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Mother Sister Daughter

Author : United Nations Development Fund for Women
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Contributed articles on state of Women in Nepal published earlier as features in Nepali press.

Mothers Sisters Daughters

Author : Edwina Gateley
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Portraits of 22 extraordinary women whose lives have made, and continue to make, a lasting impact on our world. They are saints, mystics, martyrs, reformers, poets, missionaries, environmentalists, and mothers from diverse cultures and countries. Here are women upon whose shoulders all women stand. Here are their amazing stories, with haunting reflections by the poet Edwina Gateley and revealing biographies and drawings by Sandra Mattucci.

Mothers Sisters Daughters Wives

Author : Gerardine Skelly
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Woman to Woman

Author : Michelle Lovric
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Shoppers just can't resist: They scan the beautiful covers of our Little Books and feel compelled to pick up at least one of these miniature treasures.That certainly helps account for the four and a half million Little Books we sell annually. These miniature volumes make such wonderful gifts with their range of topics, pleasing designs, and unique ability to convey the very essence of their subjects. They are colorful, creative, and a delight to give and receive.The Fall 2001 list includes a profusion of selections. We're offering choices that cover everything from warm relationships to hard-nosed business advice. Chris Shea's two Little Books display the best of both parenting and grandparenting. Parenting also gets a decidedly humorous touch in Jim Dale's look at Jewish mothers, while Michael Cader has fun with mothers, fathers, and everyone getting older in his hilarious diminutive tomes.Our Little Book list also reflects a variety of women's interests: Cate Holly's teen spin on friends, moms, and sisters; Michelle Lovric's letters between women and among lovers; and Laura Boswell's outstanding collection of quotations regarding business.This beautiful book of words between women celebrates the many ages and stages in women's lives. Includes miniature envelopes with letter inserts.

Maternal Desire

Author : Teresa L. Picarazzi
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She argues that Ginzburg adopted a distinct aesthetic by allowing her family stories to be narrated through a female narrating "I." This volume focuses on the broad theme of the maternal by tracing the development of the voices of Ginzburg's narrating daughters, mothers, and sisters. Their texts read as auto/biographies; that is, they are narratives about both the self and the other."--BOOK JACKET.

Women of Influence

Author :
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Mother Sister Daughter Lover

Author : Jan Clausen
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Women Who Dare to Believe Volume Two

Author : Bonnie Keen
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Women Who Dare To Believe, Volume Two is a New Testament study of women portrayed in the original musical, Women Who Dare to Believe.

Women Who Dare to Believe Volume One

Author : Bonnie Keen
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Women Who Dare To Believe, Volume One is a Bible Study for women's groups. From Rahab to Tamar, Ruth and Naomi, Esther and Deborah to Mary Magdalene and Eve the study explores women in Biblical culture who faced cultural and personal danger for their faith.

Mothers Sisters Daughters Friends

Author : Vanessa Morgan
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Mothers-Sisters/Daughters-Friends is a collection of short stories about eight women living in Hopeville, Georgia. They are ordinary women with an extraordinary love for each other. Although the ladies are confronted with many trials and tribulations in life, their love is constant.

Sister Daughter Mother Wife

Author : Lilian Kendrick
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'One woman in her time plays many parts', but when does she get to play the lead and not the best-supporting role? What do you do when your family life falls apart? When you're struggling to choose between your heart and your conscience? Sister, daughter, mother and wife - these are your job titles. They don't define who you are, or do they? Josie has always defined herself by her relationships within the family - now it's time to redefine. "Sister, Daughter, Mother, Wife" follows her through this process as she looks for happiness and answers.

Hereditary Genius

Author : Francis Galton
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Deals with intelligence hereditary through genetics in the famous people around that time divided by the groups of famous people and by their abilities such as English judges, Statesmen, people in literary circles, scientists, and athletes. Presents the comparison between different races and the influences that impact to the natural abilities of the races.

Introduction to the Study of Indian Languages

Author : John Wesley Powell
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Daughters Sisters Mothers Wives

Author :
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Happy Women s Day Best Collection

Author : Mitu Akter
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*** I LOVE YOU MOM******************Celebration on the International Women's Day. Best wishes to all Women. There is a huge number of special pictures are with special speeches.Pictures are given to devote to all respectful women.

Notes on the Natives of Certain Villages of the Mandated Territory of New Guinea

Author : E. W. Pearson Chinnery
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Mother Daughter Sister

Author : T. P. David
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Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Author : American Academy of Arts and Sciences
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Vol. 12 (from May 1876 to May 1877) includes: Researches in telephony / by A. Graham Bell.

A Conjectural Solution of the Origin of the Classificatory System of Relationship

Author : Lewis Henry Morgan
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The Book of Common Prayer Together with the Psalter Or Psalms of David Pointed as They are to be Sung Or Said in Churches and Accented By the Rev Thomas Helmore Etc

Author :
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