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Murder at Willow Slough

Author : Josh Thomas
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A Gay reporter, a Straight cop and thirteen dead men: will the good guys get the killers, or will the killers get them? Jamie Foster has a lot going for himhes young, blond and handsome, with an exciting career as a journalist. Then his life falls apart. Kent Kessler is a winner, too, a good-looking athlete and the youngest sergeant in state police history. Assigned to investigate a Gay murder, he comes up clueless. He teams with Jamie to track down the killer, and soon confronts a mind-boggling conspiracy. Murder at Willow Slough is simultaneously terrifying, tough and tender, as two very different men stare down danger and discover the truth: the only defense against evil is people who care for each other. "A gripping mystery that will keep fans of the genre enthralled from first page to last. Added to the mix is a warm romance... (Jamie) Foster finds himself face to face with the enemy in a heart-stopping scene that will have you on the edge of your seat... You'll find yourself often holding your breath."The Letter (Louisville, KY) "For those who enjoy a good suspense book, this is it. And for those who enjoy a nice romance book (along the lines of The Front Runner), this is it."Columbus Alive "The novel is a solid mystery, with believable characters and tremendous suspense. Readers will appreciate Thomas' wit and the characters he creates--as well as a story that will stay with them long after the novel ends."Nuvo Newsweekly "There are distinct flashes of Thomas Harris-like brilliance here, bringing to mind the evil exuding from the pages when Hannibal Lecter did something naughty. There are twists and turns aplenty. There are secrets within conspiracies, and many of the characters are not what they seem to be."Gay Peoples Chronicle

The Gay Male Sleuth in Print and Film

Author : Drewey Wayne Gunn
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This new edition of The Gay Male Sleuth in Print and Film provides an overview of milestones in the development of gay detectives over the last several decades. Also included in this volume is an annotated list of novels, short stories, plays, graphic novels, comic strips, films, and television series featuring gay amateur sleuths, police detectives, private investigators, and the like.

Andy s Big Idea

Author : Josh Thomas
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"If you were as rich as Bill Gates and you started a gay and lesbian university, what would you teach? ... But Andy Coulter's more ambitious than that. He wants to teach physical education, all four years. He wants his own Kinsey Institute, to study human sexuality rigorously, comprehensively, fearlessly."--Page 4 of cover

After the Gold Rush

Author : David Vaught
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A dramatic history of a group of families in post-gold rush California who turned to agriculture when mining failed. “It is a glorious country,” exclaimed Stephen J. Field, the future U.S. Supreme Court justice, upon arriving in California in 1849. Field’s pronouncement was more than just an expression of exuberance. For an electrifying moment, he and another 100,000 hopeful gold miners found themselves face-to-face with something commensurate to their capacity to dream. Most failed to hit pay dirt in gold. Thereafter, one illustrative group of them struggled to make a living in wheat, livestock, and fruit along Putah Creek in the lower Sacramento Valley. Like Field, they never forgot that first “glorious” moment in California when anything seemed possible. In After the Gold Rush, David Vaught examines the hard-luck miners-turned-farmers—the Pierces, Greenes, Montgomerys, Careys, and others—who refused to admit a second failure, faced flood and drought, endured monumental disputes and confusion over land policy, and struggled to come to grips with the vagaries of local, national, and world markets. Their dramatic story exposes the underside of the American dream and the haunting consequences of trying to strike it rich. “An excellent history of farming in the Sacramento Valley in the late nineteenth century.” —California History “Vaught tells a riveting story of two generations of farmers who “committed themselves not only to the market but to community life as well.” He argues that these twin commitments, born of their failures in the gold fields, were an essential part of the culture of American capitalism that emerged in the second half of the nineteenth century.” —Business History Review “Vaught set himself the goal of writing a “new” rural history of California, examining the state’s wheat farmers in their social and cultural contexts. In After the Gold Rush, he achieves his goal admirably.” —Journal of American History “An agricultural history that weaves together an unpredictable creek, a fluctuating market, and the perseverance of the American Dream.” —Journal of Interdisciplinary History 2008 Winner of the Albert J. Beveridge Award of the American Historical Association

Murder on the Mainline

Author : Dave Horton
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Mike Claymore is a truck driver with past experience working for the Correctional Service of Canada as a prison guard. Since he has training in criminology he seeks security work as a sideline. He and his mistress become quite a team as crime fighters. Book One of the Mike Claymore Series.

Who Killed the Candy Lady

Author : James Ylisela
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A deep dive that “has brought together all the evidence” in the fascinating cold case of a millionaire widow, the Chicago horse mafia, and murder (Daily Mail). Thirty-five years ago, Helen Brach walked out of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, and vanished without a trace. By all accounts, the sixty-five-year-old heiress to the E.J. Brach & Sons candy fortune was in good health. But shortly after her leaving the clinic the details of Helen Brach’s life—and presumed death—moved from fact to speculation, and they have been shrouded in mystery ever since. Who Killed the Candy Lady?: Unwrapping the Unsolved Murder of Helen Brach is the true and complete story of Helen Vorhees Brach’s mysterious disappearance and unsolved murder, as told by veteran Chicago journalist Jim Ylisela. This book will reveal the sordid facts behind the case and the seedy underbelly of Chicago’s notorious crime world. Drawing from never-seen documents, interviews, and insiders’ perspectives of prosecutors, horse thieves, and candy heiresses alike, Who Killed the Candy Lady? is a true-to-life whodunnit. This is a fascinating and entertaining tale, and after finishing it readers will be unable to stop themselves from jumping to their own conclusions. Written with the straightforward precision and sly wit of a longtime Chicago writer immersed in the case’s details, Who Killed the Candy Lady? is the ultimate guide to this unsolved murder mystery. “It only took me a day to read this book because I could not put it down . . . A fantastic writer and great storyteller.” —Nerd Problems

Andy s Big Idea

Author : Josh Thomas
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If you were as rich as Bill Gates and you started a Gay and Lesbian university, what would you teach? Business? Sure. Computers, electronic engineering? Absolutely. A core liberal arts curriculum? You'd have to, or all your graduates would be nerds. Theater? Puh-lease. Law and political science might help the cause of Gay rights. Medicine, pharmacy, biochemistry and nursing could train soldiers in the war against AIDS. But Andy Coulter's more ambitious than that. He wants to teach physical education, all four years. He wants his own Kinsey Institute, to study human sexuality rigorously, comprehensively, and fearlessly. Most of all, he wants to find out how to prevent internalized homophobia and teach 18-year-olds to live life fully. He's even got one little plan so sinister, so culturally terrifying, it's top secret. He calls it Project W. You may not agree with his methods, but then, you're not Commando Colt, and he is.

Murder Mayhem in Boise

Author : Mark Iverson
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Explore Boise's Bloody History! Shortly after the nearby discovery of gold in 1862, outlaws and ruffians from all over began to congregate in newly platted Boise City. One of the city's only recorded pistol duels settled a dispute between a covetous husband and the lover of a young damsel--both happened to be lawyers. After getting busted running a long con, the King of Boise's Underworld was sent to the penitentiary. What could be called the area's first mass shooting occurred when an Alaskan gold miner sought revenge against the young woman who stood him up. A local postmaster found himself in a notorious case of a love triangle gone wrong. And, a death cult returned the mummy of one of its followers to Boise. Authors Mark Iverson and Jeff Wade go beyond the traditional histories to gain an appreciation for the lives often willfully removed from history's pages and thus forgotten.

The Fatal Effects of Gambling Exemplified in the Murder of Wm Weare and the Trial and Fate of John Thurtell the Murderer and His Accomplices

Author : John Thurtell
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Press Summary Illinois Information Service

Author : Illinois Information Service
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