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My Awesome Japan Adventure

Author : Rebecca Otowa
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PICKED AS ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF 2013 BY THE ASSOCIATION OF BOOKSELLERS FOR CHILDREN! A perfect introduction to Japanese culture for kids, My Awesome Japan Adventure is the diary of an American fifth grader who travels to Japan to spend four exciting months with a Japanese family as an exchange student. He records all his adventures in this diary so that he can tell his friends back home about what he did and saw during his time in Japan. With the help of a Japanese foster brother and sister he visits a Ninja village, tries new foods, learns brush painting, and gets the inside scoop on daily life in a Japanese school. Readers of all ages will love experiencing life in Japan from a kid's point of view! Dan's adventures include: My First Week of School, Visiting a Ninja Village, Fun with Origami, Practicing Aikido, Making Mochi, and much more… As a multicultural children's book, My Awesome Japan Adventure is perfect for kids who want to explore another culture and have fun in the process!


Author : Jane Hinchey
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A country of contradictions, Japan is a modern nation with an ancient soul. Find out what life is like in Japan. Discover how Japanese people live, work and play. Learn about the events that shaped this fascinating country. Learn all about Japan including: - Government - History - Ethnic diversity - Landscape and climate - Religions and festivals - Cultural traditions - Transport systems - Languages - Cuisine And find out more about Japan’s relationship with Australia.

The Culture and Crafts of Japan

Author : Miriam Coleman
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In many ways, the culture and traditions of Japan are very different from our own. Just by looking at the detailed photographs in this book, readers will see that the Japanese have unique and beautiful architecture, clothing, festivals, and more. The same can be said for Japanese crafts. Readers will likely be familiar with origami, but this book also contains step-by-step instructions for making nengaj? (New Year’s) cards and a Samurai hat. Readers are sure to love learning about Japan and its many wonderful customs and traditions from this curriculum-based, high-interest text.

The Culture and Recipes of Japan

Author : Tracey Kelly
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Japanese food reflects much about the country of Japan and its culture, and in this impressive book, readers are invited to learn as much as possible about the island nation as they don their aprons. Easy Japanese recipes such as shrimp tempura, vegetarian sushi, and green tea ice cream encourage young chefs to explore the delicacies of Japan with their taste buds, while interesting information is offered about what it’s like to live there, including its geography and cultural traditions. If an excursion to Japan isn’t possible, this fun book is the next best thing!

The Mad Kyoto Shoe Swapper and Other Short Stories

Author : Rebecca Otowa
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"Otowa has woven a series of delightful vignettes of life in Japan, from a true historical story of feuding villages to a man who steals shoes at temples…and some highlighting the cultural differences between Japanese and American sensibilities, especially for women." — Ginny Tapley-Takemori, translator of Convenience Store Woman From the unique standpoint of an American woman who married into a Japanese family and has lived in Japan for more than thirty years, Rebecca Otowa weaves enchanting tales of her adopted home that portray the perspective of both the Japanese and the foreigner on the universal issues that face us all—love, work, marriage, death, and family conflict. The collection includes: A Year of Coffee and Cake—A young American wife in the Tokyo suburbs suspects her next-door neighbor of murdering an elderly relative. Rhododendron Valley—An elderly man decides to commit suicide to deal with his terminal illness and to spare his family pain. The Mad Kyoto Shoe Swapper—A reclusive young Japanese man enjoys the strange hobby of stealing shoes from temples, but it gradually consumes him. Genbei's Curse—A downtrodden woman loses her temper with her demanding, sick father-in-law. Years later, old and sick herself, she can now empathize with him. Trial by Fire—A true story passed down through the author's family of a gruesome trial to settle a land dispute in 1619. Love and Duty—The Japanese custom of "duty chocolates" (chocolates gifted by women to men on Valentine's Day) has repercussions for an American and a Japanese woman. Uncle Trash—Told in the form of newspaper articles, this is the story of an old man, his hoarding addiction, the annoyance it brings his family, and his eventual revenge. Watch Again—A man starts stalking his ex-wife and learns something about himself in the process. Three Village Stories—A tea ceremony teacher, a vengeful son, and an old man ostracized by his community are the protagonists in three vignettes of village life. The Rescuer—After meeting his death in a train accident, a young man finds himself in the position of rescuing others from the same fate. Showa Girl—Based on a true story from the author's family, a girl of fifteen has an arranged marriage with an older man just back from a POW camp in Russia in 1948. Rachel and Leah—An older American woman reflects on her long and not always happy marriage to a Japanese man. The Turtle Stone—Going from the 1950s to the present, this is the story of one man's efforts to keep the family cake shop alive in a Kyoto that is constantly modernizing. Illustrated throughout with the author's own black-and-white drawings, this captivating volume offers a unique and lovingly rendered insight into everyday life in modern Japan.

Cambridge Primary English Learner s Book 2 Second Edition

Author : Sarah Snashall
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This title has been endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education Inspire learners to build, strengthen and extend their skills. Written by experienced authors and primary practitioners, Cambridge Primary English offers full coverage of the new Cambridge Primary English curriculum framework (0058). - Boost confidence and extend understanding: Tasks built in a three-step approach with 'Learn', 'Get started!' and 'Go further' plus 'Challenge yourself' activities to support differentiation and higher order thinking skills. - Revisit, practice and build on previous learning: Let learners see how their skills are developing with 'What can you remember?' checklists at the end of each unit and self-check practice quizzes. - Develop key concepts and skills: A variety of practice material throughout to build Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening skills. - Motivate learners with an international approach: The learner's books provide a variety of engaging extracts from diverse international authors covering fiction genres, non-fiction text types, poetry and plays.

Where Am I Giving A Global Adventure Exploring How to Use Your Gifts and Talents to Make a Difference

Author : Kelsey Timmerman
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Your gifts connect you to a world of giving Americans are generous with their pocketbooks, but trying to make a difference and actually making a difference are two different things. Where Am I Giving? by New York Times bestselling author Kelsey Timmerman takes you on a journey to meet people who will inspire you to live a purpose-filled, generous life and make the greatest impact you can through your career, time, consumer dollars, and donations. Starting in his hometown of Muncie, Indiana, and then traveling all over the world (Myanmar, Kenya, India, Nepal, and more), Kelsey explores not only different ways of giving—as a worker, consumer, volunteer, giver, local and global citizen—but also the benefits and effectiveness of these methods. He spends time with monks, students, a refugee, a Marine, a former Hollywood executive, Peace Corps Volunteers, and seasoned aid workers to explore how they give, as well as with the people on the receiving end of their giving. Along the way he struggles to be a more informed giver as he becomes a "voluntourist,” starts his own local non-profit, and searches for a balance between rationality and passion in how he gives. This book will help you: Reveal the amazing opportunities you have to make an impact using your own gifts—and it doesn't have to be money Understand the sociology, philosophy, anthropology, and neuroscience of giving See how giving can make you more connected and happier Examine types of giving, including microlending, volunteering, donating, ethical consumption, mission trips, voluntourism, child sponsorship, etc. Dive into a nuanced view of effectiveness of international aid and its intersection with development, politics, and culture Where Am I Giving? is a fast-paced narrative combining compelling stories collected over 15 years of travel to 90+ countries, mixed with practical advice on how to make giving a part of our everyday lives.

My Travel Diary JAPAN

Author : BornToBeOnline Creations
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Are you planning to go on holiday in Japan soon ? Don't forget to bring your personal travel diary ! Get all your travel arrangements, important numbers and information alongside with your personalized itinerary at your fingertips! ✅ DOCUMENT YOUR TRAVEL simply by writing, drawing or sticking-in your bus, must-see entrance tickets or pictures made of unforgettable encounters, favorite dishes and thrills! ✅ KEEP UNFORGETTABLE MEMORIES that will make you smile and laugh when you'll browse your creative travel journal months after your trip! ✅ ADD YOUR PHOTOS, KEY MOMENTS, INSPIRATIONS and IDEAS ! ✅ UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY by sticking, for example, your transport tickets, admissions to monuments or museums. You can play with colors and shapes! Your imagination is the only limit! This travel journal for holidays in Japan contains fully customizable: - Checklist of the things you need to bring with you - Itinerary and budget planning - 60 Double-pages for each single day of your vacation! This travel diary will be THE ideal partner to put on paper all your creative travel ideas and can also be an awesome and original gift! Description: - 125 numbered pages. - High quality soft matte cover. - Reduced weight due to its soft cover and compact size, Easy to carry - Paper quality 125 gsm - Compact size 6 x 9 in (15.24 x 22.86 cm)

In Search of Adventure

Author : Bruce Northam
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These short travel essays from around the globe get to the heart of what the words travel and adventure really mean. In Search of Adventure explores the good, the bad, and the ugly of what travelling the world has to offer. The "Trampled Underfoot" section features tales of woe on the road -- the worst of the worst, or making the best of the worst. In "Global Issues & Viewpoints," authors explore the changing world, oppressive governments, and the homogenising of world cultures. From warm and inviting to raw and shocking, these non-fiction travel pieces present disparate viewpoints on the diverse world in which we live and leave no emotion untouched.

Covenant Companion

Author :
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