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Semiconductor Nanomaterials

Author : Challa S. S. R. Kumar
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The must-have ten-volume successor to the critically acclaimed Nanotechnologies for the Life Sciences series, Nanomaterials for the Life Sciences, 10 Volume Set provides an excellent, in-depth overview of all nanomaterial types and their uses in the life sciences. Each volume is dedicated to a specific material class and covers fundamentals, synthesis strategies, structure-property relationships, material behavior fine-tuning, biological effects, and applications in the life sciences. This landmark set provides materials scientists, chemists, biologists, molecular biologists, clinical physicists, physiological chemists, medicinal chemists, and toxicologists with essential awareness of life science applications.

Advances in Multimedia Information Processing PCM 2018

Author : Richang Hong
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The three-volume set LNCS 101164, 11165, and 11166 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 19th Pacific-Rim Conference on Multimedia, PCM 2018, held in Hefei, China, in September 2018. The 209 regular papers presented together with 20 special session papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 452 submissions. The papers cover topics such as: multimedia content analysis; multimedia signal processing and communications; and multimedia applications and services.

Chemical Imaging Analysis

Author : Freddy Adams
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Chemical Imaging Analysis covers the advancements made over the last 50 years in chemical imaging analysis, including different analytical techniques and the ways they were developed and refined to link the composition and structure of manmade and natural materials at the nano/micro scale to the functional behavior at the macroscopic scale. In a development process that started in the early 1960s, a variety of specialized analytical techniques was developed – or adapted from existing techniques – and these techniques have matured into versatile and powerful tools for visualizing structural and compositional heterogeneity. This text explores that journey, providing a general overview of imaging techniques in diverse fields, including mass spectrometry, optical spectrometry including X-rays, electron microscopy, and beam techniques. Provides comprehensive coverage of analytical techniques used in chemical imaging analysis Explores a variety of specialized techniques Provides a general overview of imaging techniques in diverse fields

Ternary Quantum Dots

Author : Samuel Oluwatobi Oluwafemi
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Ternary Quantum Dots: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications reviews the latest advances in ternary (I-III-VI) chalcopyrite quantum dots (QDs), along with their synthesis, properties and applications. Sections address the fundamental key concepts of ternary quantum dots, progress in synthesis strategies (i.e., organic and aqueous synthesis), and characterization methods (i.e., transmission electron microscopy, dynamic light scattering, etc.). Properties of ternary quantum dots are comprehensively reviewed, including optical, chemical and physical properties. The factors and mechanisms of the cytotoxicity of ternary quantum dot-based nanomaterials are also described. Since ternary chalcopyrite quantum dots are less toxic and more environmentally benign than conventional binary II-VI chalcogenide quantum dots, they are being investigated to replace conventional quantum dots in a range of applications. Thus, this book reviews QDs in various applications, such as solar cells, photocatalytic, sensors and bio-applications. Reviews fundamental concepts of ternary quantum dots and quantum dot-nanocomposites including the most relevant synthesis strategies, key properties, and characterization techniques Delves into the cytotoxicity of quantum dots looking at the factors and mechanisms that influence cytotoxicity including demonstration of cytotoxicity assays for in vitro and in vivo tests Touches on the many applications of ternary quantum dots including biomedical applications, applications in solar cells, sensing applications, and photocatalytic applications

Engineering Technologies and Clinical Translation

Author : Mansoor M. Amiji
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Engineering Technologies and Clinical Translation: Volume 3: Delivery Strategies and Engineering Technologies in Cancer Immunotherapy examines the challenges of delivering immuno-oncology therapies, focusing specifically on the development of solutions for drug delivery and its clinical outcomes. Immuno-oncology (IO) is a growing field of medicine at the interface of immunology and cancer biology leading to development of novel therapeutic approaches, such as chimeric antigen receptor T-cell (CAR-T) and immune checkpoint blockade antibodies, that are clinically approved approaches for cancer therapy. Although currently approved IO approaches have shown tremendous promise for select types of cancers, broad application of IO strategies could even further improve the clinical success, especially for diseases such as pancreatic cancer, brain tumors where the success of IO so far has been limited. This volume of Delivery Strategies and Engineering Technologies in Cancer Immunotherapy discusses biomaterial, microfluidic, and biodegradable devices, engineered microbes, personalized medicine, clinical approval process, and many other IO technologies. Engineering Technologies and Clinical Translation: Volume 3: Delivery Strategies and Engineering Technologies in Cancer Immunotherapy creates a comprehensive treaty that engages the scientific and medical community who are involved in the challenges of immunology, cancer biology, and therapeutics with possible solutions from the nanotechnology and drug delivery side. Explores engineering technologies and their clinical translation in a comprehensive way Presents forecasting on the future of nanotechnology and drug delivery for IO Engages the scientific and medical community who are involved in the challenges of immunology, cancer biology, and therapeutics with possible solutions from the nanotechnology and drug delivery side

Phosphor Handbook

Author : Ru-Shi Liu
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A benchmark publication, the first edition of the Phosphor Handbook, published in 1998, set the standard for references in the field. The second edition, updated and published in 2007, began exploring new and emerging fields. However, in the last 14 years, since the second edition was published, many notable advances and broader phosphor applications have occurred. Completely revised, updated, and expanded into three separate volumes, this third edition of the Handbook covers the most recent developments in phosphor research, characterization, and applications. This volume on ‘Novel Phosphors, Synthesis, and Applications’ provides the descriptions of synthesis and optical properties of phosphors used in different applications, including the novel phosphors for some newly developed applications. The chapters in this book cover: Various LED-based phosphors and their synthesis and applications Ingenious integrated smart phosphors and their novel optoelectronic and photonic devices Quantum dot, single crystalline, and glass phosphors Upconversion nanoparticles for super-resolution imaging and photonic and biological applications Special phosphors for laser, OLED, energy storage, quantum cutting, thermometry, photosynthesis, AC-driven LED, and solar cells

Multiplex Immunohistochemistry Immunofluorescence Technique The Potential and Promise for Clinical Application

Author : Joe Yeong
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Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy Integrated Methods Part A

Author :
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Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy Integrated Methods - Part A, Volume 635 in the Methods in Enzymology series, continues the legacy of this premier serial with quality chapters authored by leaders in the field. Specific chapters to this release include Deconvolution of the immunological contexture of mouse tumors with multiplexed immunohistochemistry, High-dimensional multiplexed immunohistochemical characterization of immune contexture in human cancers, Multiplex assay by IHC for melanoma tumor microenvironment evaluation, Characterization of the tumor immune microenvironment by multispectral image analysis of multiplex immunofluorescence images, Phenotyping of immune cells in situ using multispectral imaging quantification, and much more. Authored by leaders in the field of enzymology Provides a comprehensiveness level of discussion on the field Presents a highly specialized group of topics that delve deep into new updates and future prospects

Biomaterials for Cancer Therapeutics

Author : Kinam Park
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Cancer can affect people of all ages, and approximately one in three people are estimated to be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. Extensive research is being undertaken by many different institutions to explore potential new therapeutics, and biomaterials technology is now being developed to target, treat and prevent cancer. This unique book discusses the role and potential of biomaterials in treating this prevalent disease. The first part of the book discusses the fundamentals of biomaterials for cancer therapeutics. Chapters in part two discuss synthetic vaccines, proteins and polymers for cancer therapeutics. Part three focusses on theranosis and drug delivery systems, whilst the final set of chapters look at biomaterial therapies and cancer cell interaction. This extensive book provides a complete overview of the latest research into the potential of biomaterials for the diagnosis, therapy and prevention of cancer. Biomaterials for cancer therapeutics is an essential text for academics, scientists and researchers within the biomedical industry, and will also be of interest to clinicians with a research interest in cancer therapies and biomaterials. A complete overview of the latest research into the potential of biomaterials for the diagnosis, therapy and prevention of cancer Discusses the fundamentals of biomaterials for cancer therapeutics Discusses synthetic vaccines, proteins and polymers for cancer therapeutics

Adverse Effects of Engineered Nanomaterials

Author : Bengt Fadeel
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An essential reference that discusses occupational exposure and the adverse health effects of engineered nanomaterials and highlights current and future biomedical applications of these nanomaterials in relation to nanosafety. Multi-authored book written by leading US and European experts on nanotoxicology and nanomedicine Discusses the health implications and a clinical translation of experimental data in this area Takes a schematic, non-exhaustive approach to summarize the most important research data in this field Includes a glossary, with a brief explanation of the term and with a reference to where the term or phrase has been used will be included within the book