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Murder in the Zambezi

Author : Ian Pringle
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The crashes of Air Rhodesia Flight RH825 and Air Rhodesia Flight RH827 were two of the deadliest aviation incidents in the history of Zimbabwe-and they weren't accidents. In this in-depth exploration of a little-known piece of southern African history, Ian Pringle tells a true story of terrorism, sabotage, and survival. Pringle, who lived in Rhodesia at the time of the crashes, collected interviews from survivors, witnesses, pilots, ground staff, accident investigators, family members, and experts. These testimonies reveal stories of heroism and courage in the wake of a major tragedy. Air Rhodesia Flight RH825 was the first airliner ever to be shot down by Russian surface-to-air guided missile. The surviving passengers tell the story of the crash and its horrific aftermath. Five months later, Air Rhodesia Flight RH827 was downed in the same way. This time, there were no survivors. In addition to presenting vivid first-person testimonies, Pringle examines how the attacks-and the ensuing collective rage of the Rhodesian people at those responsible-contributed to the instability of the country. He shows how these tragedies indirectly led to the rise of Robert Mugabe and laid the groundwork for a very different future for the African nation.

Shadows Along the Zambezi

Author : Diana M. Hawkins
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In 2008, Zimbabwe is a particularly dangerous place. Corruption, violence, rape, murder, and inhuman levels of greed and brutality ruled the land as lawless gangs of murderers battled for power. Pieter van Rooyen, a commercial farmer turned environmentalist, has felt the terror firsthand. Seven years earlier, his family was brutally murdered and his farm seized during Zimbabwe's violent land-distribution scheme. The experience changed his life and priorities; now he has dedicated his life to honoring life. He joins forces with Jessica Brennan, an American wildlife biologist, to protect Zimbabwe's most threatened treasures, the elephants, which are being slaughtered by poachers and corrupt government officials alike-under the guise of conservation. Jessica is conducting a scientific study of Zimbabwe's elephants, studying herds that roam the eastern Zambezi Valley. There, she witnesses many of the daily threats they face, including habitat encroachment, floods, droughts, government mismanagement of wildlife areas, and slaughter by illegal ivory hunters. Jessica and Piet are joined by his former neighbor, Angus McLaren, another dispossessed farmer who narrowly escaped with his life when his farm was stolen by the so-called veterans of the independence war. Together, the trio wins over the local National Park Service chief, Hector Kaminjolo, and professional hunter Blair Nisbet, who step in to champion their cause. Despite the terror and sadness that surrounds them, Jessica and Pieter are reminded of the best of human nature as they discover love. Against a backdrop of kidnappings, murders, and international intrigue, a healing love story emerges, proving that love truly can conquer all.


Author : Terry Hayward
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Witness a savage murder as the action begins. This murder turns into the gruesome discovery of the body of the victim years later when the badly decomposed corpse is dug up in the grounds of a prison by a hungry dog searching for scraps of food. An arrest is made but soon it becomes obvious that the mob are manipulating things and that the police are on the wrong track. To cover their tracks and put pressure of the accused's lawyer, the mob resort to kidnapping and so the court action unfolds with the dramatic revealing of the true murderer during the trial.

Zambezi Interlude

Author : Vivian Bernard Meik
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Death on the Zambezi

Author : Christopher Burns
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This spellbinding thriller offers a different explanation as to what has happened to the natives in Africa. What program, if any, has eradicated the natives? Will the white man succeed at taking over? Have they already killed the native population of the future? When will the fighting end? When will people be able to live in peace? Will it take Death on the Zambezi to stop the bloodshed, once and for all? Reading the book will answer some questions and raise some others. Enjoy the twist of this African tale!

Murder at Morija

Author : Tim Couzens
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Who killed Jacottet? Drawing on teh gret tradition of the "locked room" detective story, Tim Couzens sets out, eighty years after the event, to solve the crime.


Author : Tony Park
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When a young American research assistant is killed by a lion, three people are devastated - Jed Banks, an American Special Forces soldier serving in Afghanistan; Professor Christine Wallis, a wildlife researcher in South Africa; and Hassan bin Zayid, a hotel magnate in Zambia. The victim, Miranda Banks-Lewis, was their daughter, protegee and lover respectively. Desperate to find out what happened to Miranda, Jed and Christine set out on a perilous journey of discovery. Forced to pit themselves against the continent's dangers, they will also learn shocking truths about the woman they thought they knew.

Zambezi Wind Song

Author : Donette Read Kruger
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The cornerstones of the DKG Brotherhood are Gavin Gatling, Kufa Siamkwari and Dominic LEstrange. At the height of the bush war, (Chimurenga II), without a word to his wife Leocardia, Kufa absconds over the border one night to join the Comrades only to return years later to die in the arms of his beloved. After years of procrastinating, Gavin finally agrees to adopt a child called Topaz Nyasha, but he does so on the proviso that no one ever discovers the identity of the infants biological mother. Because of this Shirley is convinced that her husband is the father, and for years she hides the details of his own birth from him, but will Monica, the maid, reveal the facts surrounding Gavins roots before the wind song blows the truth through the small fishing village on Lake Kariba? After Topaz turns 18, Dominic is astonished to learn that she is in fact the great granddaughter of tracker Elias Siamkwari and ivory hunter Sebastian LEstrange, but why should she inherit the gold Huguenot cross with its definitive pearl that symbolizes the Holy Spirit? In this suspense-filled saga set in the mystical Zambezi Valley, against Zimbabwes political background, the legacy of the Zambezi Wind Song is ultimately fulfilled.

The Gentle Art of Murder

Author : Earl F. Bargainnier
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This study of the technique of Agatha Christie’s detective fiction—sixty-seven novels and over one hundred short stories—is the first extensive analysis of her accomplishment as a writer. Earl F. Bargannier demonstrates that Christie thoroughly understood the conventions of her genre and, with seemingly inexhaustible ingenuity, was able to develop for more than fifty years surprising variations within those conventions.

Like Confessing a Murder

Author : Allan C. Hutchinson
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At the end of June 1860, the great and good of Britain’s intellectual establishment gathered in Oxford for the annual jamboree of the Association for the Advancement of Science. Only six months after the publication of Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, the stage was set and the characters in place for the mother of all donnybrooks. But for all the posturing and opinionating about the nature of evolution, the exchanges held massive and broader implications for social authority and established control in a changing world. Although taking place over 150 years ago, the Oxford debate still inflames the same passions today and continues to set the defining terms for the struggle between science and religion. As such, this book is as much a pertinent contribution to today’s cultural wars as it is a convincing historical record.

Emil Holub s Travels North of the Zambezi 1885 6

Author : Emil Holub
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Crossing the Zambezi

Author : JoAnn McGregor
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This is the story of 150 years of conflict and contested claims over control and access to the waters and banks of the River Zambezi, one of Africa's longest and most important rivers.


Author :
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From the Cam to the Zambezi

Author : Tony Schur
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In 1961 a group of men arrived in Cambridge to join the Overseas Services Course before going on to work in the Provincial Administration of the Northern Rhodesia Government. This book features contributions by fifteen of the original course members and three wives. They provide their account and experiences of the last years of colonial rule in Northern Rhodesia and the early years of the new nation of Zambia after it gained its independence in 1964. They shed light on the life of British overseas civil servants and their families during those years, and contain first-hand accounts of important historic events. Set against the backdrop of the Cold War and decolonisation, these varied stories offer an insight into a world on the brink of change, offering perspectives on the final years of Northern Rhodesia and the path to independence in Zambia, seen through the eyes of a young group of colonial officials and their wives.

From Shaw Island to the Zambezi

Author : Carole Davis
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This book travels the world and brings an optimistic spirit and a sense of humor to the author's adventures. Hopscotch the globe as bombs burst over the Middle East and desert sands blow over nomadic tents. Get a glimpse of Shaw Island life, take a peaceful stroll along English hedgerows and then blast down the Zambezi River in a raft. Experience what it's like to be a Red Cross volunteer in the aftermath of tragedy. Stay with a colorful bachelor in Turkey and learn why couch surfing is not always a bed of roses. Explore life on a canal boat, get stuck in the mud in Morocco and eat caterpillars in Africa. Spend thirteen terrifying seconds under water, hang over Victoria Falls and roam London towpaths in a garbage bag. As always, you'll find an indefatigable sense of adventure as Carole travels the world in her unique style. Once again, get ready to expect the unexpected

Zambezia a general description of the valley of the Zambezi River from its delta to the River Aroangwa with its history agriculture flora fauna and ethnography

Author : Reginald Charles Fulke Maugham
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Murder on Safari

Author : Peter Riva
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Only a reality TV producer and an expert safari guide can stop a terrorist attack. Every adventure starts at the fringes of civilization. For expert safari guide Mbuno and wildlife television producer Pero Baltazar, filming in the wild of East Africa should have been a return to the adventure they always loved. This time they’d be filming soaring vultures in northern Kenya and giant sea crocodiles in Tanzania with Mary, the daughter of the world’s top television evangelist, the very reverend Jimmy Threte. But when a terrorist cell places them in the crosshairs, there is suddenly no escape and they must put their filming aside and combine all their talents to thwart an all-out al-Shabaab terrorist attack on Jimmy Threte’s Christian gathering of hundreds of thousands in Nairobi, Kenya. The problem is, Pero has a secret—he's been working as a clandestine courier for the US State Department for years. If anyone finds out, it may get them all killed. Exciting and expertly plotted, Murder on Safari is a gripping, edge-of-your-seat thriller set in the great wide-open plains of East Africa. Skyhorse Publishing, as well as our Arcade, Yucca, and Good Books imprints, are proud to publish a broad range of books for readers interested in fiction—novels, novellas, political and medical thrillers, comedy, satire, historical fiction, romance, erotic and love stories, mystery, classic literature, folklore and mythology, literary classics including Shakespeare, Dumas, Wilde, Cather, and much more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.

Murder in San Francisco

Author : Bruce Holdt
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Murder on the Safari Star

Author : M. G. Leonard
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Join Hal and Uncle Nat as they plunge straight into an exciting mystery – this time while on Safari! All-aboard for the third amazing journey in the bestselling Adventures on Trains series, Murder on the Safari Star, from M. G. Leonard and Sam Sedgman, illustrated throughout by Elisa Paganelli. Harrison Beck and his Uncle Nat are on the journey of a lifetime aboard the Safari Star – a luxurious steam train that will take them from Pretoria to the stunning Victoria Falls. Close encounters with the amazing animals and landscape of Southern Africa are adventure enough, but things get mysterious when a passenger is found dead inside a locked compartment. Is it just a terrible accident or is something more suspicious afoot? It’s up to train detective Hal and his new friend Winston to find out. 'Like Murder on the Orient Express but better!' Frank Cottrell-Boyce on The Highland Falcon Thief 'A chuffing triumph' The Times on The Highland Falcon Thief 'A first class choo-choo-dunnit!' David Solomons on Kidnap on the California Comet

Murder and Media in the New Rome

Author : T. Simpson
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An insightful look into the origins of modern Italian media culture by examining a sensational crime and trial that took place in Rome in the late 1870s, when a bloody murder triggered a national spectacle that became the first great media circus in the new nation of Italy, crucially shaping the young state's public sphere and image of itself.