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Sometimes My Brother

Author : Angie Healy
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Three-year old Foster explains his perspective of his older brother, Gavin, who has autism. Shows the challenges the boys face and the obstacles they overturn. Demonstrates what autism is all about, and lets other siblings of children with autism know tha

My Brother with Autism A Story Book to Celebrate Differences

Author : S. Nadia
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Dave notices that Noah behaves differently from him. He asks his Mother if there is something wrong with his brother. His Mother gently explains that his bother is autistic and when she is done, this leads Dave to have a better understanding and appreciation for his brother. My Brother with Autism gently introduces Autism to children. The story book encourages kids to be loving and mindful of the differences that exists between them and autistic kids.

My Brother Is Special My Brother Has Autism

Author : Marta Schmidt-Mendez
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My Brother is Special, My Brother Has Autism tells the story of a little girl's wish of having a baby brother. It covers the anticipation a big sibling feels as she prepares for her new role in the family. My Brother is Special, My Brother Has Autism highlights the journey of a family as they come to realize that their long awaited little boy is changing from the happy toddler they knew into an introverted less verbal boy. This story, as seen through the eyes of a sibling, expresses the confusion and pain a family feels when a diagnosis of autism is made. The story also highlights the beauty of accepting someone, even though they may be different, and realizing that, sometimes, a dream doesn't end, it just needs to be adjusted. A diagnosis of autism impacts all family members. Adults are able to speak with professionals, explore the internet, and speak with others in similar situations. Young children have less options. It is frightening for them to see the adults in their lives in distress with little understanding of the reason. This book was written for the children impacted by the diagnosis of someone in their family. It is the hope of the author that this book assists parents, teachers, and other adults, in helping children to cope in these situations.

My Brother is Different

Author : Louise Gorrod
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A booklet to help young siblings of autistic children understand what autism is.

Families of Adults with Autism

Author : Jane Botsford Johnson
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Families of Adults with Autism is a collection of real-life stories of people on the autism spectrum growing up, as told by their parents and siblings. The individual accounts explore the challenges that families of people with autism have faced, and the techniques they have used to improve the quality of their children's lives, from mega-doses of vitamins and dietary changes to intensive interaction. The contributors also relate how they have worked with their children or siblings to help them to function at their highest possible level, be it showing an awareness of their environment, holding down a full-time job in a local store, competing in the Special Olympics, or achieving international recognition as an artist. This book will offer practical and heartwarming advice to families who are affected by autism spectrum disorders, and provide insights for professionals working with people with ASDs.

My Brother Is Autistic

Author : S. E. N. Source
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A social story to explain a little about autism to a child who has a sibling with ASD

Why Is My Brother Autistic

Author : Alexandra Amoroso
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1 in 88 children are diagnosed with autism. Why are these kids autistic? What is autism? My younger brother was diagnosed with autism at age 2, he learns slower than other children and needs more one on one help. For me as a child, I learned a lot as well and the main thing I learned was to be respectful of other people despite their disabilities. I decided to write a book for children who have siblings with autism or want to learn what it is like to grow up having an autistic sibling. Siblings are out best friends and it is important to be there for your sibling. When they need support or someone there, the first person they will look for is you because other than your parents, you know your sibling and know what's best for them.

My Brother is Autistic

Author : Jennifer Moore-Mallinos
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Having a brother with autism can sometimes be hard. This book describes some of the realities that children with autism and their brothers and sisters experience every day.

Infantile Autism

Author : Stephen M. Edelson
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In 1964, the release of Dr. Bernard Rimland's book, Infantile Autism, revolutionized the autism field by providing the autism community with much-needed guidance on how to understand and treat individuals on the spectrum. He single-handedly realigned the field from a psychodynamic, parent-blaming perspective to a scientific, physiological course of action. This 50th anniversary edition presents the original book with contributions from leaders in the autism field, including Drs. Martha Herbert and Simon Baron-Cohen, who celebrate Dr. Rimland's exceptional work, and place his findings within the context of autism as we understand it today. Bringing Dr. Rimland's findings up to date for a new generation of readers, this book will be fascinating reading for parents and those on the autism spectrum as well as professionals working with autism and anyone with an interest in autism and/or psychological theory.

Targeting Autism

Author : Shirley Cohen
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Targeting Autism reaches out to everyone who lives with or cares about a young child with autism. First published in 1998 and updated in 2002, author Shirley Cohen has recast this best seller throughout to chart the dynamics of the autism world in the first years of the twenty-first century. In this expanded edition she provides specifics about the new developments that have modified the map of the world of autism or that may do so in the near future.