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More Mirrors in the Classroom

Author : Jane Fleming
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More Mirrors in the Classroom: Using Urban Children’s Literature to Increase Literacy is the first book in the Kids Like Us series. It includes research summaries, guidelines for text selection, and a step-by-step guide to increasing the cultural relevance of literacy instruction with urban children’s literature.

The Classroom Library

Author : Susan Catapano
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"The Classroom Library: A Catalyst for Literacy Instruction is a practical guide for organizing and using the classroom library to support literacy learning. Content includes both information for establishing and using the library, as well as stories from practicing teachers who have established a supportive classroom library"--

Early Childhood Teacher Education on Cultural Competence

Author : NAECTE Urban Education Teacher Research Network
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Early Childhood Teacher Education on Cultural Competence discusses how early childhood preservice teachers can use teacher research to explore and gain cultural competence, enabling them to support students and families from diverse backgrounds. The book opens by describing the role of the university in preparing culturally competent teachers in urban settings and then explores historical perspectives of cultural competence. Chapters then move toward more practical perspectives of supporting families from racially diverse backgrounds, understanding diverse families, interprofessional education and collaboration, teacher resiliency, and social justice. Although the chapters focus on cultural competence in urban settings, they offer all early childhood teacher educators a challenge to address cultural competence in all settings.

Creating a Classroom Community of Young Scientists

Author : Jeffrey W. Bloom
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Creating a Classroom Community of Young Scientists helps teachers - both pre-service and in-service - to develop exciting science programs in their classrooms. This book provides the groundwork for designing and implementing a science program that takes into account the latest research in teaching and learning. It provides an approach that will capture children's imaginations, stimulate their curiosity and create a strong foundation for their continued interest in, and appreciation of, science and the world in which they live. The book is designed to be user-friendly, and offers an approach to teaching science that is exciting for teachers as well. This thoroughly revised, second edition focuses on making inquiry more explicit both in terms of the process of inquiry and teaching in ways that capitalize on children's curiosity and questions. New material has also been added on U.S. and Canadian science standards, as well as professional standards for teachers.

Books as Partners

Author : Lesley Colabucci
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How can diverse literature be woven throughout the early childhood curriculum? What kind of learning opportunities do high quality diverse books offer young children? Diverse books in the early childhood classroom can facilitate dialogue and understanding about differences, diversity, and respect. Books as Partners incorporates research from literacy, early childhood education, and multicultural education to support educators in their daily work with K-3 students. This professional resource provides research-based evidence for incorporating diverse literature in the early childhood classroom and features annotated bibliographies with a critical analysis based on knowledge of child development and best practices in literacy education. With the increased instructional demands within the early childhood setting, teachers can incorporate diverse text sets to meet national standards, ensure that selections are authentic and developmentally appropriate, and provide engaging literature responses across the curriculum. Teachers will be able to transform their classroom practices based on suggestions from the supporting research, classroom vignettes, multimodal text sets, and author/illustrator spotlights embedded throughout the book.

The SoJo Journal

Author : Brad J. Porfilio
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The SoJo Journal: Educational Foundations and Social Justice Education is an international, peer-reviewed journal of educational foundations. San Jose State University hosts the journal. It publishes essays that examine contemporary educational and social contexts and practices from critical perspectives. The SoJo Journal: Educational Foundations and Social Justice Education is interested in research studies as well as conceptual, theoretical, philosophical, and policy-analysis essays that challenge the existing state of affairs in society, schools, and (in)formal education. The SoJo Journal: Educational Foundations and Social Justice Education is necessary because currently there is not an exclusively international foundations of education journal. For instance, three of the leading journal in education foundations journals (e.g., The Journal of Educational Studies, British Journal of Sociology of Education, The Journal of Educational Foundations) solicit manuscripts and support scholarship mainly from professors who reside in Britain and the United States. This journal is also unique because it brings together scholars and practitioners from disciplines outside of educational foundations, who are equally committed to social change and promoting equity and social justice inside and outside of K–16 schools. The SoJo Journal: Educational Foundations and Social Justice Education’s audience is K–12 teachers, K–12 teacher educators, educational leaders, social activists, political economists, and higher education personnel across the globe. The journal is marketed to Educational Foundation, Teacher Education, and Educational Leadership programs, which have embraced the intellectual work of the various editorial members.

Teaching While White

Author : Laura A. Roy
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This book endeavors to cultivate activism literacies in White teachers in order to disrupt the system of white supremacy and racial oppression in education. This book focuses primarily on White teachers’ responsibility in becoming advocates for, and accomplices to communities of color.

Literacy Moments

Author : Jacqueline Witter-Easley
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This book provides teachers with the tools to capture teachable opportunities as literacy moments: brief, authentic, joyful encounters with texts in all forms. Here, teachers learn to nurture joyful readers by infusing their classrooms’ daily lives with authentic literacy moments every day.

Book Talk

Author : Sherry Sanden
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Discover the language and learning possibilities of young children’s active engagement with book experiences, in which they talk with one another as they make meaning from literature centered around their lives and interests. Drawing from their backgrounds as teachers and researchers, as well as their many experiences facilitating and observing read-alouds with diverse students, the authors provide a practical guide to conducting book discussions that promote deep engagement and the natural development of literacy skills. The text includes detailed recommendations for setting up the classroom reading environment, selecting books, preparing materials, setting goals, and integrating discussions with curricular demands, all while maintaining a child-centered philosophy and addressing the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse students. Book Talk melds theory about literacy learning with the practical realities of reading and talking with young children in 21st-century preschool and primary classrooms. Book Features: Promotes read-aloud experiences that keep children, their backgrounds, and their experiences front and center.Offers guidance for tailoring discussions around specific learning goals across the literacy curriculum.Shares the authors’ learning journeys and their support for the learning of other early childhood educators.Includes vignettes from classroom literature discussions, as well as conversations between educators.Incorporates classroom observations, teacher reflections, and research-based teaching practices.Addresses a variety of early childhood audiences, including preschool, kindergarten, and primary-grade teachers, preservice teacher candidates, school librarians, and teacher educators.

Multiracial Identity in Children s Literature

Author : Amina Chaudhri
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Racially mixed children make up the fastest growing youth demographic in the U.S., and teachers of diverse populations need to be mindful in selecting literature that their students can identify with. This volume explores how books for elementary school students depict and reflect multiracial experiences through text and images. Chaudhri examines contemporary children’s literature to demonstrate the role these books play in perpetuating and resisting stereotypes and the ways in which they might influence their readers. Through critical analysis of contemporary children’s fiction, Chaudhri highlights the connections between context, literature, and personal experience to deepen our understanding of how children’s books treat multiracial identity.

Crossing Literacy Bridges

Author : Jennifer Tuten
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This book describes five principles to guide teachers in working with families of struggling readers.

Teaching Literacy in Urban Schools

Author : Barbara Purdum-Cassidy
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This book seeks to provide some practical insights guided by conceptual and contextual knowledge by understanding how to teach urban African American and Hispanic/Latino(a) students by discussing culturally appropriate instructional strategies that have demonstrated success among African American and Hispanic/Latino(a) students.

Contemporary Challenges in Teaching Young Children

Author : Gayle Mindes
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Contemporary Challenges in Teaching Young Children provides both veteran and aspiring early childhood educators with the information and tools they need to build on their understanding of developmentally appropriate practice. Teachers face many challenges, including family configuration, social and political stressors related to accountability requirements, funding shortages, and the resulting need to teach with fewer resources. This innovative book focuses exclusively on problem-solving at the classroom level and fosters creative methods of ensuring best practices are in place for all children, including those with limited experience in formal social settings and a lack of self-regulatory behaviors. Drawing on current research and their own wealth of experience, expert contributors cover topics from the critical importance of social-emotional learning to culturally responsive teaching to using technology to empower teachers and learners. Written in accessible, non-technical language, this book addresses complex factors affecting child development, guiding readers through the best strategies for tackling real problems in their practice.

Raise Your Voices

Author : Thomas M. McCann
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Raise Your Voices shows English language arts teachers how to prompt, sustain, connect, and assess classroom discussions, especially about issues that adolescents find consequential. The chapters explore the basics for facilitating discussion to support literacy learning and the principles for assessing the progress and effect of discussion.

Classrooms for Distance Teaching Learning

Author : Michael Hegarty
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Interactive classrooms for distance teaching and learning are part of a new revolution in education. They allow teachers, students and institutions to be linked together in a powerful network so that information can be transmitted rapidly to where it is needed, thereby maimising the use of teaching resources. Importantly, they also offer remote students a 'telepresence' - the feeling of being present in a classroom with a teacher and other students for intellectual and social interaction during the teaching and learning process. This handbook provides a step by step guide to setting up a classroom for telepresence learning. Its comprehensivecoverage includes chapters on testing it works, guidelines for the full range of users, together with troubleshooting and reference sections. There are also detailed case studies of the five distinctive learning scenarios developed by the handbook's pan-European authors, which include sites for teaching remote learners, remote and local learners, group presentation and interaction, a single learner, and a learning centre group. The handbook is a BLUEPRINT, to be read cover to cover, or dipped into for specific information as you strive to set up or fine tune your own version of an interactive classroom for distance teaching and learning.

Adapting Historical Knowledge Production to the Classroom

Author : P.V. Kokkotas
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The aims of this book are: • to contribute to professional development of those directly involved in science education (science teachers, elementary and secondary science teacher advisors, researchers in science education, etc), • to contribute to the improvement of the quality of science education at all levels of education with the exploitation of elements from History of Science incorporated in science teaching –it is argued that through such approaches the students’ motivation can be raised, their romantic understanding can be developed and consequently their conceptual understanding of science concepts can be improved since these approaches make science more attractive to them– and • to contribute to the debate about science education at the international level in order to find new ways for further inquiry on the issues that the book is dealing with. The book is divided in two parts: The first expounds its philosophical and epistemological framework and the second combines theory and praxis, the theoretical insights with their practical applications.

Making Physics Fun

Author : Robert Prigo
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Boost student interest and understanding in the physical sciences! Teaching physical science in the elementary and middle grades can be challenging for busy teachers faced with growing demands and limited resources. Robert Prigo provides fun and engaging activities using safe, available materials that educators can easily incorporate into lesson plans. Extensive examples, sample inquiry questions, and ideas for initiating units are readily available for teachers to pick and choose from to meet student needs. The result of more than two decades of professional development work with hundreds of teachers and administrators, this resource addresses specific areas of physical science, including motion and force, waves and sound, light and electromagnetic waves, and more. Dozens of activities demonstrating physics in action help students of all ages relate physics principles to their everyday experiences. This practitioner-friendly resource helps teachers: • Address the "big ideas" in K–8 science education • Promote student understanding with ready-to-use learning experiences • Use hands-on activities to help students make larger, real-world connections • Assemble classroom learning centers to facilitate deeper understanding of basic physics principles With conceptual summaries to support teachers' proficiency and understanding of the content, this guidebook is ideal for bringing physics to life for students in the classroom and in their lives!

Education An Impossible Profession

Author : Tamara Bibby
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In classrooms and lectures we learn not only about academic topics but also about ourselves, our peers and how people and ideas interact. Education – An Impossible Profession extends the ways in which we might think about these processes by offering a refreshing reconsideration of key educational experiences including those of: being judged and assessed, both formally and informally adapting to different groups for different purposes struggling to think under pressure learning to recognise and adapt to the expectations of others. This book brings psychoanalysis to new audiences, graphically illustrating its importance to understandings of teaching, learning and classrooms. Drawing on the author’s original research, it considers the classroom context, including policy demands and professional pressures, and the complexity of peer and pedagogic relationships and interactions asking how these might be being experienced and what implications such experiences might have for learners and teachers. The discussions will be of interest not only to teachers, leading-learners and teacher-educators, but also to individuals interested in education policy, professional practice and theories of education.

Duskwing and the Super Spy

Author : R.P. Moss
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This book is the introduction to a world of characters who met by chance but have formed a brotherhood of love and companionship. Our two heroes, Duskwing and Engineer, though different, have discovered that they are more alike than they ever thought they were. Our heroes meet new friends and overcome many obstacles but never miss a chance to have pizza. Come enjoy their world.

Cooperative Learning

Author : Robyn M. Gillies
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"Gilles focuses the majority of the book on the relationship in the classroom between the individual teacher and the students. She gives teachers ammunition to overcome resistance to cooperative learning by presenting well-substantiated research on virtually every page of her book showing the benefits of having students study together." —Ted Wohlfarth, PSYCCRITIQUES "This text's greatest strengths are bringing together a range of powerful teaching strategies connected to students taking responsibility for their own learning and the learning of others. The focus on both teacher strategies to encourage effective group talk and student strategies to encourage effective discourse is helpful." —Nancy L. Markowitz, San Jose State University Although cooperative learning is widely endorsed as a pedagogical practice that promotes learning and socialization among students, teachers still struggle with how to introduce it into their classrooms. This text highlights the strategies teachers can use to challenge student thinking and scaffold their learning as well as the strategies students can be taught to promote discourse, problem—solving, and learning during cooperative learning. Key Features Presents cooperative learning in conjunction with national standards: The book situates cooperative learning within the context of No Child Left Behind and a climate of high stakes testing. Links theory with practice: Numerous case studies and small group exercises highlight how teachers can assess both the process and outcomes of cooperative learning. Emphasizes the key role teachers play in establishing cooperative learning: Guidelines are given on how teachers can establish cooperative learning in their classrooms to promote student engagement and learning across various levels and for students of diverse abilities. Incorporates the latest research on cooperative learning: An overview is provided of the major research and theoretical perspectives that underpin the development of cooperative learning pedagogy. Intended Audience This is an excellent supplementary text for several undergraduate and graduate level K—12 teacher preparation and certification courses regularly offered in schools of education. It can also be used as one of several texts in courses on cooperative learning and as a supplement in K—12 teaching methods courses. Talk to the author! [email protected]