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Muskoxen and Their Hunters

Author : Peter C. Lent
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"Muskoxen, shaggy denizens of the Far North, are creatures long enveloped in myth. In this first major work on the muskox, Peter C. Lent presents a comprehensive account of how its fortunes have been intertwined with our own since the glaciations of the Pleistocene era.

Description of a New Caribou from Northern British Columbia and Remarks on Rangifer Montanus

Author : Joel Asaph Allen
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The Musk ox

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A Summary of Public Response to the Proposed Alaska Wildlife Management Plans

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Report of the Fifth Thule Expedition 1921 24

Author : Thule Expedition, 5th, 1921-1924
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Report Series

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Occasional Paper Canadian Wildlife Service

Author : Canadian Wildlife Service
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The Netsilik Eskimo

Author : Asen Balikci
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Today regarded as a classic, this description of life in polar cultures reflects traditional ethnography at its best and has been a favored account for thirty years. Balikci's important study of the Netsilingmiut, an isolated tribe of Arctic hunters living close to the Arctic Circle, examines their technology, social organization, and religion. The extended period of time that the author worked with the Netsilik Eskimo is reflected in the depth of his understanding of their past and present environments. His portrayal of their dependence on government services, along with modern technology, provides an accurate and necessary insight into the process of cultural change being experienced by cultures in many developing countries. The volume makes a superb accompaniment to the Netsilik documentary film series. -- Publisher description.

The Youth s Companion

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Arctic Climate Impact Assessment Scientific Report

Author : ACIA - Arctic Climate Impact Assessment
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Arctic Climate Impact Assessment was prepared by an international team of over 300 scientists, experts, and knowledgeable members of indigenous communities, and is the most comprehensive volume on Arctic climate change available. Illustrated in full color throughout.

Yellowstone Wolves

Author : Douglas W. Smith
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In 2020, it will have been twenty-five years since one of the greatest wildlife conservation and restoration achievements of the twentieth century took place: the reintroduction of wolves to the world’s first national park, Yellowstone. Eradicated after the park was established, then absent for seventy years, these iconic carnivores returned to Yellowstone in 1995 when the US government reversed its century-old policy of extermination and—despite some political and cultural opposition—began the reintroduction of forty-one wild wolves from Canada and northwest Montana. In the intervening decades, scientists have studied their myriad behaviors, from predation to mating to wolf pup play, building a one-of-a-kind field study that has both allowed us to witness how the arrival of top predators can change an entire ecosystem and provided a critical window into impacts on prey, pack composition, and much else. Here, for the first time in a single book, is the incredible story of the wolves’ return to Yellowstone National Park as told by the very people responsible for their reintroduction, study, and management. Anchored in what we have learned from Yellowstone, highlighting the unique blend of research techniques that have given us this knowledge, and addressing the major issues that wolves still face today, this book is as wide-ranging and awe-inspiring as the Yellowstone restoration effort itself. We learn about individual wolves, population dynamics, wolf-prey relationships, genetics, disease, management and policy, newly studied behaviors and interactions with other species, and the rippling ecosystem effects wolves have had on Yellowstone’s wild and rare landscape. Perhaps most importantly of all, the book also offers solutions to ongoing controversies and debates. Featuring a foreword by Jane Goodall, beautiful images, a companion online documentary by celebrated filmmaker Bob Landis, and contributions from more than seventy wolf and wildlife conservation luminaries from Yellowstone and around the world, Yellowstone Wolves is a gripping, accessible celebration of the extraordinary Yellowstone Wolf Project—and of the park through which these majestic and important creatures once again roam.

Fish and Wildlife News

Author : U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
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A Day in a Working Life 300 Trades and Professions through History 3 volumes

Author : Gary Westfahl
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Ideal for high school and college students studying history through the everyday lives of men and women, this book offers intriguing information about the jobs that people have held, from ancient times to the 21st century. • Provides detailed, interesting essays describing more than 300 professions and occupations across a broad range of eras, including the 21st century, and from around the world, which will give readers a wider understanding of how people have supported themselves throughout time • Supplies historical primary documents that provide personal perspectives on past occupations • Offers fascinating information on how professions began, who did them, and continuity in occupations across time, such as that 18th-century journalists were often imprisoned for displeasing those in authority, and yet 21st-century U.S. journalists may still spend time in jail for refusing to reveal their sources

The Veterinary Laboratory and Field Manual 3rd Edition

Author : Susan C. Cork
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Isolated regions of the world are often at the forefront of emerging diseases. To be effective in disease prevention and control, they require basic resources for field sample collection and testing. Technical support for field extension staff, and the availability of reliable diagnostic testing facilities, are also vital to ensure sustainable livelihoods for subsistence farmers. This technical handbook aims to provide an easy to follow overview of the basic laboratory techniques and sample collection guidelines. The third edition provides the reader with a summary of basic diagnostic procedures and sample submission guidelines.

Arctic Dreams

Author : Barry Lopez
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‘A master nature writer’ (New York Times) provides the ultimate natural, social and cultural history of the Arctic landscape. The author of Horizon’s classic work explores the Arctic landscape and the hold it continues to exert on our imagination. WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY ROBERT MACFARLANE Lopez’s journey across our frozen planet is a celebration of the Arctic in all its guises. A hostile landscape of ice, freezing oceans and dazzling skyscapes. Home to millions of diverse animals and people. The stage to massive migrations by land, sea and air. The setting of epic exploratory voyages. In crystalline prose, Lopez captures the magic of the Arctic: the essential mystery and beauty of a continent that has enchanted man’s imagination and ambition for centuries. ‘The Arctic dreamland seen and described by a writer of rare perception and poetic descriptive power... The pages sparkle with Arctic light’ Scotsman

Hunter with Harpoon

Author : Markoosie Patsauq
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Published fifty years ago under the title Harpoon of the Hunter, Markoosie Patsauq's novel helped establish the genre of Indigenous fiction in Canada. This new English translation unfolds the story of Kamik, a young hero who comes to manhood while on a perilous hunt for a wounded polar bear. In this astonishing tale of a people struggling for survival in a brutal environment, Patsauq describes a life in the Canadian Arctic as one that is reliant on cooperation and vigilance. In collaboration with the author, Valerie Henitiuk and Marc-Antoine Mahieu return to the original Inuktitut text to provide English readers with a more accurate translation. With a preface by Patsauq and an afterword from the translators, this edition offers a fresh and contextualized interpretation of a cultural milestone. Whether revisiting this classic or discovering it for the first time, readers will find in Hunter with Harpoon a sophisticated coming-of-age tale illustrating a way of life not as it appeared to southerners, but as it has survived in the memory of the Inuit themselves.

Browsing Science Research at the Federal Level in Canada

Author : Brian B. Wilks
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Wilks provides a historical background, list of publications, and description of activities for most of the major science initiatives undertaken at the federal level. He surveys a wide range of government documents and monographic and serial science collections used by both faculty and students.

Rescue and Survival Specialist

Author : United States. Department of the Air Force
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Encyclopaedia Americana

Author :
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Ghost Hunter

Author : Michelle Paver
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A boy. A wolf. A legend for all time. The sixth book in the internationally bestselling WOLF BROTHER (Chronicles of Ancient Darkness) series by renowned author Michelle Paver. As winter approaches and Souls' Night draws near, the Eagle Owl Mage holds the clans in a grip of terror. To fulfill his destiny, Torak seeks his lair in the Mountain of Ghosts. Accompanied by Renn and Wolf, Torak must defy demons and tokoroths, and find his way through the Gorge of the Hidden People. Wolf must overcome terrible grief and Renn must make an agonizing decision. And in the final battle against the Soul-Eater, Torak will face the most heart-rending choice of all ... Audio edition also available, read by Sir Ian McKellen.