms with writers including Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Walter Pater, and George Meredith – and the Fiona Macleod letters, which bring to life Sharp’s intriguing "second self". With an introduction and detailed notes by William F. Halloran, this richly rewarding collection offers a wonderful insight into the literary landscape of the time, while also investigating a strange and underappreciated phenomenon of late-nineteenth-century English literature. It is essential for scholars of the period, and it is an illuminating read for anyone interested in authorship and identity.