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Mr Nobody s Eyes

Author : Michael Morpurgo
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A tale of fun and friendship from former Children's Laureate and author of War Horse, Michael Morpurgo. Harry heard the key turn in the lock. He had already made up his mind to run. Harry is in trouble at school, and doesn't like his stepfather or the new baby. Then he befriends Ocky, a chimpanzee from the circus. Ocky's owner won't mind if Harry borrows her for a bit, will he? But then Harry's stepfather and the police find out. Harry and the chimp are soon on the run! A gripping and poignant animal adventure from the master storyteller of An Eagle in the Snow, Listen to the Moon, Shadow, and An Elephant in the Garden. ------ Former Children's Laureate Michael Morpurgo needs no introduction. He is one of the most successful children's authors in the country, loved by children, teachers and parents alike. Michael has written more than forty books for children including the global hit War Horse, which was made into a Hollywood film by Steven Spielberg in 2011. Several of his other stories have been adapted for screen and stage, including My Friend Walter, Why the Whales Came and Kensuke's Kingdom. Michael has won the Whitbread Award, the Smarties Award, the Circle of Gold Award, the Children's Book Award and has been short-listed for the Carnegie Medal four times. He started the charity Farms for City Children in 1976 with his wife, Clare, aimed at relieving the "poverty of experience" many young children feel in inner city and urban areas. Michael is also a patron of over a dozen other charities. Living in Devon, listening to Mozart and working with children have provided Michael with the ideas and incentive to write his stories. He spends half his life mucking out sheds with the children, feeding sheep or milking cows; the other half he spends dreaming up and writing stories for children.

Die Botschaft von Kambodscha The Embassy of Cambodia

Author : Zadie Smith
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Nach ihrem großen Roman »London NW« legt Zadie Smith mit dieser brillanten Erzählung nach – ein literarischer Diamant! Jeden Montag beobachtet Fatou einen Federball, der hinter den hohen Mauern der Botschaft von Kambodscha hin und her fliegt – ein scheinbar unendlich andauerndes Match. Fatou ist auf dem Weg zum Schwimmbad, wo sie jeden Montagmorgen ihre Bahnen zieht. Neben den sonntäglichen Treffen mit Andrew Okonkwo, einem bibelfesten Studenten aus Nigeria, ist dies die einzige Stunde in der Woche, die ganz ihr gehört. Den Rest der Woche arbeitet Fatou als Haushälterin bei den Derawals, kauft ein, kocht, putzt und hütet die Kinder. Nein, eine Sklavin ist Fatou nicht. Hin und wieder wird sie geschlagen, und bezahlt wird sie für ihre Arbeit nicht, das Haus aber verlässt sie regelmäßig und ohne um Erlaubnis fragen zu müssen. Fatou ist stoisch, sie geht durchs Leben, wie sie ihre Bahnen im Schwimmbad zieht, und es scheint fast, als würde alles immer so weitergehen – bis Fatou einem der Kinder zufällig das Leben rettet und damit das eingespielte Gleichgewicht der Familie Derawal durcheinanderbringt.Mit »Die Botschaft von Kambodscha« stellt die großartige Zadie Smith einmal mehr unter Beweis, dass es manchmal nur weniger Worte bedarf, um eine große Geschichte zu erzählen. »Dieses prägnante Glanzstück zeigt einmal mehr, warum Zadie Smith im Alter von 38 Jahren zu den kenntnisreichsten, witzigsten, differenziertesten Beobachtern der post-kolonialen Landschaft zählt.« The Star

Through the Eyes of a Nobody So I Thought

Author : Jerelene Sheronda Hiltonene Jackson
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At the age of seven, Jerelene Jackson experienced an act of incest that opened the door to a demonic infestation that plagued her for nearly two decades. After battling shame and rage, attempting suicide, stealing, selling drugs, and grappling with teenage pregnancy while in an abusive relationship, she experienced a healing she never thought possible—a healing that the blood of Jesus Christ has made available for all people. Using the Word of God and her own stories, she reveals the real consequences of sin and the only true means of freedom.

Captain Nobody

Author : Dean Pitchford
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When Newt Newman's football-star brother, Chris, is knocked into a coma during the biggest game of the season, Newt's two best friends keep his mind off of the accident by helping him create the ultimate Halloween costume: Captain Nobody. Newt feels strong and confident in his new getup, so he keeps wearing it after Halloween is over. Soon Newt assumes the role of a hero in a string of exploits that include foiling a robbery and saving a planeload of passengers. But will Captain Nobody be able to save the one person he cares about most?

The Junior Bookshelf

Author :
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Best Books for Junior High Readers

Author : John Thomas Gillespie
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Provides an annotated listing of recommended reading material for students in grades seven through nine.


Author : Susan Warner
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Looking for Mr Nobody

Author : Sue Rann
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Jan Wolf scrapes a living as a pavement artist in Amsterdam. But when a close friend is abducted by sinister men in black, Wolf commits himself to a course of action that puts him on a collision course with his own elusive past - a past he knows only through nightmares. Now the police want to talk to him, the men in black want him dead, and there's an American redhead on his tail with a Lara Croft fixation and a Glock-17 in her purse... Wolf is being hunted down.

Salem Chapel

Author : Mrs. Oliphant (Margaret)
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Congressional Record

Author : United States. Congress
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