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Kids on the Move

Author : Kassandra Schmutz Boyd
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It's no secret that kids of all ages love to move! Kids on the Move: Creative Movement for Children of All Ages(c) is a wonderful resource to help further a child's love of movement, music and creativity. This book is an invaluable tool for childcare providers, music and movement teachers, or early childhood teachers who want to integrate music and movement into their program. Designed to help your children physically, musically, socially and mentally, this curriculum offers 45 lessons, each built around a kid-friendly theme, along with a materials needed list and 8-10 simple activities. Busy teachers can follow the step-by-step lesson plans straight from the book with very little preparation, and specific music is not required. The book also includes parent flyer ideas, suggestions for helping students with special needs participate, and tips on how to offer all of your students positive reinforcement. Click on our Seminars Page at for discounts on our Educational training seminars offering Childhood Education hours towards Accreditation and Certificatio

Movement for Kids

Author : Marian Schinske
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In Movement for Kids, Marian Schinske tells an uplifting story about the establishment of the nonprofit NovatoSpirit, which helps youth with financial needs participate in athletic activities in Novato. She highlights the joys and struggles of several NovatoSpirit kids, as they play new sports and learn life lessons. There is Marisol, who tries karate for the first time; Bella, whose practice of tae kwon do helps her through dark times when her mother is ill; Miranda, who gains self-confidence through dance; and Selena, who says, I live and breathe to dance. Schinske shows what it is like to start and run a nonprofit. She talks with affection about her Board of Directors, their fundraising events, and the nonprofits around Marin County with which NovatoSpirit is privileged to work.

The Civil Rights Movement for Kids

Author : Mary C. Turck
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Describes the struggle for civil rights for African-Americans in the 1950s and 1960s and profiles important civil rights leaders. Includes suggested activities.

Children of the Movement

Author : John Blake
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Profiling 24 of the adult children of the most recognizable figures in the civil rights movement, this book collects the intimate, moving stories of families who were pulled apart by the horrors of the struggle or brought together by their efforts to change America. The whole range of players is covered, from the children of leading figures like Martin Luther King Jr. and martyrs like James Earl Chaney to segregationists like George Wallace and Black Panther leaders like Elaine Brown. The essays reveal that some children are more pessimistic than their parents, whose idealism they saw destroyed by the struggle, while others are still trying to change the world. Included are such inspiring stories as the daughter of a notoriously racist Southern governor who finds her calling as a teacher in an all-black inner-city school and the daughter of a famous martyr who unexpectedly meets her mother's killer. From the first activists killed by racist Southerners to the current global justice protestors carrying on the work of their parents, these profiles offer a look behind the public face of the triumphant civil rights movement and show the individual lives it changed in surprising ways.

Physical Education for Young Children

Author : Rae Pica
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Grade level: 1, 2, 3, k, p, e, t.

Kids in Motion

Author : Julie Weissman
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Activities with games, exercises, and songs to use with children aged three to nine, for developing coordination, rhythm, strength, flexibility, and endurance.

The Sandbox Investment

Author : David L. Kirp
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Listen to a short interview with David L. Kirp Host: Chris Gondek - Producer: Heron & Crane The rich have always valued early education, and for the past forty years, millions of poor kids have had Head Start. Now, more and more middle class parents have realized that a good preschool is the smartest investment they can make in their children's future in a competitive world. As "The Sandbox Investment" shows, their needs are key to the growing call for universal preschool. Writing with the verve of a magazine journalist and the authority of a scholar, David L. Kirp makes the ideal guide to this quiet movement. He crouches in classrooms where committed teachers engage lively four-year-olds, and reveals the findings of an extraordinary longitudinal study that shows the life-changing impact of preschool. He talks with cutting-edge researchers from neuroscience and genetics to economics, whose findings increasingly show how powerfully early childhood shapes the arc of children's lives. Kids-first politics is smart economics: paying for preschool now can help save us from paying for unemployment, crime, and emergency rooms later. As Kirp reports from the inside, activists and political leaders have turned this potent idea into campaigns and policies in red and blue states alike. "The Sandbox Investment" is the first full story of a campaign that asks Americans to endorse a vision of society that does well by doing good. For anyone who is interested in politics or the social uses of research--for anyone who's interested in the children's futures--it's a compelling read.

The Kids Are in Charge

Author : Jessica K. Taft
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Details the possibilities and challenges of intergenerational activism and social movements Since 1976, the Peruvian movement of working children has fought to redefine age-based roles in society, including defending children’s right to work. In The Kids Are in Charge, Jessica K. Taft gives us an inside look at this groundbreaking, intergenerational social movement, showing that kids can—and should be—respected as equal partners in economic, social, and political life. Through participant observation, Taft explores how the movement has redefined relationships between kids and adults; how they put these ideas into practice within their organizations; and how they advocate for them in larger society. Ultimately, she encourages us to question the widely accepted beliefs that children should not work or participate in politics. The Kids Are in Charge is a provocative invitation to re-imagine childhood, power, and politics.

Music and Movement Reflecting the EYLF

Author : Curriculum Kids Pty Ltd
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Music and movement is important to the healthy development of the whole child. A program that provides a variety of rich opportunities to explore music and movement can create an environment filled with joy and learning! This book is categorised into seven chapters: Sound, Vocal, Instrumental, Locomotor Movement, Non-Locomotor Movement, Genre and Technology. Each chapter contains two main experiences with possible links to the five Learning Outcomes. These outcomes can vary according to the children's actions, reactions and involvement.More features of this book include:* Suggested resources* Potential extensions* Ideas for reflection * Four more experiences* Experience photographs * A list of terminology that can be used with children while exploring each area

101 Movement Games for Children

Author : Huberta Wiertsema
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Every body is made to move, and moving is one of the best things we can do for our bodies. children who learn the joy of moving at an early age improve their chances of remaining active and healthy throughout life. The games in this book will also help children develop a healthy sense of play. Thes noncompetititve games - which focus on pure movement, rather than dance or music - stress excitement, humour, challenge, surprise and cooperation. Players just need enthusiasm and a willingness to explore activities with others.

101 More Dance Games for Children

Author : Paul Rooyackers
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Filled with dance games that the whole classroom or family can play and learn from, this book collects noncompetitive activities that reward children for their involvement, encourage them to use their imagination, and show them how to express their feelings without using words. Illustrations.

101 Dance Games for Children

Author : Paul Rooyackers
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Encourages children to develop their imaginations, social skills, self-expression, and coordination with a collection of 101 dance games that emphasize creativity, no-blame activities, working with a group, and more.

Kids with Zip

Author : Joanne Landy
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Children who are physically active from an early age and receive positive, enjoyable and successful movement experiences in the early stage of life will continue to engage in and pursue activity on a regular basis throughout their life. This book focuses on the best movement experiences for 3-12 year olds.

Pressing Reset for Kids

Author : Original Strength
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Pressing RESET for Kids is for teachers, kids fitness/movement specialists, PE teachers, parents, and kids who want to achieve more. Readers will learn the techniques taught by Original Strength Systems to help improve movement, focus, memory retention, sleep, and overall performance. This booklet will introduce the reader to the concept of Pressing RESET, five simple movements that strengthen and refresh the nervous system, and how to apply it to a child's life. When done consistently, these simple movements will help anyone of any age or ability become their best, enhancing their skills and improving their lives. Whether you work with or have your own kids, this booklet will aid you in helping them to live their lives better by optimizing the health of their brains and bodies. Written with school-aged kids in mind, kids of all ages, six to 99, will find this booklet appropriate. Check out all of the Pressing RESET for booklets as we are adding new populations and topics regularly. Achieve more by discovering what you already have.

Exam Prep for The Civil Rights Movement for Kids A

Author :
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Development of Movement Coordination in Children

Author : Geert Savelsbergh
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Co-ordination of movement plays a key role in human development and is an important area in sport and health sciences. This book looks in detail at how children develop basic skills, such as walking and reaching for objects, and more complex skills such as throwing and catching a ball accurately or riding a bicycle. Development of Movement Co-ordination in Children is informed by five major theoretical perspectives and are explained in an introductory chapter: * neural maturation * information processing * direct perception * dynamic systems * constraint theory. The international contributions are brought together under the headings of ergonomics, health sciences and sport. Focusing on practical applications, individual chapters cover many different aspects of movement behaviour and development, ranging from children's over-estimation of their physical abilities and the links to injury proneness, to the co-ordination of kicking techniques. Both normal and abnormal development is considered. This text will be of considerable interest to students, teachers and professionals in the fields of sport science, kinesiology, physical education, ergonomics and developmental psychology.

Kids Beyond Limits

Author : Anat Baniel
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Discover the revolutionary way to harness the brain's capacity to heal itself Supported by the latest brain research, The Anat Baniel Method uses simple, gentle movements and focus to help any child, who has been diagnosed with autism, Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy or other developmental disorders. In this supportive and hands-on book, Anat Baniel guides parents through the nine essentials of the method, each one designed to harness the brain's capacity to heal itself -- with remarkable and sometimes immediate results. By shifting the focus to connecting rather than "fixing," this powerful yet simple method helps both children and parents to de- stress, focus, and grow. Most of all, the it helps all children maximize their potential, no matter what their diagnosis.

A Moving Child Is a Learning Child

Author : Gill Connell
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In order to learn, kids’ need to move! Grounded in best practices and current research, this hands-on resource connects the dots that link brain activity, movement, and early learning. The expert authors unveil the Kinetic Scale: a visual map of the active learning needs of infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and primary graders that fits each child’s individual timetable. Teachers, parents, and caregivers will find a wealth of information, actionable tips, and games they can use to support children’s healthy development—all presented in a lively, full-color format with demonstrative diagrams and photos. A final section offers easy-to-implement activities geared to the Kinetic Scale. Downloadable digital content includes printable charts, games, and activities from the book plus a PowerPoint presentation for professional development, parent handouts, and bonus activities. An ideal tool for coaches, mentors, and trainers.Introducing the Kinetic Scale unique framework encompassing all the elements of movement: reflexes, sensory tools (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, balance, and intuition), motor tools (power, coordination, and control), and language based on six stages of movement development from birth to age 7: snugglers, squigglers, stompers, scampers, scooters, and skedaddlers designed to foster a balanced diet of physical activity that helps each child move, grow, and learn on the child’s individual timetable

Inspire Kids and Teens to Fitness

Author : IDEA Health & Fitness
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13 Art Movements Children Should Know

Author : Brad Finger
File Size : 31.71 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Introduces young readers to major movements in art history from Romanesque to Pop art and includes double-page visual spreads, detailed descriptions and a timeline that places key artworks in their historical contexts.