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Trinidad Royal Gazette

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Higher Education Access and Choice for Latino Students

Author : Patricia Perez
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Now the largest and fastest-growing ethnic population in the U.S., Latino students face many challenges and complexities when it comes to college choice and access. This edited volume provides much needed theoretical and empirical data on how the schooling experiences of Latino students shape their educational aspirations and access to higher education. It explores how the individual and collective influence of the home, school and policy shape the college decision-making process. This unique collection of original scholarly articles offers critical insight on educational pathways that will help families, educators and policy makers intervene in ways that foster and sustain college access and participation for Latino students. It considers destination preferences and enrollment selections, elementary and secondary school experiences, and intervention programs that shed light on how practitioners can promote participation and retention. This multi-conceptual, multi-methodological volume offers directions for future research, programming and policy in Latino education.

Reforms in Higher Education

Author : Keith Watson
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This text addresses the reforms in the financial and administrative structure of higher education, government intervention in introducing new managerial techniques and quality audits, and the implications of these changes for both academics and administrators. It is one of a series of four volumes which look at the educational dilemmas facing governments, professional educators and practising administrators in the current climate in education. The issues are addressed from international and comparative perspectives.

Higher Education Meritocracy and Inequality in China

Author : Ye Liu
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This book investigates the changing opportunities in higher education for different social groups during China’s transition from the socialist regime to a market economy. The first part of the book provides a historical and comparative analysis of the development of the idea of meritocracy, since its early origins in China, and in more recent western thought. The second part then explores higher education reforms in China, the part played by supposedly meritocratic forms of selection, and the implications of these for social mobility. Based on original empirical data, Ye Liu sheds light on the socio-economic, gender and geographical inequalities behind the meritocratic façade of the Gaokao (高考). Liu argues that the Chinese philosophical belief in education-based meritocracy had a modern makeover in the Gaokao, and that this ideology induces working-class and rural students to believe in upward social mobility through higher education. When the Gaokao broke the promise of status improvement for rural students, they turned to the Chinese Communist Party and sought political connections by actively applying for its membership. This book reveals a bleak picture of visible and invisible inequality in terms of access to and participation in higher education in contemporary China. Written in an accessible style, it offers a valuable resource for researchers and non-specialist readers alike.

Total and Full time Enrollment California Institutions of Higher Education

Author : California. Department of Finance
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Researching Higher Education in Asia

Author : Jisun Jung
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This book discusses higher education research as a field of study in Asia. It traces the evolution of research in the field of higher education in several Asian countries, and shares ideas about the evolving higher education research communities in Asia. It also identifies common and dissimilar challenges across national communities, providing researchers and policymakers essential new insights into the relevance of a greater regional articulation of national higher education research communities, and their further integration into and contribution to the international higher education research community as a whole.

British Columbia Gazette

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Sessional Papers

Author : Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons
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Official Journal of the European Communities

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Parliamentary Papers

Author : Queensland. Parliament. Legislative Assembly
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