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My Brother is Autistic

Author : Jennifer Moore-Mallinos
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Having a brother with autism can sometimes be hard. This book describes some of the realities that children with autism and their brothers and sisters experience every day.

Why Is My Brother Autistic

Author : Alexandra Amoroso
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1 in 88 children are diagnosed with autism. Why are these kids autistic? What is autism? My younger brother was diagnosed with autism at age 2, he learns slower than other children and needs more one on one help. For me as a child, I learned a lot as well and the main thing I learned was to be respectful of other people despite their disabilities. I decided to write a book for children who have siblings with autism or want to learn what it is like to grow up having an autistic sibling. Siblings are out best friends and it is important to be there for your sibling. When they need support or someone there, the first person they will look for is you because other than your parents, you know your sibling and know what's best for them.

My Brother with Autism A Story Book to Celebrate Differences

Author : S. Nadia
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Dave notices that Noah behaves differently from him. He asks his Mother if there is something wrong with his brother. His Mother gently explains that his bother is autistic and when she is done, this leads Dave to have a better understanding and appreciation for his brother. My Brother with Autism gently introduces Autism to children. The story book encourages kids to be loving and mindful of the differences that exists between them and autistic kids.

Sometimes My Brother

Author : Angie Healy
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Three-year old Foster explains his perspective of his older brother, Gavin, who has autism. Shows the challenges the boys face and the obstacles they overturn. Demonstrates what autism is all about, and lets other siblings of children with autism know tha

My Brother is Different

Author : Louise Gorrod
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A booklet to help young siblings of autistic children understand what autism is.

The Amazing Tommy Tom my Autistic little brother

Author : TommyTom
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Written from the perspective of his big sister Rebecca, The Amazing TommyTom will entertain and educate the reader. Our life with Autism is very interesting and should be shared. Please join Thomas and our family as we experience life. God has richly blessed us with Thomas, and we love him dearly. You will too!


Author : Gunoa Kim
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I Love My Autistic Brother Autism Awareness Day Notebook

Sibling Stories

Author : Lynne Stern Feiges
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Sibling relationships involving a brother or sister with an autism spectrum dis-order can present enormous emotional challenges for everyone involved. This exceptional collection of deeply moving first-person excerpts from interviews with 20 siblings offers in-depth coverage of the issues of paramount concern to typical siblings like establishing boundaries and resentment. A chapter devoted to coping strategies is enhanced by end-of-chapter professional advice on how to maximize the sibling relationship.

Siblings and Autism

Author : Debra Cumberland
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What is it like to grow up with a sibling on the autism spectrum? What kind of relationship do such siblings have? How does that relationship change as the siblings get older? In this moving collection of beautifully-written personal accounts, siblings from a variety of backgrounds, and in different circumstances, share their experiences of growing up with a brother or sister with autism. Despite their many differences, their stories show that certain things are common to the "sibling experience": the emotional terrain of looking on or being overlooked; the confusion of accommodating resentment, love, and helplessness; and the yearning to connect across neurological difference. Siblings and Autism is a thought-provoking book that will appeal to anyone with a personal or professional interest in autism, including parents of siblings of children on the spectrum, teachers, counsellors, and psychologists.

Autism and Representation

Author : Mark Osteen
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Autism, a neuro-developmental disability, has received wide but often sensationalistic treatment in the popular media. A great deal of clinical and medical research has been devoted to autism, but the traditional humanities disciplines and the new field of Disability Studies have yet to explore it. This volume, the first scholarly book on autism in the humanities, brings scholars from several disciplines together with adults on the autism spectrum to investigate the diverse ways that autism has been represented in novels, poems, autobiographies, films, and clinical discourses, and to explore the connections and demarcations between autistic and "neurotypical" creativity. Using an empathetic scholarship that unites professional rigor with experiential knowledge derived from the contributors’ lives with or as autistic people, the essays address such questions as: In what novel forms does autistic creativity appear, and what unusual strengths does it possess? How do autistic representations--whether by or about autistic people--revise conventional ideas of cognition, creativity, language, (dis)ability and sociability? This timely and important collection breaks new ground in literary and film criticism, aesthetics, psychology, and Disability Studies.

My Brother Charlie

Author : Ryan Peete
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"Charlie has autism. His brain works in a special way. It's harder for him to make friends. Or show his true feelings. Or stay safe." But as his big sister tells us, for everything that Charlie can't do well, there are plenty more things that he's good at. He knows the names of all the American presidents. He knows stuff about airplanes. And he can even play the piano better than anyone he knows.Actress and national autism spokesperson Holly Robinson Peete collaborates with her daughter on this book based on Holly's 10-year-old son, who has autism.

I am Special

Author : Peter Vermeulen
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I am Special is a proven programme for helping children, teens and adults on the autism spectrum to understand themselves and their diagnosis, gain confidence and thrive. Peter Vermeulen describes in-depth the theory and research behind the programme, and explains how to use it in practice. He presents a series of specially-designed worksheets, included on an accompanying CD in a handy printable format, on a wide range of topics, including how the brain works, physical characteristics, likes and dislikes, sensory issues, strengths and weaknesses, learning preferences, relationships and plans for the future. When completed, the worksheets can be used to build up a unique and personal book about the individual on the autism spectrum, to help foster self-understanding and self-confidence. For the very first time, the programme presented in this second edition is suitable for use with teens and adults as well as children, and also contains helpful interactive material for siblings. This is a unique resource for all those involved in supporting children, teens and adults on the autism spectrum, including teachers, psychologists, counsellors as well as parents and carers.

The Age of the Infovore

Author : Tyler Cowen
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"Will change the way you think about thinking."—Daniel H. Pink, author of A Whole New Mind Renowned behavioral economist and commentator Tyler Cowen shows that our supernetworked world is changing the way we think—and empowering us to thrive in any economic climate. Whether it is micro-blogging on Twitter or buying single songs at iTunes, we can now customize our lives to shape our own specific needs. In other words, we can create our own economy—and live smarter, happier, fuller lives. At a time when apocalyptic thinking has become all too common, Cowen offers a much-needed Information Age manifesto that will resonate with readers of Dan Ariely's Predictably Irrational, Steven Johnson's Everything Bad is Good for You, and everyone hungry to understand our potential to withstand, and even thrive, in any economic climate.

A is for Autism F is for Friend

Author : Joanna L. Keating-Velasco
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Seeing children at the playground and in the park playing games, ten-year-old Chelsea explains how her severe autism makes it difficult to get to know other children and compares her problems with common issues all children face.

Preschool Issues in Autism

Author : Eric Schopler
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Drawing on the TEACCH program's twenty years of experience in clinical services, education, and research, this volume synthesizes some of the most important theory and data related to the early identification and intervention in autism and related disorders. Chapters addressing clinical aspects, parental concerns, and legal issues will be useful in helping professionals understand and implement state-of-the-art services for young children and their families.

Doing Mental Health Research with Children and Adolescents

Author : Michelle O'Reilly
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Researching child and adolescent mental health can be a daunting task, but with the right practical skills and knowledge your students can transform the way they work with children and young people, giving them a ‘voice’ through their research in the wider community. Michelle O'Reilly and Nikki Parker combine their clinical, academic and research expertise to take your students step-by-step through each stage of the research process. From first inception to data collection and dissemination, they’ll guide them through the key issues faced when undertaking their research, highlighting the dilemmas, challenges and debates, and exploring the important questions asked when doing research with this population. Providing practical advice and strategies for dealing with the reality of conducting research in practice, this book will; - Provide your students with an overview of the theories that underpin methodological choice and the value of using qualitative research. - Guide them through the planning stage of your project, clearly outlining important ethical and legal issues. - Take them though the most popular qualitative data collection techniques and support them with their analysis. - Help them write up their findings and demonstrate how research evidence translates into effective clinical practice. Supported by helpful hints and tips, case examples and definitions of keys terms, this highly practical and accessible guide throws a lifebelt to any students or mental health practitioner learning about the research process for the first time.


Author : Florica Stone
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Stone shows how shared meanings can be learnt and expressed between autistic and non-autistic individuals, though they experience different perceptions of reality. She presents ways of creating autistic-friendly environments, modifying traditional responses to autistic behaviour and using literal learning, providing useful examples and exercises.

Growing Up with an Autistic Brother

Author : Alexandra Amoroso
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I had a childhood unlike most children. I grew up with a brother who was diagnosed with low functioning autism. My childhood and teenage years were very challenging and I often wondered if I would be my brothers next care taker, if I would be able to go to college, and how my future and his future would be. We were told that my brother was qualified for help and services and my parents fought for that help. It was beyond difficult and something no family with a special needs child should have to do. There is help out there for every autistic child but they prevent you from getting it. My mom made a risky and hard decision to get my brother the care he needs that my parents can no longer give him. It was getting to be to much for my parents and myself. No family should have to fight to get their child the services and care they need. I hope this book helps siblings, parents, grandparents, cousins, or anyone who knows someone with autism. I want to share my own story of what my life was like growing up with a brother with autism. It was a life much different from most children but it was truly a blessing and I wouldn't change it for the world.

His Brother s Gift Mills Boon Cherish

Author : Mary J. Forbes
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From dad! It was a call that changed Will Rubens’s life. The rugged Alaskan bush pilot had just learned he was his orphaned nephew’s biological father. And the bearer of this shocking piece of news was a remarkable, irresistibly attractive woman named Savanna Stowe.

Jude Vs Autism

Author : Elizabeth Prochniak
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book concerns dealing with the establishment in working with my grandson Jude, who is in the autistic spectrum. Exhibits support the need for change. Policymakers are challenged to better use resources.