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Motivation by the Mile

Author : Marilyn Simmons Bowe
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We can run our lives or our lives will run us! Be prepared to be empowered and validated ... Whether you are a runner or not!Dr. Marilyn truly believes that we should blaze our own path! She started a running lifestyle in 1989 by going from sedentary to mobile - in more ways than just running! Along the way, life laid out a very challenging course with unimaginable obstacles! She defied the odds to stay on course - literally and figuratively - year after year!Join Dr. Marilyn as she shares moments along her life's course through pictures and inspirational thoughts! It was not always a smooth journey! Her "miles" were logged through sweat and tears with the occasional bumps and bruises thrown in for good measure! "Motivation by the Mile" is about Dr. Marilyn's life experiences. These moments are presented in no particular chronological order. Rather, they are intended to inspire each of us to dig deeper and reach higher at every step along our life's path. Our life's course might become technical at times but Dr. Marilyn's journey will empower you as you gain "Motivation by the mile"! Here's to your daily inspiration ... And you do not have to run a step ... Unless you want to!

Advances in Experimental Social Psychology

Author :
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Advances in Experimental Social Psychology

Advances in Forensic Taphonomy

Author : William D. Haglund
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The taphonomic approach within paleontology, archaeology, and paleoanthropology continues to produce advances in understanding postmortem biochemical and morphological transformations. Conversely, advances in understanding the early and intermediate postmortem period generated in the forensic realm can and should be brought to the attention of scie

Average to Epic

Author : Don Rose
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Average to Epic is an integrated guide for helping men and women transform their lives through endurance sports. Be it riding a bike 100 miles, running a marathon, or completing long-course triathlons, this book provides the resources, practical tips, planning, and motivation for the average person to take on epic athletic challenges. It covers endurance road biking, endurance mountain biking, long-distance running, and triathlons. Many middle-aged people want to drastically improve their fitness and overall wellness. Taking that first step is often difficult. Motivation is hard because of time commitments and lack of information, guidance, and experience in endurance sports. Average to Epic provides motivation by demystifying the world of endurance sports and helping the reader take the first steps in getting into one of these sports and training for an epic event. It guides the aspiring triathlete through the murky waters of their first triathlon as they work toward a half Iron (70.3) or Ironman; takes the non-runner or 5K weekend warrior through the details of good running form on their way to completing their first marathon; and explains the world of cycling to encourage the reader to ride 100 miles on a bike. In doing so, this book helps the reader achieve a broader and more important goal: lifelong fitness.

Winning Instinct

Author : Virender Kapoor
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Passion, purpose, potential, perseverance are the qualities required to make great achievers and leaders. This book tells you how to · turn people into leaders · build trust and confidence · make you reach your destiny · transform your organization

Coaching and Motivation

Author : Warren
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Measurement for Evaluation in Kinesiology

Author : C Dorathea Andrews
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Heavily revised and reorganized, the ninth edition of Measurement for Evaluation in Kinesiology helps students master the essential concepts and principles of measurement and evaluation and equips them with the tools needed to become a successful evaluator within Physical Education and Exercise Science. Using a student-centered approach, it presents tests and methods for evaluating aerobic fitness, body composition, skill achievement, youth fitness, and much more. The Ninth Edition highlights the practical skills and materials that readers need and clearly outlines each chapters objectives. It goes on to discuss the latest public health initiatives, computer-based evaluations, and Healthy People 2020.

Motivation And Emotion In Spor

Author : John H Kerr
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First Published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Motivation and Emotion in Sport

Author : John H. Kerr
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The theoretical background to this book is provided by reversal theory, a general psychological theory which is demonstrating its usefulness and versatility as it is being increasingly applied within sport psychology.

Valuing People to Create Value

Author : Hervé Mathe
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Motivation, that is positively weaved into the organizational culture, plays an instrumental role in the success of a company as well as in talent retention. This book aims to provide readers with a comprehensive and practical understanding of motivation by exploring the theories of motivation. It also focuses on innovative practices of leading organizations that are known for positive management relations with their employees. It also presents Motivation Spectrum — a dynamic tool, designed by the authors, that can be leveraged by organizations and managers to motivate people positively and to foster a relationship of value among employees and employers. Contents:The Foundations of Motivation at Work:The Building Blocks of Motivation at WorkThe Processes of Motivation at WorkThe Architecture of Motivation at WorkBuilding Motivation at Work in the Contemporary Environment:Leveraging Motivation in the Organisation TodayMotivation is the Key to Performance DevelopmentConclusion Readership: Students and academicians studying and teaching motivation courses; business professionals; managers; leaders and general public interested in motivation. Keywords:Motivation;Work;Employee;Performance;Productivity;Engagement;Human Needs;Well-BeingKey Features:Explores the essentials of motivation theory coupled with best practices in the corporate worldContributes to a deeper and practical understanding of what drives human motivation at workPresents the Motivation Spectrum — a dynamic motivation tool designed by the authors

Weight Loss Motivation

Author : Haylie Furman
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Get The Motivation You Need To Lose The Weight You Want! Are you ready to finally start making the changes necessary to lose the weight that you have always wanted to lose? If you answered "yes" to that question then the next question is, "Are you willing to do what is necessary to lose the weight you want?" If you answered yes to either of those questions, then you are about to start on a journey to improve the way you look, the way you feel, and your overall level of health. The weight loss tips and techniques in this book are the exact same tips and techniques I have used to effectively lose weight and keep it off. This is not a book about theory, but about effective techniques that yield lasting results. This book is not about some new magic weight loss formula or magic weight loss pill or some other ineffective quick fix. The information in this book will only help you if you have finally determined once and for all to stop making excuses and start making progress. You can read this book and every other weight loss book and diet book on the planet and never lose a single pound. Why? Because reading about taking action does not help you lose weight! The info in this book will only help you if you take action on what you have read. Here Is a Small Sample of the Valuable, Time-Tested Weight Loss Tips and Techniques You Will Learn: -> The Very First Thing You Should Do Before You Consider Losing Weight -> How to Stay Positive During Your Weight Loss Journey -> How The Law Of Substitution Can Help You Curb Your Cravings and Temptations -> How Simple, Small Changes Can Have A Huge Impact On Your Weight Loss -> How The Simple Act of Being Positive Can Motivate You To Weight Loss Success -> How To Become Fit By Association - This Is One of The Most Effective Ways To Achieve Permanent Weight Loss ->… And Much, Much, More! This book is designed to motivate you and keep you motivated as you make the transition to a leaner, healthier you. Take action now and get the fit, healthy body that you deserve. You Can Read this book on your PC, Mac, Tablet, and even your SmartPhone! Download this book and start to lose the weight that you want to lose today!

Running with the Mind of Meditation

Author : Sakyong Mipham
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A unique fitness program from a highly respected spiritual leader that blends physical and spiritual practice for everyone - regardless of age, spiritual background, or ability - to great benefits for both body and soul. As a Tibetan lama and leader of Shambhala (an international community of 165 meditation centers), Sakyong Mipham has found physical activity to be essential for spiritual well-being. He's been trained in horsemanship and martial arts but has a special love for running. Here he incorporates his spiritual practice with running, presenting basic meditation instruction and fundamental principles he has developed. Even though both activities can be complicated, the lessons here are simple and designed to show how the melding of internal practice with physical movement can be used by anyone - regardless of age, spiritual background, or ability - to benefit body and soul.

Run Fat Bitch Run

Author : Ruth Field
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THE HOLIDAYS ARE OVER. IT'S TIME TO BECOME AN ASS-KICKING, GETS-THINGS-DONE SUPERWOMAN WITH RUN FAT BITCH RUN. 'You'll be up and running in no time' Grazia 'Ruth is an inspiring running buddy' Daily Express Is there a large arse-shaped dent in your sofa? An eye-wateringly expensive (and rarely used) gym membership burning a hole in your bank account? Does the sight of your wobbly thighs leave you cowering under the duvet? Then it's time you face the truth: if you want to lose weight and get fit there's only one thing left to do . . . RUN! Funny and brutally honest, Ruth Field and her straight-talking alter-ego The Grit Doctor will give you - yes, you - the push you need to start pounding the pavements and shedding pounds in no time. * Locate your inner grit and long-lost energy with a foolproof beginners' programme * Enjoy carbs without guilt with The Grit Doctor's tasty and nutritious recipes * Includes marathon training plan to transform you from casual jogger to elite(ish) athlete Readers LOVE Run Fat Bitch Run: 'Exactly what I needed! I am now running regularly and have recently run a 10K' 'A must for anyone thinking they missed their New Year's fitness resolution!' 'Awesome, funny and real' 'Reading this book has kept me motivated and focused. Whenever I get the 'I'll go tomorrow' attitude, my inner bitch reminds me that tomorrow never comes' 'So good I bought a second one for a friend. We'll be running a marathon in no time!'

Fitness Professional s Handbook 7th Edition

Author : Howley, Edward T.
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Fitness Professional’s Handbook, Seventh Edition, provides current and future fitness professionals with the knowledge to screen participants, conduct standardized fitness tests, evaluate the major components of fitness, and prescribe appropriate exercise.

Organizational Behavior

Author : Christopher P. Neck
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Why does organizational behavior matter - isn’t it just common sense? Organizational Behavior: A Skill-Building Approach helps students answer this by providing insight into OB concepts and processes through an interactive skill-building approach. Translating the latest research into practical applications and best practices, authors Christopher P. Neck, Jeffery D. Houghton, and Emma L. Murray unpack how managers can develop their managerial skills to unleash the potential of their employees. The text examines how individual characteristics, group dynamics, and organizational factors affect performance, motivation, and job satisfaction, providing students with a holistic understanding of OB. Packed with critical thinking opportunities, experiential exercises, and self-assessments, the new Second Edition provides students with a fun, hands-on introduction to the fascinating world of OB.

Daniels Running Formula 3rd Edition

Author : Jack Daniels
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Explains how to determine an ideal training pace, provides pacing tables for individual races, suggests race strategies, and offers guidelines to protect against injury.

Mental Training for High School and College Golfers

Author : Dr Jim Kerley
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The first thing to remember about this program, it is not just a book, but a complete course in mind training. To take this course, the person must have an open mind and a huge desire for success. Without desire to be the best you can be in the game of golf, this course is not for you. This course teaches the basic principles over and over with exercises in every chapter. This is not only a course, but a players diary of their goals, practice techniques, on course mental goals during competition. Every player that completes this course will automatically cut 8 to 10 strokes off their game. It is a must you follow each chapter and the exercises for success. This course will repeat until each player understands. The course teaches a player who they really are, controls anger, develops honesty, trust, and confidence. Why spend thousand of dollars on equipment and lessons before we train the mind first? We are teaching backwards the principles of true golf. Yes, there are a lot of great golfers coming up, but each one is understanding the mental side first, starting with Tiger Woods at a very early age. The competition is greater, courses are longer, and thousands of young golfers coming on the seen. Why wait, this is the first and only mental training complete course. Remember, this is not just a book! Time to take charge of your game now. Consider the price of a golf lesson? This course is much more valuable at the same price. You will not be dissappointed.

Ultra Performance

Author : Paul Moore
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The world's leading endurance athletes are not only some of the fittest people on the planet, they are also among the toughest mentally. To train and race at the highest level of competition over hundreds ? and sometimes thousands ? of miles takes preparation, dedication and the ability to push the body and mind beyond conventional limits. Ultra Performance offers an insight into the psychology of these athletes. Having interviewed fourteen ultra athletes, Paul Moore distils the dynamics of the mental toughness they required ? the motivation, focus and ability to keep the mind positive deep in the heart of fatigue. What did it take, for instance, for Rachel Cadman to 'eat the elephant' of the Arch to Arc (running from London to Dover, swimming the Channel, then cycling to Paris)? And to win? That takes steeliness beyond all mere effort, pushing through and improvising when necessary. The stories of these hard-fought wins feature strongly in the contributions from Brett Sutton, world-renowned triathlon coach, and Craig Alexander, one of the greatest athletes in the history of Ironman. Others, like Dee Cafari, the first woman to circumnavigate the world solo in both directions, required the resilience to overcome challenges they had set themselves. With working examples of the implementation of their mental strategies, Ultra Performance not only gives an insight into the toughest moments these professional athletes have ever faced, but also offers advice to readers on how they can adapt and employ these techniques for themselves, often to the non-sporting pursuits of everyday life.

Developing Management Skills for Leadership

Author : Chris Parker
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Developing Management Skills for Leadership is for anyone wishing to develop their ability to manage and lead. Whether for final year students looking towards their first career, MBA students or for more experienced managers wishing to enhance their effectiveness, this book offers the ideal format for developing a portfolio of managment skills. This new book aims to raise the reader's awareness by identifying key personal and interpersonal management skills, and highlighting the relationships that exist between them. It also aims to increase knowledgeby providing an overview and discussion of relevant management theory and research before moving to develop capability by offering a variety of practical activities.

Authentic Personal DevelopmentRealizing Your Potential For Effectiveness

Author : Surinder Deol
File Size : 68.28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Authentic Personal Development Systematically Demonstrates How You Can Realize Your Latent Potential For Effectiveness, Which Is Your Ability To Positively Impact Your Personal Or Professional Environment. Drawing From A Vast Reservoir Of Both Modern Western Psychological Thinking And Spiritual Wisdom Of The East, Surinder Deol Presents A Clear-Cut Map For Integral Development That Encompasses Physical, Emotional, Mental, And Spiritual Facets Of Being. As The Map Itself Is Based On The Chakra System That Has Been Successfully Used In India For At Least 3,000 Years, It Has Rock Solid Authenticity And Reliability. &A Clear Introduction To Integral Theory, Warmly Personalized By Wisdom And Life Experience. A Very Generous Offering. I Hope Many People Will Benefit From It. Fred Kofman, Ph.D.Author, Conscious Business &Is Wise And Thoughtful, With Practical Advice On Integral Transformation. John Records, JdAuthor, Remember Who You Are