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Music Theory for Young Musicians Grade 3

Author : Ying Ying Ng
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Music Theory for Young Musicians

Author : Ying Ng Ying
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Music Theory For Young Musician Mod Answ

Author : Ying Ying Ng
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Music Theory For Young Musicians Grade 3

Author : Ying Ying Ng
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The AB Guide to Music Theory

Author : Eric Taylor
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Part I deals with the subjects of the Associated Board's Theory syllabus for grades 1-5. This book is intended to help people learning music to understand how music is written down, what the various signs and symbols denote, and what is meant by the common technical words used by musicians. Arising out of this, it provides an introduction to the basic elements in harmony and musical structure.

Developing the Musician

Author : Mary Stakelum
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To what extent does research on musical development impact on educational practices in school and the community? Do musicians from classical and popular traditions develop their identities in different ways? What do teachers and learners take into consideration when assessing progress? This book takes a fresh look at 'the musician' and what constitutes 'development' within the fields of music psychology and music education. In doing so, it explores the relationship between formative experiences and the development of the musician in a range of music education settings. It includes the perspectives of classroom teachers, popular musicians, classical musicians and music educators in higher education. Drawn from an international community of experienced educators and researchers, the contributors offer a range of approaches to research. From life history through classroom observation to content analysis, each section offers competing and complementary perspectives on contemporary practice. The book is an essential resource for musicians, educators, researchers and policy makers, offering insight into the reality of practice from those working within established traditions - such as the conservatoire and school settings - and from those who are currently emerging as significant forces in the fields of popular music education and community music.

The Child as Musician

Author : Gary E. McPherson
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The new edition of The Child as Musician: A Handbook of Musical Development celebrates the richness and diversity of the many different ways in which children can engage in and interact with music. It presents theory - both cutting edge and classic - in an accessible way for readers by surveying research concerned with the development and acquisition of musical skills. The focus is on musical development from conception to late adolescences, although the bulk of the coverage concentrates on the period when children are able to begin formal music instruction (from around age 3) until the final year of formal schooling (around age 18). There are many conceptions of how musical development might take place, just as there are for other disciplines and areas of human potential. Consequently, the publication highlights the diversity in current literature dealing with how we think about and conceptualise children's musical development. Each of the authors has searched for a better and more effective way to explain in their own words and according to their own perspective, the remarkable ways in which children engage with music. In the field of educational psychology there are a number of publications that survey the issues surrounding child and adolescent development. Some of the more innovative present research and theories, and their educational implications, in a style that stresses the fundamental interplay among the biological, environmental, social and cultural influences at each stage of a child's development. Until now, no similar overview has existed for child and adolescent development in the field of music. The Child as Musician addresses this imbalance, and is essential for those in the fields of child development, music education, and music cognition.

Jazz Education Guide

Author :
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The Instrumentalist

Author : Traugott Rohner
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Oxford Handbook of Music Psychology

Author : Susan Hallam
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'The Oxford Handbook of Music Psychology' is the definitive, comprehensive, and authoritative text on this burgeoning field. With contributions from over 50 experts in the field, the range and depth of coverage is unequalled. It will be an essential resource for students and researchers in psychology.